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I don't have a headache any more.... except I am not sure about that guy Garrett...

Snobs Part 2

Walkthrough - Expert Difficulty

This FM begins with an introductory camvator ride. Sit back and enjoy it, but be sure to listen to the commentary which contains several helpful hints.


The main part of the mission begins in the sewers where Snobs Part 1 ended. Climb the ladder, open the hatch and emerge into a turbine room. Pick up 2 purses from the floor (+375) then go out of the door and straight ahead towards the bridge. You won't be able to cross it before the sword guard and the archer have left, so lurk in the shadows and listen until they exit, then creep forward and grab the water arrow (counts as 5) from the left hand stanchion. Douse the torches so you can move around freely, jump in the moat and pick up 2 purses from just west of the bridge (+500 = 825) and another purse near the SE corner (+250 = 1125).

Climb out, pick up the broadhead (counts as 5) from the grass on the east side and shoot the red-topped lever up on the battlements.

Lie low until things quieten down then walk though the gate and turn left. Open the door here quietly, because a sword guard is on patrol. Go upstairs to the bunkroom, deal with another sword guard and a sleeping archer, and then collect 2 flash bombs and a gas arrow from the chests. Back downstairs head west. There are two archers up on the battlements, reached via the ladder inside the door on the right.

The Green

Further on you come to the green, with Joe's restaurant diner on the right. Go in and collect 4 plates (+100 = 1225) and 4 goblets (+100 = 1325) from the china cabinet and eat a couple of pepper steaks if you are feeling peckish. Upstairs, there is a drink on one of the tables. Save game, then pick the drink up. You have just learned a valuable lesson - that drink cost you 125g! It is possible to buy several things in this FM, but it will make it harder to reach the loot objective if you do! Reload, go out onto the green and sneak over to the ice-cream cart where there is a purse in the box (+225 = 1450). You will find another purse in the pond (+125 = 1575).


Now go to the house on the West side - the plaque reads "Periko", but the door is locked. Rope up to the balcony and go in. Objective complete! Read the note on the wall, and get new objectives: "Periko is not at home but you have a job to do. Drop his C.V. on the manager's desk." and "Destroy Lord G's Letter. (Burn it!)" OK, pick up Periko's C.V. from the desk, climb back down to the green and investigate the passage on the south side. This leads to the Art Cinema, but it's not open yet. Climb the steps in the SE corner of the green and enter the Lawyer's office.

Flip the little switch on the left side of the bookcase to open a compartment between the bookcase and the desk. Secret #1! This contains 5 purses (+875 = 2450).

The Way Through

Leave the Lawyer's place and approach the gate opposite. Rope up to the balcony to the right, enter the apartment and collect a purse from the plant in the corner (+100 = 2575). Now drop down over the left side of the balcony, walk across the top of the gate, mantle up on the far side and go straight ahead. If you open the window on the left you will witness a scene of domestic violence! There is purse under the table here (+125 = 2700), but make sure you don't get hit by that rolling pin! Get back out of the window and jump across to the ledge opposite, then turn right and walk all the way along to the end (W). Climb through the window to find a wine bottle and two goblets on the table (+175 = 2875) and a purse under the TV set (+125 = 3000). Retrace your steps all the way along the ledge and go through the window at the east end. A swordguard is on patrol. You will find a wine bottle (+125 = 3125) on the table in the dining room, which is to the right past the stairs. Climb the stairs to the conservatory and pick 2 purses from the moneyapple trees (+250 = 3375). Carry on through the next room and down the steps, then quietly open the right hand door to emerge in a passageway behind a sword guard. Go straight ahead to the top of the ramp, but be careful because two sword guards are on patrol.

Hotel Rich

Make your way into the lobby of Hotel Rich. Pick up a wine bottle from the floor behind the reception desk (+250 = 3625) then go into the Piano Bar. Steal the key to Room #3 from the nobleman with his back to you, then pick up 3 wine bottles from the shelf above the bar (+375 = 4000) and 6 wine glasses from the bar counter (+375 = 4375). Back in the lobby, go north to the dining room, then through the kitchen and the utility room to the cellar.

If you move the crates of vermouth aside you will find the key to Room #7.

Exit the dining room and go through the door on the right. There is an interesting fitness class taking place in the room at the far end. Read the note posted on the wall outside the manager's office, which is on the left. The door is locked and he has gone shopping. Climb the stairs, and investigate the rooms here. There is a gold coinstack on the table in Room #1 (+25 = 4400) - be warned, the occupant is a very light sleeper - and a very interesting pet in Room #3. If you frob the bathroom door after you have opened it, he will follow you and attempt to save you from attack! There is a rosary on the bed in Room #5 (+100 = 4500) and a valuable jar on the table in Room #8 (+125 = 4625). The chest in Room #9 contains a gas arrow.

Lord G's plans are on the floor in Room #7's bedroom - objective complete!

The Judge's House

That's the hotel finished with for now so let's go to the shops to find the manager. Leave the hotel and go through the passage on the left (N). Jink right then left, and you will spot the judge's house on your right, with a sword guard and an archer protecting the front door. Climb the vine on the wall to your left, follow the ledge around to the pipes then do some tightrope walking. There is a gas arrow on the windowsill in the east wall.

If you frob the window on the south side a section of wall will slide aside so you can get in. Secret #2!

Go through the curtain and into the bedroom on the left.

Frob the switch low down on the wall on the right of the bedhead - Secret #3! This causes the painting in the hall to slide aside to reveal a lockbox, but you don't have the key.

Pick up the purse under the table (+125 = 4750) then go downstairs to collect a purse in the plant at the bottom of the stairs (+125 = 4875) and another from under the couch (+250 = 5125). Read the scroll on the dining-room table to learn that Frank is in the cinema and has the key with him. Collect 3 wine bottles (+375 =5500), 6 goblets (+150 = 5650) and a purse (+250 = 5900) from the china cabinet, then go through into the kitchen where you can pick up 6 gold plates from the shelf above the sink (+150 = 6050) - loot objective complete! OK, let's complete Periko's tasks, and then we can try to find out what the judge has locked up so carefully.

The Shopping Centre

Go back upstairs, out of the window and across the pipes. Drop down, and head down the passage to the west to the shopping centre. The hotel manager is in the shoe-shop, so take his key then continue to the jeweller's. Steal the purple gem from the window display (+250 = 6300) then pick open the left display case, which contains a necklace, a locket and 6 rings (+825 = 7125). Now pick open the other display case and pick up the bracelet and the tiara (+360 = 7475), but leave the ankh alone - it is an alarm button!

Back to the Hotel

Now make your way back to the manager's office in the hotel. Whoops, where did those two guards come from? Perhaps the manager raised the alarm when he found his key was missing. The guards are wearing full helmets, so they can't be blackjacked - the easiest way to deal with them is with gas arrows. Open the door with the manager's key (take care not to be seen by the security cameras), switch off the lights then sneak across to the barred gates and pick them open. Switch off the cameras and look for a speed potion in one of the mailboxes. Back in the office, swap Periko's C.V. with Lord G's letter - objective complete! Make your way to the Piano Bar and light the fire by flipping the switch on the front of the fireplace (on the right at the top). Drop Lord G's letter into the flames - objective complete!

The Cinema

When you leave the hotel you can go one of two ways:

1. If you want to explore everywhere and get all the pickpockets, go back into the passage on the left but this time head east from the corner. The guard on patrol here is wearing the Gate 2 Key. There are moss arrows in the plants behind the drunk guard, and the Gate 2 Key will open the gate he is supposed to be guarding. When you exit the passage you will see an archer near you, another archer guarding the door at the east end, and a patrolling sword guard wearing a full helmet. He is wearing the Gate 1 Key which unlocks the gate opposite the Lawyer's place.

2. The easy way is to go back past the moneyapple trees.

When you get to the green, note that Periko is in his house waiting for you. Walk to the cinema and buy a ticket (-250 = 7225). Go in, sneak around behind the cashier and steal the money from the box (+100 = 7325) then go up the stairs and use your ticket to enter the auditorium - aha, Batman and Robin! The judge is seated halfway down on the right, eating popcorn. Steal the Judge's Key from his belt, then make your way back to his house and use the key to unlock the secret lockbox. There are 7 purses in the compartment (+875 = 8200) - bonus objective complete! The Judge's key will also unlock the front door if you wish to attack the guards from the rear.

Home Run

Now go back to Periko's, where he will open the door that leads to your exit route. Frob the panel facing you, go through, walk down the ramp quietly because an archer is on patrol and follow the path until you come to a wrought-iron gate. Go through the gate and enter Nak's house. Open the cupboard under the hatch between the dining room and living room to find 3 wine bottles (+375 = 8575), walk into the living room and collect the locket from the corner table (+25 = 8600) then explore the rest of the house at leisure. When you leave, turn right and continue on to the library. Rope up to the planter, go in the door and down the stairs.

Walk to the west end of the room and check low down to the left of the bookcase for a tiny switch. Flip it, and the bookcase slides aside to reveal a compartment containing the librarian's journal - Secret #4!

Back upstairs, go out of the east door, hop up onto the ledge on the left and walk forward.

Mission complete!

Freddy Fox and Nightwalker   -   4th February 2006