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I can feel something approaching, I just hope it won't find me.

Sepulchre of the Sinistral


Note: This walkthrough is written for Garrett (Expert) difficulty, but will guide you through the other two difficulty settings as well. The easier difficulty levels have fewer AI and objectives, but more weapons are available.

The Church

You start in front of a large church; bones and bodies litter the ground. Go in through the main doors, and then quietly go straight ahead into the church itself. A haunt is patrolling around so take care to avoid him. (All haunts can be killed with one backstab.) Grab the hammer from the altar (+100) then get out into the corridor quickly, because the body crucified on the hammer comes to life!

Turn right and pick open the first door on the right. Climb the ladder to the library and read the book on the floor. Go out of the south door and turn left. There's a scroll on the floor at the bottom of a ladder - apparently there is a purse on the roof, and it's possible to jump onto the roof from the towers. OK, we'll try it when we get there! Go back to the library and out of the other door. Keep going until you reach Brother Osma's room, open the door and enter. A corpse is on the floor - take Brother Osma's Key from his belt. Read the journal on the floor left of the bed, and pick up the necklace on the floor right of the bed (+200 = 300). Take the elevator down, flip the lever on the wall and go through the door back to the corridor.

Walk along to the far end and open the door on the right, then open the door at the bottom of the stairs. Go clockwise around this room. There is a purse among the stone blocks in the NE corner (+200 = 500) and a candlestick on the table in the SE corner (+100 = 600). Pick up the Tower Key from the third table along (behind the dormant zombie) then go back up the stairs and out into the fresh air.

The Towers

Make your way round to the back of the church, cross the bridge and open the gate here with Brother Osma's Key (There's a lockbox on the wall left of the gate.) Back over the bridge, turn left and open the door of the east tower with the Tower Key. Climb the stairs to the top, take some broadheads and a speed potion from the chest, then read the scroll. OK, flip the lever to close the hatches, and stand on the one in the NE corner facing south. Drink the speed potion then take a running jump over to the church roof.

(If your co-ordination is extremely good it's possible to get over without using the speed potion by employing the multiple jump technique. Stand next to the chest on the roof facing south and make a triple jump. Land on the tower with your first jump, then on your second jump you should land on the edge between the two "teeth" one gap along from the switch, and then with your third jump you can gain enough momentum to reach the side of the chapel and mantle up.)

The purse is about halfway across the roof near the ridge (+400 = 1000). Now, how do you get down without hurting yourself? Easy, take a running jump into the water! Go back into the east tower, and round to the back of the central pillar.

Crouch and locate a panel in the floor which opens when you frob it. In the hole are two coinstacks (+200 = 1200), a mask (+600 = 1800) and the Elevator Key. Use the key on the lockbox, and the elevator door in the east wall will open.

The Graveyard

Take the elevator down, walk about halfway along the passage and turn right into a tunnel. In the cave at the end there is a tomb with a gold vase on top (+200 = 2000). Flip the lever on the wall right of the tomb, climb the ladder and emerge into the graveyard. Quietly check out the two open graves; there are nuggets in each (+150 = 2150) and (+200 = 2350). Look around, because there must be another exit from this graveyard.

Is that a receptacle on top of the big tomb against the north wall? Walk up the stone ramp on the west side, and "use" the Earth Ward from your inventory on it. Look south to see that the big statue moving away, exposing an entrance to an underground area.

The Upper Sepulchre

Climb down the ladder and look around but beware of booby-traps. The skull on the right closes and opens the hatch at the top of the ladder. The hand on the left has a mysterious inscription above it. "Return the Faith"? Head east into the next room, and look inside the fallen column. Read Armagoth's journal and pick up the gem beside his head (+100 = 2450). Now read the book on the pedestal. "Behind a broken foundation of Honor, the Guardian of the Night watches over him with unquestionable pride. Hidden behind a tall Pillar of Justice, the Guardian of the Dawn watches over him with unquestionable faith." There are two bas-relief images on the west wall, which could be the Guardians.

Investigate the one behind the intact pillar - aha, there is something glinting at his waist. It's the Ring of Faith! Take it and "use" it on the Hand.

A secret passage will open, so go in to find an elaborate tomb with a zombie on patrol. Read the parchment at his waist, and the inscription on the tomb, then take the two candlesticks (+400 = 2850). Pick up the Mask of Truth from the compartment behind the tomb and then go back to the flat area flanking the steps. Take a running jump to scramble up to the tomb canopy. There are some coins in the chest (+400 = 3250) and also a pile of coins behind it (+200 = 3450).

Leave Rydia's tomb, go back to the pedestal, and "use" the Mask of Truth on the gold mask on the tomb behind.

A hatch at the top of the broken pillar opens with a creaking sound. Mantle up, and drop down inside into the water. You eventually emerge in the main sepulchre.

Sepulchre of the Sinistral

Read the scroll by the locked door in the south wall. OK, so you need to find Renall's key. Avoiding the haunts, make your way east to a circular chamber, go down the ramp to a semi-circular pathway, turn right and then take the first turn left (NW). There is a dormant Hammerite zombie in the room here. Pick up the moss arrow and necklace near him (+300 = 3750), retrace your steps to the semi-circular pathway, turn left and then left again. You will arrive at a series of ramps leading downwards. Go down to the level where the statue is, and then down the steps to the south. Climb the right hand ladder here, and pick up a gold vase from the top of a tomb (+200 = 3950). There is a lever behind the tomb above. Flip it to open a shortcut at the top of the steps. (If you are playing Taffer difficulty, Renall's Key is on the top tomb on the east wall).

Go out to the south and along to the left. Read Kiran's journal, which is on the floor outside the Shrine of Terror. Go back along the passage to emerge in a large chamber with tiers of tombs up the walls. Go into the room in the centre column, which is the tomb of Brother Atrus. Read the inscription, make a note of the dates, then pick up a gold cup from the floor (+100 = 4050). Bear slightly left as you exit, and go down the narrow passage opposite. There is a mask on the floor behind the recumbent zombie at the far end (+400 = 4450). Face west and look up, to locate two wooden blocks in the walls. Shoot a rope arrow into the higher one (on the left) and climb up. Hop across into the niche and pick up a purse (+100 = 4550) and a scroll labelled Erim's Legacy. Back down the rope, leave this passage then turn right into the next one. Keep on round to the right and down the ladder, then head south.

Climb the short ladder and collect Renall's Key from the top of the tomb on the left.

The door to the north opens into the room that contains the Abyss. Just look in and read the scroll for now. Go down the ladder to the next level, and then to the right hand passage on the west side. Follow it round until you come to an entrance on the left. Go in, down the steps and on to a room with three pedestals. The scroll here indicates that they are associated with three special jewels. Read the wall plaque for another clue: "Hidden beneath a sea of stars, Revealed by Sinistral treasure, A shimmering sword awaits." Retrace your steps to the room where you found Atrus' tomb and climb the ladder on the west side. Enter Erim's Shrine when you get to the top. The chests here are "sealed by as mysterious force" but you can pick up 2 masks (+800 = 5350). Loot objective complete!

Leave the fire fragments here for the time being - you will be coming back later. Cross the bridge, turn left (N) and continue to a flooded temple. Go all the way up the steps on the left and into the room facing you, which contains the Pool of Radiance. There is another Erim's Legacy scroll in the pool. There is loot on top of the tombs, but have you noticed the suspicious holes on the north side of the entrance? It might be a trap, so hop up onto the tombs before picking up 2 goblets and a vase (+350 = 5700). Leave this room and head south a short distance to the Chamber of Infidels. Mantle up onto one of the stone blocks and jump across to the nearest ladder.

Stand on the top of the east tomb, face SE and look up to spot a red lever above the corner near you. Flip the lever to open a secret panel in the east wall.

Jump down and enter the tomb of Cyrus the Nefarious. Read the inscription and make a note of the dates. The Terror Key is on the tomb, together with 2 jars (+200 = 5900). Another of the Erim's Legacy scrolls is on the floor, tucked in on the right side of the tomb.


Go out of the door on the south side, cross over to the door opposite and unlock it with Renall's Key. Go through and turn right into the library. There is a gold cup on the ledge below the stained glass on the east wall (+100 = 6000). The book on the table describes the four Sinistrals and has some tips on the vulnerabilities of their minions. Hmm, that flooded place you passed earlier must be Amon's Temple. Now read the scroll on the floor under the tablet.

OK, search the north wall for a book that highlights and frob it.

Read the letter - objective complete - and collect the Monk's Key. In the other room, read the book on the altar then rope up to the top of the big hammer to collect another of the Erim's Legacy scrolls. The door on the east side opens with the Monk's Key to reveal the Chamber of Rituals. OK, now we need to find the Ankh (on Taffer difficulty it's in the library on the SW side of the fallen column). The scroll indicated that it might be in the water below the Shrine of Terror so make your way back there.

The Shrine of Terror

Unlock the barred gate with the Terror Key, go in and grab the Amethyst of Terror. Help, the gate has closed, and you are surrounded by glowing eyes! If you run back to the gate you fall down a hole into water below.

You will find the Ankh underwater, tucked behind a rock in the tunnel in the SE corner.

Swim through the tunnel on the east side and climb out. There is a healing fruit on the floor and the Horn of Gades is visible on the far side of the lava. It is very difficult to get there and back, but it can be done if you get the timing right. Make sure you save frequently! If the task proves too hard there is an easier way, but you can't do it yet - it will be described later. Swim back through the flooded tunnel and climb the ladder in the SW corner. Press the button to open the door, go through and climb the next ladder. Go straight ahead, then turn left and follow the path round keeping to the right, to emerge at the top of the steps near the statue. Now you know where you are, make your way back to Renall's and the Chamber of Rituals.

Drop the Ankh on the table to bless it, then pick it up again. You can now stay underwater without drowning! Return to Amon's flooded Temple via the Chamber of Infidels.

Temple of Amon

Jump into the water, swim into the tunnel on the east side, dive down and around into a chamber where there is a chest containing 6 water arrows. Check the floor behind the SE column to pick up another Erim's Legacy scroll then swim north and dive down the octagonal pipe to the middle level. Swim into the west passage and take a gem from the chest here (+200 = 6200). Swim into the east passage, and the up through one of the holes in the roof, to collect a nugget (+200 = 6400). Swim upwards again as high as you can, and then turn north to collect a vase (+400 = 6800). Come back down and swim into the tunnel on the south side to pick up another vase (+400 = 7200).

Swim back to the middle area of this level, and into the passage to the north. There are more water arrows in the chest, and another vase tucked down in the corner west of the chest (+250 = 7450). Now swim back to the middle, dive down to the lowest level and pick up the blue gem (+100 = 7550) then swim south. The Sapphire of Chaos is floating above a pedestal. Take it - yikes, the ankh has lost its powers - must get out quickly! Swim into the hole that has opened in the ceiling to the west, grab a breath potion from beside the body, head up to the surface and climb out.

(If you want to explore the flooded temple some more - maybe you forgot some of the loot - you can always take the ankh back to Renall's and bless it again.)

The Maze of Death

Head south to the next chamber, go down two ladders and out on the west side. Turn left, then right, cross the bridge and turn right (S) at the torch. You will arrive at the place where you exited the Terror water. Read the scroll, which says there is a maze to negotiate with an unreliable compass!

(The compass does not break on Taffer difficulty.)

Make sure you know which direction is south, then go down the right hand ladder to a red book and a big hammer. Sure enough, the compass is now useless but you know that south is straight ahead. Read the red book and note down the directions. The compass is still not working, so it will be best to change the directions from N, S, E, W to Left (L), Right (R) and Forward (F). The directions up to the point where Syrrus went missing are: S, W, S, W, S, E, S, S, W, W, S, S. That's F, R, L, R, L, L, R, F, R, F, L, F. Let's give that a go. If you come to a metal plate in the floor, so far so good! (It is worth noting that the metal plate is in the NW corner of the cell.)

If you are lost, just walk, changing direction frequently but aiming generally north (if you can remember where that was), and the hammer at the bottom of the ladder will magically appear in the distance. Go to it and start again.

From the metal plate, the directions are: E, N, E, E, E, E, S, S E, E, N, N, E, E, E. That's L, L, R, F, F, F, R, F, L, F, L, F, R, F, F. You come to a stone wall with a bloodstain on the ground. Walk straight through the wall then duck down in the shadow on the right. You are in Erim's Temple.

The Temple of Erim

Trying not to be seen by the skeletal guards, make your way down the stairs to the main floor and turn left. Lift Syrrus' Key from the skeleton archer who patrols into this room and pick up a couple of vases, one on the tomb (+300 = 7850) and one on the steps (+250 = 8100).Grab a rope arrow (counts as 2) that is lying on the floor behind the central coffin then leave this room and turn right to go under the upper stairs. Just before you do, pick up the vase in the corner (+250 = 8350). In the middle, between the two flights of stairs, open the chest in the alcove on the right and collect another vase (+250 = 8600). Creep through the passage to the right of the torch. There is a moss arrow on the ledge just to your right. Wait until the way is clear, then sneak through the main room into the passage on your right. When you get to the corner, there is a gem on top of the beams below the lamp (+200 = 8800). When you reach the rh chamber, you should pick up the Erim's Legacy scroll from the ledge above the entrance. There is a vase in the left rear corner (+400 = 9200) and a nugget behind the statue at the front (+150 = 9350).

A tiny button is hidden between the statue plinth and the rh wall, and by pressing it you will open a secret panel above the statue.

Rope up, climb in, go forward and down the ladder, turn left then flip the lever on the wall on the right. This opens a secret entrance to the chamber that contains the Ruby of Death. There is a vase this side of the statue immediately in front of you (+350 = 9700) and a moss arrow behind the statue on the right. Rope up to the canopy to collect a tiara from the chest (+250 = 9950). Now grab the Ruby - don't get burnt - and make your getaway. You will be safe if you can make it back to the maze. When you get to the maze, go forward a couple of cells then turn right. The hammer will appear ahead, so make your way there.


You now need to find Syrrus. Make your way to the cell with the metal plate in the floor again. He went east one cell more than the others, then south. So from the plate the directions are L, F, R, F ..... there are bloodstains on the floor here, so follow them to Syrrus' corpse. Read his journal, collect his purse (+300 = 10250) and pick up another Erim Legacy scroll from the corner. Open the box with his key to obtain Arek's Scepter. Make your way back to the hammer, up the ladder, go right and then left. Aha, your compass is back and working again!

The Masamune

You now have all three jewels, so make your way down to the chamber with the three pedestals again. (Round to the right, down the steps, right past Atrus' tomb and into the passage facing you, down the ladders to the lowest level, into the right hand passage on the west side, and follow it round until you come to the entrance on the left.) If you frob each pedestal, a clue will appear to help you allocate a jewel to it. "Use" the jewels on the appropriate pedestals and a well opens up in the floor. Drop down, swim through a short tunnel and climb out.

The gold skull on the left will open an exit route from this area when you need one. Read the scroll, which indicates that you will need to use the Masamune on the tomb of Selan the Infidel to escape from the sepulchre. Walk on carefully - ah, there is the sea of stars above.

(In the Sea of Souls here the ladders are in different positions for each difficulty level and the number of patrolling reapers varies. These instructions are for Garrett difficulty.)

Follow one of the reapers round until you come to a ladder on the north side. Climb up - careful, another reaper is patrolling the middle level! Follow him round to the west side, and up the next ladder. The Masamune is ahead of you - take it - objective complete!

Make your way back down and out to the gold skull. Frob it, and you are transported to another area. Operate the switch on the left, duck through the opening that appears and drop down to emerge in a familiar area. Make your way to Erim's Shrine. (Go back past Renall's and the Temple of Amon, or climb up the ladder west of Atrus' tomb.

Erim's Shrine Puzzle

The clues to this puzzle are the Erim's Legacy scrolls and the inscriptions on Cyrus' and Atrus' tombs.

You have to use the fire fragments to light three specific torches in the correct order. This removes the "mysterious force" from the chests. (There is a full description of the solution in the postscript to this walkthrough.)

Open the four chests and collect a considerable amount of loot (+2250 = 12500). Look in the centre of the shrine, where a stone "staircase" has appeared. Follow it down to the ladder, climb down and make your way to the plinth at the end. Read the notice then open the chest and collect three stone potions. You now have the means to explore the Abyss, so make your way there. (Down the ladder on the right as you leave the shrine, then into the passage on the north side, down one ladder then north.)

The Abyss

Stand on the edge of the abyss, drink one stone potion and fall down to the bottom. Phew! Go down the short passage to the east, open the door and pick up the torc from the floor (+500 = 13000).

There is a well-hidden switch on the inside of the table leg nearest the door. Frob this, and the entrance to a secret room to the left side of the iron maiden opens.

Go in and collect the nugget on the floor (+300 = 13300), then open the chest to obtain the Mace of Destruction. Hmmm, this would have been useful earlier! Back in the main room, frob the Golden Skull of Arek and you will be transported to a place where you have been before.

The Horn of Gades

If you failed to get the Horn of Gades earlier, now is the time to try again. Use the short cut at the top of the stairs to the south of the statue and follow the path round to the left until you get to the area at the top of the two ladders. Climb down the one on the left and continue down the second ladder to arrive at the flooded area below the Shrine of Terror. Swim through the tunnel on the east side, climb out and make your way to the edge of the lava. Now you can make use of the remaining stone potions. Drink one, and hurry through the lava to the platform where the Horn is. Pick it up - objective complete! Drink the last stone potion and hurry back to safety. Retrace your steps to the top of the ladders, and then go to the Chamber of Infidels (north of Renall's).

The Home Run

The plaque on the west side is engraved "Selan the Infidel". Stand on it, facing the skulls on the wall, and smite them with the Masamune. The wall blocks slide aside, so enter and turn right up the circular staircase. Open the door at the top and continue on and up to a library. Read the book on the table. (NB - there is more than one page!)

Look high up on the NW side of the pillar to the right of the entrance to locate a button, which is Brother Sharga's switch. Jump up and press it.

The book to open the exit is on the east side of the room. If you frob it, you will be able to exit the library through an opening in the south wall which leads into the upper sepulchre. Walk straight across and enter the chamber that is now revealed below the torch on the south side. In here you can pick up a nugget (+200 = 13500), some coins (+400 = 13900), a vase (+300 = 14200), a jar (+75 = 14275) and a torc (+500 = 14775).

(The exit door from the library has closed but if you want to get below again you can do so via the well in the broken pillar.)

With everything done, head west and climb the ladder to graveyard. Exit to the south, cross the bridge and then go round the church and back to the doors where you started.

Mission complete.

Erim's Shrine Puzzle Solution

Erim's Legacy Scrolls:

1. "The Golden Guardian stands ready, facing each new day as it begins anew. The hand sweeps out the path of the sun. When the year of Atrus' death is equal to the year of Cyrus' birth, Erim's treasure will be revealed. They are not equal in numbers, yet identical in time. Erim awaits; your days are numbered."

2. "There are twelve different paths to Erim's treasure, and three of them must be set ablaze. Only when the correct three paths have been lit in the correct order will Erim's treasure be revealed. Time is meaningless to Erim, yet is the key to revealing her treasure."

3. "There are seven scrolls of Erim's Legacy, and three of them speak the truth. The others are meaningless, because Erim is Mistress of Death and loves to deceive. The scroll with the key to revealing Erim's Legacy is hidden in her maze of Death, near a lost soul."

4. "Only one of the scrolls of Erim's Legacy speaks the truth. The others are meaningless. There is no scroll of Erim's Legacy in the Shrine of St Renall."

5. "Atrus' death has nothing to do with Erim's Legacy, and neither does the birth of Cyrus. Their deaths had nothing to do with Master Necron's influence. The key to Erim's treasure lies within the Shrine of Terror. There is no scroll of Erim's Legacy in the Temple of Amon."

6. "Aware that the Monks of St Renall and the Hammerites have always worked together, Erim decided to curse the Monks, and have them turn on their loyal brothers. The key to Erim's treasure does not lie within her maze of Death, among the slain Hammerites. When the Chamber of Infidels is filled with the cursed blood of the Reapers, the path to Erim's treasure will be revealed."

7. "Master Necron was not aware of the Hammerites presence as they were tunneling deeper. He remained in the Well of Souls while they were building their Sepulchre. Erim decided to place a deadly curse upon the unsuspecting Hammerites. The chaos that ensued delighted Erim, yet her brother Amon was not pleased. Because of this, Amon decided to steal the key to Erim's treasure, and hid it deep within his Temple."

Tomb Inscriptions:  "Brother Cyrus 12 AB - 48 AB"    "Brother Atrus 11 AB - 52 AB"


Scroll 4 is not true - there was a scroll in Renall's. Scroll 5 is not true either - there was a scroll in the flooded temple. Scroll 3 starts by telling the truth (there are seven scrolls), so let's go along with what it says. Scrolls 6 and 7 are obviously nonsense, so it seems that Scrolls 1, 2 and 3 are the ones that speak the truth. Therefore the solution must be derived from scrolls 1 and 2 and the Tomb Inscriptions. There are several hints about time periods (days, years, etc.). Cyrus' birth = 12, Atrus' death = 52.

Great big spoiler:

What is the next number in the sequence 12, 52, ... ? It's 365 (12 = months, 52 = weeks, 365 = days). It appears that you must light 3 torches, #3 first, then #6, then #5. The face looks out over 12 o'clock (midnight) where one day changes to the next, so the torch nearest the door is #6, etc.

Freddy Fox and Nightwalker   -   11th February 2006