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Stop any intruders without mercy. If you have to kill them, so be it.

The Thieves Highway


You begin the mission in Garrett's room. Read the note on the table from Squinty, pick up your sword and a flashbomb then go into the closet.

Frob the tiny switch under the edge of the shelf in the NE corner to open a secret panel.

Stock up from the supplies stashed here and then go out the apartment door onto a metal walkway. Listen carefully and you'll overhear a conversation between two thieves on the street below. Climb the ladder to the upper walkway and jump onto the box. Lean over to open the metal ventilation grate in the east wall of the building, hop across and climb in.

You'll find yourself in a bedroom belonging to a Mechanist. Help yourself to the gold candlestick (+25) on the bedside table and open the chest to pick up a purse (+25 = 50). If you open the door to the hallway and peek out, you'll see there's a guard standing nearby so don't try to go out that way. Instead, go back out the window and open the grate in the south wall which will take you into a drafting room.

Pick up a silver statue (+15 = 65) from the shelves then go out the door and up the stairs into a guard barracks. Take an arrow from the sleeping guard, a rope arrow from his footlocker and a flashbomb from the other one then go out the door onto a flat rooftop where an archer is standing watch. Take his arrow and a gas arrow from a cloud at the end of a pipe in the SE corner then go through the window in the SW corner.

Go through a couple of doors, down a set of stairs and into a hallway. Climb up onto a chair by the first window and drop down onto the ledge below. Walk along it quietly so as to not disturb the archer on the balcony below. (Don't try to drop down by him. There's no way off and the mission will end as you'll be too low.) At the end, jump across to the stone ledge on the next building and turn right (W). Go through a window into a room where a woman is dozing on a sofa. Pick up her spectacles (+50 = 115) from a table, walk out into the hallway, open the door on the right and climb a ladder to the roof.

Mantle up onto the chimney, climb down the ladder inside it and open the little safe door at the bottom. Creep through into a workroom of some sort and go out into the hallway. Turn right, open a door and climb yet another ladder. At the top, open a door and walk out onto a metal catwalk. Climb onto the crate and jump through the open window nearby into a bedroom where you can pick up a gold candlestick from the bedside table (+25 = 140) and a purse from under the bed (+25 = 165). In the bathroom next door you can take a couple of water arrows from the toilet. Return to the catwalk and retrace your steps to the flat rooftop. Climb back down the ladder, go through the rooms and back out onto the stone ledge.

Turn west and open a ventilation grate in the end wall. Crawl through the duct, open the grate at the end and quietly enter a bedroom where a man and woman are sleeping. Help yourself to 3 black vases (+60 = 225) and 3 green vases (+60 = 285) that are displayed on the high ledge that runs around the room then return to the stone ledge. Walk east to the corner and shoot a rope arrow into the underside of a platform that extends above the window of the building opposite. Jump from the rope into a room where 2 women are sleeping. (Don't forget to retrieve your arrow!) Continue east out the far window, rope arrow over to the ledge on next building and pick up a gas arrow from the steam cloud on a pipe.

Go through the window into a room with 2 sleeping men and look up at the SE corner, above the ceiling beams. You'll see a grate in the wall.

Sink a rope arrow into the thin strip of wood that runs around the edge of the ceiling, jump to the beam and creep through the grate into a room where a guard is dozing on a sofa.

Open the box that is on the floor in the kneehole of the desk and you'll find a gold coinstack (+25 = 310).

Squeeze back through the grate into the other room, go out the door (watch out for a patrolling archer) and walk along the hallway to a door on the left. Inside is a storage room where you can pick up some spare parts that may come in handy shortly. Continue east along the hallway, out the door at the end and down onto a flat rooftop. Creep in under the stairs to pick up a couple of moss arrows growing there, take care of the archer and go into the room on the right (W).

You'll find a rope arrow in the chest and if you open the shutters, you'll discover a purse (+25 = 335) which is Secret #1.

The Castle and Factory

Return to the rooftop, climb up onto the big pipe and walk across it to the hole in the next building. Inside there's a sleeping man but nothing else of interest. Go out the east window onto the window ledge, put a rope arrow into the underside of one of the beams overhead and jump from it to the white ledge around the building opposite. Look south and you'll see an open window in the castle tower. Use rope arrows in the undersides of the beams beside the one that you already have a rope arrow in to get close enough to jump in. Check the plants and planters and you'll find a plentiful supply of water and moss arrows. You can also help yourself to a ring (+100 = 435) and a purse (+100 = 535) that I'm sure won't be missed in a household this wealthy.

Return to the white ledge and retrieve as many of your rope arrows as possible (you should only have to leave one behind) then walk east along the white ledge staying out of sight of the archers below. Turn left (N) at the corner and you'll come to a bedroom window. The man in the room is rather, well, tied up, so while he's occupied, take 2 coins (+40 = 575) from the bowl on the table inside the window. Read the note lying under the bowl which contains some very important information about the Gallery and continue along the ledge. At the NW corner jump onto the ledge of an open kitchen window and go through, though do it quietly as there is a guard dozing inside.

Creep through the apartment, stopping to pick up a pair of spectacles (+50 = 625) from the sitting room table and step out onto the balcony. Jump from it onto the flat rooftop nearby, open the door set into the rooftop and climb down the ladder inside. Walk along the hallway to another open window, climb up into it and jump over into the Factory window. There are two guards in here to deal with or sneak around but either way is made easier by turning off the light switches on the east wall. Now help yourself to the raw materials stacked on the shelves, read the instructions posted on each machine and make whatever types of equipment you fancy.

Leave through the window (don't try to jump across, just walk and you'll step into the window opposite) return to the rooftop and approach the open window to the west. Jump onto the sign post below it and from there, mantle into the window. Pick up a water arrow from the sink and check out the rest of the apartment. You'll find a silver coinstack (+12 = 637) in a locked box on the bedroom closet shelf and a gold wine bottle (+50 = 687) and a gold goblet (+15 = 702) on the side of the bathtub. In the sitting room, there's a silver poker (+25 = 727) leaning up against the fireplace and 2 purple goblets (+30 = 757) on a sideboard. Go through the next room, down a hallway and out onto the landing of the apartment building. Head up the stairs opposite the elevator but keep an eye out for a patrolling guard. Turn right at the corner, walk past a set of double glass doors and turn left. Pick up a horn (+50 = 807) then go back to the glass doors. Enter the room, where a party is obviously taking place. If you try to blackjack anyone, everyone seems to alert so it's easiest to just put out the gas lights, turn off the chandelier with the light switch and help yourself to the goodies without bothering anyone. Here you can add a gold goblet (+10 = 817), a second gold goblet (+10 = 827), a man's purse (+10 = 837), another man's purse (+20 = 857), a lady's purse (+25 = 882), a third man's purse (+30 = 912) and a purse (+35 = 947) belonging to the lady dressed in blue to your loot bag.

The Tower

Unlock the right-hand window and jump to the tower wall opposite. Slip down to the walkway quietly so as not to alert the guard patrolling nearby and walk around the tower until you find the door. Enter quietly as there are two guards sleeping inside. Pick up a coin (+ 20 = 967) from the desk near the door, then rifle through the chests to find some broadhead arrows and a rope arrow. Climb up the ladder to the roof and open the hatch at the top. You'll have to time things carefully to get into the shadows unnoticed by the two guards here. Once you have, you can get 2 arrows and a purse (+20 = 987).

Jump down to the outer wall and go around to the north side where you'll see an open window in the building opposite. Hop down onto the signpost outside the window, slip through and into a dining room. Pick up the two gold candlesticks (+ 100 = 1087) on the table, open the door and peek out into the hallway. Keep an eye out for the patrolling guard, and when the way is clear, dart out and pick up a gear (+ 25 = 1112) that is displayed on the pedestal to the right. Don't explore the rest of the building as you've already been in the only other available room. Instead go back out the window, mantle back up onto the tower wall and slip back down onto the walkway. Make your way to the southwest corner, climb back up on the wall and to the west you'll see a plant sitting on a windowsill in the next tower.

Remove the plant and jump over. (You might want to moss the floor inside the windowsill to avoid waking up the sleeping guard.) Take his arrow as well as a gas mine and a flashbomb from the two chests. Put a rope arrow into the ceiling by the west window and jump from the rope onto the windowsill. Wait until you see the guard leave the room opposite then jump across and enter. Garrett will say "I should be able to find something in here." Hmmm!

Looks pretty bare but a close search turns up a gold coinstack (+25 = 1137) hidden behind the big vase on the table. You've just found Secret #2.

Go out the door, turn left through the door and go up the stairs. Turn right in the upstairs hallway and go through the door on the right. Pick up a gold wine bottle (+50 = 1187) from the dresser then, if you want to get all the pickpockets, sneak out of the window and take an arrow from the archer standing on the top of the tower. Climb back through the window, walk along the hallway and through a door onto a familiar rooftop. Jump onto the ledge at the edge of the balcony and walk north as far as you can.

Slip down onto the pipe below on the left and walk to the last set of window shutters. Open them, enter the room and you'll have found Secret #3. Take a ring (+100 = 1287) from the bedside table and return to the ledge outside the window.

Walk east, back to the wall below the rooftop then jump down to the wooden ledge just below and walk south to an open window. Inside is an ornate dining room full of valuables as well as a guard. Here you can pick up 2 gold candlesticks (+100 = 1387), 2 vases (+100 = 1487), a gold wine bottle (+50 = 1537), 8 purple goblets (+120 = 1657), a gold urn (+100 = 1757) and a purple urn (+100 = 1857).

Walk back along the ledge to the yellow pipe, mantle up onto it and from there, up onto the ledge. Mantle back up onto the flat rooftop. Walk along the edge and jump down onto the metal pole that crosses the street to the building opposite. Walk over to the open window and jump down into the machinery room. Go out into the hallway, turn left (S) and go downstairs. Walk to the far end of the lower hallway, into a room where you will find a mask (+50 = 1907) in a chest. Climb up onto the windowsill above the chest and look out. The rooftop outside seems a little steep but you can walk up it despite appearances. Once you near the peak, look to the left and you'll see windowsills on the south wall above you. The underside of these are made of wood so they will take a rope arrow, but make sure you aim towards the middle as the edges are metallic too. Shoot a rope arrow into the top windowsill that is farthest to the west. Climb the rope until you are about level with the lower windowsill but don't jump onto it yet. Stay below the eyesight of the guard that's patrolling the next rooftop until you hear him go through a door and close it behind him. Jump onto the windowsill and from it to the roof.

Get into the shadows in the corner and wait for the guard to come out to patrol the roof again. Slip through the door when he's not watching and into a small barracks room. Snag an arrow from the sleeping archer and open the chest to find a purse (+ 15 = 1922) then go back out to the rooftop and climb up on the west wall. Climb down a ladder onto another flat rooftop where there are two drunken guards standing at the north end. One of them is wearing a purse (+ 20 = 1942) so help yourself to that. Climb up on the wall at the south end and you'll see an open window in the building opposite. Drop down onto the metal pipe that runs between the buildings, climb through the window and into an office. Walk along the hallway and up some stairs, keeping an eye peeled for a patrolling guard.

Stop on the landing and check behind the plant for healing potion. You have just found Secret #4!

Continue up the stairs, along a hallway and into the room at the end. Climb through the open window and jump over to flat rooftop. If you go to the northwest corner of the roof, climb up on the edge and jump onto the ledge of the building you just exited, to the left of the last set of open shutters, you can make your way over to a gas cloud that contains a gas arrow. Save before you try this as it's very easy to slip off the ledge. You will have to climb back in through a window then jump back over to the flat rooftop. Walk over to the south side and jump down on to a lower rooftop.

Hop over to the bell tower and make your way to the east side where you can slide down to the edge of the roof. From here look to your right and you'll see a guard inside an open window. Douse the torch inside the room, wait until he has his back turned and sneak into the room. If you've been nice and quiet you won't have disturbed the man sleeping in the next room. Pick up his spectacles (+50 = 1992), jump back to the bell tower roof and head around to the north side. You'll hear a fight going on through another open window. When things settle down step onto the windowsill and enter the Gallery.


The floors here are marble so you're going to have to sneak very quietly. This floor is full of empty display cases and is guarded by a robot and one guard.

Check behind the statue near the NW corner of the room and be careful not to trip over the bodies. Somebody a little less talented has obviously been here before you! You'll find a tiny switch on the baseboard. Flip it and then go around the east side of the center wall.

Go through the open doorway and climb a ladder to the attic. Why have a guard patrolling in attic? There must be something of interest up here!

Check around to find another tiny switch hidden on the wall by the head of the northwest bed. Frob it then climb down the ladder to the first doorway.

You'll have to deal with several patrolling guards on this floor. Help yourself to a painting (+ 100 = 2092) that is hanging on the east wall then hop out of the open window near it onto the ledge opposite. Follow the ledge left to a room where you can pick up a fine wine (+50 = 2142) and a gold plate (+50 = 2192) from the table.

Back in the gallery, go to the north side and flip the switch behind the left-hand pedestal.

Grab a painting (+100 = 2292) from the west wall return to the ladder and climb all the way to the bottom.

Check this floor carefully, and you'll find a switch just above the baseboard in the corner on the north side of the stairs. Once you've flipped it, head downstairs to the basement.

To the left is a bathroom where you can fish a water arrow from the toilet bowl and behind the double doors is a bedroom where a man sleeping on the bed. There is a silver coinstack concealed on top of the armoire (+12 = 2304).

Pick up the spectacles (+ 50 = 2354) from the left bedside table and flip a lever that is on baseboard behind the table. You've just found Secret #5! A panel slides open in the ceiling to expose the secret attic area. Use a rope arrow to get up into it and to find a purse (+ 100 = 2454) and a hammer (+ 400 = 2854) lying on the floor in the NE corner.

Return to the bedroom below, and look for another tiny switch in the corner by the right hand bedside table. Flip it, leave the bedroom and turn right.

The gate into the storage room where all the artifacts are kept should now be open so mosey on in and help yourself. You'll be able to pick up a purple urn (+ 100 = 2954), 2 vases (+ 100 = 3054), 2 black jars (+ 40 = 3094), 7 small statues (+ 105 = 3199), a blue gem (+ 100 = 3299), 8 masks (+ 400 = 3699) and a green rolled tapestry (+150 = 3849). Loot objective complete! Don't forget to check the top shelf where you find a gold statue (+ 75 = 3924) and a green vase (+ 20 = 3944). You're done in here so head back up to the middle floor. Go back of the window and jump over to the bell tower. Now to get back home.

Return to the west side and jump down on the flat rooftop. Climb onto the roof of the small structure and from there jump back over to the higher flat rooftop. Go back through the window on the north side, along the hallway, down the stairs and into the room at the end. Head out the window and jump back to the flat rooftop. Climb the ladder on the east wall to another flat rooftop, cross to the east side and let yourself down to the peaked roof with a rope arrow. Cross the east side and climb back in through the window you came out of a while ago. Backtrack through the hallways and upstairs until you come to the machinery room. Go back out through the window, walk across the metal pole and mantle back up onto the rooftop.

Go through the north door, down the stairs, turn right and go into the drafting room. Go through the grate, hop to the box on the balcony opposite and climb down the ladder. Enter Garrett's apartment and mission complete!

Nightwalker and Freddy Fox - 27th November 2005