Note: This walkthrough contains hidden "spoilers". To see the text that is concealed by the solid blocks, hold the left mouse button down and drag the cursor across.

Test spoiler: ... it converts the energy from the corpses into light.

The Clean Out

Walkthrough - Expert Difficulty

You start with a selection of arrows, but no sword or blackjack. There are many hostile Hammerites in and around the church, so it's a good idea to retrieve the blackjack as soon as possible and not worry about collecting loot until you have the blackjack in your grasp.

Finding the blackjack

Pick up the rope arrow behind you, walk east along the railings as far as you can, then head north to the outer wall. Shoot a rope arrow into the protruding beam and climb up. Head north along the wall and descend the ladder on your left. Head north again, douse the torch, sneak past the guard and carry on towards the guard in the NE corner. Extinguish the torch on your left, pick open the door and go in, and then open the door on the right. Go through into the vestry, then close the door and frob the unlit torch on the wall. A secret hatch opens in the ceiling. Climb up and collect some water arrows from the chest - they will be useful - and a statue (+15) from the table at the end of the corridor. Sneak outside again and climb two ladders onto the roof.

Turn right, cross over the ridge and open the hatch on the far side. Go down the ladder and pick up some flares. There is a chest through the door ahead, but it's a waste of time! Operate the switches on the side walls to open two sliding panels. Go into the one on the east side first and look right - see the guard on the balcony? You will come in via the window above him. Now go through the other panel and look around. You will want to go down the stairs on the west side, and need to pass the guard at the south end whilst avoiding the patrolling guards. Hmmm!

Get back onto the roof, head south to the end, climb down the ladder then up onto the windowsill. Shoot a moss arrow down to muffle the noise, and when the patrolling guard is on his way out, drop down, turn right and pick open the door at the end. Hide against the bunk on your left until the patrolling guard in here turns round, then follow him into the next bunk room. Hide between the first two bunks until he is on his way out, then grab the "Basement" key and the "Church Main Door" key from the table and follow him back the way you came. Lurk in the shadow in the doorway, then follow the guard who patrols the balcony out and down the stairs. If you douse the torch at the bottom you can wait under the stairs (where you can pick up some water arrows and moss arrows) and then follow one of the guards patrolling round anti-clockwise as far as the stairs on the east side. Go down them, and use the Basement key to unlock the door. Aha - an Art Gallery.

Make your way to the SW corner, then head east and pick open the metal door. Go into the workshop - your blackjack is in the middle of the hammers on the floor on the left. Optional objective complete. Life has become very much easier!

There are two bottles of wine in the workshop and three more in the next room (+250 = 265). Now make your way back to the basement door, taking care of every guard you meet along the way! Collect a water crystal from the pool as you pass. The door on the left at the bottom of the stairs is the kitchen. There is a valuable wine bottle behind the others on the shelf (+50 = 315) and a gold vase behind the chimney (+100 = 415).

The Church

Turn right at the top of the stairs and go along into the room at the end. Wait here to deal with the two patrolling guards. Now go round past the main church door to the room in the NW corner, where you can collect the "Cemetery" key, the "Church Master" key and a gold candlestick (+50 = 465). The book here mentions a missing telescope, and also contains a significant clue to the location of the library. OK, give the guard nearest this room a tap on the head and then head upstairs where we were earlier.

There is nothing of value in the dining room at the top of the stairs, but there are 7 statues (+105 = 570) on the ledge at the back of the balcony. Look in the chests in the first bunkroom for moss arrows, broadhead arrows, a mine, a healing fruit and a silver coinstack (+12 = 582). Rope up to the beam at the end of the room and operate the switch on the far side (left). A secret door opens - go through, and open the door on the left. Aha - the missing telescope, and a scroll that explains Giacomo's strange grin! The chests in the second bunkroom contain a flash bomb, gas arrows, a crystal chunk (+25 = 607) and a spice bag (+40 = 647).

Back downstairs, go round to the vestry in the NE corner again - and why not deal with the guard closest to the door on the way past? That leaves just one in the middle. Go into the base of the bell tower and climb the first ladder. Bonk the guard on the head and collect 3 vases from the window sills (+60 = 707). Now climb the second ladder, deal with the two guards here, then rope up above the bell. In the NW corner are a scouting orb, an invisibility potion, a slow-fall potion and 3 fine wine bottles (+150 = 857), together with a scroll which explains why they are there.

The Library

Come back down below the bell, lean out of the north window and look around to the right. OK, use a rope arrow or two to get round into that opening. Now go down two very long ladders - the library is through the wooden door straight ahead. Douse the torch and wait. A guard will emerge from the door on the left. Send him to sleep, then open the library door quietly. Deal with the two guards in here - the stationary one is carrying the "Dark Engine" key - then explore. The book on one of the tables describes the Dark Engine, a scroll on another table suggests you should get your feet wet, and you can pick up 2 copper coinstacks (+10 = 867) from a third table. Wet your toesies? Hmm, look in the pool - just a water arrow - there must be more than that. Look up - there is an illuminated arrow in the ceiling! Frob the book it is pointing to, and learn where some valuables are hidden. Now look above the door and collect 2 gold cups (+50 = 917) and a wine bottle (+50 = 967).

The Dark Engine

Leave the library and go through the door on the right (N) into some gloomy passageways. Enter the room on the right to collect two explosive devices, then proceed quietly. Subdue the guard in front of the next door and continue on round a couple of corners. There is another guard here. Open the door with the Dark Engine key and go in. Wow! You get another optional objective - eliminate Brother Seudocience. Creep along to the end and bj the guard here. There may be a guard waiting at the bottom of this ladder, so jump across to the blue-lit machine and descend the ladder on the NE corner. This a good place to lurk and biff the patrolling guards as they pass - there are six guards at floor level, three or four of whom are on patrol. Deal with them all, then lurk near the generators on the west side until Seudoscience walks past - steal the "Safe" key from him and then eliminate him. The method is up to you. Suggestions - shoot him, drown him or blow him up (there is a fire arrow under the pipe on top of the green-lit machine). Optional Objective complete.

There is a lot of loot in the engine-room. In the central brightly-lit square there are 6 crystal chunks (+150 = 1117). There are 4 more in the NW corner (+100 = 1217) and 2 more on the catwalk above (+50 = 1267). Warning - don't go all the way up the ladder here - it's booby-trapped with a mine at the top! There is a wine bottle (+50 = 1317) beside the body in the middle of the red-lit machine.

The Safe

Retrace your steps, and go straight across the library passage. Watch out for the guard in the alcove on the left, and flip the lever on the right to open the door. Go through, and you are back in the Art Gallery. Locate the painting called Deep Blue - it's in the NW corner. Mantle up into the painting, and go left to arrive in a boxroom. There is a wine bottle on the box in front of the sofa (+50 = 1367) and a purse on top of the pile of boxes (+100 = 1467). Open the metal door with the Safe key and go in - jackpot! There are 21 crystal chunks here (+525 = 1992) - Loot Objective complete.

The Bonus

Now to investigate the valuables in the altar painting. Leave the gallery by the stairs up to the church. Deal with the remaining guard, and shoot a couple of moss arrows below the altar painting to deaden the noise you are bound to make. Now place a rope arrow just above the painting and climb it onto the windowsill. Open the secret hatch in the bottom right-hand corner - there are 25 crystal chunks inside (+625 = 2617). The last few are hard to see and hard to get! Get back down, collect the holy water near the font, then make your way to the back of the church.

The Churchyard

Open the left-hand door, lean in and tap the guard on the head. Douse the torches, then open the main door and extinguish the torches here as well. Put the two guards to sleep, then lurk in the shadows to await the patrolling guard and subdue him as well. There is a gold hammer (+75 = 2692) behind the statue above the church front door - it is possible to get it with the aid of a rope arrow. Head south to the entrance - put out the torch, and deal with the hammerite in the little guard post opposite. In here you can collect an invisibility potion, a copper coinstack (+5 = 2697), a silver coinstack (+12 = 2709) and some coins (+20 = 2729).

The Cemetery

Back inside the churchyard, head over to the door in the west wall and open it. Go carefully down the path and deal with the guard at the next gate, which unlocks with the Cemetery key. If you frob the lights in here they go out - just the job, because this graveyard is swarming with zombies. Pick up the 3 vases on the ground (+60 = 2789), then go through the opening in the NW corner. Use the Cemetery key again to enter another graveyard. There are 3 more vases in here (+60 = 2849) and one of the zombies is wearing the "Crypt" key.

Go back into the first graveyard and use the Crypt key to unlock the door in the south wall. Go in and close it behind you to delay the zombies for a while. Follow the passage until you reach the water. There is a rock platform in the middle with a blue-lit skeleton and other things on it. A small hole is visible in the far wall - this shoots a stream of arrows if you approach the skeleton. There are two boulders at the bottom of the pool - if you can place one of these on the skeleton's feet it will act as a shield. Hop into the water and go around the back of the platform, dive down and collect the hammer from the chest (+75 = 2924). Now pick up one of the boulders and throw it into position - you will probably need to try this several times. Edge round the right side of the boulder and pick up your sword and a tiara (+125 = 3049).

The Exit

That's everything done, so make your way back to the churchyard, turn right and go into the opening in the SW corner - the sign reads "Exit Only". Jump down the hole into the water and swim along to the SW.

Mission complete.

When you have finished playing the game as suggested above, there are numerous alternative strategies you can try. For example:

1. Get the cemetery key first, then lure the zombies out to fight the Hammerites. (Or lure the Hammerites into the cemetery.)

2. There are a couple of "Easter eggs" which give you many extra weapons and possibly two new game plans:

        One is in a secret compartment behind the barrels near the telescope. It's opened by a small switch in the first bunkroom. Examine the sleeping guard's bunk very carefully.

        The other is above the false ceiling in the library. Stand in the doorway - a small area on the far side of the nearest hole will take a rope arrow. You won't need any keys now!

Freddy Fox   -   22nd February 2005