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Title (click for info) Author Date Rating S W H L Size Game
Short Night's Work, A Bryan Gleason (BBB) 2017.12.25 13.3MB Thief 2
Home Sweet Home Lady Rowena 2017.12.24 107.7MB Thief 2
Death's Cold Embrace Yandros (Russ Robbins) 2017.10.25 819.6MB Thief 2
Behind Closed Doors Nick Dablin (nicked) 2017.02.06 266.4MB Thief 2
Godbreaker Random_Taffer (Rob Strain) 2017.01.26 873.5MB Thief 2
Journey into the Underdark, A Steffen Lehnert (intruder) 2016.05.22 L 17.9MB Thief 2
King Abedzen's Tomb Yandros (Russ Robbins) 2015.10.30 137.9MB Thief 2
Death's Turbid Veil Nick Dablin (nicked) 2014.10.30 397MB Thief 2
What Lies Below Yandros (Russ Robbins) 2014.10.29 8.3 L 81.4MB Thief 2
Island of Sorrow Anonymous 2013.11.11 259.3MB Thief 2
Invasion Anonymous 2013.10.31 17.9MB Thief 2
Lady Lomat's Flute Murray Lorden 2013.10.20 37.5MB Thief 2
Return To Tarnhill Terry DeLaney (Ricebug) 2013.08.01 73.6MB Thief 2
Sturmdrang Peak Nick Dablin (nicked) 2013.07.31 399MB Thief 2
Rust Belt Prison John Denison 2013.07.03 L 14.1MB Thief 2
Cataclysmic Revelations DarthsLair 2013.05.28 W L 251.2MB Thief 2
Aurumpendo Niborius 2013.05.28 13.9MB Thief 2
Dead Night Sweet Delight MysteryMan 2013.05.24 67.6MB Thief Gold
Till Death do us Part MysteryMan 2013.05.23 L 111.5MB Thief 2
Lady Mossy Marzec 2013.05.02 2.5MB Thief 2
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