Note: This walkthrough contains hidden "spoilers". To see the text that is concealed by the solid blocks, hold the left mouse button down and drag the cursor across.

Test spoiler: If they weren't so terrified of me my corpse might already be floating in the gutter.

Saints and Thieves

Walkthrough - Expert Difficulty

1. All locks that require keys are noted. Anything else is either already open or can be unlocked with your picks.
2. This walkthrough is written for Expert difficulty but can be used for Normal and Hard as well. The differences are not likely to cause confusion.

The Watch Station

You begin in an alley not far from the Watch station, and you need to find a way in. Walk to the corner, turn right (E) and pick open the first door on the left. Presto! You're inside. How easy was that?

Turn right (E), proceed to the far end of the hallway and enter a small room where you can pick up a purse (+100) from one of the tables. Walk back along the hallway to a door on the right (N) which will take you into the main foyer where reception is located. There are 2 goblets (+30 = 130) on a table near the front doors and a fingerprint kit can be found on the reception counter. Pick it up and take it with you as it may come in handy later on. Flip the switch to shut off the outside floodlights (these illuminate the approaches to the doors) then head over to the coroner's room and pick up a pair of spectacles (+50 = 180).

Go back into the foyer, leave through the north door, turn right and enter the room at the end of the hallway. Read the scroll on the table and pick up the tiny ring (+50 = 230) that was beside it. Rope arrow up to the lower of the two rafter beams and pick up the gem (+50 = 280) that is sitting beside a tasty piece of cheese, then return to the hallway.

Walk west past the foyer door and go through the next door on your left (S) into an office. Help yourself to a statue (+15 = 295) from the table against the wall. Now take the red book from the bookcase to the right of Sgt.Clavier's desk. You've just found Garrett's Criminal Record. Objective complete! Exit through the door in the SW corner into another small round room. Pick up a statue (+15 = 310) from the table and then turn right. In the next small round room you'll find a door leading back outside. Go through it, turn right (E) and follow the street.

You'll walk along the canal for a short distance, then turn right between two buildings. Continue past a big archway on the right that leads to the front doors of the Watch station, turn left and walk north to the canal wall. Climb up onto it, jump across to the balcony on the other side of the canal and pick up a gold wine bottle (+40 = 350). Jump back to the canal wall, down into the street and retrace your steps to the door where you exited from the Watch Station.

Walk over to the building just west of this door and look in the corner facing the streetlamp for a vine that leads up to a locked wooden shutter. Climb up, open it and take 2 gold coinstacks (+50 = 400) and a copper coinstack (+5 = 405) from the table inside. Don't take the street that curves around the Watch but instead, take the street on the North side. Carry on through the tunnel to emerge near the canal. You'll see some guards patrolling down the street to your left. That's the front entrance to the Warehouses but probably not the best way to get in, so keep walking straight ahead (N).

After walking through a short tunnel you will see a thief bribing a city guard. Talk about ill-gotten gains! Make sure you quiet her conscience by relieving her of the purse (+100 = 505), then continue walking. You come to a courtyard with a statue in the middle of a garden. Pick up the gold wine bottle (+50 = 555) from the bench then go through the door in the NW corner into the grounds of Redblade Shipping and Imports.

The Warehouses

Off to your right (N) you should see some big crates and a ladder that leads up to an outside walkway around the main warehouse. Jump from a crate onto the ladder, climb almost to the top and wait until the guard that patrols the walkway has come out and gone back in, then climb up. Move silently south to the first door on the right and slip inside the warehouse. The stairs to the lower floor are off to your right and there's a doorway into the upper floor hallway on your left. Head through it and check out this area first.

Top floor

The first door on the right leads into a bathroom where you can read a scroll that lets you know the cargo is in the basement. The second room on the right is a fairly spacious office. Pick up a statue (+15 = 570) from a bookcase then frob the painting on the wall to raise it. Behind it is a concealed safe but it's locked up tight and requires a key so you'll have to come back for that later on.

The wooden door on the left-hand side of the hallway opens into a sizeable room patrolled by 2 guards. Snatch a gold candlestick (+25 = 595) from a desk and open the top of the crate sitting nearby to find 2 gold wine bottles (+110* = 705). There is also a coin (+10 = 715) on the ledge around the south pillar. Proceed into the back room and you'll find a large cupboard full of compartments. They contain a spice bag (+40 = 755), 2 copper coinstacks (+10 = 765), a purse (+50 = 815) and a note from Capt. Gart to his henchmen, commending them on a job well done. The other door leading out of this room takes you out onto a rather noisy metal catwalk so rather than going out that way, return to the hallway and go through the door at the west end onto a rooftop.

The door to the south opens into the rooms on the far side of the metal catwalk. In the first one there's an elevator to the lower floors and in the second one there's a power switch on the end wall that turns off the lights. There is also a crate with a lockbox on the side. Pick it open and collect a necklace (+200 = 1015) and a statue (+15 = 1030).

Main floor

Take the elevator down to the main floor and scoot over into the shadows in case the guard comes in at the wrong moment. When you're sure the way is clear, have a look around. The south doors open into the front entranceway of the warehouse where you can pilfer a gold coinstack (+25 = 1055) from a chest. The east door opens into a large warehouse full of crates. On top of the west side of the stacked crates is one you can open that contains a statue (+15 = 1070) and a scouting orb. The chest found on top of the crates on the east side holds noisemaker arrows.

Leave the warehouse through the north door and you'll enter a hallway. The room at the west end of the hallway is a dining room but there's nothing of value in here. The northwest room is a library where you'll find a scroll written by Deryn, complaining that the Captain thinks he's lost the key to a vault, which is apparently deep underground. That sounds interesting! There are some coins on the table (+60 = 1130) The room east of that one is a cleaning closet where you can add 2 flares and a water arrow (counts as 2) to your supplies and the last doorway leads to stairs up to the top floor. The only other door on the south side takes you into a second warehouse full of crates. The small locked crate on the floor in the NE corner opens to reveal 2 spice bags (+80 = 1210) and a silver statue (+15 = 1225). One of the stacked crates in the SW corner also contains a spice bag (+40 = 1265).(

Before going down to the lower floor, let's take a peek at the smaller warehouse shown on the map - head outside through the door in the SW corner.

The small warehouse

The building directly across from you is the small warehouse. The door on the north side (facing you) opens into an office. There's nothing of interest in there, but if you go through the south door into the next room you'll overhear a conversation between two guards who mention something about a basement room hidden behind a "games room gizmo". Must keep an eye out for that!

In the first (E) warehouse room, mantle up onto the large crates, then onto the small one and from it, climb onto the rafters. Walk west, frob a grate to open it, walk through and out the grate at the far end. Continue along the rafters above the room where the guards were standing talking, open the grate at the far end and drop down into a small office.

Pick up the "Storage Key" from the desk then open a crate to find a rope arrow, a flashbomb and a purse (+150 = 1415). Use the "storage key" on the lockbox beside the door to let yourself out. On your way through the next room, stop and open the small crate against the wall. You'll find a gold statue (+50 = 1465) and a green rolled tapestry (+50 = 1515).

Go through the archway in the north wall and over to the opening in the floor. Take the elevator or walk down the stairs to the basement level but keep an eye out for a patrolling guard down here.

The first two doors on the right open into a large barracks room. (The names of the occupants are listed on a plaque by the door.) In here you'll find a purse (+100 = 1615) inside a locked chest and a book to read. The first door on the left takes you into the Lieutenant's room. There's a letter lying on the floor inside the door that gives you a clue as to where the vault keys are kept. You can also liberate a purse (+100 = 1715) from the locked chest. Loot objective complete!

After you walk down a couple of steps, you'll find the door to the Captain's room on your left. Help yourself to 2 coins (+40 = 1755) from the ledge below the painting and open the wall safe in the NW corner. Inside you'll find the "Captain's key" as well as a purse (+75 = 1830) and a book to read. Check out the barracks room on the opposite side of the hallway and you'll find a scroll tucked down in behind the SE bed that doesn't seem all that useful at the moment but the clue it contains will be vital in a little while.

Continue along the hall and you'll come out into the basement floor of the main warehouse. Before exploring further here take the elevator or the stairs and return to the office on the top floor where you found the locked wall safe that needed a key. Unlock it with the "Captain's key" and help yourself to the contents, which include 2 spice bags (+ 80 = 1910), 2 gold coinstacks (+50 = 1965), a silver coinstack (+12 = 1977) and a scroll labelled "Personal Letter". Return to the basement and walk into the corridor in the SE corner.

The children

The room on the right is the kitchen, where you can pick up a bag of spice (+40 = 2017) from the table, a couple of coins from the chimney shelf (+40 = 2057) and a healing potion from the shelf in the pantry. The gaming room is on the left at the end of this hallway. Check the ledge in the SE corner for a lever that opens a wall panel. Concealed behind it is a combination device. On Normal difficulty the code is in that scroll you found (5570).

On Hard, you have to deduce the code from the poem in the scroll. Each "..." represents a number that completes the rhyme. (2634)

On Expert difficulty "Use" the fingerprint kit on each of the number buttons and finger prints will appear on the ones that have been pushed. Now, as the scroll says, push them in order from the lowest to the highest number (1379)

Go through the secret door that has just opened into another basement hallway ending in a small round room. The room on the right is a torture room and there's a tiny gold ring (+100 = 2157) lying in the blood on the floor. The east room is an armoury, so load up with the equipment and head through the north doorway and down a set of stairs. Be careful at the bottom because the floor is very noisy.

The hallway ends in a machinery room and the room beyond has a small furnace in one corner but not much else. Go through the south door and you'll see a cell full of children. As soon as you do, the objective to find the cargo gets crossed off and you receive several new objectives. One is to make sure no harm befalls the children, another is to find evidence against Gart - this appears and immediately checks off as you have it in your possession already - and the third is to deliver that evidence to the city watch.

Pick open the lockbox to open the cell and then frob the children to get them to follow you. (If you need to stop them to avoid a guard or to scout ahead, just frob them to get them to stand still then frob them again to get them moving again when you're ready.)

Return to the room with the elevator and climb the stairs to the main floor. Take them out of the building through one of the doors on the south side. Turn left (E) and then left again (N) around the corner of the building back to the door where you entered the Redblade compound. Go through and over to the gated archway opposite. The kids will run through the gate to safety. Objective complete! One of the children has dropped the "Vault" key on the ground by the gate. Pick it and return to the elevator room in the basement of the main warehouse.

The vault

This time, go through the east doorway and down some stairs to the sewer level. Go through the room full of big machinery and into a hallway lined with shelves that hold a moss arrow and a wine bottle (+50 = 2202). Continue through the next door and then climb into the west sewer pipe. You'll end up in a room patrolled by a thief, walk across the board over a puddle of water and use the "Vault key" to unlock the double doors at the end.

Take the elevator down and you'll emerge in a hallway that looks like it belongs in a church. Go through the door at the end and over to one of the openings that overlooks the floor below. Listen the conversation and after it's done, walk down the stairs. On the way down, pick up a pile of coins (+30 = 2232), a gold hammer (+75 = 2307), 2 purses (+70 = 2377), a gold coinstack (+25 = 22402), 3 copper coinstacks (+15 = 2417), 5 coins (+100 = 2517), another pile of coins (+40 = 2557) and a gold torc (+100 = 2657) from the wall niches. Before going into the vault room, go in under the stairs and pick up a spice bag (+40 = 2697) and a silver statue (+15 = 2712) from inside an open box. The chest holds a coin pile (+300 = 3012).

The main room is full of goodies. You'll acquire a large blue vase (+400 = 3412), 2 spice bags (+80 = 3492), a gold wine bottle (lying on the floor) (+50 = 3542), 2 gold goblets (+50 = 3592), 2 gems (+200 = 3792), a tiara (+125 = 3917), a silver coinstack (+12 = 3929) and a copper coinstack (+5 = 3934). Take the two moveable crates upstairs with you until you're below two wall niches that are too high to see into. Stack the crates so you can see into each of them and you'll find 2 gold goblets (+50 = 3984). Continue up the stairs past the door you entered by and pick up a goblet (+15 = 3999) from the last wall niche.

Beyond it you'll see a locked gate but you can't reach the lever. Go back down to the opening across from the door, climb into it and cross the central beams to the west opening. Climb in and you'll be behind the gates. Pick up a beautiful silver dagger (+400 = 4399) from beside a skeleton then flip the wall lever to let yourself out. Go back up the elevator, out through the sewer pipe and turn right (S). Follow the sewer to a really stinky section where you see a cloud of flies buzzing around a cloud of green sewer gas and check behind the broken barrels for a bag of spice (+40 = 4439).

Planting the Evidence

You're done with the Redblades, so return to the streets and make your way back to the Watch Station. Drop the "Personal Letter" that is in your inventory on the front counter. Objective Complete! Now all you need to do is to return to the alley beside the Bakery where you began the mission.

Mission Complete

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