The Art of Thievery


Notes Regarding This FM:  This walkthrough is for the “Ghost” (Stealth/Expert) difficulty setting.  On the lower two settings, you don't have access to some sections of this mission, particularly on Easy.  If ghosting isn’t your cup of tea, though, have no fear – the stealth-related objectives on this level are optional; that is, if you alert (or blackjack) a guard, it will bust the ghost and you won’t receive credit for it at the end, but the mission will not fail.  The only stealth-related objective which may not be disregarded is the prohibition on setting off an alarm, which is not terribly onerous after the Watchers have been turned off during play.  Nightwalker has successfully ghosted the mission, while ThiefKiller completed it with “regular” thief play.

The suggested path in this Walkthrough does involve some doubling back and revisiting areas, because this is the safest method when ghosting.  If you’re not ghosting, you might want to employ a more linear style when clearing out and looting areas in the mission. It's a good idea to buy an extra rope arrow or two, moss arrows and water arrows at the beginning of the mission. You'll need lots of all of them.

All locked doors, chests, etc. that require keys are noted. Everything else is either open or can be unlocked with your picks.

Getting In:

    You begin the mission on the street outside the mansion. There are many points of entry you can use to get in the building…through any window, including the second and third story ones which you can get to by climbing up the drainpipes to the upper ledge; or go in the front door, though this option is not recommended. This time, use the first ground floor window to the right of the front door. You can sit on the windowsill in shadow and make sure the hallway is clear before climbing down into the house. Take a green vase (+50g) from the table below the window then walk east along the hallway where you can acquire a purple vase (+50 g. = 100) from another table and a mask (+ 50g. = 150) from the stand near the stairs. Head around the corner and down to the far end of the hall. The door on the left is the Security Control Room, which contains some of the Watcher shut-off switches but it’s locked and requires a key.

    Go through the door on the right into an inner garden area, over to the northwest corner and look behind a plant for a switch. Secret #1 - This opens a door in the foundation that leads to a set of secret tunnels through the walls, which is very helpful when negotiating the mission in Ghost mode. Once inside the tunnels, climb the right-hand ladder to the next floor. A lever here triggers Secret #2 - which moves armoires at either end of the passageway, allowing entrance to two different hallways on this level, but leave this area for the time being. Return to the garden, go past the main door on the West side (opens into Angel Hall) and enter the kitchens through the north door. Go in and pick up a healing fruit from the table. Look in the fireplace for Secret #3 - a purse (+100g. = 250) that is tucked up on top of a board near the back then follow the hallway to the bunkroom in the servants' quarters and open the chests. One contains a gold coinstack (+25g. = 275). Follow the hallway to a room with large barrels sitting in nooks.

Camera Control Rooms:

    Peek out through the door here and you’ll see that it opens out into Angel Hall. Wait for a patrolling guard to pass and grab the “Camera Control Room” key from him, making sure to stay out of sight of the Watcher, off to your left. While you’re here, take a quick look at the center of the hall. You’ll see the Talisman of Fire in the middle of the room, near the base of the Angel statue but it’s protected by a large cage. You’ll be back here to collect it later. Go back to the garden and through the SW door to the locked Security Camera Control Room door across the hall. Flip the switches to shut off some of the main floor Watchers then climb the ladders to the other two floors and shut off the switches there, as well. This will disable most of the Watchers in the building. (There is another control room behind the main library and also one in the North Wing that you’ll get to later.) One of the guards who patrol through on the third floor has another “Camera Control Room” key, as does the guard standing in the second floor control room. Don't forget to read the notice on the wall in the upper room as it tells you that the urn in the Shrine on this floor is a fake and of no value.

    Climb back down to the main floor control room, unlock the south door with the “Camera Control Room” key and walk into the dining room. Turn off the lights, pick up a gold candlestick (+50g. = 325) then leave this room by the west door. Turn south, and snag a gold urn (+100g. = 425) from a hallway table then go through the north door at the end of the hallway into the main level of Angel Hall. Just to the right of the door there's a light switch that will dim things down a bit in here. You will find a purple vase (+100g. = 525) on a table near the west door, which leads outside. The guard standing outside has the “Window” key and having it will save you from having to lockpick windows, though it's not necessary to have it. Getting it can be a bit tricky as the street is heavily patrolled. In the open hallway on the east side of Angel Hall, help yourself to a gold wine bottle (+50 = 575) and a gold goblet (+ 25g. = 600). Unlock the door to the south of this open hallway with the “Camera Control Room” key and you’ll be back in the same room you were in earlier. Climb the ladder to the second floor.

    Head out through the west door onto the second level of Angel hall. Over on the west side, there is a short side hall with a table where you can pick up a vase (+100g. = 700) and a plate (+10g. = 710). Head back past the security room door to the door on the NE corner and through into a hallway. (At the far end, you’ll see one of the doorways that you opened from inside the secret tunnels. It's a good place to duck out of sight to avoid the guard patrolling this area.) Through the door to the right at the end of this hallway, you’ll find two gold plates (+100g. = 810) displayed on stands. The door on the left takes you into a small library. There’s a gold wine bottle (+50g. = 860) on top of the tall armoire in the first room. In the library itself, there's a vase (+50g. = 910) on top of the first bookcase, though getting it without being noticed can be tricky and there’s a purple urn (+100g. = 1010) on a table at the east end of the room. Head through the door here into another, very small, library room. Take the mask (+50g = 1060), that is hanging above the fireplace then look for a lever under a small table in the SE corner. Flip it to get Secret #4 - Two secret doors open that lead into the next corridor. (On Easy and Hard, you frob a book on the shelf to open these). Head through the secret door nearest the table and cross the hall to a storeroom where you’ll find some chests that hold flash mines and a gas mine. Back in the hallway, turn south and enter a large room where you’ll find a gold candlestick (+50g. = 1110) in the middle of the table. There are several guards that patrol into this room, so keep a close eye out for them. Exit through the east door and walk down the stairs in a hallway with valuables displayed in large water-filled display windows. You can’t get at them now but you will a little while later. There are two small statues (+30g. = 1140) on tables below the stairs. Continue east through a set of double doors, reach around to the right and hit the light switch to turn off the big chandelier then walk downstairs and out the south door into a hallway where there’s a jar (+20g. = 1160) sitting on a table.

The Talisman of Earth:

    The room on the right is a large dining room (there's a light switch to the left of the door as you enter) where you can nick 2 purses (+200g. = 1360) from the people standing around waiting for dinner and get four plates (+40g. = 1400) that are hung on the wall.

    The door on the left leads to a lounge area (light switch on the left, again) where you can pick a purse from a man (+100g. = 1500), and another from the lady (+100g. = 1600). Use a rope arrow to get a jar (+20g. = 1620) that is sitting on a ledge in the NE corner then walk through the archway in the middle of the south wall into small office. There are 2 gold coinstacks (+50g. = 1670) sitting on the desk. Open the east door and inside, you'll see the glasshouse. Wait for a mage to walk near the door so you can pick the “Glasshouse balcony” key from him then retrace your steps back through the sitting room and out into the hallway. Turn left (S) and go through a set of doors into the South Hall and climb the stairs. Make your way over to the door on the east side, help yourself to a mask (+50g. = 1720) that is displayed nearby and go through the door into a gambling room where you will find 4 copper coinstacks (+20g. = 1740), a purse (+100g.= 1840).

    Unlock the east door with the “Glasshouse balcony” key and go out onto the balcony.  Secret #5 - Frob the torch on the back wall. Snatch a purse (+100g. = 1940) from the archer standing up here and look at the garden below. You’ll notice the big statue in the garden below has moved and there’s an opening below. Flip the switch on the wall, which turns off a Watcher downstairs outside of the second glasshouse door (Ignore the “Toolbox key” which is lying on the floor up here. It has no use.) then return to the main floor of the glasshouse and have a look in the hole in the garden.  Inside is the Talisman of Earth.  Pick it up and then take a gas arrow from the pitcher plant.  Against the east wall of the Glasshouse there are 3 plates (+30g. = 1970), sitting on tables and on your way over to get them, you can take some moss arrows that are leaning up against the tree trunk.

Lord Bradford's Bedroom:

    Return to the South hall, sneak up the stairs again but this time, instead of going towards the glasshouse balcony, go through the north door. Walk past the bottom of a ramp, around the corner, and follow the hallway. (Getting past the guard that patrols this hallway unnoticed can be a bit difficult. There's a lamp on the left wall before you come to the stairs. If you douse it and snuggle right up against the wall, he'll walk past without noticing you.) Peek out through the door at the end and you'll see two guards standing in front of the door into a room, on the right. This is Lord Bradford’s bedroom.

    Creep in and the objective to find his room will check off. Once inside, read the book that is sitting on the dresser and you’ll find out that he somehow harnessed the power of the air talisman to hide the paintings and then he describes where he concealed them.  The first painting is in the rafters of the main staircase above his bedroom, the second one is hidden in the rafters of one of the libraries, and the last one is still hanging above the north exit near his library in the North Wing.  Pick up the gold wine bottle (+50 = 2020) from the bedside table and the “Water Chest Key" that is sitting beside it then go over to the fireplace and read the book that is sitting on the mantel. You’ll learn that the jeweled sword is in the vault and that the Captain has the key to the North Wing.  Secret #6 - Flip the lever in the fireplace to open a panel on the opposite wall and inside is a statue (+75g. = 2095).

    The first painting is right over top of the landing outside the bedroom. Leave the bedroom, put out some lights and sneak around the left (S) side of the landing until you can rope arrow up into the rafters above the main stairs without the guards by the door spotting you. Retrieve the first painting, “The Trickster”, from the flat area above the Master’s bedroom.

The Central Library:

    Once you’ve gotten back down out of the rafters, head downstairs to the main floor and through the north door into a hallway. Turn left and hide in the shadows. A guard will come out of the door on the north side of the hall and he’s wearing the “Central Library” key, which will, of course, end up in your pocket. (Once in awhile, he doesn't seem to show up. If that happens, don't panic. There's another key, worn by a guard on the third floor that's standing outside the upper door to this same Library so you can go get it.) Use it to open the door he just came out of and enter into the main library.

     Go straight through, up onto the blue tiled section at the other end and hit the light switch beside the door to the left. Creep along the raised floor down the east side to a table where you'll find 2 gold coinstacks (+50g. = 2145) tucked in behind a plant. Unlock the north door with the "Central Library key" and, when the way is clear, sneak up the stairs. Wait until the guard patrolling the upper hall has walked past the top of the stairs, then head  the the top and over to the door on the right, which is a Camera Control Room. Unlock the door with the "Camera Control Room key" and flip three switches to deactivate more Watchers. Walk back down the stairs, turn left at the bottom and wait in the shadows near the east door. There's a guard that walks in here, stands for a minute and then goes back through the doorway. Follow him when he leaves and duck into a room on the left to wait for him to reach the end of the hallway and go back through the door. (I'd suggest putting out the hallway torches. That makes it dark enough to sit up against the wall at the end of the hallway so you can judge when it's best to head down the stairs). This is your chance to get to the end of the hallway. There's another guard patrolling below the stairs to avoid as well. Before turning right, lean around the corner and put out the wall lamp. Scoot over into that dark area.

The Captain's Room:

    As you near the door on the left that is slightly lower than the rest of the hall, Lord Bradford will walk out and take off down the hall away from you. If you're in the dark, he won't spot you and you can sneak up behind him and take the “Lord’s Safe key”. (If you need to find him, this is the route he follows: He turns left, goes up the stairs, along the hallway and through the door on the left, into the main hall. He walks up those stairs and into his bedroom, where he stands in front of the fireplace. After awhile, he walks back to the Captain’s room and stands around in there for awhile.) The room the Lord just came out of belongs to the Captain. (Light switch is to your right.)Take the “North Wing key” from him and pick up the “Instruction” scroll from the desk. This is a very important document, as it explains the steps to follow to get the jewelled sword.  This gist of what is says is:

Get the Earth Talisman in the glass house, then get the water chest key, which is found in the Lord’s bedroom. Use the water chest key to open the chest in the waterpool room and retrieve the Water talisman, then proceed to Angel Hall.  Flip the secret switch on the top level to raise the cage around the fire talisman.  Use the water arrow, which is found on the bench near the switch, to put out the flames and pick up the fire talisman.  Go to the church and get the Air talisman from its hiding place, then go to the Lord’s study. (Make sure you have the safe key.) With the four talismans, descend into the elemental room below the study and use the talismans to retrieve the code to the second vault door.  Use the book from the safe in the Lord’s study to decipher the ancient text and translate it into modern numbers in the correct sequence. With the elementals released, they will open the elemental door to the vault.  Then go to the vault’s entrance and flip the secret lever on the back of the clock and enter.  The alarms can only be turned off if the Lord is present.  If he’s not, there is a shutoff switch on the back wall.  Shut the two doors to prevent alerting guards, then use the opposing elements (e.g. fire on water, air on earth, etc.) to counteract the locking elements. (The necessary arrows are in the room.) A vault door opens in the ceiling which you can access by swimming up the water channels and following them around to the door.  Swim up inside and use the deciphered code to open the next vault door.  Once inside, use the Lord’s key to find the jeweled sword.

Secret #7 - Use the lever on top of the armoire to move the Captain’s bed and underneath, you’ll find a mask (+50g. = 2195) lying on the floor. That’s it for in here, so leave, turn left and go up the short flight of stairs on your right. Head through the door on the left into an ornate hallway where you can pick up a jar (+20g. = 2215).

Just Exploring:

    Continue through it and up the stairs at the end.  Walk along this hallway, through the door on the left (S) and turn right alongside the stairs. In behind them is a hallway with a door at the end that opens out into the central courtyard. Head over to the secret door behind the plant in the NW corner that you opened earlier, crawl in, climb the north ladder to the top and turn right (E). Take the left-hand turn and you'll end up facing a small metal door. Shoot a rope arrow into the wall outside and climb down to the landing. Walk down to the bottom of the stairs and hide in the shadows until the guard walks past, heading east. Dart across to the small sitting area, grab a gold wine bottle (+50g. = 2265) and a gold goblet (+25g. = 2290) then run west through the door at the end of this hall, before the guard comes back. You’ll end up back in the Servants’ quarters. Turn left and go through the kitchen, back out into the central courtyard. Unlock the window on the south west corner. Climb through and jump down into the main dining room. Turn out the lights Here, you’ll find 2 vases (+100g. = 2390), a gold urn (+100g. = 2490), and 3 gold candlesticks (+150g. = 2640).

    Climb out the southeast window to the street, turn left and climb the drainpipe to the second storey ledge. Follow it west past the first two windows then unlock the third one and climb into a room with pillars full of water. Over in the NW corner, there's a gold wine bottle (+50g. = 2690) and a gold goblet (+25g. = 2715) sitting on a table and nearby you'll notice a ship's wheel mounted on the wall. It's missing one peg which is suspicious, right?
Quietly open the south door, peek out and snatch a wheel peg from the guard standing outside. Put the peg back in place in the ship’s wheel and turn it to open Secret #8. The banner over the fireplace will swing open and expose a secret safe. (This can be picked open without opening the banner, but it won’t register the secret.) On your way up to see what's inside, help yourself to the man's purse (+100g. = 2815). Inside the secret, you'll find an invisibility potion and don't forget to grab the 2 plates (+20g. = 2835) that are hanging on the wall.

    Open the west door and check for guards. When it's safe, run partway down the stairs and stop in the shadows. Wait until the patrolling guard has moved off down the hall to the left and another guard has come out of the door across from the bottom of the stairs then dart over and through that door.
Peek out the door and when the way is clear, run west up the hallway and jump up onto the table you landed on when you first entered the mansion. Sit there and wait until the hallway guard is out of the way and a patrolling guard has come out of the door just past the Watcher. Jump down and run through that door into a sitting room where you can pick up a gold urn (+100g. = 2935) and 2 plates (+20g. = 2955). Go through the archway then turn around and you'll see a vase (+50g. = 3005) sitting on top of it. Go back to the other room, open the door and when the way is clear go back up the stairs. Again, stop in the shadows and wait for the upper hallway to be clear before proceeding.

    At the top, turn right and go through the west door into the Music Room. Turn out the lights so you can move around safely and take a purse from a woman (+100g. = 3105), another one from a man (+100g = 3205) and then creep up onto the stage. There’s a set of spectacles (+50g. = 3255) sitting on the podium and a flute (+50g. = 3305) on one of the pedestals.

    Exit through the north door and you’ll find yourself, yet again, in Angel Hall. Turn right, make your way over to the north side and enter the door in the middle of this wall (This is the Sitting room but the only sign is beside the downstairs door, so you can’t tell from up here.) Inside, you’ll find a gold statue (+75g. = 3380) displayed on a stand. There are holes in the floor at either end of the room that look down on the lower level of the sitting room. Use a rope arrow to lower yourself silently, pick the door key from the patrolling guard and help yourself to a statue (+75g. = 3455) and a gold urn (+100g. = 3555). (There’s a light switch beside the door down here that’s helpful.)

    Climb back up the rope to the upper level, go back through the Music room to the top of the stairs and turn left (N) through a door into another hall. Pick up the plain blue vase displayed on the pedestal to your left and you’ll find it’s not as worthless as it looks (+50g. = 3605). If you look up the hallway east of this pedestal, you’ll see some valuables on pedestals but the hallway is heavily guarded and it’s difficult to get through without being spotted. Luckily, there are other ways! Unlock a window in the hallway you are standing in, slip down onto the ledge and walk around to the windows behind the valuables. You can unlock them, reach in and grab the items and never be noticed.  You’ll pick up an urn (+100g. = 3705) and a vase (+50g. = 3755).

    Head back along the ledge, past the window you jumped out of and follow the ledge to the very last window on this side. Climb in (after checking to make sure the way is clear) and go the door to your right (N). Crawl into the secret passageways through the opening on the right, follow the tunnel and crawl out at the far end. Turn right (S) through a set of doors and continue south through the next room (which you will recognize, as you’ve been in here before), out the far side and into a hallway. Walk up a short flight of stairs at the far (S) end and turn left into another hallway.

    There’s a lady dressed in red pacing around in the first room on the right. In this room you’ll find a chest holding breath potions and 2 gold coinstacks (+50g. = 3805) sitting on a table.  Secret #9 - Push a button on the side of the armoire, another one on the side of the dresser, and a third one, inside the fireplace and a wall hanging above the bed will swing open. Behind it is a chest that contains a tiara (+125g. = 3930).

    Put out the light in the hallway outside the first room on the left before you open the door and make sure you stay in the shadows, as there’s a woman inside who could be facing the door. In this room, you’ll find some flashbombs in a chest and 2 gold coinstacks (+50g. = 3980), piled on a table.

    The second room on the right is yet another bedroom.  Here, you can collect 2 gold coinstacks (+50g. = 4030), 2 plates (+20g. = 4050) and read a book that contains some important information about a certain clock on the landing of the South Stairs. The door at the east end of this hallway happens to open out right at the top of the South Stairs so head down to the clock on the landing and check it out. There’s a lever on the back. Flip it to trigger Secret #10. The stained glass window will slide up, revealing yet another puzzle you need to solve - an elemental vault door. 

    Go back up the stairs, past the bedrooms, down the stairs and back into the room at the far end of that hallway.  Leave through the north door and you'll be back in the hallway with the door into the secret passageways. Walk past it and through the next set of doors. (If you're worried about the patrolling bot, you can climb up into the rafters and walk above the hallway, then jump down to enter the next room.) Enter the first bedroom on the right, but do it cautiously as it’s occupied.  Pick up a gold candlestick (+50g. = 4100) from a table just inside the door then look behind the pillar in the NE corner. There’s a chest tucked away here and inside, you’ll find a lovely necklace (+200g. = 4300). Return to the hallway, use a rope arrow to get up onto the beam that runs above it.

The Talisman of Fire:

    Walk south, keeping an eye on the ceiling. When you see a hole above you, mantle up through it into the secret passageways. Walk straight ahead, past the turn on your right and check the right-hand wall for a lever. Flip it to trigger Secret #11 and open a panel above you. Climb the ladder, but cautiously, as there is a guard patrolling the hallway above. When the way is clear, grab a vase (+50g. = 4350) from a table and head out the west door then turn left into a conference room. (If you prefer, you can climb out onto the ledges and go around to the conference room windows.) Add 2 gold candlesticks (+100g = 4450), 4 purple goblets (+60g. = 4510) and 1 golden goblet (+25g. = 4535).

    Climb out through one of the windows on the east side, drop down onto the ledge and walk south. Climb in through the first window on the south wall and hide in the shadows. There's a light switch beside one of the doors that makes emptying the cases easier. Take the "Display Case key” from a guard that patrols in then use a rope arrow to climb up on top of the display cases and use the key to unlock each one. Inside them you’ll find 4 gold statues (+300g. = 4835). (You'll find that you have to be VERY close to the little hatch doors to be able to use the key on them and also, very close to the items inside to be able to pick them up.) Jump back out onto the ledge, return to the conference room and go through the door in the NW corner into a small hallway where there’s a plate (+10g. = 4845) sitting on a table then go through the door to your left, out onto the top floor of Angel Hall. Make sure you hit the light switch to dim things down a bit.

    There’s a door to a Shrine, but skip it, because on Expert, the vase in here is a fake and there is nothing else in there except some mechanical spiders. Make your way over to the west side where there’s a small bench up against the railing. Take the water arrow that’s sitting on top of it and then look under the bench for a switch.  Secret #12 - Throw the switch and look over the railing. You’ll see the cage surrounding the Talisman of Fire raise. Climb out one of the windows behind you, turn right (N) and go over to a drainpipe. (To get on it, treat it as if it were a ladder...Jump a bit to get on.) Climb down to the ground, checking first to make sure there are no guards close by, of course,  Climb in the window to the right of the drainpipe and you'll be on the main floor of Angel Hall. Sneak over and fire a water arrow at the Fire Talisman to quench the flames. Now it’s safe to pick it up and add it to your inventory. Head back out the window, up the drainpipe and climb back in through the third floor window.

The Trickster's Stare:

    Go back through the door in the NE corner, through the east door and walk north along this hallway, picking up a vase (+50g. = 4895) from one of the side tables. The door on the right at the far end opens into the upper level of the small library. Rope arrow up into the rafters, pick up a blue gem (+15g. = 4910) that is mounted beneath the two Watchers then walk to the east end. Here, you’ll find the second painting “The Trickster’s Stare”.

The Talisman of Water:

    Head through the Library’s east door (upper level), stop in the shadows and wait for a guard to patrol by, wearing the “Waterpool Room key”.  Help yourself to a drill bit from the display stands (+250g. = 5160), then turn left (S) and follow the hallway around a corner. Use the “Waterpool Room key” to open the last door on the right and enter...of course...the Waterpool room! (There’s a lot of tile in here so if you’re ghosting it’s going to be tricky. Make sure you save before entering the room, as it’s possible to alert the downstairs guards while walking around or jumping into the water.) Rope arrow up to the rafters above the pool and flip a switch that is right above the statue at the east end to trigger Secret #13. The statue moves aside to reveal an opening.  Swim down through it, use the “Water Chest Key” to unlock the chest and pick up the “Talisman of Water”.

    There are 2 other holes in the bottom of the pool, one on each side of this end of the pool.
Swim down through the north one and take a jar (+20g. = 5180), and then through a hole in the south side of the pool (you'll need one of the breath potions you found to complete this part) and through the underwater passageways between displays to find four more jars (+80g. = 5260). Climb out of the pool, leave through the north door (the same one you entered through), turn left and go through the west door into the hallway with the plant stands. When the way is clear, slip down through the hole in the floor and back into the secret tunnels. Head east, back to the hole that you climbed up through before and drop back down onto the rafters of the hallway below. Quietly walk north as far as you can, then drop down onto the floor and enter the bedroom to your right.

    Take a vase (+50g. = 5310) then pull the lever on the back of the post that is to the right of the bed. This triggers Secret #14, and swings open the wall hanging to the left of the bed. Behind it is concealed a switch to shut off the Watcher in the next hallway.  Open the north door, check to make sure the way is clear then cross the hallway and unlock the Church Door with the "North Wing key".

The Talisman of Air:

    Lean over the rail and you’ll see you’re above the front of the church. Put out the two fires near the altar then rope arrow down and take the Talisman of Air that is mounted in the centre of the big wheel on the front wall of the church. The priest near the altar has a purse (+100g. = 5410), and you can sneak down the center aisle and pick a purse (+100g. = 5510) from a man standing in the pews. Climb back upto the rafters and leave through the same door you entered by. Make your way east up the hallway, staying out of the bot's sight (You'll have to put out the two lamps farther up the hall) and peek around the corner into the alcove on the right. There's a guard standing outside this door who is wearing another “Central Library key”. Sneak past her, unlock the door with the key, creep along the right-hand side of the room and remove a mask (+50g. = 5560), from a table in the center reading area. Turn left down the hallway and unlock the North Wing door (across from the Library door) with the "North Wing Key".

The North Wing:

    Take a vase (+50g. = 5610) from the table to your left and rope arrow up into the rafters to find Secret #15, which is a chest that contains an invisibility potion, hidden at the south end. Climb back down, walk to the north side of the room and take 2 purple goblets (+30g. = 5640) from a table near a door and head downstairs. There is a note beside the Library and Study door here that says the Lord lost his spare key while bathing. A guard patrolling this area wearing the “Lord’s Library and Study key” so make sure it ends up in your hands. Use it unlock the east door into the Lord’s Library. While you’re in here, have a look around and pick up a purple urn (+100g. = 5740) and a vase (+50g. = 5790). You’ll notice an elevator with a notice beside it saying it’s broken so you can’t use that to get to the upper levels. Walk north and then turn left (W). There are 2 doors here and you want to go through the north one, into a back hallway. Both rooms on the right hold nothing of value so bypass them. The door on the left, however, opens into the Security Control Room for the North Wing. Unlock it with the “Camera Control Room key”, creep in, shut off the Watchers, and pick up water arrows, moss arrows, healing potion and a speed potion.

The Eye:

    Leave through the same door, turn left and go through a door into the front foyer. This area is heavily patrolled so you’ll have to move carefully. The other painting you need is hanging over the front door. Creep along the right (E) wall towards the front wall, staying in the dark until you’re close enough to shoot the light switch, to the right of the front doors, with a moss arrow and turn out the lights. Make your way over, rope arrow up and grab “The Eye”.

    Creep back to the same door, walk down the hallway and through the door at the end. Turn right and unlock the door with the “Lord’s Library and Study key”. Cross the big room outside (It’s safe now that the Watcher is shut off) and enter the Lord’s bathing pool room. (It’s all marble floors so be very quiet as too much noise can alert the guards on the floor above.) There’s another copy of the “Lord’s Library/Study key” floating in the water and a gold wine bottle (+50g. = 5840) on the table on the west side of the pool. Head north, into the room in front of the Security Control room. Be careful to stay out of sight of the guards patrolling the upper walkways and pick up 2 masks (+100g. = 5940) from the two lower display areas on each side of the room.

The Lord's Private Study:

    Since the Library elevator is broken, make your way back to the foyer and up the stairs. Head over to the door in the NE corner and peek out. When the way is clear, turn right, unlock the door here with the “Lord’s Library and Study key” and go in. You’ll find yourself on the second level of the Library.  Stealthily make your way to the window in the NE corner, taking care to avoid the patrolling guards and stay out of sight of the guards and Watcher on the upper floor. Climb out through the window onto the ledge.

    Sink a rope arrow into the wooden eave above you, climb up, turn around, and jump onto the third floor ledge. Open the window, climb through quietly and out into the third floor of the Library. Turn right, turn off the light switch on the wall and go back to the window, out onto the ledge, and look up. You will see an open attic window in the next building and a beam protruding above it. Rope arrow up and jump in through the window.

    Walk through to the window at the far end, look out and you will see an open window into the Lord’s study, but it has a metal grate over it, as does the double door at the far side. Read the note on the crate to your right and you will find out that you can trigger a switch to raise the door grate. Look behind the crate that the note was on to find a chest containing supplies. Put a rope arrow into the beam protruding out from above the window outside and jump over to the study window ledge.  Fire a moss arrow through the grate and hit a switch on the back of the left-hand pedestal. You’ll see the grate across the doors at the far side of the study open.  Walk back through the attic to the first window, climb down to the ledge and back through the window into the third floor of the Library.

    Sneak over to the right and into the alcove past the light switch you flipped last time you were here. There’s an alcove, guarded by a Watcher and the doors into the Lord’s private study. Inside, you’ll find spectacles (+50g. = 5990) sitting on the desk. Unlock the safe with the “Safe key” and get the combination book then frob a lever under the seat of the desk chair to trigger Secret #16. One of the statues in the room slides aside, revealing the entrance to an elemental room. Climb down and go into each elemental section, with the proper Talisman showing in your inventory, until one of them displays a symbol.  Draw the symbol AND keep track of the order in which you get them, e.g., 1. Fire - symbol 2. Air - symbol. You require both to achieve your final goal.

    Exit the Study and go over to the huge bookcase on the west side of the Library.  Rope arrow up on top of it to find Secret #17 - a box holding gas mines. Return to the second floor of the Library and through the door in the NW corner. Turn right, go through a door and you can pick up a purple urn (+100g. = 6090), in the first room on the right. Continue north through another set of doors and in the next room on the right, you can pick up another purple urn (+100g. = 6190). At the end of the hallway, go through the last door and out onto the walkways above the front foyer. Straight ahead there’s vase (+50g. = 6240) sitting on a pedestal and at the end of the walkway opposite this one, there’s a purple urn (+100g. = 6340). Walk west and you’ll find another urn (+100g. = 6440) sitting on a table. That’s it for the North Wing so make your way back to the room where you first entered this section. Leave through the lower door, go down the stairs, through the Central Library and out the south door. Turn left then right through a door and you’ll be back in the area below the Main staircase. Cross the room, head through the south door and walk through the door at the far end of the hallway.

The Jewelled Sword:

    You’re back at the South Staircase, where you opened the secret door with the clock lever. The elemental door that you found behind it should now be open. (If you’re so inclined, you can knock out his Lordship with a gas arrow and bring him along with you. If he’s present, the Watchers and turrets in here shut off automatically.) Go inside and you will find four watchers, four turrets, and all four different types of elemental arrows. There are switches in each corner that shut off Watchers. Use opposites on the glowing pedestals (fire on water, water on fire, gas on earth, and earth on gas) and the vault door in the ceiling will open. Swim up one of the “waterfalls,” follow the water maze into the center, and swim up through the vault door. Use the code (6195) that you deciphered to open the next vault door and swim up through it into the vault. You will find three green rolled tapestries (+ 450g. = 6890), a gold statue (+75g. = 6965), and a green LC jar (+20g. = 6985). Open the chest with the safe key and get the Jewelled Sword. That’s it. Now just get back outside, walk down Burrick Street and the mission will end.

17/17 Secrets  

Nightwalker and ThiefKiller - October, 2004