Note: This walkthrough contains hidden "spoilers". To see the text that is concealed by the solid blocks, hold the left mouse button down and drag the cursor across.
Test spoiler:  Much has changed since the Mechanists rose to power.


Walkthrough - Don's Style (Expert)

Note: If you are playing on Normal or Hard difficulty settings there are easier routes into certain buildings than those described here (for instance, on Normal the sewer hatches can be picked open). The objectives remain the same apart from the "Prototype Child" one, which is not required on Normal.

The Safe House

You begin the mission in a dark corner of a city street. Rosie and a nearby policeman have a conversation and then move away.

Before going anywhere, read the two notes in your inventory. Aha! You have a map, and there is equipment for you at the Safe House. Your first order of business should be to go there and stock up. Study the patrol patterns carefully if you are playing on Expert, as you are not allowed any knockouts. There are other ways to clear a path when necessary (frogbeast eggs, gas mines, etc.) but because your equipment is limited it is best to save it for situations where it is really needed.

Wait until the way is clear and head south. Duck into the short flight of stairs on the left partway down the street and wait for the police officer to walk south to the corner and then back past you. As soon as he has, continue south and turn right (W) at the corner. The Safe House is on your left, about halfway up this street. Ignore the Pagan inside - he won't bother you - and pick up some frogbeast eggs, a healing fruit, 3 vine arrows and 5 moss arrows from the base of the vine against the left wall. There are water arrows in the water on the opposite wall and a fire arrow in the fireplace. Climb the ladder to the attic, pick up some flares from the floor then read the note on the table at the far end of the room. Drat! Someone has stolen the blackjack and one of your picks from the supplies here. Take the other pick from the small metal box beside the note, pick up the wooden box from the corner and head back downstairs and out to the street.

Turn left (W) and then right at the corner, keeping out of sight of the drunken guard patrolling here. Head down to the trash bin at the far end, as suggested in the Pagan's note, and climb in. Be careful, the boxes are rather fragile! Check the bottom for a moss arrow, read the note and then toss the boxes up onto the edge of the bin. Climb up, stack two boxes, then grab the one you brought with you from the Safehouse and mantle up onto the flat rooftop to the north. Drop the box here for later use and continue north onto the ledge. Move cautiously and slowly as the guards in this mission have enhanced vision and will spot you, even up here, unless you're very careful.

The Hotel

Walk along the ledge to the end of the building and then to the left (W). When you come to the open window on the left (it's the 3rd one), climb into the hotel room. Garrett says "I should be careful in here. There are likely a few traps around." He's not joking! There is a mine on the rug in the center of the room - it is very hard to see, as it blends into the pattern. Read the book on the bedside table, where you'll find out that the dead man's secret stash is in the closet. Make your way around the edge of the room and open the chest, which contains some noisemaker arrows, then open the closet door. Frob the last hook on the wall and the back door will slide open. Wow! He wasn't kidding! He really does have a stash! All of this equipment will come in very handy.

Just after the door opens a ghost will appear, ask you to meet him underneath the city, and then disappear. Grab the blackjack and your other lockpick, which is in a small box beside the blackjack. Objective complete. Collect up the rest of the gear, leave the closet and move over to the door but stay close to the wall. Don't step on the mat inside the door as it hides a pressure plate that activates an arrow trap. Turn on the lights and check the center rug across from the door - you should be able to spot the mine now. Use your silver lockpick to disarm it and add it to your inventory. There's no need to venture into the rest of the hotel as the only room accessible is the Lobby and there is nothing of interest there. Go back out onto the ledge and backtrack to the flat rooftop where you dropped the box. Pick it up, climb onto the ledge running east on the south side and walk along to the beam with a flag hanging from it. Cross the beam, then stand on your box and you'll be high enough to mantle up onto the Pub roof.

The Sewers and Crypt

There are some breakable windows up here but you don't need to enter that building yet. Instead, go over to the smoking chimney and peer in. The fire below is burning so put it out with a water arrow. Climb down the ladder on the north side into the fireplace, but do it quietly because a guard patrols into the room below. Wait until the guard comes into the room and starts to walk out, then follow her into the next room and dart over behind the bar as she goes through the door into a side room. Open the box on the bar which contains a gold coinstack (25g). Behind the bar is a gold wine bottle (+50 = 75), a moss arrow and a water arrow. Stay out of sight behind the bar and wait for the guard to walk back towards the kitchen then head into the side room, open the other door and go down some stairs and through the door to the basement.

Turn left, jump into the sewer water, pick up the water arrow floating nearby and swim north past a water wheel. Keep an eye on the water as you swim as there are a few water arrows to be found down here. Before you climb out, watch for the haunt on patrol. Wait until he's walking towards the far end, climb up and put out the gas lamp. Hide in the shadows, wait for him to come back your way and take the "Key to Crypts" from his waist. Jump back into the water, swim back to the spot where you entered the water and turn right (W), then left at the first corner. At the next corner you'll pass a long ladder that leads up to a sewer cover but ignore it - it leads to the street and the cover is locked. Shortly after you'll see a torch-lit opening on your left with a ladder leading up to it. Climb up, put out the torches and unlock the gate with the "Key to Crypts".

There are zombies patrolling inside so you may want to put out some torches in here as well, though it isn't necessary if you are careful. Check beside the tomb near the zombie lady lying on the floor for a purple goblet (+15 = 90). On the other side of the center wall there is another cup (+15 = 105) on top of the lower tomb. When the way is clear, go through the door to the next room and over to the north side. Look right, and you'll see the ghost standing in the far NE corner. On your way to him, check the top of the first tomb on your right. There is a tiny ring (+100 = 205) beside the skeleton's left thigh. Look up and you will see a gold goblet (+25 = 230) to the left of the tomb above. Stand near the ghost who tells you that he will give you some important information if you do him a favour first. This favour becomes a new objective - Find a way to ruin Rammstein. Return to the sewers, swim north, continue round the two corners to the junction and turn right (E). Climb the ladder against the wall ahead of you back up into the Pub basement and make your way back up onto the rooftop.

The Golden Cog

Head across to the east side near the chimney, and look across the street. You'll see a dripping drain in the roof gutter, and past it there is a flat rooftop with a potion in the far corner. Climb up onto the edge, make sure no one is around down below, and use a slowfall potion to get down to the street. Shoot a vine arrow into the grate of the dripping drain in the eaves, climb up, jump north to the rooftop and pick up the invisibility potion, Secret #1. Climb back down to the street. Continue north past the police station to the back door of the Mechanist Building at the end of the street.

Pick open the door and enter - hmmm - a small warehouse guarded by a Watcher! That won't do, so go back outside and put a vine arrow into the eaves above the big green door. Climb up, open the window and enter a bedroom. There are some scrolls and a letter on the desk. One of the scrolls is a floor plan of the manor, which will come in handy later. Read the book lying on the floor by the bed, which mentions a prototype Child. Unless you are playing on Normal you'll receive a new objective: Find a way to destroy the prototype Child. You also learn some important facts. For instance, the code needed to manufacture a replacement cog for the entrance to Grimworth and de Perrin's shop is "6428", and the key to the sewer hatches is hidden in the Chapel somewhere.

Leave this room, turn right and enter another bedroom. Read the book in here and you'll find out about a chemical mix that is powerful enough to destroy the Builder's Children. Just what you need! And he kindly makes note of the fact that he's left some of it in the storage room. He also mentions that he has sabotaged the cog-making machine so that it will only function once before breaking down.

Head downstairs, out of the door (you are behind the first Watcher now) and open the door across the corridor. You'll be using this elevator soon. For now, turn left and open the door into the front hallway, where a second Watcher is mounted on the ceiling. Two guards are having a conversation in front of the Chapel door at the far end of the hall. The next bit is tricky, because you need to get into the Chapel. When the conversation is over, one of the guards goes into the Chapel and the other patrols from the Chapel door to the packing case area guarded by the first Watcher and back again. While they are still talking you can attempt to slip into the small office on the right and turn off the light (the switch is behind the door), but they will probably see you. Another possibility is to lurk in the corner of the elevator room and head for the Chapel when the guard has gone past.

When you enter the Chapel take care to not be spotted by the patrolling archer. Walk along the south side and check the east wall of the last alcove for a small safe. Inside, you'll find the Sewer Key, 2 gold coinstacks (+50 = 280), 3 silver coinstacks (+36 = 316) and 4 copper coinstacks (+20 = 336). Head up to the front altar and pick up the "Golden Cog" (+200 = 536) - objective complete. There's a scroll beside it and a vial of holy water on the floor nearby.

Leave the chapel and go back to the elevator you saw earlier. Take it to the lower level, get off and turn left. Pick up an explosive device from the storeroom at the far (E) end and then enter the room to the north, which contains some cog-making machinery. Ignore the small bot here - it is not the prototype Child! There are 2 fire crystals in the trough of lava, and if you go through the east door into the bunkroom and open the footlocker against the south wall you will find a purse (+100 = 636). Now jump onto the blue conveyor belt and ride it to the far end, where you'll find a chunk of ore. Turn off the light in here and wait for the guards outside to finish their conversation and move off. When the room is clear, cross to the door on the west side and enter the storeroom.

Walk along the bench and pick up the first white jug to add 4 acidic arrows to your inventory. These arrows are powerful enough to destroy the prototype Child, and will also damage other metal things like Watchers. Lurk in the door, and when the guard goes through the double doors to the east, follow him. He will walk down the right side of the machines, so keep to the left and sneak back to the elevator. (An alternative route is to walk back on the conveyor belt.)

Take the elevator up to the top floor, enter the only room up here, pick up a blue crystal (+25 = 661) and the scouting orb from the counter, then read the book near the code machinery. It explains the process that will produce a Gear cog. Don't play with the code machine, as it will only work once. Take the elevator back to the machinery room and turn left. Once you have it, go back into the room with the cog making machinery.

The first machine on the left is the Ore-Cog Template machine. Drop the chunk of ore you found into the chute, then ride the blue conveyor belt back to the room where you picked up the ore and you'll find a Gear Template lying at the end of the conveyor belt machine. Pick it up and return to the room with the cog making machinery. Drop the Gear Template in the Gear Transform Machine.

Take the elevator back up to the top floor and enter the code for Grimworth and de Perrin's door gear (6428). The door of the machine to the left will open and the completed "Grimworth de Perrin" gear is inside. Now you need to locate the prototype Child so you can destroy it. It is a small golden humanoid, patrolling a route from the large machine room in the basement up into the Chapel and then back down again. Be careful - you are in trouble if it sees you! Find a good spot for an ambush and destroy it by shooting it with an acidic arrow - Objective complete. Now it's time to deal with Rammstein!

Ruining Rammstein

Unlock the red door near the storage room with the "Sewer Key", get back into the water, swim south past the ladder up into the Pub basement, around the corner and go left at the next corner. Follow that tunnel just past the crypt entrance and climb up into a large metal pipe on your right (W). You emerge into a cave with a couple of small white spiders in it. Pick up the moss arrows on the ground then continue into the next cave where there is a frogbeast near a rock. Steal her eggs, pick up another moss arrow near the pitcher plant and go into the last cave, which has a pond of water in the middle. There are some water arrows on the ground around the edge. Once you have them, jump into the water and climb the rope hanging down into the middle. When you get to the top, you'll realize you've come up in a manor-house well. This is Rammstein's property - how convenient!

There are guards patrolling the grounds so listen for footsteps then climb out when the way is clear. There are dark corners behind the well to sit in safely. You'll notice a big pile of crates off to the right. Climb up on top of them and you'll find that the big one nearest the east wall has an open top. Jump down inside and pick up a vine arrow and 2 spice bags (+20 = 681), then use the vine arrow to get back out. Walk west from the well a short way then turn left into a locker room where you can pick up a healing potion, a fire arrow and a couple of flares. Upstairs, there's a practice room but there's nothing much of interest up there unless you want another sword or would like to practice your archery a bit.

Go back outside and wait in the shadows near the well. When the guard passes by, pick the "Manor Key" from his belt. Follow him north through the next yard, then through the doorway. Now hide in the shadows on the right behind the crates until he turns around and starts back towards the well. Head west around the corner and then turn right into a guard bunkroom. The footlockers on the right contain 2 copper coinstacks (+10 = 691) and there is a healing potion in the 2nd footlocker on the left. Climb the ladder to the upper floor and get some broadheads from the footlocker under the torch. That's it for in here so return to the outside door. The safest way to play this now is to sit in the shadows with the door open and wait for a guard to come out of the door in the archway that you're facing, walk past you and then go back. Then peek out to see if the guard that patrols the other side of the building is back by the crates.

When the way is clear, retrace your steps to the crates, hide and then follow the guard as he walks back towards the well. Open the double doors opposite the gate with the "Manor Key" and enter Rammstein's warehouse. Climb up on the crates in the SW corner, open the lid of the crate at the back and help yourself to the 3 plates (+30 = 721) and the 2 spice bags (+20 = 741) packed inside. There is a large crate with a label on it near the middle of the west side of the warehouse. It's the big spice shipment that you need to "redirect" to ruin Rammstein, but first you have to find how to do it. Wait for the guard to patrol through the warehouse then poke your head out of the SW door. You are below and behind a Watcher in a well-lit hallway. There are two guards standing down the hallway to your right. Douse the 3 gas lamps while they are talking, and then move down the hallway to the far south end quickly, because the archer will walk in that direction when the conversation finishes.

Once he's gone, open the south door on the east wall. This is the kitchen, with a spice bag (+10 = 751) on the shelves nearest the door to the left. Duck in and grab it (a moss arrow helps) before the guard comes through, then return to the hallway. Climb the steps to the south doorway on the west wall, walk up the hallway and into an office. There's a blank shipping label on the desk and a pen in the holder above it. Frob the pen to write the label, then pick it up. Check the file cabinet to the right of the desk for a letter from the Mechanists, then return to the spice crate in the warehouse. Replace the original label by "using" the replacement label on it. Rammstein will now be ruined - Objective complete.

Looting the Manor

Wait for the guard to patrol through again (caution - a second guard may be close behind) and follow him down into the basement. Go into the steward's room on the right, read the note on the desk and steal a silver coinstack (+12 = 763) from the footlocker. The next room on the left is just an old storage room so skip it and go through the door opposite into a big machinery room. Take a fire arrow from the furnace, then frob the lever on the left wall to open the sewer doors but don't go through them now. Instead, continue out the other side of the room and into another hallway. Open the first door on the right and go into another small hallway with only 3 doors. In the room on the right there is a necklace (+200 = 963) in a footlocker. There's a copper coinstack (+5 = 968) in a footlocker in the room on the left. (There is nothing in the toilet at the end.)

Enter the wine cellar on the other side of the main hallway. Frob the unlit torch in the SW corner - this opens a small wine cabinet in the SE corner. Inside, help yourself to a gold wine bottle (+50 = 1018), then pick up the green brandy bottle (+50 = 1068) and you have Secret #2! Leave the wine cellar, turn right and head back to the warehouse, making sure you don't meet the guards on their way through. Go back out into the hallway but this time turn right and head down to the end door and into a closet. Check the vertical beam in the NW corner behind the covered lamp for a tiny switch. When you frob it a secret door at the other end of the closet will open. Inside it - surprise! - is a private elevator. This could come in very handy!

Push the button for the second floor and ride the elevator up, flip the lever on the wall to the left and walk out into another storage closet. (The lever to open and close the door to the elevator from this side is behind the lamp to the left of the hallway door.) Open the door to the hallway and check out the surroundings. There's a staircase to your left and the library door on the right. A guard and a servant patrol here, and a couple of other guards patrol down the stairs at the far end, up the ones near you then across the upper floor and down at the far end again. One of these guards is wearing a second copy of the "Manor Key". Sooner or later you may need to extinguish some gas lamps in this area, but be warned that the servant or one of the guards may relight them, so timing is crucial.

Head into the library when it's safe to do so, then go down the right side of the room to the NW corner where you can acquire a purple urn (+100 = 1168). Return to the hallway and sneak up the stairs at this end. Go through the glass door on the right into a room with a control panel at the far end. (The switch on the control panel shuts off the alarm system, but only for 15 minutes so it's not very useful.) In the bedroom near the panel is a book you should read, and a dagger is stuck in the desk (+50 = 1218). Go back downstairs and put out some gas lamps so you can get by the Watcher unnoticed. (If you still have acidic arrows left you can use one to destroy the Watcher, but make sure there are no guards or servants nearby when you do or they'll set off the alarm.)

Make your way to the other end of the hall (S) and into the storage room bottom right of the staircase. This is a good place to hide in the dark while you wait. Climb the stairs when it's safe to do so, and go through the door on the left near the double doors. Operate the switch at the far end of this hallway to shut off the Estate Watchers. There's a gold candlestick (+25 = 1243) in the room to the left of the switch, but there's nothing of value in the other room. Leave this hallway and cross to the door opposite. This room is a nursery and in here you can pick up another gold candlestick (+25 = 1268) from the bedside table and a ring (+100 = 1368) from the chest at the foot of the bed.

Go back down the stairs and hide in the storeroom until the guard has gone through the pool room, which is the other door in this corner. Once he has, head in and pilfer 2 vases (+100g = 1468) and a gold urn (+100 = 1568) from the small tables in the corners of the room. Jump into the pool and you'll find a coin (+2 = 1570) on the bottom.

Go back into the main hall, turn right (E) under the Watcher and put the lamps out. Enter the dining room to the south after the guard has gone in and left again. In here you'll find 2 gold candlesticks (+50 = 1620) on the table, and 4 large china plates (+40 = 1660) and 4 gold plates (+100g = 1760) on the display shelves. (If you need to stay out of sight to let the guard or the servant go through again, there are some useful shadows in the southeast corner of the room.) Cross the hallway to the gaming room and pick up a silver coinstack (+12 = 1772) and a couple of coins (+10 = 1782) from the roulette table on the right. There are 2 purple goblets (+30 = 1812) on top of the bar and a gold wine bottle on the shelves underneath (+50 = 1862).

Now return to the main hallway, turn right and go back to the elevator. Take it up to the top floor, flip the lever on the wall to your right to open the secret door and you'll emerge into Rammstein's own private bathroom. The toilet lever in here opens and closes the door to the elevator. A gold wine bottle (+50 = 1912) and a gold goblet (+25 = 1937) are on the edge of the bathtub. Open the door at the south end and enter the bedroom. There's a light switch over by the door to darken the room. Go out onto the balcony and frob the telescope then hurry back into the bedroom. If you're fast enough, you'll find that a painting on the north wall has swung open and behind it is a green safe containing a purse (+100 = 2037). There's also an alarm shut off button.

Pick up the silver cog, which is the "Spare Restaurant Key", and a pair of spectacles (+50 = 2087) from the desk. There's a gold urn (+50 = 2137) on a table near the balcony doors. A diary, which contains all kinds of juicy little tidbits of information is on the bedside table. The "Manor Key" unlocks the door to the hallway but there's no need to venture out there.

Take the elevator back down to the lowest floor. Go carefully into the hall and crouch down in the shadows opposite the steps so you can see into the north side of the entrance hall. An archer will go in through the doors in the far corner. When he comes out again he will walk towards you. Wait until he is out of the way, then go into the entrance hall and through the double wooden doors in the NW corner. Now go up the marble steps on the left and through the metal doors into the chapel. On the altar at the far end are 2 gold candlesticks (+50 = 2187) and a scroll. Lurk in the shadows until the archer comes in again and follow him out.

The Restaurant

Now make your way to the warehouse and down into the basement machinery room. Go through the doors to the sewers, jump into the water, swim east to the first corner and then turn right (S). Follow this tunnel back to the crypt and climb the ladder. The ghost is standing outside the gates, waiting to talk to you. He tells you that a meeting between Rammstein and Hydrolic is about to take place at the Restaurant. You now receive a new objective - eavesdrop on the conversation without being noticed. Return to the water, swim north and turn right (W) at the corner. The entrance to the Pub basement is straight ahead.

Climb out, go up the stairs and sneak back through to the kitchen fireplace. Climb the ladder to the roof, walk over to the glass window and smash it. (If you don't want to do this, you can head down to the streets and find the door, as you have the key.) Once inside the Restaurant, go to the small landing halfway down the stairs (with the harp on the table), crouch down and listen to the conversation. The two men leave through a door downstairs when they have finished talking, and two objectives check off; the one instructing you to find and read all relevant correspondence - objective complete - and the one requiring you to overhear the restaurant conversation - objective complete. There's nothing of value in the rooms downstairs and you can't unlock the front doors from inside, only from the outside lockbox, so go back up onto the roof.

Grimworth and de Perrin's

Now you can raid Grimworth and de Perrin's. Head back down the chimney, through the Pub and into the sewers again. Swim west to the corner and turn left (S). Climb the first tall ladder you come to and you will emerge by the trashbin in front of Grimworth and de Perrin's. Use the "Grimworth de Perrin" gear on the gearlock by the door and enter - make sure you aren't spotted by the Watchers. Turn right, go through the door and upstairs. The guard that patrols up here and then down the stairs is a bit of a pain because he relights the lamps. You may want to dispose of him if you still have the equipment available to do so. (If not, and you are an optimist, you can head around the corner to the safe house and check to see if any more equipment has been left for you.) Help yourself to the guard's purse (+20 = 2207) and take the gold candlestick from the dining table (+25 = 2232). There's nothing in the kitchen, so go through the archway into the hall. Turn left and pick open the door on the right. This is Grimworth's room. Sneak behind him or lure him out, read the diary and the letter on the desk, then push the button mounted on the side of the dresser.

When the hallway is clear, walk to the far end and enter de Perrin's room. Take the "Safe Showroom key" from de Perrin, read the diary and the letter, and take a tiara from the dresser (+125 = 2357). Return downstairs and walk past the showroom door into the cloakroom. Frob the left coat hook to move the painting on the wall and reveal the safe behind it. Unlock it with the "Safe Showroom key" to get a purse (+75 = 2432). Now head over to the Showroom gate and unlock the lockbox with the same key.

If you have any acidic arrows left you can destroy the Watchers with them. Anyhow, don't set off the alarms because the gate will shut. (It is supposed to open after the alarm shuts off but it usually doesn't.) If you think you might accidentally set it off, go out to the trashbin, pick up a couple of boxes and put them in the doorway to stop the gate from closing all the way. Once you're inside, you can collect 5 statues (+75 = 2507), a blue gem (+15g = 2522), a green rolled tapestry (+150 = 2672), 3 jars (+60 = 2732) and a gold statue (+75 = 2807). Loot objective complete.

Leave Grimworth and de Perrin's, cross the street and go into the Fishmonger's on the right at the end of the market. Jump up onto the counter, open the shutters, crawl out and cross the street to enter the Safe House.

End of Mission

Nightwalker and Freddy Fox - 15th October 2004