Note: This walkthrough contains hidden "spoilers". To see the text that is concealed by the solid blocks, hold the left mouse button down and drag the cursor across.

Test spoiler: Somebody must clear out those huge spiders from the sewer. We lost a man down there last week.

Unfinished Business

Walkthrough - Expert Difficulty

Getting Started

You begin outside a house with open windows - you can hear a man talking to himself inside. Get close to the windows and eavesdrop for a while. Hmmm - he is an investigative reporter who wants to write about the Mayor's involvement in a City corruption scandal, but he hasn't got any solid evidence. Perhaps you can help the poor guy out later? OK, head to the stairs in the NE corner of the yard and go through the gate at the top (to open it, just frob it).

The grocery store is to your left so pick the door open, go in and take a look around. Walk into the big freezer at the back where a cash box containing a purse (+100) is tucked in behind the items on the left of the top shelf. (You can pick the lock by jumping up and down and using your lockpick at the same time, but it is much easier to stand on a box - you can get one from the shelves in the other room.)

That's it for this building so go back outside and sneak into the jail opposite. Read the book on the table and you'll find out that a guard named Dan has the key to the armoury and has a tendency to "misplace" it, which may be to your advantage. The list of today's patrol routes tells you that he'll be on duty near the cemetery today. The Weapons locker is downstairs but you may as well wait until you have the key before trying to get past the guard on duty here.

Leave the guardhouse, turn left and you'll see a boarded-up door. This is the lab of Rimmer and Lister and according to the notice posted by the door it's a crime scene - that won't keep you out! Pick open the door, slip under the board and have a look around. There is a metal floor, so try not to make too much noise. Check the shelves in the back room to pick up a healing potion, an invisibility potion and a speed potion.

Back outside, walk east to the back of the guardhouse. Move the stack of boxes in the SE corner to reveal a nice little hole in the wall that takes you into the cemetery. Climb up onto the headstone that is just left (W) of the entrance gates (you can mantle up onto it from the side) and from there, climb onto the archway over the gates where you'll find a gold urn (+100 = 200). Follow the wall along, and at the far end of the graveyard you'll see a jar (+20 = 220) on the top of a crypt.

Jump onto the roof of the house north of the graveyard, down into the yard (on the north side of the railings), go in through the back door and read the book tucked under the edge of the bed. Unlock the front door, lean out and put out the torch. Dan is patrolling the street so he's probably dropped the Weapons Locker key here somewhere. If you check the edge of the street just south of the door, you'll find it. While you're out here, take his purse as well (+5 = 225).

The Tavern next door (N) is pretty quiet right now so go in to have a look around. You can pick up 3 gold wine bottles (+150 = 375) from the shelves behind the bar. Head downstairs and pick up the purple goblet (+15 = 390) on the floor near the SE table. Check the carpet near the NE table for a gold coin (+5 = 395).

Leave the Tavern, turn right and go down the steps on the left. Snag a purse (+7 = 402) from Zac, who is patrolling the tunnel to the right. While you're in the area, you may as well take Guard Warren's purse (+2 = 404). Poor guy needs a raise, I guess! Once you have it, stroll into The Green, which is the small park - make sure the archers up on the wall don't spot you. The note in the Tavern mentioned that there was a ring lost here somewhere so check under the bench. Yup! There it is! (+40 = 442). Somewhere in this area of town you'll run across a man dressed in a purple tunic walking the streets. His name is Sir Ballard and he's carrying a purse (+66 = 510).

Walk along the east side of the building at the south end of the street and you'll find a hole in the wall that takes you back to the street outside the cemetery. Head back to the graveyard and go over to the open grave. Jump in and take the green jar (+20 = 530) that is lying on the ground. If the guards out in the street are still active and you feel like causing some mischief, open the coffin. Get out of the way, find a nice perch and watch the fun. (If nothing happens you may have to organise a bit of a get-together.) Now go back through the hole to the guardhouse. Head back inside and go downstairs. You can't blackjack the guard patrolling here so you may want to dispose of him with the gas mine that was in your starting inventory. Use the Weapons Locker key to unlock the door on the south wall, pick up lots of lovely equipment then go back outside.

The Courthouse is through the archway in the NW corner and only one guard, Jeffy, is patrolling here. Take his purse (+200 = 730), go inside and look under the judge's desk for a gold wine bottle (+50 = 780). Judge Barlett was careless and left his favourite watch sitting on the desk so pick it up as well. It might come in handy, you never know! There are some cells down in the basement and the Detention Cells key is sitting on a table here. You'll find a water arrow in the bucket inside one of the locked cells.

Go out the front door, sneak up the ramp to the archer (Peter) stationed on the wall and take his arrow and purse (+4 = 784). Snag a purse (+1 = 785) and another arrow from the second archer (David) nearby. Sneak back down into the courthouse grounds into the NW corner behind the building. Look up on the north side and you'll see a flat wooden roof. Sink a rope arrow into it, climb up, walk north and drop down beside a large pond.

Pick up a moss arrow from the ground near your feet and check the pond to find a water arrow. Go into the Seer's house (with the sign), read the note and take 2 healing fruit from the table. Now go through the opening in the east wall, then round to the left to take a purse (+2 = 787) from Jason the archer, who is standing near the water. Come back over the bridge (W) a short way and rope arrow up to the roof to the north. (It's a good idea to retrieve your rope arrows wherever possible.) Walk across to the open window on the right and take an arrow and a purse (+3 = 790) from Rudy, the guard inside the tower. Go out of the window where Rudy was standing and jump across (NE) to the ledge with the open window.

Mayor Barlett's House

Climb in through the window and you will be in the guards' bunkroom in Mayor Barlett's house. There's a flashbomb in one of the chests and a purse (+50 = 840) in the second one. The room below is the kitchen and here you can pick up a healing fruit from the counter and a purple goblet (+15 = 855) from the windowsill above the sink. One of the two doors leads outside - the requires a key. You'll come back for that in a bit. The guard (Randy) who patrols the hallway outside of this room has a purse (+22 = 877) so help yourself to it.

Walk east along the hallway to a small sitting area. There are 3 purple goblets (+45 = 922) on the tables and a gold wine bottle (+50 = 972) on the floor under the coffee table. Turn right (S) and go all the way to the end of the hallway. Open the front door, which is on your left and reach out and take Benny's wine bottle (+50 = 1022) from his hand.

You can hear someone walking around upstairs so let's take the sneaky way in to check things out. Return to the guards' bunkroom, go out of the window and turn left (E) along the ledge. Follow it around the house to the first set of closed shutters that you can open and climb into the upstairs sitting room. Stay in the shadows because Russell, the guard you heard before, patrols into this room. Snatch his purse (+22 = 1039) and pick up 2 silver statues (+30 = 1069) from the table beside the window. Check the top of the left bookcase on the end wall for the Wine Cellar key then go out into the hallway.

Wilbur Norton's House key is locked inside the blue chest on the table here. Take the 6 masks (+300 = 1369) that are hung on the walls and 2 more (+100 = 1469) that are on display stands and enter the bedroom. Read his diary and pilfer his gold candlesticks (+100 = 1569). Use a rope arrow to get on top of the bed canopy. Above your head is a hatch to the attic. Open it and use a rope arrow to climb up. Read the scrolls and book that are scattered around the floor to find out more about the kind of people you are dealing with then open the chest behind the boxes at the east end of the room. Inside is the valuable artifact. Objective complete!

Run downstairs to the kitchen and use the Wine Cellar key to unlock the door in the corner. This will net you another 4 gold wine bottles (+200 = 1769). Return to the upstairs sitting room, climb back out the window and over onto the wooden balcony to the south. This is the Hillard residence and inside you'll find a pair of spectacles (+50 = 1819) on the bedroom sofa and a purse (+100 = 1919) on top of the armoire. There's a metal bowl (+10 = 1929) downstairs on the table.

Once you've looted the house, make your way to the next balcony to the south which belongs to a vacant house. They missed a few things when they were packing though, which is fortunate for you. There are 2 jars (+40 = 1969) behind a box in the NW corner of the attic (watch out for the spider) and 2 coins (+40 = 2009) lying on the floor by the NE chair downstairs.

Norton and Smith's

Head back to the ledge around the Mayor's house, through the guard tower and back out onto the roof on the far side. Walk west, taking care to stay out of sight of the guard by the door on the street below and jump down onto a barrel (north side of the Seer's fence) then to the ground.

The low house off to your left (W) belongs to Gordon Smith. Inside, you'll see a fire poker (+200 = 2209) leaning up against the sitting room fireplace. Add it to your stash and go into the bedroom where you can pick up 2 gold candlesticks (+100 = 2309).

The 2-storey house east of Smith's house belongs to Wilbur Norton. There's a guard out front (Tony) who has a purse (+22 = 2331). Unlock the side door with Wilbur Norton's house key which you found in Barlett's house, enter and climb up the ladder.

Pick up the incriminating evidence scroll lying under the right-hand side of the bed, read it, then take 2 gold candlesticks (+100 = 2431) from the bedside tables. Have a look at the windowsill to the left of the open window and you'll see someone has carelessly left the WH #3 Roof key behind. Add it to your inventory then return to the street.

Rope arrow back up onto the familiar rooftop across the street (S). Turn left towards the guard tower and rope arrow up onto the south side of the guard tower roof. Look across to the roof of the next building (S) and you'll see a piece of wood jutting out. How convenient! Use a rope arrow, climb up and take a look to make sure the way is clear then jump onto the roof. (The guard patrolling here is super-sensitive so make sure he's not anywhere nearby when you climb up or he'll come after you.)

The Warehouse

Head east to the next rooftop, along the building and around to the door, which has a guard stationed outside. Use the WH #3 Roof key to unlock the door and go in. Walk down a flight of stairs and through the door on the left into an office. Enter Norton's office through the door in the SW corner and have a look around. Hmmmm! A nice big green safe. That usually means something of value so open it and inside you'll find the WH #3 Storage Room key. Leave the offices and go past the work bench then down the flight of stairs in the SE corner. There's a guard patrolling this area and a set of double doors that unlock with the WH #3 Storage Room key. There's a tiara (+125 = 2556) locked in a chest and in the back corner behind the big crates you'll find a gold statue (+75 = 2631) and a jar (+20 = 2651).

Sneak down the ramp to the main floor of the warehouse. There are 2 guards stationed here so be careful. Go half right and then down the ramp to the basement.

Gaming Room

At the end of the hallway you'll find all the men gathered in a gaming room. Gambling is a nasty habit so maybe you should intervene. KO them (easier said than done - you may have to use a flash bomb or two) and clean the place out. You'll find a set of dice (+50 = 2701) and 17 gold coinstacks (+1700 = 4401) on the gaming tables. There's a gold wine bottle (+50 = 4451) on the sideboard and 3 more bottles (+150 = 4601) on the shelves of the cupboard in the SE corner. Grab Cooper Barlett (not Mayor Barlett) from the pile, go back up the ramp and over to the street door on the north side of the main floor. The WH #3 Ground Floor key to unlock it is hanging in a niche just to the right.

Handing over Barlett

Now you need to deliver Barlett to your contact who is waiting in the sewers. Outside the warehouse door, turn left and go down to the street. Walk through the tunnel around the corner to your left and follow the street to the end. Turn right and there's a sewer hatch at the far end. (Stand well back when you try to open it as it needs more room than it should.) Climb down the ladder and you'll see your contact standing behind a gate to the west. If you want all the loot, leave Barlett lying on the ground below the ladder, turn east and walk all the way to the far end of the sewer. The tunnel to the right (S) is occupied by 2 red spiders and you'll find 2 gold nuggets (+50 = 4651) lying on the ground between them. (The detonation arrows you found in the armoury are a fun way to deal with the spiders.) The tunnel to the left (N) ends in a room where there is a web-wrapped body and another spider. Look near the base of the far wooden support beam for a purse (+50 = 4701). You now have all the loot in the mission so return to the spot where you left Barlett. Pick him up, walk down to the gate where your contact is waiting and drop Barlett on the floor.

Mission Complete

Nightwalker and Freddy Fox   -   28th March 2005