Quick Cash

Author: Garrett_729

Note: This walkthrough is intended for the original version, Expert Difficulty

This guide is copyright © 2005

The Narthex

Despite what John D. says, I love this mission. When you start, read the note. Ready for some undead? Now turn around and enter the building.

Once inside, KO the patrolling Hammerite (opt.). Return to the front doors and turn around so you’re facing inside. On your left are 3 doorways, same on the right. Straight ahead are the doors leading to the Chapel. Enter the closest door to the left.

The Barracks

There are 4 chests here. They contain

You can also find some Rosary Beads and a Holy Water Vial (a second hint of undead presence). Exit via the other doorway. Turn left and enter the next one.

The Quarters of Hartford

Read the journal on a table in here, a third hint to undead lurking in the cemetery. Martin better watch out! Grab the lone candlestick (262 total loot) and leave. Go to the doorway straight ahead.

The Cafeteria

There are only 3 things to do here. One, grab the 2 cucumbers off the table. Two, check out the broom closet at the far end. Three, ring the Gong. Garrett_729 is not responsible in any way of the results of this. Now leave via the other doorway and read the notice next to it. LOL.

The “Throne” Room

Enter the door to your left. It’s a water closet. Wondering why I called this a throne room? Search for T. Nagy Levente on thiefmissions……

The Chapel: Fight Prep

Alright, we have 4 Hammerites facing away from you (good) and 1 facing you (not good). From the doorway, douse the two torches. This will upset at least one of the Hammerites. If one comes too close, reload a saved game, or steer yourself clear at the first sign of danger. Once everybody has calmed down, read the notice posted at the only other door. Here we go.


This is the most fun part of the mission. (Note: If you left the patrolling Hammerite alone, leave the main Chapel doors open) Get far away from the door and shoot a noisemaker down it. The occupants of the Cemetery (1 Haunt, 3 Zombies) will investigate, as will our 5 Hammerite friends. The result: a fight. Usually the Hammerites win, especially if you left the initial Hammerite alone. Usually 1-2 Hammerites perish, with all of the undead. If you somehow get hurt during the fight, use a Healing Potion or eat those cucumbers.

Wiping Up the Stragglers

Hammerites will probably be left. Use a Lean Forward/BJ combo or a Flash Bomb/BJ combo. If undead are left, use the Holy Water Vial or your sword (for the Haunt). If you duel with the Haunt, you’ll probably need that Healing Potion.

Looting the Altar and Ambulatory

The solo Hammerite that was facing you before the fight was behind the Altar. On the Altar itself are 2 Candlesticks (362 total loot). Behind the Altar is the Ambulatory. Read the Tome there.

Brother Martin

Head into the Cemetery. You’ve probably noticed the loot on the caskets. Forget about that for right now. First order of business: search around for that Noisemaker and get it back. After that, search for a scroll. Read it. Poor Martin. “I almost feel sorry for him. Almost.” (-Garrett, T7C) Anyway, Hartford’s Key rests near the scroll, along with a broken hammer and Martin’s remains.

Looting the Cemetery

Head to the caskets and get the 3 vases(502 total loot), one on the top of each casket.