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Test spoiler:
I must beg you to stop what you are doing in that horrible crypt. It is too ghastly to contemplate.

Under Templehill


Note:This walkthrough is written for No-Hope (Expert) difficulty but will guide you through the other two difficulty settings as well, as the objectives remain the same. Hint: it's a good idea to purchase a few water arrows before you start to play.


You begin the mission crouched on the docks near a warehouse, with two guards standing watch and another one patrolling nearby. Read the note in your inventory from your friend, Hrolf. He says that Jemola was last seen in her apartment on the ground floor of the metalwright's shop, located on The Shamblings. That's probably the best place to start your search for her.

The Warehouse

Wait until the guards are facing away from you then dart into the shadows by the front of the warehouse. Sink a rope arrow into the beam above the door to the middle floor, wait until the guards have their backs turned to you again then climb up. Open the doors, enter and climb down the ladder to the lower floor.

Look behind a barrel in the southwest corner for a lever. Flip it and a section of the wall slides aside, revealing Secret #1. Inside you'll find a chest that contains a gold coin stack (+25 ) and also two spice bags (+80 = 105) lying on the floor.

Climb back up to the middle floor and go through the door in the southwest corner into a small office, where you can pick up a purse (+100 = 205) from the table. Push the button beside the door to open it and walk out into the street.

Turn left (E) and walk over to the sewer grate at the corner of Farthing Street and Windlass Street. Open it and climb down the ladder to the lowest level and walk north. Dive down into a deeper section of water and swim east through the passageway to a grate. Open it to emerge back out in the harbor. (If you're playing on Easy-Peasy (Normal) or So-So (Hard), have a look around here as you'll find some water arrows near a rib cage and also by a sunken dinghy.)

Bent Lane

Paddle over to the platform in the southeast corner, climb up on it and then mantle up onto the quay. While you're in this area, keep an eye peeled for a young lady who is out for a stroll and relieve her of her purse (+100 = 305). Head through the alley to the left and walk alongside the stairs directly ahead of you.

Check the wall below the stairs for a lever, flip it and the wall ahead of you will move back, revealing Secret #2. Inside you'll find a box that contains a gold coinstack (+25 = 330), and also two flares and two spice bags (+80 = 410) on the floor.

Go up the stairs, turn left at the top, and walk to the next corner. Stop, look up and you'll see wooden beams crossing the street. Put a rope arrow in to one of the lower ones, retrieve your arrow, then sink a rope arrow into the upper one. Climb up onto the beam, open the window and enter a small room. You've just found Secret #3. Poke around and you'll find an invisibility potion, a slow fall potion, two gold goblets (+50 = 460) and a silver statue (+15 = 475). Go back out the same window, drink the slow fall potion and drop to the lower beam, and then to the street below. At the top of the stairs, check the street signs and you'll see you're at the corner of Bent Lane and Baker's Lane. If you check your map, you'll see that Bent Lane leads into Stoney Lane which in turn leads into The Shamblings so you're on the right track.

City Watch

Walk south past a statue, noticing that the Bridge Street gate (your exit route) is closed! Continue past the front door of the City Watch station, past the corner of Hope Street and go down the stairs on the left to a door below street level. Open it, wait for a mechanist guard to patrol by, take care of him then enter the building. Make sure you take his purse (+100 = 575) while you're at it. Head down to the lower floor and then descend to a basement room. Read the note taped to the door. Hmmm! So it's dangerous to operate the Boltzmann condenser, is it? Let's see. Well, putting the switch down turns on the light - putting the switch back up turns the light off! There must be more to this, let's hope you can gather more details later.

Open the door on the east side, jump into the canal, swim north and look for a hole in the wall by a pile of bones. Swim through and you'll have found Secret #4! Mantle up out of the water and you'll see you're in a hidden torture room below the City Watch building. Climb the ladder, push a button on the wall and a panel will slide open.

You enter the City Watch on the prison level. There's nothing of interest in the prison itself, so go all the way upstairs to the top floor, keeping an eye out for the guard who patrols here. Go through the door the top and turn left. Enter the second room quietly so as not to disturb a sleeping guard and pick up a purse (+100 = 675) from the table. A note mentioning Old Jake indicates there may be contraband somewhere near the corner of Windlass and Farthing. OK, we'll investigate that later. Walk to the far end of the hall, go through the door on the left, along the hallway and into the office at the end. Read the Collected Works of Karras Volume 13 and pick up the quill pen from the desk. Return to the stairs, go down to the next landing, put out the torch and open the door. Sneak inside, flip the lever to open the gate on Bridge Street, grab the archer's arrow then continue downstairs to the main floor.

Put out the torches in the hallway and open the door opposite the one you just exited. Peek in and you'll see it's occupied by two guards, a Watcher and a turret. Put out the torches, creep in and look at the bulletin board. How interesting! A wanted poster for Garrett!

"Use" the quill pen to deface the poster. Bonus objective complete!

Take the arrow from the archer. (If you're trying to get all the pickpockets, go back down the hallway and get the arrow from the archer practicing in the courtyard.) Now go out of the door to the street.

Jemola's Apartment

Turn left and walk all the way to the very end of The Shamblings and go up the stairs on the left. You're in Otis the metalwright's shop/apartment and he's sleeping in the back room. Pick up an iron chassis from the floor in the corner of the first room then go back outside and down the stairs. Turn left and go to the door under the landing. Open it, enter Jemola's apartment and go into the bedroom. Oops! This doesn't look good! It sounds like somebody's coming, so scoot over into the corner and wait to see who it is. As the man enters, Garrett will make a remark about following him. Wait for the man to stoop, pick up the dagger from the floor and leave, then follow him. Keep him in sight, but don't get too close as occasionally he will stop and look behind him. When you can get close enough, pluck the dagger (+15 = 690) from his belt. Eventually he will turn left into a small courtyard and enter his apartment. (If you should lose sight of him don't panic. His apartment is off of Brock Street just east of the fountain.) At that point, feel free to blackjack him if you choose.

Read the book sitting on the table and you find some valuable information. Apparently a man named Irongauge hired him to kidnap Jemola and drop her off at his white mansion at the top of Farthing Street. Go into the bedroom and take a silver coin stack (+12 = 702) from a locked chest. Back in the street, walk west past the fountain and continue west along Spenney Way. Just before the last lamppost, turn left into a narrow alley and go through the door at the end into Irongauge's mansion.

Irongauge's Mansion

You won't find anything of much interest in the servants' rooms that line this hallway unless you're in need of a snack, so go directly to the door at the south end which opens into the kitchen. Read the note on the table which mentions a crypt below the church then go through the door into the wine cellar.

Frob the torch on the back wall and you'll find Secret #5. The wall to the right will open, revealing a small secret room. The blue chest in here holds a gold coin stack (+25 = 727).

Return to the kitchen and go up the stairs located in the northeast corner. Be careful when you open the door at the top, because you may be spotted by a Watcher mounted in the next room. Slip into the dining room to the right, grab four gold candlesticks (+200 = 927) from the dining room table, four silver statues (+ 60 = 987) from the corner tables and two fire arrows from the fireplace. You now need to get upstairs. One way is to slip out into the next room and up the stairs without being spotted by the Watcher. (If you like you can destroy the Watcher with a fire arrow at this point but it will alert the guard patrolling upstairs.)

An easier way is to douse the fire in the dining room and climb up inside the chimney to Irongauge's bedroom.

Irongauge is sleeping soundly in his bedroom, wearing the church crypt key. Take it, as you'll need it to get into the crypt to find Jemola. On the desk are The Collected Works of Karras Volume 7 and also a letter from Gavelock which contains the information you needed about the Boltzmann condenser - apparently all the turbines have to be running before it will blow. Check the wastebasket for a crumpled piece of paper, which turns out to be a rather strange doodling about a nexus. Keep it, because it may turn out to be important.

At the end of the south hallway you can pick up a purple urn (+100 = 1087). There's a map of the church pinned up on the wall of the office that might come in handy, so add it to your inventory and pick up a note from the desk which turns out to be an even stranger doodling about dung (apparently connected with someone called Littlewort on Farthing Street) and the crypt. Keep this one as well. In Irongauge's library, you'll find The Collected Works of Karras Volume 23 as well as a note from Irongauge's sister Galena. She is begging him to stop trying to do horrible things in the crypt that he will never understand, and regrets that she ever mentioned it!

Either head back downstairs and through the double doors into the front foyer, or go back down the chimney and out to the street through the kitchen, then walk round to the front door and pick it open. Pick up the 2 vases (+100 = 1187) in the foyer.

Usher Littlewort's

It might be a good idea to investigate Mr Littlewort now, so leave through the front doors, cross the street to a small garden and pick up some moss arrows from the corner. Stroll north down Farthing Street and enter Usher Littlewort's building, which is on the right just before you reach the fountain. Read the note from Galena on the small table. Apparently she has been encouraging Littlewort to investigate something called 'Petreus Beastialis Vulgaris'.

Pick up the flare lying on the floor, open the hatch in the southeast corner of the floor and climb down to the basement. You'll see a large pattern marked on one wall - the scroll on the desk explains that it's something to do with spells and a portal. The book defines 'Petreus Beastialis Vulgaris' as the scientific name for the Rock Beast, and contains a lot of information about rock beast dung!

Light the flare that you picked up upstairs and toss it at the center of the pattern. A portal will appear and you can walk through it into a cave, where a large beast is wandering around.

Sink a rope arrow into the ceiling in the northeast corner of the cave, climb it and jump over to the rock wall where you can pick up a gas arrow. Retrieve your rope arrow, then hop down the rocks, slide down to the ground and sneak into the cave behind the beast. Pick up the rock beast dung then go back through the portal and out to the street.

Turn left and return to the front of Irongauge's mansion, then turn left (E), walk along past the garden, turn right at the corner and left at the next corner. You should find yourself back at the marketplace in front of the church. It's time to explore the church but perhaps going in through the front door is not the best idea, especially since there's a guard standing here. Continue through the marketplace, out the east side and turn right on The Shamblings. Walk to the far end and up the stairs outside the metalwright's building. Look up and you'll see a wooden beam protruding over the street. Sink a rope arrow into it, climb up and open the window to the east.

The Church

You're inside one of the church bedrooms. Read The Collected Works of Karras Volume 8 and open the chest to find a silver coinstack (+12 = 1199). Leave this room, go along to the second door on the right, enter and read The Collected Works of Karras Volume 27. Now go back and walk quietly down the metal steps. (If you encounter the small bot in this area, it's a good idea to immobilise it, because it will activate the alarms at the slightest provocation!) There are two doors on this (E) side of the courtyard. The one on the left leads into a bunkroom where you'll find an item called a Dark Bomb. The note beside it indicates that it will darken pagan lights - could be useful, so pick it up.

The other door opens into a well-lit room occupied by three guards. If you are feeling brave, use a gas arrow and/or flashbomb and blackjack to take care of them. (It is quite possible to stop all three with a single gas arrow.) One of the guards is wearing a Mechanist's Church key. The far door in this room opens into The Shamblings, and is a useful escape route.

Now climb back up the steps and follow the metal walkway round to the ladder. Climb it, open the door at the top and go through into the church. Facing you is a very high platform with a lectern on it. Jump over to it, read The Collected Works of Karras Volume 1 then take the elevator down to the lower floor. Creep up behind the man dozing in the chair and take the Mechanist's Church key from his waist. Clean out the safe which contains the church's revenues (+932 = 2131), read The Collected Works of Karras Volume 4, and take a flashbomb from the top of one of the bookcases. Turn off the lights, open the door, go through the room with the Watcher and out into the courtyard. Go round to the right, climb the steps in the SW corner and go through the door back into the church.

Read The Collected Works of Karras Volume 12 which is on one of the pews on the east side of the church. Quietly open the front door and steal yet another Mechanist's Church key from the servant on guard outside, then go through the door in the northwest corner and climb the ladder to the next floor.

Turn south towards the door. Check the wall where it juts out for a tiny lever down near the floor. Flip it to find Secret #6! A section of the wall just before the door will slide into the wall and expose a passageway. Crawl through it and follow the hallway to a small room at the end. Climb the ladder and you'll find a hidden stash that is composed of a speed potion, a gold plate (+50 = 2181), and four purple goblets (+60 = 2241).

Leave the secret area, descend the ladder and turn right (W). Walk onto the platform, and look out over the room. You'll see two big robots standing facing you, and behind them is a tank of water.

Use a broadhead to hit the button, water will shoot out and deactivate the bots.

Read the note in your inventory about the dung and the crypt again, then read the note on the wall that mentions putting an iron chassis into the upper compartment of the machine in the far corner. Starting to make sense? Push the left hand button on the wall and a moving platform will slide toward you. When it stops, climb on and push the right hand button and the platform will move over to the machine. "Use" the chassis on the upper compartment, and it will lock into place. Jump down on top of the bots and from them to the floor then "Use" the rock beast dung on the lower compartment. Push the button to the left and a dung/chassis thingy will drop onto the machine's platform.

According to the doodles you now have all you need to access the crypt and rescue Jemola. First though, it might be a good idea to neutralize any guards on the route from the church to Bridge Street, and thoroughly investigate the other areas of Templehill. Press the button by the red door, and go out into the marketplace.

The Cemetery

First off head left (N), then left again (W). Jog left, then climb Pepper Lane to the top of the hill and then go left (S) to the cemetery gate at the end, enter and turn right. Make your way down at the lowest part of the graveyard and pick up a couple of moss arrows from the ground behind a tree at the NW corner. Walk back up to the pathway near the gate, keeping an eye out for the patrolling guard, who is wearing the "Cemetery key". Go through the gate in the SE corner and enter the tomb, where you can pick up four silver statues (+60 = 2301) from the corner shelves.

Back outside, go around behind the tomb and scramble up onto the roof. Jump from there onto the balcony rail to the east, climb the ladder mounted on the wall to the upper balcony, open the door and enter an apartment. You've just found Secret #8! Pick up a healing potion and two gold goblets (+50 =2351) from the table and remove three masks (+150 = 2501) from the wall. Loot objective complete!

Sign of the End Times

Return to the street outside the graveyard and follow it back to the market. Just before you reach it there is a narrow passageway on the left that ends in a gate. Walk along the passage, go through the gate and make your way to the last door. (You'll either have to sneak past the bot that patrols here or disable it.) Enter the apartment quietly because the Keeper in the bedroom is very alert. Read the book on the table and you'll hear mention of something called Sign of the End Times. Hmmm, that's interesting!

If you look behind the right hand side of the table you will see a small switch. Flip it and the bookcase will move back, revealing a hidden room, and in there you'll find a healing potion, a speed potion and the book called Sign of the End Times. Bonus objective complete!

Sneak into the bedroom to pick up a black vase (+20 = 2521) from the bedside table and a silver coinstack (+12 = 2533) from the locked chest.

Return to the other room, go out of the door, turn left then right and go down a set of stairs. Flip a lever mounted on the wall to open the gate at the bottom, go through and turn right (S). When you get to Brock Street climb down into the sewer hatch. About halfway down the ladder stop and look at the wall to your right. You'll see a water arrow resting in a small alcove. Pick it up and climb back up to the street. Two guards patrol together around this area, so steal another arrow from the archer and then head west.

The Staff of The Undine

When you get to the fountain you'll see a sign for Madame Zubu's. There are two ways into the house on the right(N) - either rope up to the overhanging roof a few paces west on Farthing Street, or else walk a little way north and hit the button on the wall inside the locked gate with a broadhead or moss arrow. Both ways will enable you to enter a small courtyard. Open the house door on the north wall and lob the Dark Bomb into the room. This extinguishes the pagan lights so you can enter safely. Read the note on the pedestal and pick up a healing potion and a purse (+100 = 2633). The book here has an interesting title!

Now check out the fireplace. If you look carefully, you'll see the Fire Gem concealed in a hole in the right-hand wall, above the fire. Now head down to the basement and you'll discover the Earth Gem secreted in a hole. Back in the courtyard, climb the ladder against the south wall to the top, mantle up onto the flat roof and check the hole under the beam at the edge of the roof on the east side to find the Wind Gem. Go back down to the courtyard, open the hatch in the corner and climb down into the sewer. Walk ahead, turn right at the corner and take the Water Gem from a small hole in the floor.

Go back into the house and "Use" each gem on the corresponding revolving plate. Once they have all been used properly, the glass door will open and you can help yourself to the Staff of The Undine. Bonus objective complete!

Old Jake's

Return to the street and go north and then east to the top of Windlass Street. Old Jake's contraband is rumoured to be around here somewhere, but there isn't anything obvious above ground. Go down the ladder in the sewer hatch to the bottom and grab a water arrow from a small hole to the east of the ladder.

Now check to the left (NW) for a lever concealed in a hole in the wall. Flip it to find Secret #9. Go into the tunnel to the north and through the hole that has opened in the east wall. Inside you'll find a breath potion, 2 water arrows, a purse (+100 = 2733), and a silver coinstack in the chest (+12 = 2745).

Return to the street, head east up the steps and continue past the City Watch Station to the Boltzmann condenser building.

The Silver Cog

Enter and check the four generators below - only two of them are running. Turn left along the metal walkway and turn the wheels on the pipes above the ones that aren't functioning to start them up. Then go down to the bottom room, flip the switch beside the window and stand back. This causes the condenser to explode, after which sparks are flying everywhere! Go back up to the metal walkway, shut off all the generators to stop the sparking, then walk in beside the right (E) generator.

You'll find a small grate that you can open and crawl through onto a flat wooden platform that now has a hole blown through it. Drop down through the hole, open the door and enter a small storage room. Read the Collected Works of Karras Volume 19, pick up a flashbomb, a scouting orb and a mine as well as The Holy Silver Cog of the Builder. Bonus objective complete! Climb back up to the flat rooftop. (If you're playing on Easy-Peasy, climb up on the shed roof and up onto the rooftop above that and you'll find a gas arrow on the peaked rooftops to the North.) Return to the street and make your way back to the churchyard. (If you subdued the 3 church guards earlier the easiest route is south down the The Shamblings and through the last door on the right.)

The Crypt

Unlock the door on the north wall with the church crypt key, go in and "Use" the dung/chassis thingy on the pedestal. A section of the floor will transform into stairs leading down into the crypt. Walk down them, along the walkway and down another set of stairs.

Through the east doorway (under these stairs) are more stairs leading down to a platform where two skeletal archers are standing guard. (All of the skeletal guards can be destroyed with one backstab.) The north doorway leads down to the area where Jemola is imprisoned but it's going to take some work to free her as you're going to have to find a way to shut off the force field. Hint - check the doodle that mentioned the Nexus security system. Another skeletal archer is standing here with an arrow that you can snatch. The south doorway leads down to yet another platform with a skeletal archer standing guard.

Through the west doorway are the stairs to the lower level. At the bottom is a large round room, patrolled by several more skeletal guards with a fire shadow standing by a well in the center.

Destroy the fire shadow with several water arrows, pick up the fire arrow he deposits and use it to destroy the clear crystal cone above the well.

(If you are short of water arrows, sneak round the edge of the room to the east side and go down a couple of steps. Shoot a fire arrow at the cone then carry on down the stairs.)

Make your way to the east side and down the stairs to the next level. Turn left along the hallway, then right at the corner and down another set of stairs. A huge skull, which must be the nub of the nexus system, is visible on the right. Go into the room on the left and read Irongauge's diary. Bonus objective complete! There's a coffin with a frobbable top in the middle of the main room that might tempt you, but it is much safer to leave it alone!

Exit through the west doorway and walk partway down some stairs that lead to a walkway above a lava pool. Look over the west side of the stairs and you'll see some fire arrows resting on a narrow stone ledge below. Drop down, grab the fire arrows, walk along the narrow path that leads south and climb into the tunnel in the east wall.

Follow the passageway to a Y junction, keep to the right then turn left at the next corner and you'll arrive in a room with a skeleton lying on the floor. You've just found Secret #10! Pick up the sword (+25 = 2770) lying on the ground and read the strange ramblings that are scrawled on the wall. Leave the cave, take the first turn right, and then turn right again at the next corner (the Y junction).

Follow the tunnel to the far end and drop down onto the staircase below. Quietly creep down the stairs and peek around the corner into a round room where another fire shadow is standing guard.

Hit it with a few water arrows. If you are lucky it will stagger back into the clear crystal cone on the floor and destroy it. Stay well back as a huge skull will drop to the floor! Keep firing water arrows at the fire shadow until it disappears, transforming into a fire arrow. Pick that up and use it to destroy the cone if it is still intact.

(If you are short of water arrows, load a fire arrow, lean to the right and shoot it at the cone. Nip up the stairs and round the corner during the ensuing commotion and then slow down and creep along quietly.)

Jemola's prison door should now be open but the trick is to find your way back there! Walk up the stairs, turn right, then left into a hall that ends with a large statue in a small room. Just before you get to the room turn right into a small round room with a central column and leave it through the south door. In the next room, you can pick up four gold statues (+300 = 3070).

If go out of the west door and down the stairs, you will arrive behind the archer who was watching over the bottom cone. Steal his arrow, then climb back up to the room where you got the statues. Exit through the south doorway and follow the hallway to the T junction. Turn right, go up the stairs and follow the hallway until it comes out in the room with the coffin in the center.

Climb the east stairs, walk along the passageway and turn right. Go up another flight of stairs to the room where you encountered the first fire shadow. Cross to the far side of the room and go up yet another set of stairs to the first room you entered in the crypt.

The Home Run

Go through the north doorway and down to Jemola's prison. The force field is gone so you can go in. Frob Jemola and she'll follow you. Lead her up the stairs and out of the crypt. (Any time you need to stop her, just frob her again. To get her moving again, frob her once more.)

If you took care of the guards earlier, go through the second door on the east side of the courtyard, out the far door, then left up The Shamblings.

Otherwise climb the steps in the SW corner of the courtyard, go through the church and leave by the main doors. Turn right down Hope Street then left down Stoney Lane.

Continue straight ahead (N) until you reach the City Watch building. Turn right on Bridge Street and lead her across the bridge to the Bankfoot District.

Mission complete

Nightwalker and Freddy Fox - 11th January 2006