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Title (click for info) Author Date Rating S W H L Size Game
Breakout- 4 Day Mission Belboz (Steven Hindley) 2001.05.13 5.75 1.5MB Thief 2
Dock Land Belboz (Steven Hindley) 2000.02.22 4.75 W 3.8MB Thief Gold
Garrett's Revenge Belboz (Steven Hindley) 1999.09.10 5 W 2.1MB Thief Gold
Raid on Washout Central Belboz (Steven Hindley) 2001.06.08 9.25 L 6MB Thief 2
Trickster's Gem Mine: Chasm of the Lost parts 1 & 2 Belboz (Steven Hindley) 2004.05.24 21.6MB Thief 2
Trickster's Gem Mine: Errand Boy Belboz (Steven Hindley) 2000.08.03 7 W 5MB Thief 2
Trickster's Gem Mine: Making Tracks Belboz (Steven Hindley) 2002.04.01 8.5 L 8.5MB Thief 2
Trickster's Gem Mine: Shore Leave and Up Shit Creek Belboz (Steven Hindley) 2001.08.01 8.5MB Thief 2
Trickster's Gem Mine: Training Belboz (Steven Hindley) 2004.05.09 3MB Thief 2
Trickster's Rift Gem Mine and Elsewhere Belboz (Steven Hindley) 2004.05.16 17.8MB Thief 2
Waterlogged Belboz (Steven Hindley) 2000.05.28 1.4MB Thief 2
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