Making tracks loot list January 17, 2011

by Roz

Office Warehouse Purse 75g 75g

Warehouse across from where you start Blue Gem 15g 90g

Lord Smythe's Warehouse

1st Floor Silver Coin Stack x 3 36g 126g

Spice Bag x 4 160g 286g
2nd Floor Gold Dice 50g 336g

Statue x 3 45g 381g

Fine Wine 50g 431g

Shed next to the barracks Fine Wine 50g 481g


1st Floor Bizutie's Lucky Head

1st Sun key

2nd Floor Gold Coin Stack 25g 506g

Navigation Globe 40g 546g

Mine Car Shed Blue Gem 15g 561g
In a mine car Diamond 100g 661g


1st Floor

Storage room next to the forge Gold Nugget 100g 761g
Storage area across from the locker room Fine Wine 50g 811g
Locker Room Gold Nugget 100g 911g

Silver Coin Stack 12g 923g

Ring 100g 1023g


2nd floor

Hallway Purple Vase 50g 1073g
Guard Room (in the back) Gold Coin Stack 25g 1098g
Track Co-ordinators' Office Tree Beast Mask 50g 1148g

1st floor

Waiting room Flute 100g 1248g

Horn 150g 1398g
3rd floor

Architect's office Purple Goblet x 4 60g 1458g

Fine Wine 50g 1508g
Attic Ring 100g 1608g

Fine Wine 50g 1658g

Gem Warehouse 2nd Sun Key

Small crate Gold Nugget 100g 1758g
Small crate Statue x 4 60g 1818g
Small crate Blue Gem x 2 30g 1848g

Diamond x 2 200g 2048g
Big crate Demon Mask 50g 2098g

Gold Canopic Jar x 3 225g 2323g

LC Black Jar 20g 2343g
Sorting tray Diamond x 4 400g 2743g

Silver Nugget x 2 100g 2843g

Gold Nugget 100g 2943g

Cargo Train Tiara 125g 3068g

Necklace 200g 3268g

Grotty Grotto Gold Nugget (after the ritual) 100g 3368g

1st Star


1st Floor

Dead end Gold Nugget 100g 3468g
On a beam Gold Nugget 100g 3568g
On a beam (down the hole in the floor) Diamond 100g 3668g

Dead end below the top floor Silver nugget 50g 3718g


1st floor

Priests' Quarters Diamond 100g 3818g
High Priest's Quarters Gold Goblet x 2 50g 3868g

Fine Wine 50g 3918g
Altar Gold Hammer 75g 3993g

Bronze Gear 70g 4063g
2nd floor

High Priest's Office Purple Vase 50g 4113g

Gold Goblet x 2 50g 4163g

Fine Wine 50g 4213g

2nd Star

Crypt Purple Vase 100g 4313g

Gold Vase 100g 4413g

Green Vase 50g 4463g

Purple Vase 50g 4513g

Down the well (eastward) LC Green Carpet 150g 4663g

Gold Canopic Jar 75g 4738g

Blue Gem 15g 4753g
Down the well, Water Room LC black Jar 20g

LC green jar 20g

LC Black Jar 20g 4813g

Water Key

Gem Factory

On a coal heap Diamond 100g 4913g
Factory floor, behind a footlocker in an alcove Diamond 100g 5013g
Control Room Diamond x 4 400g 5413g

Gold Nugget x 3 300g 5713g

Water Retension Control Purple Goblet 15g 5728g


Store room Fine Wine 50g 5778g
Barracks Gold Coin Stack 25g 5803g


Lower level (flooded)

Up the central shaft, dead end Gold Nugget 100g 5903g
Underwater cave Diamond 300g 6203g

Miners' Village

Offices (Jail?) Blue gem 15g 6218g
Temple, on the altar Gold Hammer 75g 6293g
Building next to the well, on a ledge Gold Nugget 100g 6393g
Next to the skeleton of a dead miner Ancient Coin x 2 10g 6403g