The Sun Within And The Sun Without by Qolelis

Expert walkthrough by PotatoGuy – not ghosting

The Crypt

When you begin the mission, you'll see the thief who stole your lucky charm fleeing into a room. The room on your right is locked and your lockpicks won't work, so it may be best to follow him. Hm, the room is empty! And so are the chests...where could that taffer be? When you investigate the south sarcophagus you'll see a lever behind it in a hole in the wall. Pull it. The other sarcophagus will slide away. Descend the ladder, get back your quiver that is lying on the floor (It contains 20 broadhead arrows, 3 water arrows and 5 rope arrows), go into the new room and turn the wheel.

Spiders, ghosts and gold

Wow, a teleport! You're in a cave now so investigate this new place! First have a look at the wall behind you. See that stone sticking out of it? Hit it with your blackjack and you can pick it up. You can throw the stones on the spiders downstairs – you'll see they won't like it. Pick up all the loose stones and go through the wall.The dark void you see will bring you back to the room where you turned the wheel, so that's not the right direction. There is a small hole in the cave wall that allows you to see into another room, but you can't get there through this opening...the only option left is to go back to the main cave. Before you return, pick up the gold nugget that is lying under the rubble (100; 100).

If you haven’t already killed all the spiders by throwing stones at them, there are two other ways to kill them. Use your sword...or douse a torch. The ghost will get angry, relight the torch, and attack the spiders. (Hide though. While he is visible he isn't friendly to you either.) After he kills the spiders he again becomes slightly visible and friendly, sometimes after a bit of searching.

Pick up the water arrow on the ground. In the little cave to your right you'll find a moss arrow and a dead rat. Enter the southwest collapsed tunnel and look above the boulders for a gold nugget. (25;125) Walk to the south and pick up the mushroom flare from the top of a crate. Destroy the cobweb in the little south cave with your sword and pick up another moss arrow. You'll notice a non-hostile spider patrolling in and out of a little opening. What about giving him the dead rat? Drop it on his patrol route, and he'll give you a gold nugget! (25;150)

Meeting a big enemy

Walk back to the big pillar in the middle of the cave, and look up to the Southwest. See that cave opening? Pick up the crate where you found the mushroom and flare and throw it on top of the west beam of the pillar. Shoot a rope arrow in the crate, climb up and mantle onto the beam. Jump on the highest beam, turn east and lean forward to get the nugget (50;200) then jump towards the cave opening. (You can jump from the rope too, if you find that easier.)

Follow the cave to the north (don't forget to pick up the nugget on your left (25;225)), and you will see you are in space. Take a peek outside and you can see some meteoroids. On your left is a giant one with a building on it, and above it all, a sun that will shoot fireballs at you any second now. Better get back inside! When you take a look back outside, you will see a big boulder blocking the other cave. Stand right next to it and make sure the sun shoots some fireballs at that place then go back inside. The fireballs destroy the big boulder.

Once the sun has stopped shooting, get back outside, throw the little boulders away and quickly enter the other cave. Next to the crate is another nugget in the wall. (25; 250) Walk a bit and you will soon recognize the room you saw earlier (through the hole in the wall). Before entering it, there is another nugget on your right. (25;275) Pick up the 6 gold nuggets on the ground (450;725) then get the crate you saw earlier and use it to get on the beams. There is another nugget above you in the ceiling. (25;750) Get into the upper NW cave (You may have to use the rope crate again) and get the nugget that's lying on the floor (50;800)

Go back and climb the ladder. Kill the spider and open the door with your lockpicks. In the little cache you'll find 7 fire arrows. Put one of the explosive barrels near the boulder blocking the other door and use a fire arrow to make them a lot smaller. Take an explosive barrel with you to the gold room and put it on the left of the big boulder. To make sure the ghost won't get angry you better take his body and drop it somewhere else. Shoot a fire arrow at the barrel then enter the small tunnel behind the boulder you just blew up. At the end of the tunnel is a gold nugget. (100;900) Found secret!

Go back to the room where you found the fire arrows. Exit through the doorway then enter the building to your right and read the note. Hm, we will have to figure out how to open this door. Climb the ladder. Pick up the four mushroom flares and the rope arrow, and the fruit and water arrow from the shelf. Pick open the safe and get the 2 gold coinstacks (50;950) and the energy control key. Read the note on the table – the sun that is getting closer, a stargazer and cursed gems? least now you know who was lying dead in the gold room, and why the ghost gets angry when you douse a torch in that cave!

Walk out the building and turn right. That's not the thief you're looking for! Take her holy water vial and her dagger (50;1000) and read the note. There is a moss arrow near the west wall of the cave. Visit the northeast corner of the cave and mantle up onto the roof of the building. Collect the moss arrow and water arrow. Jump to the little southwest ledge and pick up another nugget. (25;1025)

Enter the tunnel on the east side, and pick up another water arrow. The cave leads outside, and if you don't want to meet the angry sun again I suggest you turn around. So, get back inside and go into the little room on the east side of the building. It seems that originally people could choose where they wanted to go, Village or Sun Tower, but alas, now it's broken and we can only go one direction. Turn the wheel.

Looting the temple

Walk a few steps, turn 180 degrees and pick up the crystal hiding behind the rock. (20;1045) Go northeast and into the stone building. Whoa! Don't worry, it won't hurt you. Read the note on the wall. In this room you'll see two niches with canopic jars in them. You can reach them when you stand on a stone and jump. (150;1195) Go back to the caves and walk northwest. Read the note near the crate and pick up your favorite doll. Walk a bit further: you can't proceed but duck (and lean forward if necessary) and get another crystal that's hidden behind the boulders. (25; 1220)

Walk back and pick up the crate then go the place where you picked up your first crystal and turn right. After some steps you'll see another crystal next to the ceiling. If you don't manage to get it, shoot an arrow at it and it will come loose from the wall and you will be able to pick it up easily. (25; 1245) If you have been watching the ground you will have seen blood trails since you met the big spider's corpse. Could it be the guy you are looking for? Walk a bit further and you'll have your answer. Read the employer's letter. That doesn't sound good. And you still don't have your lucky charm! Jump to the other side of the abyss and walk down the tunnel. Pick up the water arrow on your way and go into the building. Try to turn the wheel. Hm, it's locked, and if you look close you'll see there is a peg missing. Something to remember for later.

Retrace your steps to the dead thief and put the crate you took with you just on the end of the walkway. (If you can't see well enough, use a mushroom flare to light the torch.) Jump to the other side again and shoot a rope arrow into the crate. Descend the rope and jump down onto the lower walkway. Pick up the two crystals (75; 1320) and read the crumpled note.

Continue through the tunnel and you'll see a temple. Watch out for the spiders: if you really want to avoid them you can mantle the ledge in front of the broken window and enter the temple that way. Walk up the ramp and go to the candles. Your lucky charm! Objective complete! There are also some other valuables...pick up everything. (270;1590) Open one of the doors and get into the back room. Read some of the notes if you want and pick up the healing potion in the wall cache. There is also a book to read. Climb the ladder. Pick up the blue gem near the dead thief (15;1605) and retrace your steps to the spider room. Jump into the black hole.

Getting into the tower

Ah, a familiar place! Turn the wheel to get to the mining asteroid, get to the upper cave and turn the wheel once again. Get to the dead thief, collect your rope arrow and pick up the crate then follow the cave back up and go into the first cave on your right. The same abyss, just one floor higher. Throw your crate onto the end of the stairs and shoot a rope arrow in it. Before climbing up, descend the rope and you'll see another crystal on your right. (25, 1630). Now climb up, retrieve your rope arrow and pick up the crate. See that crystal above you? Put the crate under the crystal, jump on the crate and get the crystal. (40; 1670)

Continue through the cave. There is another crystal on your right. Retrieve it through jumping or shooting a broadhead. (25, 1695) Continue. You'll end up in a somewhat bigger room with 2 spiders. There is a moss arrow in the ceiling. Go northeast and take the crystal on your right with you. (25, 1720) Walk into the stone building and read the little plaque on the west wall. Look up and you'll see a wheel in the northwest corner. Turn it and go into the new opening. Pick up the 5 coins on the ground. (25, 1745) You won't be able to open the other exit door so retrace your steps to the spider room and go west. Get the crystal on your left (25, 1770) and turn right. Go into the building. Hm, a locked plate of an earth elemental. Shoot a moss arrow at it and it will open. Go inside.

The elemental rooms and the stargazer

Hey, an earthquake? The manhole on your right leads back to the fire room, but we want to go up. Look to the ceiling and you'll see a crate on the next floor. Shoot a rope arrow into it and climb up. Just before entering the next floor, turn around, jump to the ledge, and retrieve the 2 jars. (40, 1810)

Mantle onto the next floor. Another elemental surprise! Read the note and 'swim up'. Get the 3 blue gems (45, 1855) and the water arrow. I suggest you save now because the next part may be hard.

Open the wind elemental manhole in the ceiling and pick up the nearby crate. Try to throw it so it ends just on the ledge of the next floor. Now sit on the ledge where you found the water arrow, lean forward, and shoot a rope arrow in the crate. Mantle up to the wind floor. Jump up on the ledge and get the tapestry (150, 2005) and the gas arrow. Find the fire manhole on the ceiling. Hm, it's locked. Remember the note on the fire floor of the tower? Qaitan asked a water mage to seal the entrance. Shoot a water arrow on the manhole, and mantle onto the next floor.

Frob the two banners to the north then slash them with your sword. (100, 2105) Head up to the skeleton and read the two books next to him. New objectives! Let's free that little star so Mama Sun is happy again. First, get the fire crystal out of the fire and take the ring of clarity from the stargazer's hand. When you pick up his skull the windows break... maybe his ghost doesn't want you to do things to his skull?

Go into the south entrance and follow the balcony to the ladder. When you climb the ladder the sun will see you and attack you, so save first. (You can wait for the little asteroid to block the sun and protect you from the firebolts for a couple of seconds.) Then climb the ladder fast, run to the remains of the fire and get the Sun Crystal. Pick up the telescope (225; 2330) and run into the dark void. Phew!

Freeing the star

Take the route to the fire chamber and use the Sun Crystal on the fire door. Enter the new room and walk down the ramp. Watch out for the ghost in the next area. You can kill him but I suggest you avoid him in order not to miss a funny scripted event. Get the star from his belt and use it on the little fire plaque next to the door. Enter the new room and lock the door with the star. Frob and slash the banner (100; 2430) and look through the west window. Look who's there! Climb the ladder and get the fruit and water arrow. Read the book. Now we know how to free the star! First, pick open the door and take the glasses from the top of the machinery in the next room. (25; 2455)

Go back to the airlock system room and frob the left wheel. Hear that noise? It's the ghost trying to get into the room to turn back the wheel. Better not let him in, eh? The star will go into the airlock. Frob the left wheel again and when the door has closed, frob the right wheel. Objective complete! Go to the room where you found the glasses and open the air hatch. Get back into the room with the ghost (if you feel sorry for him, reopen the door using the star) and go back to the fire floor.

Oh, a message! It seems Garrett has put another soul to rest. Take the wheel peg, and frob your ring of clarity. The illusion will disappear along with a wall! Enter the transportation shaft, crouch, and frob the button near the ground. Go into the new corridor. Found secret! (Around this point you should get an 'Objective complete!' for making a map worth selling.)

Open the double doors and read the floor plaque. Walk inside and the doors will close. (You can prevent this by dousing the fire. The 'watcher' won't see you then. It's not really necessary though.) The one who is watching will make you Get both eyes from the statue (60; 2515) (Objective complete!) and the door will reopen. Now open the tomb and get all valuables, including the two canopic jars in the niches. (500; 3015) Watch out for the purple bolts. (You can put small rocks on the spots where the jars were placed in order to stop the bolts but that's not necessary when you use the following technique.) Jump on the tomb and over one purple bolt, crouch underneath the other, and you're back outside the room.

Get back to the transportation shaft and fly up. Open the water door with a water arrow and go further up to the wind chamber. Use your gas arrow to open the air door and go outside. You'll see the sun has changed in appearance, and won't attack you anymore. She's happy because her child is coming to her. Put the near crate on the north ledge, east of the pillar. Shoot a rope arrow into it, and descend to a lower level. Get the two blue gems from the wall. (30; 3045) Drop down, until you are on the same level as the little buildings.

Finding little stones on the big stones

First walk to the northeast end of the asteroid. Descend to the point where you almost fall off and look for a nugget tucked away in a hole. (25;3070) Get back to the walkway, head northwest, and descend the ladder. Read the note in the building. Turn all three of the wheels: they provide heat and energy for the asteroid. When you climb back up the ladder, you'll see it is working. In one of the south buildings is a water arrow, and in the garden a moss arrow. Descend the west side of the asteroid and find another nugget in a hole. (50;3120)

Head southwest (follow the mushrooms) to a pond with a water arrow in it and a silver nugget next to it. (50; 3170) Walk a bit east and you'll find another nugget under a rock (25;3195) Be careful not to fall off the asteroid! Continue east and go down a long slope. At the end is another nugget. (50; 3245) Go up again and turn right. In a little hole you'll find two moss arrows and...a nugget! (50; 3295) First walk to the east and after a while you'll find another one (25; 3320) Return to where you found the moss arrows and go left. There is another one, in a wide crevice (25; 3345)

Now return to the fishpond and go west. Descend the slope and be careful: you can fall off the asteroid quite easily here. At the end, check a small corner on your north: a new weapon! Found Secret! If you want, go back now and test this on the ghosts.

Go back up the slope and turn north. Climb up and go into the near building. Turn the wheel, exit the building you teleported into and ascend the east cave. There are two more things to find on the surface of the mining asteroid, and now the sun won't attack us when we try to get them. Turn north at the cave opening and head as far north as you can. There is a nugget lying there. (If you think you'll have a hard time mantling back up, you can use a ropecrate. There are plenty down in the mine.) (25;3370) Head northwest and descend until you get to a place where there are two pieces of rubble. Pick up the left one to get the nugget under it. (25;3395) Head back to the west, to the cave where you came from and go down into the mine again .


Head southwest and take the first left. Use the energy control key on the manhole and enter it. Go through the cave and into the building on the right. Read the note. You already got the power working on the main asteroid so do it here as well. Turn the two wheels and get back to the ladder leading to the mine boss's office. The door is now open. Take the elevator down and send it back up when you arrived downstairs. There is a nugget lying at the bottom of the elevator shaft. (25; 3420) To the north you'll find another mushroom flare. Time to find those gems that the mine boss mentioned. Follow the cave and you will practically run into them. Take them (Objective complete!) and take the elevator back up.

Go up the ladder and turn the wheel in the teleport room once more. Remember that wheel peg you found? Go to the place where you found the thief and jump the chasm. Follow the cave and use the peg on the wheel. Turn it. Get the torc. Garrett will state that it's a fake. Oh come on, there must be something else in here besides plastique items! Check the statue. Behind it is a lever you can frob. Found secret! Descend the stairs and go into the office. Get the loot from the shelves and chest and don't forget the one next to the writer's altar. (560; 3980) Read the note on it. Bonus objective complete! Read the 3 notes on the shelves and pay particular attention to the one the servant wrote. Odd, isn't it? Well, let it rest for now, it's time to make our exit. Get back up and go through the door. Ah, this is familiar again. Turn left to end the mission and when you get an Objective complete!, listen closely.

Lootlist for The Sun Within and the Sun Without


Type Value Location


Main Asteroid



1 crystal chunk 25 bottom of abyss

1 crystal chunk 50 bottom of abyss

1 crystal chunk 25 below 2nd topmost tunnel in abyss

1 crystal chunk 40 top of abyss

1 crystal chunk 25 in top tunnel not long from abyss

1 crystal chunk 25 top of big cave near upper tunnel not far from abyss

1 crystal chunk 20 near small cave with hole in stone wall

1 crystal chunk 25 under fallen rocks below hole in ceiling

1 crystal chunk 25 outside the storage room with broken lights

1 crystal chunk 25 at the 90 degree turn near the Earth entrance

10 285


2 LC canopic jars 2x75 fire element room

2 LC jars 2x20 earth element room

5 coins 5x5 transportation shaft emergency exit

3 LC gems 3x15 water element room

1 LC tapestry 150 air element room

1 pair of golden

eyeglasses 25 star chamber

1 astrochart 100 star chamber

2 astrocharts 2x50 sun room

2 LC canopic jars 2x75 secret tomb

2 small rubies 2x30 secret tomb

1 necklace 200 secret tomb

1 tiara 125 secret tomb

1 small LC jar 25 secret tomb

9 coins 9x5 underground temple

3 scattered coins 3x20 underground temple

1 ring 75 underground temple

1 red ring 50 underground temple

1 bag of spice 15 underground temple

1 statue 25 underground temple

1 LC gem 15 thief corpse on bottom of lightshaft

41 1480


1 golden telescope 225 on roof above sun room (highest reachable point)

2 LC gems 2x15 above entrance to water element room

1 silver nugget 25 in crevice below walkway outside entrance to portal shed

1 silver nugget 50 down the mountainside behind middle storage shed

1 silver nugget 50 fishpond

1 silver nugget 25 above fishpond in wide crevice

1 silver nugget 25 beyond fishpond

1 silver nugget 50 down the mountainside beyond SE corner of main building in

remote slope

1 silver nugget 50 in wide crevice with moss beyond SE corner of main building

1 silver nugget 25 down the mountainside beyond SE corner of main building in long


11 555



62 2320

Mining Asteroid



1 gold nugget 25 upper big cave in SW corner

1 dagger 50 upper big cave at dead thief

2 gold coin stacks 2x25 office in upper big cave

1 gold nugget 25 Normal: at flower in frogs' lair. Hard & Expert: Bribe a certain


1 gold nugget 50 E ceiling in lower center cave

1 gold nugget 25 above fallen rocks in W tunnel from lower center cave

1 gold nugget 25 upper part of SW tunnel from lower center cave

1 gold nugget 100 behind wall in NE tunnel from lower center cave

1 gold nugget 25 at crate in long tunnel leading to lower cave with human corpse

1 gold nugget 25 W entrance to lower cave with human corpse

1 gold nugget 50 NW tunnel to the outside from lower cave with human corpse

1 gold nugget 25 S ceiling in lower cave with human corpse

3 gold nuggets 3x100 in lower cave with human corpse

3 gold nuggets 3x50 in lower cave with human corpse

1 gold nugget 100 Behind big rock in lower cave with human corpse

1 gold nugget 25 under the elevator

21 1050


1 gold nugget 25 on a NE ledge below where a human corpse appears on Normal

1 gold nugget 25 "Follow the mushroom..."

2 50



23 1100

Start Area


2 LC tapestries 2x150 secret room in locked tomb

3 LC jars 3x20 secret room in locked tomb

2 LC jars 2x20 secret room in locked tomb

4 small LC

canopic jars 4x40 secret room in locked tomb

11 560



11 560



96 3980

This lootlist was made by qolelis.