A Thief Mission by JIS


Walkthrough by Ponterbee

    Since this is my first walkthrough for a JIS mission, I thought I'd mention a few of my own personal interpretations of his work. Many players disregard his levels as 'too hard' or 'stupid'...this is based on either ignorance or the inability to tackle a mission in a different manner than the norm.
    JIS missions are, in fact, 'nightmares'. What would you do if you suddenly found yourself in this situation? Chances are you do not carry a sword, compass, and arrows with you when you go grocery shopping or to the movies. You simply find yourself in a horrific situation and need to get out alive. (Not ALL of his missions follow this formula, eg Amida, but most do).

        I do not know JIS and my interpretation might be sheer horse crap but this is just the way I see it and has helped give me the will to finish some very difficult levels. But you really DO need to have a different mindset when playing a Japanese mission.

        This is my own story, to try and give some backdrop to the mission. It is not endorsed by JIS in any way....A while back, a UFO landed in the underground caverns of your town. The miners never returned and many search parties went out, never to return. Without the wealth the mining provided, the town began to die...
        Before the mass exodus begins, you (an adventurous individual) take it upon yourself to make one more attempt to save the town. The way down is certain death...you must ASCEND the mine with the rope arrows provided to you. So, you parachute to the far side of the mining area...and your adventure begins.

        To retrieve the lions share of the wealth the mine has to offer and return to your friends house back in town.

         PART ONE: The Start

         Hop into the water tunnel and swim to the other side...collect a silver nugget on the way (1X50 : 50 total). Upon emerging, there's another silver nugget between a glowing mushroom and the rock by the waters edge in a dark corner (1X50 :100 total).
         Follow the rocky path until you have to turn right (you'll see 2 statues ahead at the top of some stairs) and grab another silver on your right on the ground (1X 50 : 150 total) and another at the base of the fallen rock shard you need to crawl under (1X50 : 200 total).
         Climb the stairs and enter the new area. Get a silver nugget by the mine cart (1X50 : 250 total). Cross the bridge and onto part two...

         PART TWO: Abandoned Campsite

         Go to the right and search under the rocky outcrop by the minecart for a gold nugget (for a change!) (1X100 : 350). Back to the left, bu the other minecart, is another silver nugget (1X50 : 400). Move forward to the flickering lantern to discover some dead miners....probably killed by radiation poisoning. Get another silver by the dead mans spade (1X50 : 450) then some gold in the darkness to the left (1X100 : 550).
         Move to the right, squeezing between the rock and hugging the wall, until you reach 2 crates. There's a gold tiara on one of them (1X125 : 675). Ahead is a spider guarding a torch and a puddle of water. Pick up the spade and hurl it past the spider. Now you can be carefree as you get onto the rising tunnel on the left wall as the spider goes to discipline the spade.
        At the top of the tunnel, go left first. Get the 3 stacks of coin in the right wall cubby (3X25 : 750) and 2 gems in the far one (2X100 : 950 total). Leave the room and take the other path (just go straight).

        PART THREE: Crash Site

        Drop to the nearest pillar and then to the ground. Get the corner silver nugget by the next pillar (1X50 : 1000) before moving towards the UFO (If you take the right path, you'll be by the archway the spider is in front of).
        As you approach the UFO, hug the left wall. You'll make a sharp turnaround to a dead end. Get the silver here (1X50 : 1050) before continuing left, still hugging the wall. You'll soon get to a gem on the ground by the wall (1X100 :1150). Just keep circling the ship in this way and you'll find another silver (1X50 :1200) and a set of metal doors. Pass the metal doors and you'll find one more silver nugget between the wall and a fallen rock shard...it's hidden well in the shadow (1X50 : 1250). A dead alien is nearby.
        Crawl underneath the craft and climb the ladder. Grab the 3 gold urns in the hull (3X100 : 1550 total). Now go to the metal doors and head to the under-ground temple.

          PART FOUR: Underground Temple

          The miners of the town are down here for weeks, sometimes months, at a time. There's a temple/barracks building where they sleep, eat, and entertain. Time to go see what's become of the place...
          At the end of the hall, before you turn left, is a gold statue next to a fallen marble statue (1X75 : 1625). Carefully ascend the incline as there is a very LIVE alien patrolling up there. He's horrible to look at too... Luckily (or unluckily) it has the AI of an insect-beast which means it moves SLOW...but also means it can KILL you very quickly. Get to the shadow to the right corner by the base of the bridge. Alien will come very close to you, but turn and go back the way it came.
          Once it does, follow it (make sure you saved your game in case it turns back suddenly) to get three gems on the ground (3X100 : 1925). Quickly turn around and rush back to your safe spot. Wait for it to come to you and when it turns around again, back up from the bridge and run/jump/mantle onto it. Be VERY careful as you move across the bridge...It's OK if Alien hears you-just don't let it SEE you! There's 2 gold stacks (2X25 : 1975) and a purse (1X100 : 2075). Go back and drop down to your safe spot when Alien isn't looking for you. Save the game and prepare to explore some more...
          Follow The Great Gazoo like you did when going for the 3 gems and turn left under the bridge. Here's your next hiding place. Hug the side of the bridge base so that your right in that diagonal indentation in the wall. Time Alien's movements before continuing around to the other side of the bridge where one of it's dead friends lies on the ground. There's a gold nugget between 2 barrels (1X100 : 2175). Go back to the spot under the bridge.
          Your next safe spot is to the right of that sloping incline leading to the temple, just on your left. There's a great deal of shadow there, so get over there when you can. When Alien starts to get close to the first safe spot by the 5 trees, you can move left to the next dark spot (near the 2nd incline up to the temple). Don't go too far left as there's lots of light. You'll see a gem on the ground near the well. Go get it! (1X100 : 2225). There's a similar hidey place under the bridge as to the other side- so hide there next.
           When Alien's back is to you, dash to the cart aside the left wall to get the gold nugget (1X100 : 2325). Return to the safe spot you were just at. To your right is an unlit brazier on the ground (next to the slanting incline). There's a gem next to it. (1X100 : 2425).
           Now you can climb the ramp to the temple. Before entering, crouch and make your way to the stained glass window all the way to the right. There's a tiara at the base of said window (1X125 : 2550 total).
           Time to go inside...Wilma, I'm hoooome!!!!

           PART FIVE: Inside The Temple

           Upon entering the building, ignore the training dummies and go right. Get the silver from the left wall cubbyhole (1X12 : 2562). There's a gold urn in the 2nd window alcove on the right (1X100 : 2662 total). Head into the kitchen. Get the ring in the sink (1X100 : 2762) before raiding the table for 2 purses (2X100 : 2962), 2 silver stacks (2X12 : 2986), 2 gold stacks (2X25 : 3036), and a gold urn (1X100 : 3136 total). A bottle of fine wine is well hidden in a darkened corner of the room (1X50 : 3186). Finally, get the purse behind a barrel (1X100 : 3286). Leave and go up the stairs.
           On your right you'll find a destroyed barracks room with 2 golden urns on the table with the lantern (2X100 : 3486). Underneath this table is a tapestry (1X150 : 3636) and a purse (1X100 : 2736). A healing fruit is on the floor next to a corpse. Mmmmmmm...corpse fruit! Grab the tapestry between 2 bunkbeds (1X150 : 3886). The locked chest can't be opened, so forget about it. It's posible, in JIS' twisted glee, that he hid the key in some bizarre place but it's not necessary to open it.
            Leave the room and turn right around the corner to collect the two jars at the base of the stained glass window (2X20 : 3926 total). Turn and follow the hall to the intersection. There's a sewer lid on the left (ignore it...we'll be coming up through that) and a hall leading downwards to the right. Go that way.
           This spooky underground area was probably once a spa of some kind...Now it's patrolled by another Alien (it's in the next hall over). When it's safe,  collect the gems (3X100 : 4226) in the pool and the purse (1X100 : 4326 total) next to it. This next bit takes nerves of steel, but is necessary...Follow behind the alien as it goes down the hall. You'll see a generator at the far end once you turn the corner. Rush past the beast and frob it to turn on the power. ET will get mad at you. VERY mad at you. Dash past it and get the hell out of here...When you reach the top of
the stairs, you'll see a silver nugget on the floor, thanks to the lighting (1X50 : 4376 total). Head back to the training dummies that block your path at the beginning of the temple and take the other hall.
          You'll descend quite a few stairs. Look carefully for a tiara that's leaning against a window frame (it's a few flights down) (1X200 : 4576 total). A gate has now risen, giving entry to a new area. Head into the room on the right. You'll find a gold urn on a bunkbed (1X100 : 4676), a tapestry on the floor behind the same bunkbed (1X150 : 4826), 2 bottles of fine wine on a table (2X50 : 4926), and another tapestry behind the next bunkbed (1X150 : 5076 total).
         Pick the lock on the wall by the bunkbed and leave. Back down the hall a few feet you'll find a new room is available for exploration. For loot, grab the purse on the floor (1X100 : 5176), gem on the table (1X100 : 5276), and tapestry on the floor next to the bench (1X200 : 5476). In the small room are 3 switches on the wall. As the note in the other room warned, the middle switch activates the alarm so just pull the first and second ones. The two gates at the bottom of the lava pool are now opened. Exit and proceed downwards...
         PART SIX: Mining Area

         This is where the townsfolk worked, and it's where the Aliens play...There's plenty of hiding places and lots of shadow so don't fret. If you notice an alien stuck against a wall, just reload. Make sure you save when it's a good time to, i.e. you're safe and no aliens are stuck in any walls.
         Follow behind the first alien and grab the small jar from the right window as it turns left (1X20 : 5446) then grab the statue from the ground (1X75 : 5616). But don't turn left yet...Keep following behind the alien get another small jar off the other window sill (1X20 : 5541) and another statue (1X75 : 5616 total). Now go down that left path when the alien heads back towards the lava pool out front.
         You'll find 3 stacks of silver on the ground, just before reaching the corpse of an unlucky guard (3X12 : 5652). A coptic jar is on the window ledge of the pillar at your left (1X20 : 5672). Between the nearby three barrels are a gold nugget (1X100 : 5772) and a silver nugget (1X50 : 5822 total)
         Ignore the short hall where an alien patrols and head down the sloping path (left of the coptic jar) instead. There's two stacks of gold on the ground (2X25 : 5872) and a purse awaits you on the ground near the stained glass window (1X100 : 5972) left of the dead alien. A silver nugget is near the flies (1X50 : 6022), and finally a piece o' gold is behind the hot cauldron (1X100 : 6122). Lean to grab it to avoid being badly burned!
        In the big open area, ignore the foreman's office for now. Walk to the end of the path and turn towards the gigantic white containment vessels. Run and jump onto the nearest one to get the tiara sitting on top of it...then jump over to the next for another one (2X125 : 6372 total). Turn around and do your jumping exercises to get back where you started. NOW go inside the foreman's office.
        Here you'll relieve the room of 2 gold stacks on the table(2X25 : 6422) with a necklace (1X200 : 6622), 2 gold statues on the floor (2X75 : 6772), a tapestry on the floorbetween the matress and the wall (1X150 : 6922) and a coptic jar on the window ledge (1X20 : 6942 total). Pull the big lever in the floor, which opens the sewer lid upstairs, and grab the noisemaker arrows from the chest. Lastly, frob the switches on the wall near the chest which frees the trapped souls down below.
        Leave the office and head downstairs. The trio of prisoners react with fright at your presence, but will not attack...they'll just follow behind you annoyingly on alert. Either ignore them or hunker down by the fetid toilet seat and let the flies kill them. They're permanently brainwashed anyway, thanks to the entry in the book outside next to the corpse...The aliens are trying to clone more aliens with humans as the base ingredient.
       Get a wonderful shiny expensive Serpentile Torc from underneath the stairs (1X350 : 7292) and it's twin inside a toilet (1X350 : 7642)in the jail. There's also a lone silver nugget on the floor (1X50 : 7692 total).
       Head back all the way to the other path upstairs. There's an alien, as I said before, that patrols this hall. He's quite easy to avoid, though, thanks to the pillar in your way just before you turn left (into the room with a pool of water and a ladder in the ceiling). Wait for the alien where you got the coptic jar off the window ledge and then follow it even as it starts to turn left towards that room until you find a gold coin stack on the ground (1X25 : 7717). Turn around and head back to the pillar to get the gold nugget (1X100 : 7817). Move over to the other side of the pillar and wait for the alien to pass by around the other side. You need to move quickly now...
         Get to the room and fall into the water...Get the tapestry (1X150 : 7967), gold nugget (1X100 : 8067) and silver nugget (1X50 : 8117 total). Climb up out of the water and face the ladder from across the pool. Back up a bit and run/jump to grab it. Climb up quickly before a swarm of hoeseflies are nibbling at your butt. As soon as you can't go any further, turn left a bit to spy another ladder that goes all the way up. Jump over to it (you might want to save or else risk missing and landing back down into the arms of a very pissed Klingon) and ascend. You'll find yourself back in the temple.

          PART SEVEN: Final Business At The Temple

          OK, there's just one more place to go here inside the temple...the area blocked by the training dummies. Go into the kitchen and get the 3 crates. Stack them in front of the dummies (2 crates down then the last one behind the others). Use the steps you made to hop over to the other side. Follow the room around to collect all the blue gems on the walls (12X15 ; 8297 total). Now get the key atop the pillar in the center of the room.
         Go back to the training dummies and frob the crates to bring them on over to your side. Make similar steps out of them to hop back over. Time to leave...Exit the temple and wave farewell to Predator as you make your way back to the bridge on the river lava.
         Before crossing the bridge, notice the stick of wood jutting out of the mine cart on the other side. Shoot a rope arrow into it. Hop, or fall, onto the rope and descend to the cavern entrance. Jump to it and loot another abandoned campsite. Get 5 silver coin stacks (5X12 : 8357), and a gold urn (1X100 : 8457). Search the water puddle for 2 gold (2X100 : 8657) and 1 silver nugget (1X50 : 8707). In the blue chests are a ring (1X100 : 8807), opera glasses (1X50 : 8857), and another blue gem (1X15 : 8872 total). The last chest cannot be opened...there
would be only loot in there anyway. Climb back out and hop to safety. Lean from the edge to retrieve your rope arrow.

           PART EIGHT: Back To Town

           Cross the bridge and shoot a rope arrow into the wood outcrop on the other mine cart...here's the way back home....you'll have to write off this rope arrow because we won't be coming back.
           Follow the tunnel until you come to a glowing mushroom with a gold stack next to it (1X25 : 8897). there's another blue gem in the corner to your right once you enter the statue room (1X15 : 8912 total). Use the key on the far left wall. An entryway opens nearby. Head on in.
          Be aware that there's a lonely burrick travellin' these here parts. To the left  is a dead end that needs to be explored...A rope arrow is in the chest and a silver nugget is nearby (1X50 : 8962). You now have your loot requirement. The town is saved!
          Head back to where you came in and follow the long wide tunnel (using the stones in the floor to hide you from Mr. Burrick) until you reach another dead end. There's wooden planks above you, so take out your rope arrows. Shoot into the low one on your right and mantle up. Take your rope arrow back and continue on in this way...it's quite easy.
          You'll soon reach a larger platform with a gold nugget on it (1X100 : 9062). Look over to spy an open cave area with a torch. Hop to it and you'll find a ring on the ground (1X100 : 9162). Get back to the platform and mantle up onto the short wooden outcrop to get a good aim on the last wooden beam above.
           Climb up and you'll arrive safe and sound back in town. Now you know why you had to parachute down...You'd be trapped behind a locked door with a nasty burrick breathing down your back!
           Head into the area with people and smack the guard for not lending you his sword before hopping across the pit. Here's your friend's house. Once you get inside the house a ways you'll need to RUN to grab the 2 gold candlesticks before the Mission Complete comes up...(2X50 : 9262 total)

          Finish! Loot Count : 9262/9637

          Peter Smith compiled a complete lootlist which can be found at Thiefmissions.com.

          Thanks, of course, to JIS for making a unique challenging mission, to you for reading my walkthrough, and to Nightwalker for her
           presentation that make these bland words much more pleasing to look at (and also for her support, generosity, and kind words).

          And now...a BONUS WALKTHROUGH!

          OCHIRU by MaitchingMachikuSensei

          Walkthrough by Ponterbee


          In keeping with Japanese-"nightmare"-style missions, I thought I'd do a quick write up of this horror. It's very short...You start the mission on a platform high above a zombie pit. Your mission- make it out of the area while you still live.
          You see that door waaaaaaaay down at the bottom? Jump at it.
          Aiiiiiiiiigghhhhhh!!!!! CRACK! While you're dying, move quickly to the door, open it, and get in. If you get inside before you die, the mission is a success. See? MISSION COMPLETE comes up! Whew.... You might need a break after playing this beast of a mission. Seriously, this is just a demo of sorts that actually bothered me quite a bit. You KNOW you've had nightmares similar to this. C'mon, admit it.