Welcome to Targa's House 'O Thief Stuff! Here you will find all sorts of goodies for Thief 2: The Metal Age. Feel free to use these and/or distribute them with your Fan Missions.

Dromed only: Help! The pirate ran his ship aground and is searching for me! :p Erm, anyhoo...here's a sailboat, as you can see. Just remember it's a prop, not a functional boat. ;o) Oh, and it also has a pretty deep keel, though you can't see it here.

Dromed/All: Another funky compass, keeping with the eyeball theme. ;o)

Dromed/All: Almost forgot about the breath potion. Just drop it in your folder and it will override the default.

Dromed only: A souped-up baseball bat, yowza! That looks like it would hurt. Hang this on your den wall next to that Burrick head. ;o)

Dromed only: Introducing... Da' Hamma! Any idea how hard it is to take screenshots when you're getting your brains pounded into jelly? By the Builder! Some of these Hammerites are just a bit too fanatical! I threw in a comparison shot of the original vs. this hammer in the pic above. Enjoy!

Dromed only: Did someone say we need more plates? :) (FYI: they're all the same size. Screenshots were taken at different angles and cut/pasted together)

Dromed only: I'll bet you're going to come up with a great way to add this to your mission! The gem on the top glows of its own accord. Decoration, loot item, heck, even a quest item... I bet you can even come up with a cool name for it...like "Bafford's Broomstick" or something. :p

Dromed/All: Cavador dug up this old relic at the KD site, and it recently came into my hands (thanks to Garrett). This is a direct replacement for the "Sunburst device" (ExplosiveCharge).

Feel free to drop me a line if you have any questions or comments, if you'd like to see something in particular made available to the Thief community, or just to let me know that someone's enjoying my stuff, ya taffer! ;o)

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