tnhScript 2.1

A script module including a number of useful and interesting add-on scripts for Thief 2. Also includes a handy script for alerting the Thief player if a needed script module isn't found.

Documentation for fan-mission authors can be found at The Dromesday Book.


Thief Scripts - convict/gen/D1/D2/QVars

A comprehensive list of the standard scripts available in Thief 1/G/2. The descriptions of the gen and convict scripts is complete.


System Shock 2 Scripts - allobjs

The scripts used in System Shock 2.


Public Scripts 2.1 [Pre-Release 1]

These script modules bring together scripts that are not available in all games, as well as some older scripts that were badly in need of updating.

The scripts for Thief 2 are fairly stable, but still need a bit more testing. The other scripts should be considered untested.


PyNumbra 1.0.2

This is a hack that allows you to write Dark Engine object scripts using Python. If you know what Python is, then you must already be frantically clicking on the link to download. For those who aren't familiar with it, Python is "an interpreted, object-oriented programming language ... combines remarkable power with very clear syntax." PyNumbra embeds a Python interpreter in DromEd, and provides an extension module with the interfaces necessary for object scripts.

This should only be used as a development tool. I greatly discourage anyone from releasing a fan mission that uses PyNumbra.





Script Installer [Test 3]

Actually, it can be used for things other than scripts. This is a simple installation program that copies files into the game directory. Installing add-on software for a game should be more reliable with it.

The program is still being tested. Volunteers helping with localization can just download translations.txt alone.

DarkUtils -- Obsolete

DarkUtils is no longer being actively maintained, so I have removed it from this page. You can find the scattered remnants of the project at my development site.


Thief Font Converter

Creates and edit the font format used by Dark Engine games.

Includes tools for swapping Adobe palettes and extracting regions from a bitmap.


Thief Song Compiler

Compiles and decompiles the song definition files used in Dark Engine games.


ParchEd (2005/11/28)

Book editor that displays the text as it would appear in-game. (Now works in Win9x.)


CColor Converter 0.9

Working with colors in DromEd can be quite confusing; or at least rather annoying. This tiny app is meant to make it easier. It displays colors in a number of formats.


Dromed Colors 0.94

Dromed has a number of its interface colors hard-coded in the executable. I dug into the app and found the location of at least some of those colors. The only one I was interested in was the brush highlight color, but have identified most of the others. This app is meant to allow you to change those colors. However, this application modifies Dromed and should only be used with extreme caution. While a simple backup of the file is made before applying changes, you should make a seperate copy and store it in a safe location with the read-only attribute turned on. Recognizes Dromed 1 v1.32, Dromed 2 v1.18, and ShockEd v2.12.


Bright UI (2005/11/28)

A handy GUI wrapper for Bright. Includes bright.exe. (Now works in Win9x.)


The Lazy Taffer

A program for cheap, lazy taffers.




DromEd 2 v1.18

ShockEd 2 v2.12

A collection of patches for problems in DromEd. This will fix:
Error when using objects with TGA textures.
MIS corruption when typing "script_load" without a module name.
Inability to set quad-lit on an AnimLight. (D2)
Crash when editing Bradcast customization on WindowsXP. (D2)
Crash when adding a meta-property in the range -7905 to -7920.


CowGen - TNH patch (2003-01-17)

A patch of the changes I've made to Cowgen. This should work equally in Cowed or Metabrush. The bulk of the patch is in a vastly expanded with nearly every object property I could find in Thief 1/G/2. (No promises for SShock2.)


Updated Schemas - schema 1.18r1

I managed to find some bugs with the 1.18 schemas for Thief 2, particularly with doors. Here's a fixed version. Also includes the Thief 1/G-imported schemas for Craymen, Bugbeasts, Fire elementals, and Brother Murus.


System Shock 2 Schemas (2005-05-19)

Schema source files were never officially released for System Shock 2. I was able to reverse-engineer the database format and have created this collection of schemas.