Guardhouse 2



Walk straight ahead and turn left into the square with the gallows. Throw the lever to open the floor hatch, jump down inside and collect a silver lockpick. Climb the stairs in the corner of the square, pick open the door and enter the guardhouse.

Make your way along the hallway and go through a door on the right at the far end into another hallway. Enter the first room on the right and take a grey key from the table then open the chest to find a gold coinstack (+125). Sneak back out into the hallway when the way is clear. Walk west and keep an eye out for the guard that is stationed in this area. As you pass him, make sure you grab his purse (+100 = 225) and after you’re past the stairs, turn left. Walk along the hallway, through the barracks and into the next room.

Head downstairs, turn left and enter the throne room but take care not to let the guards stationed in the room across the hallway catch sight of you. Open the closet door and pick up the sword that’s lying on the shelf then go through the south door into a small office. Collect the dagger (+125 = 350) from the desk, 2 gold goblets (+50 = 400) and the First Floor Key from the bookshelves then return to the hallway.

Walk over to the door at the base of the stairs, unlock it with the First Floor Key and enter the armoury. It’s well stocked with 6 water arrows, a gold lockpick, a rope arrow and a blackjack! That should make things easier! Creep through into the next room, pocket the guard’s purse (+100 = 500) and help yourself to a necklace (+200 = 700) and 3 rings (+300 = 1000) that are sitting on the table.

The prison cells are downstairs but leave them for the moment. Climb the stairs, go through the barracks rooms and along the hallway to the far end. Quietly creep down the ladder in the round tower room at the far end, douse the light and deal with the 2 guards in the barracks room beyond. Head out into the main hallway (outside the armoury door) and use the First Floor Key to unlock the double front doors. Cross the street and pick open the door to the shop of Filbert the Younger, the Royal Locksmith. The cashbox holds a coinstack (+60 = 1060) so help yourself to that then look around for 4 levers. One is behind the armoire and the second is in the corner by the door. The third is under the table and the last one is under the counter. This will open the wall safe and inside is the Key to Everything and 3 purses (+300 = 1360).

Turn left, then right at the corner and rope arrow up to the second floor ledge on the house opposite the fountain. Open the window, drop into the bedroom, read a note and help yourself to a gold bracelet (+175 = 1535) then return to the guardhouse.

Climb the stairs and walk around to another flight of stairs. Douse the torch in the room at the top and then open the door to the roof. Take a purse (+100 = 1635) from one of the archers then go around to the north side of the roof where you’ll find some broadheads in a chest.

Make your way back down to the armoury and go through the north door. Walk down the stairs and quietly go through the door opposite the bottom into the jail. Collect 4 keys from the shelf: The Key to Cell One, The Key to Cell 3, The Key to Cell 4 and The Key to Cell 5. Drat! Where’s the one for Cell 2?

Leave, turn right and proceed along the hallway with caution as the next area is very heavily guarded. You need to get across the hallway and into the area in front of the big double doors. The guard in this area is very touchy and I’ve never found a way to avoid getting noticed and when that happens, he closes the gates and runs away. Just run over as fast as you can and get inside. The gates close fast enough to block out the other guards and the one in here takes off.

Use the grey key on the lockbox opposite the doors to open the vault. Inside you’ll find the porcelain vase. Objective complete! You’ll also find a gold urn (+100 = 1735), 3 green LC jars (+60 = 1795), 3 black jars (+60 = 1855), a purple urn (+100 = 1955), 3 vases (+150 = 2105), 4 gold goblets (+100 = 2205), 2 purple goblets (+30 = 2235), 6 gold coinstacks (+150 = 2385) and 4 silver coinstacks (+48 = 2433).

If you want to make the next part quite easy, leave the vault, turn right and make sure the elevator at the end of the corridor is lowered then go back, open one of the gates and lure the guards inside. Take the elevator back up and then go back into the guardhouse and down to the basement. Chances are the two guards will be locked in the Vault area, leaving you free to explore.

Turn right at the corner and enter the torture room which is on the right. The Key To Cell Two is sitting on the table. Grab it, leave the room and cross to the south hallway. Follow it to a tiled room with holes in each wall which make it pretty obvious that it’s trapped. The floor has several pressure plates. You can cross it by trial and error or you can just run like crazy to the far side and you probably won’t get hit. You end up in another prison cell area.

Get into the guard room and open cell one. It would appear that Fingers is not easily kept in prison and has escaped on his own. Objective complete! Crawl through the hole in the wall. Oops! Apparently the tunnel was not very stable so go back through the hole and back to the trapped room. It’s a bit more difficult to run across from this direction so save and use trial and error to get across. Once you’ve done it, return to the first prison area. Unlock Cell 2 and grab Chipley. Objective complete! Take him with you and head up to the street. Return to the spot where you started the adventure. Mission complete!


Nightwalker - June/09