Cataclysmic Revelations

DarthsLair (Rod Peirson)

November 17th 2011


Keys ‘n Things

Key Name



Key to the Saints’ Crypts

Desk in high priest’s office

St. Jenel’s crypt

St. Yora’s crypt

St. Tennor’s crypt

St. Vale’s crypt

Specimen Jar A

Laboratory table

St. Tennor’s ashes (in his crypt)

Specimen Jar B

Laboratory table

St. Vale’s ashes

Specimen Jar C

Laboratory table

St. Yora’s ashes

Keeper Ring

Behind picture in secret Keeper room in library

Glyph lock in library

Map Glyph

Room above library (hole in ceiling)

Glyph lock near silver door in St. Jenel’s chapel

Torn Map One

Inside St. Yora’s crypt

NW statue in starry blue room

Torn Map Two

Inside St. Jenel’s crypt

NE statue in starry blue room

Torn Map Three

Inside St. Tennor’s crypt

SE statue in starry blue room

Torn Map Four

Inside St. Vale’s crypt

SW statue in starry blue room

Portal Glyph

Appears when you place the 4 maps

Portal in St. Jenel’s

Staff of St. Tennor

St. Tennor’s crypt in the Netherworld

Skull lock on floor (St. Jenel’s)

Staff of St. Vale

St. Vale’s crypt in the Netherworld

Skull lock on floor (St. Yora’s)


Appears on table below skull lock of when you place St. Vale’s staff

Cemetery gates (Netherworld)

Hammerite Cemetery

You make this in St. Tennor’s foundry

Cemetery gates

When you pick up the three specimen jars in the lab, you’ll get two more objectives:

When you enter St. Vales (the library), this goal will appear:

Enter the library and read the book on the table in the room’s center to get this one:

Once you find (and read) the maps, you’ll get this objective:

When you find and read all seven scrolls, this objective will appear:

When you descend into the Pit (through a hole in the cathedral floor) you’ll get this goal:

Where is the knowledge of Hammerites and Keepers?

You must read two books: (1) One is on the same table where you pick up the key in the high priest’s office; (2) the other is on the table in the room where you meet the two Keepers who use the teleportation machine.

Once this objective is cleared, a new one will appear:

Where are the blueprints?

In the lab.

Where is the history of the four saints?

On a table in the library. Upper deck.

How do I get up into the hole in the library ceiling?

If you haven’t gotten the Keeper Ring, go to the library’s upper level and look for a frobbable book. It will open a window, leading to a blue, starry room. Listen to the conversation. You won’t be able to enter the Keepers’ room until they teleport away. Grab the ring from the wall safe behind the picture.

Once you have the ring, use it on the glyph lock on a corner of one of the bookshelves on the lower floor.

I found a room with a telescope, but when I frobbed it, nothing happened.

You first need to find and read the four lost glyph maps. Once you do, return to the telescope.

Where are the lost maps?

Yellow: St. Yora’s tomb

Black: St. Jenel’s tomb

Blue: St. Tennor’s tomb (In the foundry)

Red: St. Vale’s tomb (In the library)

I’ve gotten the maps, but now I forgot where that telescope is located!

St. Jenel’s. Go to where the crypt is and enter the door you opened with the map glyph key you got in the library. Once you frob the telescope, you’ll be transported to a room with four statues. Place (use) a map on each of the statues. Then pick up the Portal Glyph that will appear on the pyramid.

I now have the Portal Glyph, but where’s the portal?

Leave the telescope, go downstairs and go down the nearby ladder opposite St. Jenel’s crypt. Wind through the halls until you find the room with the glyph on the wall. It’s just around the corner from the lab.

It’s at this time that you’ll need to find the seven scrolls. When you climb back up the ladder (after hearing your briefing concerning the inquisitor, you’ll notice that the world has changed).

How do I make the holy frag bombs?

The blue prints spell out the 5 ingredients needed:

  1. Frag bomb core: Made in St. Tennor’s foundry (molds are under the shelf)

  2. Phosphorus: lab

  3. Bone Ash: crypts of Saints Tennor, Vale, & Yora

  4. Explosive Powder: Upper room in the cathedral

  5. Holy Water: Found in each of the three netherworld crypts.

Once you have the ingredients, take them to the netherworld lab in St. Jenel’s chapel. You can throw everything in at the same time; there is no particular order.

Where are the seven scrolls?

In Saint Jenel's crypt in the Netherworld there is a scroll named, A Vision of A Saint. This vision is the clues you need to find the Seven Scrolls of Virtue.

  1. Faith: In the library on the table.

  2. Hope: Brother Murus’ grave. (Use pick on grave.)

  3. Charity: Place St. Yora’s staff in skull lock in floor near his crypt. Follow blue beam.

  4. Fortitude: Brother Renault’s grave (Use pick on grave.)

  5. Justice: The pit beneath the cathedral (hole in floor with skull elevator).1

  6. Prudence: Appears on table after you place St. Vale’s staff on skull lock in floor.

  7. Temperance: Brother Martello’s grave. (Use pick on grave.)

How do I kill the beast in the pit?

Use the Staff of St. Jenel, remembering to stay behind the creature. Once he dies, three skeletons will arise, all of them facing outward. Sneak in an grab the scroll at this time, if you didn’t do so BEFORE you killed the beast. Watch the elevator carefully and move only when it touches the ground. Otherwise, the skeletons will get you.

I dropped all seven scrolls on the table, but nothing happened!

Make sure you drop them so that they’re spread out on the table, not in one pile. After you do so, you’ll get this objective:

What do I use the Holy Frag Bombs for?

They were used by the saints to destroy the remnants of the undead, and to weaken the beast of the pit. A few holy frag bombs were used to clean up the Haunted Cathedral before the Hammerites moved back in. You can use them as you want. They are deadly weapons, and have great destructive power. Use them to destroy undead throughout the mission. You don’t need to use them in the graveyard because that is ghostable.

How do I find the Ultimate of Secrets?

The secret is one, mankind has always sought: Solving the riddle of life after death. When the player digs up his own grave the objective is ticked off in the grave. If the player reads the tombstone, and the skull below it, it explains the final objective as far as mortal needs. (Thanks, Rod!)

1 This scroll seems hard to frob. Just keep trying and you’ll eventually get it.