Calendra’s Cistern


       You start beside a set of stairs that leads up to a Weapons Shop. Walk up, read the note by the door, (you’ll receive 500 g. at this point) then go in and buy whatever equipment you want. I usually get a lot of water arrows and a moss arrow or two, on Expert. You might want some broadheads, because you run into a few spiders. (You can come back and buy more equipment at the shop later, but keep in mind that you can only spend the gold portion of your loot total, not the gems or goods.)

Art Dealer’s House:

       Leave the shop, go back down the stairs, turn left (N) at the bottom, walk along below the stairs and turn left (W) at the end. Follow the passageway past a house with a guard standing by the door. This is the Art Dealer’s house, but there’s a sneakier way in than the front door. Continue south, past the other end of the house, turn right (W), go around the corner, up the slope, and climb over the wall into the back yard. Pick open the back door, then enter. There are a lot of tile floors in here, which means a lot of creeping around. I usually go across the carpet to the front door, pick it open and BJ the guard out here, so I don’t have to worry about him. Lord Alharazad is upstairs in the bedroom. Sneak quietly up the stairs and blackjack him. It’s sometimes easier to lure him downstairs to search for you while you hide in the shadows, then blackjack him on his way back upstairs. Once he’s disposed of, you’re free to explore the house.  (If you’ve disposed of Lord Alharazad downstairs, head up to his bedroom now.)
       Pick up and read the note that is lying on the floor beside the bed. Go over to the red tapestry on the wall and move and click over it until you pick up a key, then use it to unlock the blue chest in the corner of the room. You’ll pick up a silver coinstack, worth 12 g. Walk up the stairs to the ladder and climb to the attic. Up here, you’ll find the safe containing the sapphire vase that you need to obtain to satisfy one of the objectives. There is no set code to open the safe. It’s random and changes each time. To open it, all you really need to watch is the center circle of five lights. Each light that is lit in that circle represents a number in the combination that is correct. Start with the first number, move it up one click, e.g. if it's 4 move it to 5. Push the button and watch the circle of lights. If a light goes off that was lit before, put it back to 4 because it was already correct. If a light comes on that wasn't lit before, then it's correct now (at 5), so leave it and go to the next number in the combination. If nothing changed (no lights went off or on), then move it up to 1, and push the button, check the lights to see if one came on. As soon as it does, you know that number is now correct. Leave it and go to the next number in the combination.  Usually there are at least a couple of numbers that are already correct when you begin. When you’ve got them all right, the door opens and you can pick up the nugget, worth 500g. (512) and the vase, worth 150g. (662). (Note: There is a bug that occurs here sometimes that makes it impossible to get the safe open using the combination. If that happens to you, you can either restart and try again or blow it open with a fire arrow.) Return to the main floor and head into the room with the pool.  
       Help yourself to a painting, worth 160g. (822), which is hanging on the wall, and a tiara, worth 75g. (897), which is lying on the floor near the stool. Leave the pool room, cross the foyer and go into the display room. Pick up the statue, worth 20g. (917), from the first pedestal, and then a vase, worth 20g. (937), from the next one. The first niche in the wall holds a vase worth 50g. (987); the second niche holds another vase, worth 100g. (1087); and the last niche holds a gold vase worth 50g. (1137). Behind that vase, you’ll see a switch.  Pull it and it opens a secret panel in the wall. Before you climb in, go over and pick up the statue head on the other pedestal, which is worth 4g. (1141). Take the painting, worth 160g. (1301), from the wall. Climb into the passageway behind the secret panel and use the key you found upstairs to open the chest. Inside, you’ll find a gem, worth 100g. (1401), and lying beside the chest is a green rolled tapestry, worth 150g. (1551). Walk along the passageway, jump down to the yard, and go back through to the Weapons Shop courtyard. At this point, if you wish, you can go and buy more equipment.

 On the Way to the Weeping Angel: 

       Cross the courtyard to the archway, but don’t go through it yet. Look up and you’ll see that the tower roof has a wooden underside. Put a rope arrow into it, climb up and jump over to the top of the archway. Retrieve your arrow then go into the doorway on the left. Open the chest, get a silver coinstack, worth12g. (1563) then jump down into the hole in the floor.  Crawl through to the far side, stand up, and take the speed potion by the chair. Return to the other room and mantle up out of the hole. (Note: Due to something called "head bob,” which makes it look more natural when Garrett walks, you may get stuck when trying to negotiate the crawlspace here. Just keep backing up, crouching, and trying again until you get through when Garrett's head is at its lowest point.) Go back out onto the roof, walk behind the other small room, and you’ll see a piece of machinery that you can safely jump down onto and, from there, drop to the ground.
        Go through the archway and up the street to a walkway where a beggar stands, off to the right (S). (I usually blackjack him, because he’s a pest if you don’t.) Turn to the left (N), walk over to the end railing, jump over it and walk along the ledge on the left (W). You’ll see a partially open window on your left. Crouch down and pick up the coins, worth 25g. (1588), that you can see on a table inside, then go down to the north end of the ledge. You’ll be facing a tower and there is a ledge on it that is just a little way below the one you are standing on. (This can be tricky to get onto and it isn’t necessary unless you want to collect all the loot.) Drop down onto that ledge, walk around to the back of the tower and you’ll find a bottle worth 50g. (1638). Once you have it, jump into the canal below.  
       There is one guard that patrols along the side of the canal. Climb out right beside the tower and you’ll be in shadow. Walk east along the canal and up onto a little bridge. Turn and face the buildings to your left (N). Up above the canal, you’ll see a gold bottle on a windowsill. Put a rope arrow into the wooden underside of the roof, climb up and get the bottle, which is worth 50g. (1688). Retrieve your rope arrow, fall into the canal, and climb out onto the walkway.
         Turn back towards the tower (W), walk around the corner and you’ll find a ladder up against the left-hand (E) wall of the building. Climb it and at the top turn left (N) towards the corner of the building. Go around the corner and you’ll find yourself facing a steep grey roof. Walk straight up the roof and down the far side. Continue along the ledge and you’ll see an open window on the right (S). You can climb in (you have to step back a bit and sort of run/jump into it, then crouch) and inside you’ll find a chest containing a silver coinstack, worth 12g. (1700). There’s a ladder in the chimney but it doesn’t really go anywhere. Go back out to the ledge, (Save before you jump out the window.  It’s easy to miss the ledge and fall) turn to the right (E), and you’ll be outside the bell tower.
        Open the door on the east side, climb a ladder, jump over to the floor and look in the far corner for a gold hammer, worth 75g. (1775). Climb back down, leave and turn left (N). Walk to the edge of the platform and look over. You’ll see a wooden beam and a gate. Jump down on top of the gate and then down to the ground on the right (S) side of the gate but remember this area, as you’ll need to come back here later. Go down the steps and continue south until you reach another set of stairs. Go up to the top, pick open the door, either sneak past the guard or blackjack him, pick open the door on the other side of the room, turn left (S) and walk up to the top of the slope.
        Turn to the left and go through a doorway out to a flat rooftop with a low parapet wall. To the right of the parapet wall, there is a grey roof. Mantle up onto the parapet, jump onto the flat edge of the grey roof, and walk along to the far north end. Jump down onto the rooftop to your right (E), walk around to the back, and you’ll find a gas arrow. (You can walk up over the steep roof that you’re facing just as you jump down onto the flat roof, then go down the other side to a pipe, then walk along the pipe to another roof. If you turn right, walk along a bit and look down, you’ll see an archer patrolling. There’s a chest down there with some broadheads in it.)  Climb back out onto the roof and go back the way you came. When you get back to the passageway, turn left (S) and walk to the top of the stairs. Turn left (E) then right (S) and you’ll be at the top of a set of stairs leading down to a park. Mantle up onto the rail to your left, climb the ladder, and jump into the aqueduct.  Grab a water arrow, climb out of the water, down the ladder and return out to the hallway. Walk straight ahead (W) to the end and on your right you’ll see a lever.  Flip it to open the gate beside it.  
       Go through the gate and along the passageway to the top of the stairs. Climb up on the railing and jump over to the balcony of the yellowish house that is opposite.  Smash the last window on the left, watch the man in the teddy bear PJs react, and then climb in. Go through the door on the right, go in and you’ll find a gold coinstack, worth 25g. (1800), in the chest. Head back outside, jump down (if you turned right here, you’d go back to the walkway where the beggar stands), walk back up the stairs and south along the passageway. Climb the metal stairs at the far end, pick open the door on your left, and go in.  You’ll find a copper coin stack, worth 5g. (1805), sitting on the bench, and a noisemaker arrow in the chest nearby.
       Leave by the same door, turn to your left (S), walk down a small slope and turn right (E) across a wooden walkway. At the end, look up and you’ll see a beam sticking out of the wall near the roof of the building you’re facing. Put a rope arrow into the right side of the beam. Climb the rope, jump over to the smoking chimney to the right (N) and then walk onto the roof. Retrieve your rope arrow then go to the other side (W) and look over the edge. On the south wall, a little way below you, you’ll see an opening off of a ledge. You need to get down there. There are wooden beams underneath the roof. Shoot a rope arrow into the one closest to you then climb down and onto the ledge.

The Weeping Angel:

     Retrieve your rope arrow then turn left (E) and walk along through the hallway behind the statue. At the end, you’ll be facing a wooden door. Pick open the door, enter, read the note on the table and pick up the “Tavern” key. Look up and you’ll see a hole in the ceiling. Rope arrow up, pick open a chest and get a breath potion. Retrieve your rope arrow and jump back down. Return down the hallway past the opening where you entered the building and continue through the other doorway. Pick open the metal door, go down the stairs, turn left and unlock the door at the bottom of these stairs with the “Tavern” key. In this room, you’ll find a fire arrow in the fireplace and a painting, worth 70g. (1875), hanging on the wall.  
       Go into the next room, turn right, open the door to the outside with the “Tavern” key and walk outside. There’s a lever on the wall beside the gate to open it, but don’t go through. Walk over by the small set of steps and you’ll find a moss arrow tucked in the corner beside them. Return to the Inn and enter the room with the bar. On the shelves across from the end of the bar you’ll find a gold wine bottle, worth 20g. (1895), and 8 cups, worth 120g. (2015). There’s a cash box sitting on the bar that you can pick open which contains a gold coinstack, worth 25g. (2040). Unlock the small door beside the bar with the “Tavern” key and jump down into the wine cellar. (You can also go into the wine cellar from the stairs that you took down to the Tavern. Just turn right instead of left.)  
       You’ll meet Mercedes here and she and Garrett have a conversation. After it finishes, go over to the lowest barrel in the NW corner of the room. You’ll notice that there’s a hollow space behind it. Push the barrel until it falls through the back, crawl through the hole and on the ledge over the room below, you’ll find a wine bottle, worth 16g. (2056). Head back to the wine cellar where you’ll find a lever under the stairs that opens the door that Mercedes exited through. Pull the lever and go through the door.

The Party Area:

       You’ll be at the top of a flight of stairs. Look at the wall above the bottom of the stairs and you’ll see a black chest on a ledge. Douse the torch over the stairs then put a rope arrow into the ceiling very close to the chest, as you have to be able to pick the chest open while hanging on the rope. Inside, you will find a silver coinstack, worth 36g. (2092). Once you have that, enter the room at the bottom. You can pick a purse, worth 20g. (2112,) from Burgomaster Theedsblot. He’s the man that walks back and forth through the gate across the room from the stairs. Head to the left (you’ll have to put out a couple of torches in this room) and just to your right, as you enter the round room, you’ll see the guest book. “Use” the quill pen to sign the guest book then sneak around the room to the far side. If you put out a couple of torches on this side of the room, you can usually blackjack most of the AI that patrol in and out of this room without much difficulty. Two of the AI that patrol through the doorway into the room wear purses worth 5g.ea. (2122). (These are the Whitman brothers.) One of the AI standing in the center of the room has a purse worth 100g. (2222). There’s a purple goblet, worth 15g. (2237), and a wine bottle, worth 50g. (2287), sitting on the side of the well.  
       Head out the west door and into the next room. Lord Whitman patrols into this room. He’s wearing a purse worth 100g. (2387). You’ll find 2 purple goblets, worth 30g. (2417) on one table, and another purple goblet, worth 15 g. (2432), on the other table.  If you look north up the hallway from this room, you’ll see a man standing by a pillar with a torch on it. That man is Ragnor. You need him alive so you can deposit him in the Art Dealer’s house. Sneak up behind him and BJ him. Pick him up, go back upstairs to the Old Widow, out the front door and through the gate you opened previously. Head east across the courtyard and on your left, you’ll see a hole in the wall. Walk through it and out into a courtyard with metal stairs. Go up the stairs to the doorway on the left, walk straight ahead to the stairs at the far end, go down the stairs, straight ahead, and then turn right. You’ll be on the walkway where the beggar stands. Go past him, turn left, and you’re back in the courtyard outside the Weapons Shop. Continue across and out the exit on the far side to the Art Dealer’s house. Deposit Ragnor on the floor in here somewhere and the objective to leave him here alive should tick off.
       Retrace your steps to the hall in the Party area where you blackjacked Ragnor.  To the left of where he was standing is a small chapel.  We’ll leave that until later.  There’s a chest in there that is best left unopened while the party is still going on.  Walk straight ahead to a room where you can see a woman and a man standing.  Listen to their conversation and you’ll realize that the woman is Lady Calendra.  Take the key she is wearing, which is labeled “Lady Calendra’s Key”, read the note on the table and take the two cups, worth 30g. (2462). Don’t try to kill or BJ Lady Calendra.  You have to leave her unharmed.
       Go up the stairs to the balcony above the chapel where you’ll see two people standing together.  The man is wearing a purse, worth 25g. (2487). Climb the ladder on the back wall of this room, which takes you up to an attic.  Walk straight to the back and you’ll find a ring, worth 100g. (2587), sitting on a beam. Turn to the left and you’ll find a hole in the wall.

The Observatory:

       Crawl through and out onto the rafters of a room.   There is another set of rafters in the center of the room.  Rope arrow over to it, walk to the middle and look up.  You’ll see a hole in the ceiling.  Use a rope arrow to climb up and you’ll find yourself in an attic, with a large structure in the middle of it.  This is the Observatory and it’s quite tricky to get into.  Dispose of the spiders, then walk around the Observatory and you’ll see that it has two holes in the sides.  You have to mantle up into one of those.  You can also mantle into a hole in the wall on one side and walk through the passageway then jump over to the Observatory.  I usually find it easier to mantle up into the metal “Loop” that’s between the wall and the Observatory on one side, then jump from there into the window.  It may take a number of tries to do it, so don’t give up too easily.  
       (Alternate route:  If you mantle up into the metal “Loop” and face the Observatory wall, you’ll see the hole high up in the wall, mentioned above.  If you picked up the Speed Potion earlier, quaff it and you can make the jump into the hole, which will take you around so that you are now facing the Observatory window.  It’s pretty easy to leap straight in from here.)
       Once you’re inside, you’ll find a healing potion on a table, and The Summoner’s Stone in a blue chest, which you’ll need to pick open.  You’ll also notice a large red dish.  You’ll need this later on.  Flip the lever on the wall to open the door, go out, drop back down through the hole (you don’t need a rope arrow), rope arrow back over to the side beams, go back through the attic, down the ladder and down the stairs.  At the bottom of the stairs, there is a door on the right.  Open it and go down to the basement.

The Basement:

       Walk through the office, down the hall and into a room with 5 levers on the wall and a big machine in the center.  Out in the next room, there is a furnace, some fireplaces and a funny looking torch on one of the pillars.  In the room with the levers, stand facing the levers and consider the one on the left as #1, the next one to the right #2, etc. Pull lever #1, go out into the next room and check the “funny” torch over by the fireplaces.  There is now a gas arrow instead of the torch flame.  Pull Lever #2, quietly go back to the next room, and you’ll see a large green spider has materialized. Kill it, walk over to the furnace and you’ll see that the door is open and a fire arrow has appeared in the flames.  Lever #3 makes a white spider appear in the office, but doesn’t seem to do anything else, Lever #4 creates a water arrow in the machine in the center of the lever room and Lever #5 does nothing.  Walk out into the room with the furnace, up the ramp to the next room, then up the stairs, which take you up behind the altar in the chapel.  Don’t open the chest, yet, or the floor hatch.  
       Go back out through the rooms to the area with the well.  Opening off the south side is a hallway with a channel of water running down the middle.  Walk down along the left side of the water to the next room, which has a deep pool of water in the middle and one guard on watch.  Go to the left through the opening in the wall and walk along until you fall into the Cistern.  On the bottom, by a pile of bones, you’ll find a rope arrow.  Mantle up onto the ledge at the back and shoot a rope arrow into the center ceiling beam.  Climb up on top of it, retrieve your rope arrow, then walk to the hole in the wall above the platform.  You’ll find a moss arrow.  >From here rope arrow or jump over to the beam to the North and from there jump down onto the ledge below.  Enter the tunnel.

On the Way to Calendra’s House:

       Follow the tunnel and turn right when it branches off.  At the end of this short hallway, there’s a hole.  Jump down through it and you’ll land in a machinery room partially flooded with water. Climb the ladder against the right (W) wall all the way to the top and look in the hole for a moss arrow. Turn around, climb down just a bit and jump over to the top of the large machine and from there, over to the platform under the ladder.  Climb up the ladder, open the sewer hatch at the top, and climb out.
       Look up and a bit to the left at the buildings just across the street and you’ll see the wooden underside of a roof eave.  Shoot a rope arrow into it, climb up, jump to the stone walkway and retrieve your rope arrow. Walk straight across (S) to the other edge of the walkway, lean out a bit then look to the right. You’ll see flat platform just above and behind the street lamp below you. Step down on top of the streetlight then mantle up onto the flat platform. Ahead of you you’ll see a breakable window.  Smash it and climb in.  Hug the wall to your left and make your way around to the light switch.  Flip it on and you’ll see you’re in the Explosives Shop.  On the counter, you can see a starburst explosive device and a mine. In front of the counter, there is a broken chair. To the right of the broken chair, on the floor in the shadows, is an armed mine, so watch where you step.  Pick up the starburst device but leave the mine on the counter alone, as it is also already armed.
       Leave the shop, hop down onto the streetlight again, and climb back up onto the stone walkway (you may need to put a rope arrow into the roof overhang to get back up).  Walk across (E) to the other side then turn right (S) and climb out onto the ledge.  Follow it around to a flat rooftop and from here, you can see Calendra’s roof and front door.
        Look down and if you see a red light flashing in Calendra’s front porch then the guard has either heard you or seen you and set off the alarm.  It would be a good idea to reload and try to do it undetected.  (Note:  The guard has very good hearing and it’s easy to make noise because the streetlight reacts as if you are walking on metal.  If you keep alerting the guard, you might want to come over to this rooftop first, use a gas arrow on the guard from here, then go back to the Explosives Shop and then return to this rooftop.)  
       >From here, you can see that there is an attic window that has, very conveniently, been left open. Walk across the roof and climb in through the window.

Lady Calendra’s House:

     You’ll find yourself in an attic room containing a chest.  Pick it open and inside you’ll find a flash bomb.  Walk across the room and downstairs into a large sitting room.  There’s a vase sitting on the fireplace worth 20g. (2607), and in the room around the other side of the fireplace, you’ll find another gold vase, worth 20g. (2627). Inside the fireplace there’s a fire arrow.  A guard patrols through here. He walks over and hits an alarm button on the wall to stop the alarm from going off.  He’s wearing the “Front door” key, which unlocks, of course, Calendra’s Front door.  If you blackjack this guard, it’s a good idea to open the front door and also blackjack the guard standing out front, so he doesn’t come looking for you when the alarm goes off (unless you already gassed the front door guard earlier).
       In the dining room you’ll find a vase, worth 100g. (2727), on a side table and 5 candlesticks, worth 100g. (2827), on the dining table. There’s a picture, worth 70g. (2897), hanging on the wall. Walk through the archway to the left into Calendra’s office.  Pick open the box on the desk and you’ll find a receipt for payment for a “vial of lethal poison.” Look on top of the bookcase to the left for a button, push it, and the painting above the desk swings open. Behind it, you’ll find a vial of poison, which you use like holy water, to create poison arrows.  
       Go back across the dining room and into the kitchen.  Pick up the funny looking green thing under the stairs, which turns out to be “dried frog,” and keep it in your inventory. Walk upstairs and pick up the vase, worth 50g. (2947), sitting on a table. Read the books, then use “Lady Calendra’s” key to unlock the bedroom door. Take the painting, worth 90g. (3037), which is hanging on the wall over the bedside table, then look on the floor under the table for a healing potion. Help yourself to the gold urn, worth 100g. (3137), which is sitting on the table.  You’ll also find a second “Lady Calendra’s” key beside it.  In the unlocked wooden chest, you’ll find her diary, which is interesting reading. Then go to the other bedside table, where you’ll find a tiara, worth 200g. (3337), and the “Shrine” key.
        Return to the kitchen and unlock the trap door. Climb down through into the basement/crypt.  You’ll find a small urn, worth 20g. (3357), sitting in front of the 2nd coffin on the left, and against the end of the next coffin is a small gold urn, worth 25g. (3382), and a large gold urn, worth 100g. (3482). On the two center coffins are 2 blue gems, worth 100g. (3582), and beside the back coffin, on the floor, there is a small urn, worth 10g. (3592).

Back to the Party:

       At the far end of the room, turn right (W) and walk to the well shaft. Climb down the ladders to the sewers at the bottom and follow them to a large room. Climb all the way down to the water at the bottom, where you can pick up 3 water arrows (it looks like one but counts as 3 in your inventory). Climb back up to the lowest platform and go through the tunnel entrance you'll see there. It slopes down steeply and at the end, you walk out onto some rafters above a red spider. Try to do it quietly to avoid alerting the spider. Jump down and exit through the doorway. Climb the stairs to a large room with a barred opening at the far end. When you approach the bars, Mercedes appears, and she and Garrett have a conversation. She tells Garrett that a mage, named Brimstone, was invited to the party in case something went wrong, but he turned out to have an agenda of his own. Then she tells Garrett she was followed to the party by a member of the Downwind Thieves Guild named Tommyrot, and that they will probably be waiting in ambush. She’s going to try and secure an escape route while Garrett gets the Cylix. You then get a new objective to go to Mercedes’ new apartment after you have the Cylix.
       Move the rocks that are blocking the passageway to the left of the barred opening and go through to the next room. There’s a large, jagged crack in the floor running towards the south wall of this room.  Search it carefully for a tiny gold ring, worth 100g. (3692), then look carefully at the south wall behind the pillar. You’ll see a slightly different colored section that is roughly door sized. Use one of the boulders to smash it open. Inside, you’ll find a healing fountain, if you require it.
       Head to the exit on the west wall and flip the lever on the right side of the tunnel to open the gate in front of you. Walk up the ramp to a room with a pool and a frogbeast.  Ignore the frogbeast. Just run past, jump into the pool, swim north and up through the other opening. Mantle out at the top and climb the ladder against the wall to your left.  Frob the cover at the top to slide it open and climb up into a graveyard. You’ll find a gold cup, worth 25g. (3717), sitting on top of one of the headstones to the left. There is a second gold cup, also worth 25g. (3742), lying on the ground beside the dead body to the right.
       Walk to the north end of the graveyard and look at the back of the last coffin, where you’ll find a small lever. Flip it and the tombstone in front of it moves aside to expose a hole. (You can also rope arrow up onto a ledge on the church and climb in through an opening up there, as a second entry point.) Climb down the ladder below, follow the tunnel until it branches left, turn left and at the end you’ll find a ladder. At the top, open the cover, climb out, and you’ll find yourself at the front of the party area chapel, behind the altar.  

Brother Adrius:

       There is a black chest sitting right there, so open it and take out Brother Adrius’ head. Take him down the wood stairs to the left, sit him down and cycle through your inventory to the dried frog, which he has been asking you for. When he takes it, pick up his head and it will go into your inventory. He starts talking and this is what he says:
"That’s better! You’re not a party guest, are you, thief! So, out looking for some goods, are we? You know, I could probably help you some.  But I think you must help me a bit more first.  I suppose you noticed.  I’m feeling a bit disconnected? Anyway, I would really love to be reunited with my limbs.  Help me and I’ll help you.  Take the remains of my body to the Observatory and place them in the circle of red stone.  Then, we’ll see what I can do.  Seek them now.  Bring with you the Summoner’s Stone.  Listen for the sound of my voice echoing from the past. Go!
Fire endure, water drenches my sides, rats nibble at my toes, fire licks my fingers, wind whistles in my chest.  It sleeps now.  Pray it never wakes!”
       The last sentence gives you the clues about where to look for the 4 missing body parts, so that’s what you should do next. (NOTE: You must have the Summoner’s Stone called up in your Inventory to enable you to see the body parts for which you are searching.  Since the Inventory items get put away automatically after a while, if you reach a location for a body part and it’s not there, call up the Summoner’s Stone in your Inventory and the body part will appear.)
       Leave the chapel, turn right, and follow the rooms back to the stairs up to the Weeping Angel wine cellar. Walk up into the Inn and leave by the front door, then go through the gateway and through a small crawlway on your left. You’ll end up at the bottom of a set of metal stairs. Climb up to the second landing and turn left (N).  Follow this hallway to the corner, turn right (E), follow it to the end and turn right towards the aqueduct. Climb up and jump in. Down towards the area where you previously found a water arrow, you should now find a body part.  (Again, make sure you have the Summoner’s Stone up in your Inventory to enable you to see the body parts.)
       Head back out to the hallway, turn left and walk up to the end, where you turn right.  Follow the streets back to the walkway where the beggar stands, climb out over the railing at the far end, as you did near the beginning, cross over the walkway to the far side, and turn right. When you get close to the end wall, you should see another body part. Turn around and walk the other way on the ledge. Follow the same route as you did at the start of the mission, up over the roof and down to the Bell Tower. This time, when you jump down on the beam, jump down on other side of the gate. From here, with the gate on your right, go east, then south, then west, then turn north and go behind the building with all the boxes behind it and you’ll find another body part, plus a rope arrow.
        Return to the gate, rope arrow up to the beam and drop down on the other side of the gate. Head back to the Weeping Angel and down to the party area. Go all the way down to the basement and into the room with the furnace and 3 fireplaces. Put out the fire in the middle fireplace, look up inside the chimney and you will find the last body part. From here, you need to retrace your steps to the Observatory.

Re-assembling Brother Adrius:

       Drop all 4 body parts plus the head into the red bowl.  Each one should disappear in a puff of smoke as it hits the bowl.  Brother Adrius will start to say a spell then get tired of it and tell you to push “that button over there.” On the pedestal to the right of the bowl, there’s a button, so push it and Brother Adrius will appear, momentarily, in the red dish then disappear again. He leaves behind a scroll for you to read and an invisibility potion. Pick it up, go back downstairs and watch the fun! Don’t be afraid of the haunt.  That’s Brother Adrius and he’s on your side. There’s one room in the party area that you hadn’t entered before. Brother Adrius will have taken care of the people in there for you.  Pick up the 4 cups, worth 60g. (3802), that are sitting on the table, along with the Decree of Guilt.  Open the chest and you’ll find a purse worth 500g. (4302). Somewhere in this area, you should find “Master Gershaw.”  He’s wearing a purse, worth 20g. (4322), but if he’s been killed, it’s nearly impossible to see.  Just keep clicking on his body until you pick it up.

The Cylix:

       Go back out to the next room, unlock the door with the “Shrine” key and start down the stairs.  You’ll witness a scene between Calendra and Brimstone and they both end up dead. You are left with a zombie, which is pretty easy to avoid. (The haunt also generally comes charging down the ramp – you may have to move to let him pass – and he keeps the zombie busy for you.) If you go to the back of the room where they had their conversation, you’ll find a scroll that mentions rope arrowing down a well, which is a hint for the next part.  Walk down the ramp all the way to the bottom. You will trigger a rockfall part way down, but if you’re moving quickly, it won’t hit you. At the bottom, you’ll see the well mentioned in the note you found before. There is a piece of wood protruding into the hole. Put a rope arrow into it then climb down as far as you can without falling off the rope. Jump over to the side and continue walking down to the bottom.  
       You’ll find a cave with a monster patrolling inside. There are several ways to deal with this. You can use the poison to kill it, the invisibility potion to sneak past it, or just sneak up quietly and then run like crazy, grab the Cylix, and get out fast. Keep running up the ramp and you’ll soon leave the monster behind. The latter is the way I usually do it. At the top, jump back over to your rope arrow (you can make the jump, even though it looks way too far) and climb back up out of the well.
       Go all the way back up to the party area and into the room with the waterway running out of it.  Follow it back to the spot where you fell into the deep water last time, on your way to Calendra’s house. This time, though, rather than jumping into the water, walk along the ledge on the right. From there, you can jump over to the platform on the south wall.  

The Way to Feegrim’s Court:

       This tunnel used to be blocked by a grate but it has been opened by Mercedes as an escape route. You’ll find a note from her lying on the floor of the tunnel along the way. At the end of the tunnel, jump into the water, swim through the underwater tunnels and up into another big room of water. Climb the ladder and up out of the well. You’re now in Feegrim’s Court.
       You’ll see a barrel sitting in the courtyard. Push it over against the north wall (you can push it by standing behind it and running into it over and over again), then climb up onto it and from there to the top of the wall.  Jump down on the far side and Mercedes should be there to meet you (sometimes, a frogbeast is there, as well). Occasionally Mercedes gets stuck somewhere else, but if you continue on she usually shows up. There is a small house to the right, after you jump down.  Pick open the door, and inside are a bunch of frogbeasts.  On the mantle, you’ll find a vase, worth 50g. (4372). There’s also a book on the floor that you can read.
       Leave and follow Mercedes down the streets (or just go along the streets if she hasn’t appeared). Look for a Pub sign that says “The Trickster’s Hoof.” Up above, you’ll see an open window with a wood shutter. Use rope arrows to get up and in the window.  (I usually put one into the tower overhang above the sign and one into the wood shutter.) Once inside, you’ll see a wooden chest. Open it and pick up a coin stack, worth 25g. (4397), then go out the doorway and down the hall. Open the chest here and you’ll find your sword.
       Climb back down and continue on through the streets. When you and Mercedes start walking down a ramp, be prepared for an ambush. It’s the thief that was following her before, Tommyrot, and a friend.  Help Mercedes dispose of them and then follow her to the apartment. Once you enter the apartment, there’s a conversation and Mercedes stops in the bedroom door. Walk past her into the bedroom and the mission ends.
4397 + 500 starting cash = 4897/ 4922 (This is the maximum cash available.  25g. has been confirmed as not being actually in the mission to find.)

Nightwalker and ThiefKiller – August, 2004