The Trickster's Castle Walkthrough (Expert Level)

The loot objectives are not covered in this walkthrough - a lootlist and associated diagrams are available elsewhere.


The castle has three floors, connected by a central flight of stairs, and a basement. The layout of each floor is different and rather confusing. There is one door at the front of the building, and a gate out to the cemetery at the rear of the castle.

Necessary Tasks

1.  Get into the castle

2.  Get to the stair area

3.  Get to the basement

4.  Get to the cemetery

5.  Find and kill the prime evil that dwells within the castle

6  Find the ancient King Albert's crown

7.  Find the ancient scroll the Trickster wrote here

8. Leave the castle through the back way instead of through the front door

Freddy Fox    21st April 2004