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Test spoiler:
Perhaps we can talk over drawn swords.

The Den

Walkthrough - Expert Difficulty

Note: A large number of AI inhabit or patrol the fortress area, so exercise care at all times. However, this FM is fully ghostable.
Hint: if you elect to play in "ghost" mode you are advised to leave well defended loot items until the end of the mission.


The first thing to do is escape this stinking prison and find something to eat. But how? The cell door is locked, and there is nothing that can be used as a lock-pick inside the cell.

Wait until L'Arsene leaves, then retrieve the little rat bone from the rubbish just outside the cell door on the left. Pick the lock open with the bone.

When the coast is clear collect the two water arrows from the pool and creep around to the exit on the left. Turn left again, pick up the broadheads on top of the crate and continue to the corner. Open the door carefully, sneak in and grab the "Prison Key" from the table - use this to open the metal gate a little farther on. Operate the switch here to open the gate on the upper level, then continue in the same direction until you see the torture room on the right. In here you can collect some apples and a couple more broadheads.

Go through the combat training room, and collect some more apples from the table on the left. (It's a good idea to eat all the food you find until your health is restored.) Climb the stairs, go through the opening on the opposite side and head up the stone steps in the far left corner.

You will see a footlocker at the end of the passage. On the way there, drop into the room on the right for some bread and cheese. Collect a moss arrow from the footlocker, and look around. If you frob the torch to the left of the triangular arch, a hatch below the picture called "The Sight" opens, revealing a peculiar lock. Very strange!

Head back towards the prison stairs and turn right. The room on the left is a kitchen, with carrots on the hearth, water arrows in the sink and a lot of food on the table. Farther on, turn right by the gunpowder barrels and enter a room with a scroll on the table. Read it, and receive new objectives - give Berenice the fright of her life, but do not kill her! Pick up your weapons, compass and lockpicks from the side table - objective complete!

Retrace your steps and leave the prison block through the door on the left. Go through the arched passage in the North wall, pick up the moss arrow in the plant on the left as you emerge, then creep round to the right. There is another water arrow in the trough here, and there is also a moss arrow in the bush behind the railings. Pick open the door South of the trough to collect a healing fruit from the unlocked footlocker and a silver coinstack (12) from the locked one.

Now head West to the covered area with barrels; the door on the right is the South Door of the fortress. Go through it, then straight ahead through the arch and into the room on the right. Read Viny's letter and get a noisemaker arrow from the footlocker. Go into the room opposite and continue through the door facing you to collect a water arrow from the right-hand tub.

Now go back through the arch towards the South door and turn right into a dormitory area. The footlockers in the room on the right contain a flashbomb and a rope arrow. Look under the bedroll on the top bunk to find 4 coins (+80 = 92). Back in the first dormitory, go through the metal door to the West. You will notice a picture on the right called "The Hearing" which has some broadheads stuck in it, and there is another peculiar lock beside it. Pick open the Weapons Depot door in the SE corner and help yourself to the contents.

Berenice's Laboratory

Go back out through the South Door and turn right. Rope up above the Generator Room door and open the window. Let yourself down quietly and collect 3 silver coinstacks (+36 = 128) from the table and the Safe Key from Berenice's belt.

Back outside, continue West then North. There is an outdoor seating area on the left with a moss arrow hidden in the shrub. The main entrance is a little farther on - the guard on the South side is wearing a purse (+100 = 228). Continue past the front entrance, go right, and open the horizontal door. Drop down (Ugh! It's full of rats!) to collect 3 coins (+60 = 288) and a moss arrow. The building opposite is Bernice's laboratory. Let yourself in and read the red book on the tiled table. Oh dear! However, it's interesting to learn that she is terrified of rats. You now know a good way to give her that fright! Pick up the poisoned cheese from the left of the stove, climb the ladder to the rafters and collect the moss arrow.

Operate the red switch at the west end of the beam. This opens a door below, so drop down, go in, and then through the second door into the room beyond.

The gentleman in the bath is a bit under the weather, but he has been drinking from a gold cup (+25 = 313). There is a round red object called "The Taste" in the bath with him. It must be one of the red stones that Berenice mentioned in her journal, so pick that up as well. Return to the South Door, enter and turn right.

The Ground Floor

Frob the torch on the wall to your right to open a passage hidden behind the astrochart on the wall ahead. Secret #1.

Just past the chart, in the waiting area on the right, there is a silver coinstack in the niche in the South wall below the gargoyle (+12 = 325). Go through the secret passage into a storeroom and thence to the kitchen. Here you will find a goblet in the left hand cupboard (+15 = 340) and a lot more food to eat. There is another goblet on the counter in the dining room next door (+15 = 355).

Leave the dining room through the double doors, go through the doors straight ahead and into the Meeting Room on the right. Collect the rope arrow from the table, then go through the curtains and collect the Fortress Map from the desk. Open the wall safe with the Safe Key and recover your goods. Objective complete! Almost opposite is a room with an armoire, a bunk and a crib. There are 3 coins on the floor behind the broken table (+60 = 415).

Locate the button on the wall between the top and bottom bunks. If you press it the armoire slides aside to reveal a room where you can pick up moss and water arrows. Secret #2!

Go back past the meeting room, through the doors, then turn left (N). There are some coins on the table in the room on the right (+60 = 475). The chest in the staff rest room area to the North contains a scouting orb and a rope arrow. In the bunkroom to the West you can collect broadheads from the footlocker, an apple from the table and a necklace from the jewelry box on the windowsill (+200 = 675). There is another picture/lock pair in the room to the East - this one is called "The Smell". Now head North, collect a water arrow and a flashbomb from the footlocker by the dummy, then turn East and climb the stairs to the middle floor.

The Middle Floor

The first room on the right is La Bourrique's apartment but you haven't got the key for this door yet. Go into the storeroom on the left and collect 2 coins from between the teachests (+40 = 715). There are some moss arrows behind the sacks in the adjoining room. Turn left at the T junction and go through the double doors into the dining room.

There is something not quite right here.... Never mind, on the table are 5 plates (+50 = 765), 4 gold cups (+100 = 865) and 2 candlesticks (+100 = 965). There is another candlestick on the floor (+50 = 1015) and in front of the fire is a gold cup (+25 = 1040) together with a bottle of wine (+50 = 1090). A noisemaker arrow is stuck in the armoire. You can get some more food in the adjoining kitchen, where there are 3 gold plates beside the sink (+150 = 1240), a gold cup in the sink itself (+25 = 1265) and a bottle of wine up on the shelf (+50 = 1315). There is also a fire arrow in the stove.

Back out of the double doors, turn left (S). In the room on the right there is a box containing a ring (+100 = 1415). Go into the room opposite (with a phonograph) and pick up the gold vase from the room divider shelf (100 = 1515). Carry on through the passage in the East wall to the Smoking Room, where there is a gold statue on the mantlepiece (+75 = 1590) and a small statue on the West windowsill (+15 = 1605). Pick open the door on the East side and go into the Pictures Room.

Frob the painting of Sir Remulus to open a hidden compartment, and add the red stone called "The Smell" to your inventory.

The other door in the Smoking Room opens onto the Great Living Room. Here, there are 2 candlesticks on the mantlepiece (+100 = 1705), 3 statues on the dresser (+45 = 1750) and a mask on the wall (+50 = 1800). There is a goblet out on the balcony (+15 = 1815) and a vase on the side table (+50 =1865). On the corner table in the next room (with the harp) is another vase (+50 = 1915). There is also a moss arrow in the plant pot in the room to the South. Leave via the door in the SW corner which opens onto a stone passageway. There are 3 silver coinstacks on the desk in the room on the right (+36 = 1951). Now go into the South-West tower and nick the arrow from the archer.

Frob the torch to the right of the anchor. This opens a compartment near the ceiling to reveal another red stone for you to collect - this one is "The Hearing".

Head North, jink left then right, and pick open the door to Doc's apartment. The note from La Bourrique in the bedroom indicates there may be a key hidden nearby. Hmmm - nothing in this room, but there is a healing potion and a gold vase on the bookcase in the next room (+100 = 2051).

Aha - frobbing the candlestick to the right of the door reveals Bourrique's apartments key!

Leave Doc's through the bedroom, turn right and operate the red lever. This opens the upper Main door - the guard on the left outside is wearing a purse (+100 = 2151). Back inside, carry on towards the anchor.

There is a little switch low on the wall behind the sleeping guard. Secret #3! It opens a shortcut to the boxroom downstairs, just inside the Main Doors.

The North-West tower has been turned into a gaming room and there are 5 silver coinstacks on the table (+60 = 2211). You may as well nick the archer's arrow while you're here! Now head East past the "Forbidden Area" notice and enter the room on the right.

Frob the Ship's Wheel to open a compartment below. Secret #4! There are 3 rings in the bowl inside (+300 = 2511).

Continue East, then go left through the metal door into the bathroom. There is a water arrow in the bath and 3 goblets here (+150 = 2661).

If you look behind the curtains you will see another tiny switch. Operate it to open another secret compartment where there is a chest containing a necklace (+200 = 2861). Secret #5!

La Bourrique's Apartment

Head South from the bathroom, and nip into the second door on the left, where there is a water arrow in the bucket. Then use the key you collected from Doc's rooms to enter La Bourriques's apartment. There is a broadhead arrow in the footlocker in the bedroom, a gold vase on the bedside table (+100 = 2961) and 2 candlesticks on the mantlepiece (+100 = 3061). There is a crumpled note in the corner at the back of the fire - he must have intended to burn this. It contains a lot of important information about The Den, the 5 stones, and the 5 Senses and their locks.

Back in the other room, jump up and frob the Burrick head. This opens a secret panel in the room with the flies, and you can collect L'Arsene's Apartment Key from the chest here.

You can pick up a rope arrow from the windowsill near the flies. Read the red book on the small table to learn a lot more, and you will also receive a new objective: Get the Crystal of Molte. OK, now climb the stairs to the top floor.

Top Floor

At the top of the stairs, collect a purse from beneath the couch (+100 = 3161).

Now operate the switch behind the couch to open a secret passage that leads South to the living room. Secret #6!

Go through the passage into the living room and collect 2 jars from the mantlepiece (+40 = 3201).

Frob the statue to open a panel in the South wall of the next room. Hurry through, turn left, climb the rope arrow and wriggle through the opening to collect the Touch stone from the chest. When you start to return a secret door opens ahead of you. The compartment contains a body and a rope arrow. Retrace your steps - a little switch to the right of the cobwebby statue will reopen the panel.

Back in the large office, collect the candlestick from the desk (+50 = 3251).

Look at the South wall in the next room. There is something peculiar about the centre panel - it responds to your lock picks! When you get it open you can collect a tiara from the chest inside (+125 = 3376). Secret #7!

Leave the living room the way you came in, back to the top of the stairs. Head West, then South, and go through the door on the left into the bathroom. There is a water arrow in the bath, and on the ledge at the back you will find valuable torc (+350 = 3726). Loot objective complete!

A sword guard and a servant girl patrol through the small room across the corridor. Go through this room, then turn right (N) - you are now facing the door to Berenice's apartment, so pick it open and go in.

There is a candlestick on the dresser (+50 = 3776), a healing potion in the box on the small table and an invisibility potion in the large chest. Go into her bedroom and pick up 2 vases from the corner shelf (+100 = 3876).

There is a tiny switch beside the statue in the niche behind the other corner shelf. Secret #8! It opens a secret passage to the left of the fireplace, and here you can collect 2 water arrows, a fire arrow and a moss arrow from the shelf, and a necklace from the chest (+200 = 4076).

Leave Berenice's apartment, then turn right and go through the single door into the dining room where there are 2 candlesticks on the table (+100 = 4176) and 2 vases on the mantlepiece (+100 = 4276). There is another picture/lock pair here - this time it's called "The Touch". There are 3 coins beside the board game in the smoking room next door ( +60 = 4336). The door to the East opens into the library, where you can collect a candlestick from the table (+50 = 4386) before entering the small room to the East.

L'Arsene's Apartment

There is a lockbox on the wall to the right of the bookcase, and it opens with L'Arsene's apartment key! Enter his apartment through the passage that has opened in the East wall.

There is a mask above the double doors (+50 = 4436) and a gold cup (+25 = 4461) and a bottle of wine on the table (+50 = 4511). On the mantlepiece are 2 vases (+100 = 4611) and 2 candlesticks (+100 = 4711). Now here's a find - your sword is on the windowsill! Bonus objective complete!

Go through to the bedroom and collect a water arrow from the chest, a gold vase from the table (+100 = 4811) and a candlestick from the dressing table (+50 = 4861). That arch on the North wall with the painting in the middle is in an odd place!

Look around it closely and you will find a switch on the left hand side of the arch, which causes the painting to swing open and reveal a passageway behind it.

Follow the passage round to the very private office and collect 3 broadheads from the bottom shelf and a gold vase from the top shelf (+100 = 4961). Frob the skull, and a secret room will open in the North wall. Secret #9! Collect the fire arrows and read the scroll. Sentinels - what Sentinels? Now pick open the wall safe, which contains the Forbidden quarter key.

The Forbidden Area

Make your way back to the West side of the middle floor, and use the key you have just acquired to open the door. Drop down through the hole in the floor and explore the old library. There is an interesting book on the table against the West wall. Leave the library and enter the room with the fallen beam.

There is a plank leaning against the wall to the right of the doorway in the East wall. If you peer behind it you can just discern the edge of a lockbox. Pick it open, and the boarded up door in the North wall will open.

Go in, walk through the red curtains and pick up the stone called "The Sight" from the far side of the skeleton on the bed. Climb over the wall into the garden, where there is another Sense access lock beside the fountain. This must be "The Taste", the only one of the five not found already. Flip the switch on the West wall to open the gate, and then go through the door in the North wall and enter the chapel gardens. Make your way into the chapel, stopping to collect a silver nugget from the tombstone area on the left just before the doors (+50 = 5011). Read the plaque in front of the altar. Stone face? What can that mean?

Search around the chapel - aha, the head of the statue in the SW corner can be picked up! Drop it on the altar, and the slab ahead of you slides aside. Go in to the passage and through the door ahead.

There is a scroll in front of the plinth that makes alarming reading. Never mind, grab the 5 senses key and make a hasty retreat. What on earth is that thing charging round the next room? Could it be one of the Sentinels? Sneak past it and out. Help, another one is patrolling outside the chapel! If all those statues have come to life, the next few minutes could be very interesting!~

The Five Senses

Well, we have the master key and all the red stones, so let's see what happens. Sneak back to the garden, and use the 5 senses key to unlock the access to "The Taste". Go in, climb down the ladder and read the plaque. Hmm - right, feed then proffer poison?

OK, go to the mouth nearest the picture (the right hand one) and drop the poisoned cheese on the plinth (don't throw it).

The picture moves aside, enabling you to place the "Taste" stone into the hands of the receptacle. One down, four to go! Now go all the way back to the prison block and the room that contains "The Sight". Use the 5 senses key on the lock, and approach the entrance with care. Never cross the line of sight? This could be tricky! Creep to the far end, drop the "Sight" stone in the receptacle, and creep out again. Phew!

Now back to the South doors, enter and turn left to the room with "The Hearing". Use the 5 senses key again, and this time the door in the floor opens. Climb down the ladder, and enter a maze of passages. You need to head West whenever possible to reach the receptacle*. When you get there, read the plaque. Drop the Hearing stone in the receptacle and retrace your steps, listening carefully. There is something dangerous, invisible and noisy patrolling the maze now, and you will have to avoid it to get back to the ladder alive.

When you get out, head toward the North-East corner of the ground floor, where you found "The Smell" earlier. Unlock the access and climb into the passage. When you reach the place where fumes are emanating from the floor, crouch down and look carefully. See those transparent mushrooms? They emit poisonous gas if you get near, so shoot them with broadheads from a safe distance to clear your approach to the receptacle. Place the Smell stone, and make a careful exit. (A switch on the wall will reopen the entrance.)

Now there is only one remaining stone to place. "The Touch" is in the top floor dining room, so that's the place to go now. (When you reach the top floor, beware of the Sentinel! The best route to avoid him is via the secret passage at the top of the stairs, through the living room, out of the office door and into L'Arsenes apartment through the double doors. Use the secret passage here to get to the library, then go through the smoking room to the dining room.)

Have a good look at the window above the fire and make a note of the number positions. Remember that the thumb points at #2. Open the lock with the 5 senses key, jump up, walk into the pillar chamber and read the plaque. It seems that you have to touch the pillars in the correct order.

The thumb is pointing North, so the North pillar must be #2, the West pillar #1, the South one #3 and the East one #4. OK, touch the pillars in the order West, North, South, East.

Yes, that opens the access to the Touch stone receptacle! That's the 5th and final stone, so now it's back to the middle floor dining room, where a doorway has opened at the back of the huge fireplace!

The Den

Read the note L'Arsene has left for you, then go down the steps, through the mist, and continue down towards a lava pool. Look for a moss arrow in the shrub on the left. Turn left at the pool, and you will see a portcullis ahead. How does it open?

Go back to the room South of the lava pool, pick up one of the statues and place it on one of the pedestals that are just to the West of the lava. Put the second statue on the opposite pedestal - open Sesame!

Go through the portcullis, and read the note at the bottom of the stairs. Hmmm! Walk down the left side (S) of the stairs and frob the torch at the far end to reveal a secret room under the stairs. Secret #10. Go in and collect 2 jars (+40 = 5051), a necklace (+200 = 5251) and a moss arrow. Climb to the top of the stairs and turn right. The room at the end contains a rope arrow on the table and a fire arrow in the hearth. Back at the top of the stairs, head West. At the corner, crouch and hug the wall. Carry on, but keep your head down!

Open the double doors and walk past the vine to the door in the South-East corner. Rattle the door handle and then hide. (If you are ghosting, try crouching down to the right of the doorway.) La Bourrique will emerge and walk past - steal his key and use it to open the door. The next room you reach has a passage leading off to the East and a couple of beams bridging a gap on the North side. Cross the gap carefully, turn left and walk round the ledge. Jump the gap in front of the face and keep going. There is a fire arrow among the bones in the room in the North wall.

Retrace your steps and turn down the passage leading East. Jump the gap in the bridge, then open the double doors and go carefully down the rickety wooden ramp. At the bottom, head East quietly.

The Heart of Molte

You will arrive at the entrance to a huge room. L'Arsene is there with two of his henchmen. High up in the centre of the ceiling you can see the swirling motes that surround the Heart of Molte. Crouch/creep around the right-hand wall to the archway, go through and up the steps to the balcony. Shoot a rope arrow into the wood surround of the Heart, and climb it to the top. Steal the crystal - objective complete! Pandemonium breaks out below - the two sentinels come to life and attack and kill L'Arsene and his men! Objective complete!

Climb down, jump to the balcony and retrace your steps. (There is a speed potion and a healing potion on the altar if you are very brave.) Continue back until you arrive in the dining room once more. When you step out into the hallway you will discover that all the Sentinels who were roaming about here have been reduced to rubble.

The Punishment

There is one more thing to do before you leave the fortress. Make your way back to the Generator Room, collect Berenice, carry her to the rat hole and drop her in. Objective Complete!

Now go back round the corner to the main entrance and walk towards the outer doors.

End of mission

Freddy Fox and Nightwalker  -   26th November 2005


~ The sentinels can be destroyed with fire arrows.

*Maze directions (compass directions except R/L = go right/left through an opening):
Going in: W-S-R-S-W-N-W-S-R-S-W-R-E-N-L
Coming out: S-W-L-E-N-R-N-R-N-E-S-L-N-R (but you will probably need to detour!)