Note: These hints contain hidden "spoilers". To see the text that is concealed by the solid blocks, hold the left mouse button down and drag the cursor across.

Test spoiler: It's cold up there on the roof but at least no-one will disturb me.

Turn of the Tide

Walkthrough - Expert


It's a misty morning in a small coastal town. You begin the mission on the quay near your boat, not far from the harbour light. Walk over to the nearby chest and open it to add a sword to your equipment. Read the scrolls lying beside, noting the warning to avoid the Spyglass Inn, and receive a new objective: Find the Baliol Sceptre. Walk along the quay and up the alley between The Ship Inn and Calvert Marine. This area is patrolled by two guards - if you run into them you can help yourself to an arrow from one and a purse (+100) from the other.

Calvert Marine

Go through the gate on the right (N) then through the double doors into Calvert Marine. There's a chest containing a gas arrow in the NE corner of the lower floor, and there's a purse (+100 = 200) in a box in the small bedroom upstairs. Back outside, walk south along the passageway then turn left and enter The Ship Inn.

The Ship Inn

Through the left-hand door is a parlour of sorts. In the room beyond you can pick a fire arrow out of the fireplace. Through the right-hand door is the main bar. Hug the left wall, hop over the bar and through the door on the left. Turn left, open the door on the right at the end and head down to the cellar. Pick up a couple of flares from the floor, take 3 wine bottles (+150 = 350) from the wine rack under the stairs then proceed into the next room. Open the chest and you'll pick up a purse (+60 = 410).

Walk back up the stairs and then up to the top floor. Turn left at the top of the stairs - there are 2 bedrooms here and in the left hand one you will find a chest containing a purse (+25 = 435) and a note. In the right hand bedroom is another note - it would appear that three other people are on the same quest that you are! They must be the group you saw in the bar. At the top of the stairs go south then west to the third bedroom. There is a purse in the chest here (+100 = 535). Return to the street and cross to The Mermaid Tavern.

The Mermaid Tavern

After you enter, turn right and go into a gaming room. Take the "Baliol Cottage Key" from one of the men in the first room then go through the door to the second room. In the small back room here, open the chest and you'll find a purse (+100 = 635). Go back out into the hallway and downstairs to the main Bar. Here you can pick up a gold coinstack (+25 = 660) from a shelf behind the bar. The note on the bar counter contains another warning about the Spyglass Inn. Read the book on the shelf under the bar to get a new objective: Find out what is in the Tavern's cellar.

Grab the gold wine bottle (+50 = 710) from one of the tables then go through to the kitchen. Climb the ladder to fetch another gold wine bottle (+50 = 760) from the top shelf. In the back storage room there is a mysterious lockbox on the wall. Must be the way into the cellar, but that will have to wait until you've located a key. Jump over the crates in the corner and check the floor to pick up a purse (+100 = 860). Back at the exit door, go outside and turn left.

Baliol Cottage

Walk to the top of the ramp and turn left (E). You'll see a guard standing by a door, which is the entrance to Baliol Cottage. Mosey on down, take care of the guard, unlock the door with your key and go in. The chest in the first room holds a healing potion; in the second room you can pick up a pair of dice (+50 = 910) from the table, and a gold wine bottle (+50= 960) and a gold goblet (+25 = 985) from the floor beneath. Have a close look at the head mounted over the fireplace and you'll see Zebulon Baliol's Sceptre is in the burrick's mouth. Take the sceptre - objective complete.

The Dubois Residence

Return to the street outside the Mermaid and walk west towards the building with a white front section. Peek around into the entryway and you'll see a guard - take care of her when she turns away. Inside, the double glass doors lead into a small sitting room where you'll find 2 gold candlesticks (+100 = 1085) and a fire poker (+200 = 1285). Poke around in the kitchen and help yourself to the 4 gold plates (+200 = 1485) on the counter then raid the cabinets for a gold goblet (+25 = 1510) and 2 purple goblets (+30 = 1540).

In the upstairs hallway a mask (+50 = 1590) is displayed on a stand. The chest in the west bedroom holds a purse (+100 = 1690); in the chest in the east bedroom you'll find a gold nugget (+100 = 1790). The upstairs sitting room looks fairly unrewarding at first glance - just 2 vases (+100 = 1890) on the mantelpiece, a slow fall potion in a chest and a tiny gold ring (+100 = 1990) that's been carelessly left on the dining table.

Read the book on the coffee table and you'll find out there's more here than meets the eye. The book describes a hidden stash, and you get a new objective: Steal the hidden loot. No problem for a master thief, right? Rope arrow up to the ledge above the fireplace and you'll see a small lever below the painting. Flip the lever, the painting slides up and *Voila*, there are the goodies! Now that's more like it. There's a purple urn (+100 = 2090), a nice fat purse (+300 = 2390), a gold urn (+100 = 2490), a tiara (+125 = 2615) and a beautiful blue gem (+100 = 2715). DuBois should be ruined - objective complete.

The Thieves' Highway

Jump back down to the floor and go through the west door into a storeroom, climb the ladder and jump onto the top of the bookcase. Open the window and slide out onto a flat rooftop. Off to your right (N) is a chimney. Climb up on it, go down the ladder and into a small room. Take a red key and a purse (+75 = 2790) from the mantelpiece, then open the chest to get a gas arrow. You could hit the streets now, but why bother? The Thieves' highway is so much more fun! Unlock the door with the red key (this place might be useful as a bolthole later) then climb back up the chimney to the rooftop.

Walk west, climb onto a ledge and shuffle over to the window to the south. Open it and you'll be on the upper floor of the Spyglass Inn - very rough quarters, but there are still a couple of goodies to be found. The chest in the first room contains a purse (+100 = 2890) and there is another purse in the chest in the second room (+25 = 2915) and a scroll on the floor.

Open the window in the second room, jump down to the ledge, walk south, then turn right and climb the ladder. At the top, walk west to the end, pick up a healing potion and then mantle up onto the ledge ahead. Once on top, continue west then jump down and climb into the clocktower through a window. There's a flashbomb in one chest, a slowfall potion on the floor and a gas arrow in the other chest. If you want to take the time to climb down the ladder to the lower floor you can add a couple of flares to your inventory, and outside the door an archer is hidden in the alcove on the left.

Leave the clocktower through the upper floor north window and jump down onto the flat wooden roof. The drop is a bit far, so it's a good idea to use the slowfall, or else drop a couple of crates to break your fall. Head north, cross a ledge and climb a ladder to another flat rooftop where a thief is standing watch at the far end. Lean over and take a gas arrow out of the steaming pipe to the east then enter the apartment.

Help yourself to the tiara (+125 = 3040) from the dresser and 2 gold candlesticks (+100 = 3140) from the mantelpiece. Scoop up a fire arrow from the fire then go through to the next room where you'll find a noisemaker arrow in a chest. Return to the rooftop, walk north, sink a rope arrow into the wood protrusion that has a rather disgusting cage hanging from it and climb down to the street. (It is also possible to jump down via the top of the Priory gates, or to jump across the gap and use the Thieves' Highway again.)

The Spyglass Inn

You don't have to visit the Spyglass Inn at all, but it's worth taking a look to see if the bad reputation is deserved. Head east, then south through the little garden and down the ramp. Take care - an archer is lurking in the corner to the left. Go to the Spyglass door, sneak in and hide in the corner to the right. Yes, perhaps it does deserve that bad reputation! When you get the chance, nip behind the bar and hide in the alcove. While you are there, pick up a flash bomb, a gas mine and an invisibility potion. You may need to use one or more of these to get out again in one piece! You can also read the barman's journal and collect a healing potion from beside the barrel on the north wall.

After you get out, go back up the ramp and across the little garden. Pick open the gate to the north and enter a small courtyard with a couple of slanting stone supports up against a high stone wall. Look carefully and you'll see the fence above the second support is broken. How convenient! Walk up the slope, mantle up onto the wall and jump down onto the crates below.

The Priory

You're now in the grounds of the Priory. Go through the hole in the wall into the shed and check the floor on the east side of the big crate to your right to find a purse (+100 = 3240). Climb the ladder to the upper floor and pick up a silver nugget (+50 = 3290) from the floor. Head back down and poke your head out to reconnoitre. The easiest way to get in the chapel is via the back door in the NW corner, but we are going in the front doors, collecting some booty on the way. Cross to the east wall of the chapel, then slink over and take care of the guard to the north of the front doors. The guard to the south has a purse (+80 = 3370). Relieve him of it, then help yourself to the "Main Gate Key" that the patrolling guard is wearing. Go through the big doors into the chapel. If you have taken damage, there is a healing fountain at the south end. Otherwise, head to the back (N).

In the office through the door to the right, you'll find a book to read; a small silver statue (+15 = 3385) is on the floor behind the desk. Through the archway on the left are the stairs to the upper floor. Before heading up, slash the wall banner to the left of the stairs to reveal Secret #1, a silver nugget (+50 = 3435). Be quiet while climbing the stairs as there is a guard posted in a room on the first landing. At the top, turn left and go up the stairs to the attic. There's a purse (+100 = 3535) in a chest in the first room. Open the door to the second room, climb the ladder to an observatory with a telescope and rope arrow up to the rafters, where you'll find a gold nugget (+100 = 3635).

Go back down to the balcony above the church and go to the Library door in the NE corner. Inside, read the scroll on the desk then rope arrow up to the top of the bookshelves against the north wall. Grab a silver coinstack (+12 = 3647) from the rafters above the west end of the bookshelf, then frob the small glyph on the top of the shelf. This triggers Secret #2 and opens a small secret door in the wall nearby.

Crawl through, open the chest on the left and you'll find a necklace (+200 = 3847). Frob the glyph on the floor to your right to open the panel at the far end and jump down into a bedroom. There's a gold wine bottle (+50 = 3897) by the foot of the bed, and a note and a couple of mines under the table near the fireplace. There are two fire arrows in the fire itself. Rope arrow back out, leave the Library, turn right (S) and go past the stairs you came up.

Turn into a hallway with windows and a wooden floor. At the end, you'll enter a passage with a marble floor. There is a healing potion in the chest in the first bedroom on the right, the chest in the second bedroom yields a note from the missing Brother Michael, and there is a silver statue (+15 = 3912) in the chest in the last bedroom.

The door on the left at the end opens into a room with a ladder up through a hole in the ceiling. Climb up, enter the hallway on the far side and scan the left-hand wall for a lever just above eye height. Flip it to open a secret panel in the wall. Crawl through and follow the hallway up to the locked door at the end. Behind it, you'll discover what's left of Brother Michael and the Storage Room Key.

Leave the secret hallway, turn left and go into the small, rat-infested room at the end. Open the chest and you'll pick up a purse (+100 = 4012). You're done with the chapel now, so go back down the stairs, turn left at the bottom and leave by the back door. Walk straight ahead, then turn left down the west side where you'll see a small garden with a fountain. Pick a couple of moss arrows from the garden and go through the doorway beyond into the cloisters.

The Cloisters:

Turn to the left (S) and enter a room where you'll find a gold coinstack (+25 = 4037) and 2 silver coinstacks (+24 = 4061) on the statue pedestal. Head through the west door into a dining room and then into the kitchen where there are 5 plates (+50 = 4111), a vase (+50 = 4161) and a gold cup (+25 = 4186) on the shelves at the far end of the kitchen and 3 gold plates (+150 = 4336) on the counter near one of the sinks. Return to the room with the pedestal and go through the south door into a hallway. The door at the far end (W) opens into a Library where you can pick up a gold urn (+100 = 4436). Partway up the hallway is a door on the south side that will take you into a room with stairs leading up to the top floor. Walk up, but use caution as a guard patrols through the large dining room the top. Here you'll find a vase (+50 = 4486) and 2 gold candlesticks (+100 = 4586). Loot objective complete.

There are two rooms on the south side of the dining room. In the west room there are 2 gold candlesticks (+100 = 4686) and in the east room, you can add 2 more gold candlesticks (+100 = 4786) to your loot bag. Head back outside, turn left and make your way to the doorway in the NW corner.

The storeroom to the right is full of barrels. Check between them and the west wall to find a gold nugget (+100 = 4886). The first door on the right opens into a bunkroom where you can acquire a healing potion and a purse (+150 = 5036). The second bunkroom yields a silver flute (+50 = 5086). At the end of the hallway, turn right and go up the stairs. At the top there are two doors.

The unlocked door on the right opens into 2 attic rooms. Pick up a gold candlestick (+50 = 5136) in the first one. In the second room there is a statue (+15 = 5151) locked in a chest and a gold candlestick (+50 = 5201) on the floor behind the altar.

The locked door on the left opens with the "Storage Room Key" that you took from Brother Michael's remains. Pick up the purse (+100 = 5301) from the floor in the SE corner then mantle up into the opening on the east wall (you may need to use a box). Flip the lever on your left then go out and look down over the graveyard. You'll see the centre tomb slides aside to reveal an opening beneath. Before going down to check it out, walk around the rooftops. On the east side there is a (hard to see) gold hammer (+75 = 5376) lying on the roof.

Now it's time to check out the graveyard and that interesting hole! When you reach the graveyard, check the ground in the NE corner for a silver nugget (+50 = 5426) then head over to the hole and climb down the ladder to the catacombs.

The Catacombs

There are 17 loot items (+635 = 6061) scattered throughout the upper level of the catacombs. Because the area is like a maze, instructions for locating every piece of loot would be long and tedious. So, if you want to get it all, explore carefully and use the map to make sure you have been everywhere. Look on the top of tombs, on window sills, on ledges, and behind skulls and skeletons. There are more details in the loot list.

Walk north along the hallway and you'll see a body sprawled in the centre of a room. Approach with care as he died there for a reason! If you read the note nearby, you'll see he was yet another thief recruited to try to recover the Hammer. Let's hope you have more success at it than he did! You need to get to centre south on the map, so turn right (E), then left in the next room (N) and continue north through another small room. In the next large room, turn right (E), walk along the wall and turn right (S) into a passageway. Go around a corner, north out of a small room and take the first right (E). In the next room, leave through the south exit and follow it to a large, dead-end room lined with coffins. In the middle of the south side a plaque on the floor commemorates Mordecai and Lucretia Raby. After you read it, the lid of the right-hand coffin will slide aside. Peek in and help yourself to the Mermaid Cellar Key.

Now to find the Builder's Hammer. Head north out of this room, continue north through the next room and in the one after that, turn left (W). Take the next right (N), then turn left (W) down an arched passage. In the room at the end, note the red hammer sign. The arrow below it shows the next direction to take. So, turn right (N) to the next room, then walk east and continue in that direction until you hit a dead-end room. Examine the middle of the east wall and you'll see a glyph. Frob it and a secret door will open.

Walk through and go down the ramp to the middle level, and continue east to a central room. Take care - the rooms to the north, south and east are all guarded by Hammer Haunts. Go to the south room first - what's this? Three of your rivals have beaten you to it - but they are no match for the haunt! When things have calmed down, pick up a statue (+100 = 6161) from the altar. Now head across to the north room to collect another statue (+100 = 6261).

Go through the east room and down the ramp to the east into a large pillared room with an altar at the far end. Be careful - giant spiders and three Precursors are on guard! Sneak around behind the altar and pick up The Ancient Hammer. Objective complete. (This room is at the top rh corner of the map.)

As Garrett says, "now it's time to get out of here", but it's not going to be as easy as it sounds. You have stirred up the undead, and numbers of them are now patrolling the catacombs, so proceed carefully. Go back up the ramp and walk west until you are faced with a blank wall, which is the secret door that you opened earlier. Frob the glyph on this side to open it and go back into the upper level.

>From here, walk west as far as you can and then turn south. In the next room, leave through the south doorway and turn west in the next hallway. Walk west as far as you can and then turn south. Keep walking south and in the last room, turn east. You'll see the body of the dead thief ahead of you. The exit tunnel is south of him. Climb back up the ladder into the graveyard, and walk to the exit in the SE corner. There is a scroll on the ground as you leave the cloisters. It wasn't there before! Read it - Brother Barnabus is calling on his brethren to rise up and attack the pirates. If it's going to be open warfare outside you had better watch your step.

The Raby Gem

Walk back around to the front of the Cathedral and keep an eye out for the patrolling guard who is wearing a purse (+100 = 6351). Use the "Main Gate Key" to unlock the east gate. Follow the street, keeping out of trouble, and go past the DuBois house to the harbour. The Mermaid is on your right. Go in, down to the lower floor and into the storeroom behind the kitchen. Use the "Mermaid Cellar Key" on the wall lockbox then hop over the crates in the corner and you will see an opening in the floor.

Climb down the ladder, then walk down a ramp and through the locked door at the end into the cellar. A little damp and very spooky. No wonder the owner locked it up and took the key to the grave with him! Climb up into the rafters at the north end of the first room to pick up a necklace (+200 = 6561) then go through to the back room. There's a tiara (+125 = 6686) at the top of the sloping beam at the north end of this room; the Raby Gem (+ 300 = 6976) is locked in a chest in the SW corner of the room. Objective complete.

Return to the streets. If you're trying to find all the loot, you'll need to wander through town to locate a turbaned guard wearing a purse (+120 = 7106). Jump into the harbour and search for a sunken boat east of the Mermaid. In it you'll find two chests, one containing a purse (+100 = 7206) and the other containing a bottle of wine (+50 = 7256). Now swim north, climb up the ladder onto the quay, and return to the start point by your boat.

Mission Complete

Nightwalker and Freddy Fox   -   30th May 2005