Rowena's Curse by Lady Rowena (C 2003)

Expert Walkthrough by Ponterbee (with much help from Nightwalker)


OK- I'll try and keep this walkthrough as short and direct as possible, though this may be impossible considering the enormity of the level. Adding an introduction certainly doesn't help but I first need to thank Nightwalker for her invaluable notes that she has amassed since Rowena's Curse was released.

Let me start off by saying that this mission is scary. Not, for the most part, by what you actually see but because of what you DON?T see. The mansion itself has a very gothic-horror feel to it. Some have said that the storyline seems similar to the film thriller 'Ringu' (or 'The Ring' as the inferior American version is called) but in fact the only similarities are a female in a well. The fact of the matter is that 'Rowena's Curse' is a much deeper, compelling story that unfolds like an HP Lovecraft tale. And, of course, YOU are the hero who discovers the truth, clue by clue. It is for that very reason that I HIGHLY suggest not using this walkthrough until you have once completed the game or are hopelessly, completely stuck.

 I am not at liberty to reveal a hidden 'Easter Egg' in the game and I neither confirm nor deny it's existence.

 UPDATE! Lady Rowena has given me permission to reveal it, so it has been added! The info is at the END of the walkthrough in case you want to try to find it on your own

1. The Old Barracks

You begin the mission after jumping over the wall onto Cedric Bafford's country estate. Pick up what's left of your gear (compass, lockpicks, blackjack) and find your journal. Ponder why you bought your new sword at Val-U-Mart as you get caught up to date. Lady Isabella's father has entrusted you with the task of solving the mystery of her disappearance- and to rescue her if she's still alive. Two maids have also vanished previously and Sheriff Truart's finest have uncovered nothing.

Head through the hole in the southeast and collect 5 water arrows floating in the flooded under-basement. When you have them all climb the ladder into the old barracks. You'll find yourself in a small generator room that has good shadow coverage you'll need to employ after picking the lock on the nearby door. It's a blackjack puzzle of sorts- 3 guards (one stationary), you need to take care of without being seen, so just study their patrol routes and it'll be a cinch. Bring them into the generator room and tuck them in for the night. When they're down you can freely explore the old barracks without fear of capture- just don't make much noise.

In the guards lavatory you'll find 3 more water arrows in the old wooden bath-basin. Down the hall a bit you'll hear spider sounds coming from a room on the right- Don't go in there right now. We'll be coming back down here a little later. Go into the first room on your left and read the letter written by Larry, who has a thing for the new maid, Lisette. A loaf of bread is in the 1st chest and a broad arrow is in the 2nd.

Proceed to the next room and you'll be in the guards' quarters. Another broad arrow is in a chest behind the door and a useful noisemaker arrow is in the chest to the left of it. The chests on the other side of the room contain yet another broad arrow and a bit of copper (1X5 : 5 total). The table holds 3 more small stacks of copper (3X5 : 20 total).

Go into the next part of the room to discover 4 more chests. Betcha one of them holds a broad arrow! Don't wake up the sleepy guard as you investigate. They hold:: a small stack of silver (1X12 : 32 total), a broad arrow (surprise!), another broad arrow, and a bottle that makes noise and wakes up the guard so he can kill you when you drop it. Try to avoid doing that. There's a letter on the floor by Captain Drowsy (Ethan and no, he's not a real captain) that reveals he's seen a ghost.

 Disregard his superstitious nonsense as you go back out into the hall and enter the last room on the right. A slightly dingier-looking guards' room that has 3 chests - two hold scrolls with information right up your alley. Hidden loot in the northwest cubbyhole. You just need a key from that no-good dirty thief Silas. The other chest contains (gasp!) a broad arrow! Hey, you may laugh but you've got quite an arsenal by now. Let's get out of here now, the dust is killing me.

2. The Courtyard and Beyond!

OK- quietly climb the stairs, remaining in the shadows all the while. When you reach the top, look around at the area. you'll hear a guard behind the double-doors to the left. Behind you, a platoon of guards pace from the southeast door to an area southwest and back again. There are countless ways you can go about this but I prefer to completely and irrevocably eliminate the competition. Don't bother using any water arcrows in this area. It's wasteful and unnecessary.

FIRST- let's take care of Dirty Larry (Willy) standing by the window in the northeast. He's easy to knock out. Now, turn around and hop over the low wall by the broken cart. You can creep up close to the path the guards take. You'd best quick-save too, in case your timing is off and another guard is right behind the one you're attacking. Blackjack each guard, one at a time, as they pass by you - mindful of the distance of the next guard. Chuck their bodies by the cart. you'll know you're done when you have Daniel, Daryl, Dorian, and Derek all laid out in a row. You might want to pickpocket a few arrows from Dorian before you knock his block off for the stat.

>From Lady Rowena: If you decide to go off on your own at any time, make absolute sure you break into Barker's place in the south so you can collect the moss arrows. We'll be heading there after this side trek.

Now we're going to go out that door on your left. Just do this quick and it'll all be pie from here on in. This door leads to the front gate. We have to come back here eventually so we may as well make it safe now, rather than later. You can also get some pickpockets that would be extremely difficult coming from another direction. From the shadows, lean and open the door. You have to wait on the patrolling archer. Once he comes by and starts to head north, wait about two full seconds then RUN and hug that wall on your right. Keep running until you smack into the corner. The guard by the front gate SHOULD just be wondering if he heard something. He did 4 out of 5 times when I tested and the time he searched he gave up before he found me. Once you're here, save your game. Douse the torch above the nearest guard's head with a water arrow so you can blackjack him. No need to do the same to the next torch. Just hug the front gate, creep up, and he's yours without so much as a peep from him.

Now you just have to get Grant the archer and that's simple. Pickpocket his arrows first then put his body by George and Garland. You now have safe passage once the mission is complete. You can also jump up and down like a ninny and the guards on the front porch won't see you. Head through the door in the east. If you hug the wall it's a small matter to KO Frankie by the cemetery gate. Fernando can't see you from this far (he's guarding the small gated door in the north across the lawn) so you can peek into the cemetery- don't get too attached, though, because we won't be going in there for a looooong time. You'd best be mindful of Trevor, Terence, and Truman. They come through the next east door, but during long intervals.

Once you feel safe, notice the long wide shadow stretched across the lawn east to west. From the east, crouch and crawl SLOWLY toward the stone gazebo in the west. So long as you go slow, Fernando will just keep on whistling. Get the frogbeast egg once you've reached your destination. Just hug the wall and you can stop Fernando's whistling once and for all. He might get suspicious, but you can blackjack him from about 2 feet in open light. Just stay crouched.

The T trio doesn't stand a chance against you now. Just merrily whack them over the head one by one as they head east. Go through that last eastern door just to familiarize yourself with the area. All the way north is an unlocked gate that leads to the front of the chapel. Don't go there yet, though, unless you enjoy backtracking even further. Instead, head all the way back to the courtyard. You've just completely cleared out the entire front area of the mansion with one water arrow. Congratulations.

3. The Mess Hall and Kitchen

Once you're back, go to the door in the southwest. Pickpocket the door and enter Barker's home. He's the nosy caretaker. He must be into some new kind of aromatherapy because there's 10 moss arrows in a basket on the living room floor. Plus, he's not very careful with his money. Get the 3 stacks of coinage on the bedside table (3X20 : 92 total). Read his journal behind the curtain in the library.

 Now leave and go west to the N door by a torch. This is the mess hall on your map. A serving girl comes through the far north doors so wait for her to leave before sashaying around the table to blackjack the guard from his left (he'll see you if you come the other way). Move his body to the back room quickly before the girl comes back. You need to take care of her also because you'll be in this area a few times and she gets noisy if she sees you.

Once she's keeping the guard company, explore the mess hall. On the bookshelf find a mine and nine more broad arrows. Above the swords take the scouting orb and an orphan flash bomb A posted notice informs us that a Lady Lucrethia has lost her key and if anyone finds it, please leave it in the chapel window sill. Leave through the double doors in the north. To your left are a bunch of barrels and crates. Get the two frogbeast eggs against the wall.

SECRET #1: At the top of the beam, to the left of the eggs, is a lever facing the wall. Frob it and descend into an underground shelter to get the 3 bags of spice (3X40: 212 total).

Enter the kitchen (the west building) wary of Mike. He's the Bluecoat warming his butt by the fire. Just make sure he's facing north as you slide inside, hugging the wall. Once you're safe in the niche by the fireplace you can blackjack him. There's a couple of nosy guards who enter the kitchen from the eastern door so watch out for them as you attack the cook. The guards are Sonny and Steven, but I call them 'target practice'. Once they're in a heap with Mike and the cook, go see what's cookin?  Mmmmmm - silver coins in a cash box! My favorite! (1X12 : 224 total). Plus a nice little vase (1X50 : 274 total). In the sink there's a water arrow and another small vase (1X50: 324 total). Wash everything down with a bottle of Cedric's finest hidden under carrots and cucumbers by the stove (1X50 : 374 total). Next, collect every thief's  favorite snack food - 3 Healing fruit! Admire the painting of the cute little bunny rabbit before raiding the storeroom. Cheeses and deer legs are good for you so take them. You never know when you'll take 1 shield of damage from a fall or something.

Go through the door to the right of the storeroom. Get your goodie bags ready cause it's time to grab some FLATWARE! First and foremost- shut off the light at the far east of the dining room. You don't have to be super quiet, just don't do The Peppermint Twist on the loud tile floor. OK- from the first (left) hutch get 6 wine glasses (6X25), a large vase (1X100), a couple of china plates (2X10), 2 gold vases (2X100), and from the bottom doors 2 gold candlesticks (2X50). 944 total after that haul. From the next hutch get 6 more wine glasses (6X25), 3 china plates (3X10), 2 gold vases (2X100), and a bottle of fine wine from the bottom doors (1X50). Now you've got 1374 total loot.

Go into the parlor and hit the lightswitch. There's a winged statue (1X15 : 1389 total) on the west table and an urn (1X20 : 1409) on the next one. Be quiet and wait for the guards to pass as you collect the vase just out on the hall table (1X100 : 1509). Go back in the dining room and do the same thing for the 2nd vase (1X100 : 1609 total). Head back into the kitchen and leave the building the way we came in. We'll go through that kitchen door in the NE corner by coming the other way.

4. The Basement Areas

 Once you're outside, go through the eastern door into a small dormitory that sleeps the kitchen help. Lisette is in the first room, parading herself by the window enticing guards. You can do this part without knocking her out, but why waste all that effort on a tease? Just barge on in and put her to bed with your blackjack.

SECRET #2: At the far end of the room look for a hidden switch near the floor by a bedside table. Frob it and the bed will slide forward like it's preparing for takeoff. Collect the silver nugget (1X50 : 1659).

Now go back into the hall and head into the cook's room. A book tells us that a ring was lost in the storeroom that's being occupied by a female guard. Take the purse that contains the money Cook was scrimping and saving for years in a locked chest (1X100 : 1759). Open the dresser.

SECRET #3: There's a small switch in the top left corner. Go through the secret passageway that is revealed.

At the end of the passageway look up at the right and frob the switch to open a secret door to a new area in the basement. To the left is a medium-sized generator room patrolled by Shane.There's a ladder in the dark niche straight ahead that leads to a small sitting room with 3 gold coins on the floor (3X20 : 1819 total). Go back down the ladder into the generator room to deal with Shane (if you haven't already). A safe place to dump him is in the niche with the ladder, BTW.

Leave this room by the north and go right. Follow the hall and pass the slanting exit to the small outside courtyard (we'll be going up here in a little while) and hide in the shadows. Wait for Sal, who is patrolling the large generator room, and knock him out when you get the chance.

Go to the edge of the doorway leading into the tiny furnace room and lean left. Heeeeere's SILAS! Get his key and hit him when he's facing the fire. Pull his head out of the flames if he falls into them! Get the hidden purse behind the furnace (1X100 : 1919 total). Notice the small grating in the corner- this is a cramped secret passageway leading to the far east side of the manor, where Truman, Terence, and Trevor patrolled. If you want to get the hardest pickpocket in the game, unlock the gratings NOW, then return back here to the furnace room. Now go into the large generator room Sal was guarding.

SECRET #4 : Crawl between the 2 generators and frob the lever on your right by the floor. This opens another secret area. I personally never used this as a shortcut but some might. There's a ladder that leads to a small comfy little niche with a lever. It opens a swinging glass door so you can hop out onto the top floor hall where 3 meanies will club you senseless. There is one fun benefit to this secret--- taunting the guards behind the glass provides hours of entertainment!

Turn left after exiting the large generator room through the opposite side we entered from. Go down the hall with the blinking lightbulb and find the wine room. Go in quickly and blackjack Sean who's living the High Life. Find a hidden purse between 2 floor casks (1X100 : 2019 total). We now have to return to the old barracks. Go up the west hall (the locked door on your right leads to the 'new' barracks- we'll arrive there from another path) and enter the kitchen >From here, you should be able to find your way back to the old barracks. First, let's take care of the spider room. There's nobody to hear them scream now. Hop on a table and you can use them as target practice with a couple of the broadhead arrows you've been hoarding. Get the purse from the locked chest behind the dilapitated bunkbeds (1X100 : 2119).

Now go to the niche in Silas' room and use his key to steal his ill-gotten booty (you can smash the small crates with your blackjack- just make sure the door across the hall is closed so you don't wake up Ethan). Collect a large vase (1X100 : 2219), 2 wine glasses (2X25 : 2269), a gold vase (1X100 : 2369), and 2 gold plates (2X 50 : 2469 total).

5. The First Floor

Go back to the area where Silas was, but now it's time to go up that incline to the inner courtyard (there's a statue in the center). Check your compass. You need to go to the WEST double doors. There's good shadow cover right near the doorframe. Plop down a moss arrow onto the tile in front of you. You can now move to the left quietly as you KO Reginald, Richard, and Alex. Do it slow and carefully -there's a guard patrolling the walkway above at intermittent times. You can gauge the distance between guards by turning your gaze northwards - you can see through those north double-doors so you'll know if a guard is right behind the one you're about to attack. When all 3 have been dealt with, you're safe to enter the house without being molested.

Turn left and go through the door at the end. The blackjack-proof guard has a purse you need to steal. You have ONE moss arrow to play around with. Either use it here, or Chapter 12. It's up to you. You can creep-crawl to get close enough to lean forward and grab this purse, so long as you're patient. Return to the courtyard once you're $100 richer (1X100 : 2569 total) .

Go through the north double doors and head on down the left hallway. Enter the door on your left and you'll be in Lt. Wilson's room. Read the scroll on his desk. Seems the lady who lost her key now wants to meet in the garden at midnight. Hmmmm. Open the top and bottom doors of his filing cabinet. You've got mail. A mildly concerned Sheriff Truart and a fire-snorting livid Sheriff Truart. Now unlock the middle door with your lockpicks to find the White Room Key.

Enter his bedroom slowly and silently read his diary on the bedside table when you get the chance. So, he truly loves this Lucrethia? Something tells me he'll be at that rendezvous point in the garden. You now have a new objective not to kill him. Well, we're not killing anybody ANYWAY, so all right.

Leave the room and go to the next hall over. Get there by going left so you can see the very intimidating stairs leading to the second floor. The door down this hall leads to the storeroom. We already know there's a lady-cop in there. Thankfully she's snoring away. The only thing of interest in here is the lost ring you read about earlier in the Cook's room. To get it, go between the couch and overturned chair. Face east. Click. You got it. Let's go. (1X100 : 2669 total)

We're gonna go up those stairs very very soon but there's 2 small areas we should get out of the wat to eliminate any needless backtracking. Go down the southeast hall (if memory serves) and stop before the last left hallway. There's a guard pacing down this hall (which leads to a locked chapel door). When he's far enough away from you, creep into the darkness. Simply lean forward and blackjack him when he gets close enough.

Turn back and go through the south door. Find a purse sitting on the floor beside a chair (1X100 : 2769 total) through the right archway (mind the tile!!!). Put out the pilot light on the right with a water arrow, then crouch-creep to the small sitting room. Get the purse (1X100 : 2869) in here, then return to the stairs, north of the storeroom.

6. The Second Floor

Slowly creep up the stairs and wait for an opening between guards. You'll need to get to the Yellow Room to the right (check your map). Wait for 2 guards to pass, then wait a few seconds before moving so nobody hears you. Don't run to the door, walk VERY FAST. Have your lockpicks all ready and you'll get in with just a few seconds to spare. You might notice an old lady on the floor but now is not the time to get chummy. You have to deal with Rupert and Robert as they make their rounds. Adrian goes out onto the outer walkway and doesn't pass by your door. Either go after him from the Yellow Room as he heads outside, or wait for him on the southwest corner of the walkway so you can sneak up behind him.

SECRET #5 : On the right side of the SE window is a small switch. Activate it and the wall to the right slides so you can collect a small statue (1X15 : 2884).

It's now time to loot some of the top floor. Head south and grab the two display masks in the middle of the hall (2X120 : 3124 total). Get the purse sitting out on the balcony (1X100 : 3224 total). Now it's Adventure Time! If you don't want the arrows, just skip ahead to the next paragraph. Mantle onto the railing so you're looking down at the archer. Save your game here if he doesn't move. You need to drop down onto his head (you won't take any falling damage this way) then QUICKLY take his arrows before he alerts (You can't get the arrows by running out the front door because he's alerted before you can get to him). It may take a few tries the first time you attempt this but it gets easier with practice. Once you succeed, RUN!!!! Head through the east door and don't stop until you reach the grating that leads you back to the furnace room. Nice work, Indiana Jones! That was the hardest pickpocket in the game unless you wanted to use 5 water arrows and 2 moss arrows from the staircase landing. Wait a while in the furnace room till things settle back down before returning to the second floor. Just play a little solitaire or blackjack ( erg - and the winner for Worst Joke In A Walkthrough for 2004 is?.!).

7. The Yellow Room

Anyway, go to the Yellow Room. Here lies poor Nellie whom you have so coldly neglected while you wasted time Guard-Diving for 3 measly broad arrows. Read the scroll by her crumpled body to discover she was hit from behind mid-sentence. Take her spectacles from the bedside table (1X50 : 3274 total) then hit the small lever at the side of the dresser. Following the passage leads to an ominous door that you cannot enter at the moment. Climb back up, leave the Yellow Room, and enter the room next door.

 8. The Blue Room

Pick the lock on the door and enter the Blue room. Pick open the chest for a shiny new gold nugget (1X100 : 3374). Go into the bathroom to find a man totally transfixed with his bathtub. This man is Percival. Creep up quietly, one small step at a time, and relieve him of his pitifully light purse (1X25 : 3399 total) before knocking him out.

Read the letter on the table to discover that this fop wants to marry the fair Lucrethia- and is already making plans to turn her into his very own Barbie doll. Why, if only this mission allowed killing I'd - maybe next time I'll toss a frogbeast egg into the bathroom then shut the door. Well, for this time around just check the left side of the doorframe leading into that same bathroom and frob the small lever. Another secret passage leading to another ominous door. Hmmm. I believe I'm seeing a pattern! Leave Poopy-Pants Percy's room and go left. Time to visit the White Room. Get your key ready!

9. The White Room

Upon entering, collect the large vase on the coffee table (1X100 : 3499) and the small vase on the vanity (1X50 : 3549). There's a wine glass (1X15 : 3564) on a gold plate (1X50 : 3614) on the bedside table. This is, indeed, Lady Isabella?s room. Collect the diary under her pillow and read it for valuable information about the house and it's inhabitants.

After you've finished, the house seems to take on a whole new feeling and one can't help but be tempted to just run away. We now have a chapel key so it's about that time to leave. First, you may be wondering where the lever is to open up another ladder to another door - check behind one of the furnishings. Also, don't neglect the ring by the downstairs tub (1X100 : 3714 total).

Since the room is so close, go left after you leave and check out Rowena's door. There's a note for you on the floor - looks like we're being watched - bet you wish the guards were still around, huh? Take the gold cup (1X75 : 3789) and a bottle of exquisite wine (1X 100: 3889 total) from the table. There's also an impressive plate, but you can't have it. The shish-kabob probably stained it beyond repair.

10. The Chapel

Since it's easy to get lost, I don't think it would be amiss to give directions for getting back to the furnace room. Go down the nearby back stairs- turn right- go out the double doors into the courtyard- go down the incline to the basement areas- turn left- the furnace room is at the end on your right. Follow the crawlspace until you're back outside where you lost the guards earlier when they chased you across the front lawn. Now go left and through the open gate. Hug the wall as you move left, then shoot your noisemaker arrow to the north. Charlie will get anxious and go off searching. When he gives up, and as he returns to his post, take his purse (1X100 : 3989) and pop him on the back of the head. Make sure you WALK up behind him, because he's still on alert. Go check out the window to the west.

SECRET #6 : Under the window frame is a small switch that opens a grate behind you. Crawl in to grab some fine wine (1X50 : 4039).

Go around and up to the chapel door. Save the orphaned candlestick who's about to jump to it's death atop the eave (1X50 ; 4089 total). Use the Chapel Key and enter. This part can be hard - if you have more trouble than I did, don't be ashamed to use frogbeast eggs- that's why Lady Rowena gave them to you! The simplest way to continue is to toss a moss arrow down onto the white area of the floor in front of you. Creep onto it and move right until you're enshadowed. Shoot another moss arrow towards the right corner and forward a bit (get the most out of your moss arrow!), then shoot your third one forward some more. Finally, shoot your fourth one between the front 2 pews. As the archer patrols, steal some arrows, then knock him out. Move left and lean to reach the stationary guard with your blackjack. You should have 4 moss arrows left now. Collect the Red Room Key which someone kindly left on the window sill. Take the 2 gold candlesticks from the altar (2X50 : 4189). Go through the door to the right of the altar.

11. The Jail

Though it's not at all necessary, you can go through the door on your right a ways and knock out a guard, then knock out another behind the next door. Whatever you decide, follow the tunnel down to a door. Enter, go down a slope a little ways, and douse the left-most torch with a water arrow. Knock out the 2 guards - stationary guard first, then the second when he reappears from the back.

Go to that back area to discover some jail cells. Go inside the first one and read the crumpled paper. you'll read about some of Lord Duncan's tyranny. In the next-middle-cell read the scroll next to the former occupants remains to learn that there's a ring somewhere in here. Just check the corner near the floor to the right of the cell door (1X100 : 4289). There's nothing else to do here right now, so head on back to the second floor of the house and use the Red Room Key. If you KO'ed the 2 guards on the way down to the jail, it's just that much shorter a trip.

12. The Red Room

Another note awaits you. After reading it, unlock the door to find Lucrethia in the flesh standing by the fire. If you want the pickpocket, you'd best move fast and shoot a moss arrow inside the threshhold (so long as you held onto your spare one). Just make sure you have three left if you want to avoid a library bloodbath. Move quickly and quietly behind the curtain to the left. The middle coat rack acts as a lever to open the secret passage down to the 4th ominous door. Get down here to hide if she searches for you, then wait until it's safe to climb back up to take the very important Garden Key from her side.

Knock her out gently before searching the room for goodies - there's a gold vase on the fireplace mantle (1X100 : 4389), a large vase on a stand under the gaslight (1X50 : 4439), a tiara on the sink (1X75 : 4514), and a ring on the bedside table (1X100 : 4614). If you're in the mood for some light reading, there's a book of poetry near the fireside and Lucrethia's diary on another bedside table. Well, it seems Lucrethia feels the same way about Lt. Wilson as he does about her! From what we read in his journal, he doesn't have the foggiest idea that she even liked him, never mind being enamoured with him!

13. The Garden And The Hole

Go down the ladder in Lucrethia's closet and frob open the secret door halfway down. Hop out into an outside area that is a very popular patrolling area for the guards. No less than 5 guards are connected to this area so use caution when removing them. A flash bomb to take out 2 isn't out of the question. If THREE are in a line of sight, I certainly recommend it. Just make sure you hide the bodies by the secret door before another guard comes by.

The Garden Key opens the east door. That just leads back to the front of the chapel, so go through the door in the north, where all the guards came from. If you KO'ed them all, then you're safe to move freely. Move around the yard until you finally end up near the back porch- you looked out at this area from the back stairs on the first floor. Hug the side of the house and crawl/run until you're safe in the shadow behind (and to the right) of the archer Brian. The guard patrolling a ways ahead is Lt. Wilson, awaiting the arrival of Lucrethia, who won't be coming. When he's out of sight, creep up behind Brian, relieve him of some of his arrows, then blackjack him. It LOOKS like he'll see you, but he won't if you're quiet.

Go into the garden and knock out Lt. Wilson. Since it's a special objective not to let him die, put his body somewhere warm and safe before searching the area. Around to the right is the front of the shed, covering the accident site. Pick open the door and for God's sake- don't run on in or your mission will end in a hurry. There's a huge gaping hole here. Peering into the dark abyss, stop and wonder just how deep this thing is?

Keep wondering as you go back into the house, collect Percival's unconscious body, bring him back down here to the hole, and throw him in. Hmmmmm - judging by the time it took to hear a 'thud', I'd say it's about 120ft deep. No!!! I'm kidding! It's more like 95. Seriously though, NO KILLING. Not even ignorant snobs like good ol' Percy.

Fall or bunny-hop onto the rope and descend to an opening in the north rock wall. After walking a little way, you'll hear a loud crash. Turning around reveals the fact that you ain't getting out of here the same way you came in. Just continue on.

Soon, you'll arrive in a cozy little chamber containing THE GATE TO HELL!!! You need to obtain the Holy Sword before going through. Douse the two torches with water arrows for later. Collect a gold nugget to the west (1X100 : 4714) before going north. Lend the spider a broad arrow before grabbing the gold statue it was probably trying to mate with (1X75 : 4789 total). To the east is another hallway to the south and a skull inserted into a large stone wheel. Get in close and frob it.

You're transported to an area with large arrowhead-shaped stones and a pressure plate in the middle. Stand on it and wait for the stones to stop. If you're facing the skull, go into the first cubbyhole to the left, grab the boulder and return to the pressure plate. When it's completely open, go to the first cubbyhole on the RIGHT. Drop the boulder in the path of the closing stone and it'll stop moving. You're now safe to collect the treasure, and it's quite a haul. 6 large blue gemstones (6X15 : 4879), 2 small pots (2X20 : 4919), 2 large pots (2X20 : 4959), 2 green LC jars (2X20 : 4999) a gold statue (1X75 : 5074), a Serpentile Torc (1X350 : 5424), and a tapestry (1X150 : 5574 total).

The two other large stones in the chamber reveal switches that will open the other stone. When it's opened, head on in to discover the Holy Sword that can only be retrieved once you have all four elemental keys. Uh-huh. 4 keys - 4 ominous doors. You can see where this is going! Get back to the skull and frob it again. You're back in the underground area, so take the first left. No need to move forward, just turn left and go. Use the baby spiders as target practice and continue on to a ladder. Climb it to get to a long hallway leading to another ladder. After you're through climbing this one, you'll find yourself in Rowena's room.

14. Rowena's Room

You're in the downstairs area of Rowena's bedroom. Yes, Rowena slept here! And she also drank here so take the two gold cups by the bath (2X25 : 5624). Head on upstairs and grab a small vase (1X50 : 5674) and a key from the small table. This key lets you out of here when we're done.

Be taunted by the 3 potions that you really really want but can't have as you read her next note. When you've finished, stare into her eyes that adorn her portrait and ask yourself "Would I take keys from this woman?"  The answer of course, is YES. So take the Library Key so we can continue our quest. Then rob Rowena blind - take a gold nugget from the right chest (1X100 : 5774), some gold coins from the left (1X25 : 5799), 2 masks hanging on either side of the archway leading to her bed (2X50 : 5899), and a gold urn from the bedside table (1X20 : 5919 total). Leave the room and head down the back stairs.

15. The Library

Your shiny new Garden Key will unlock the bullet-proof glass panel that seperates you from the backyard at the bottom of the stairs. This is unnecessary, but I thought you should know just in case you left something valuable back at the accident site. 

Head south down the hall and unlock the library door. Be careful as there's a couple of library policemen in there. You should certainly use your last moss arrow(s) here, unless you want to go crazy with frogbeast eggs. You should still have 3 left'shoot one by the threshhold and another towards the left leading to the carpet so you can get in and hide. Hit the light switch after you enter. Wait in the darkness, then just lean forward so the guard walks right into your blackjack. NOTE: It takes 2 frogbeasts to take down one of these guards so you MUST knock out one first if you plan on using them.

Shoot your last moss arrow from the end of this small carpet towards the next rug on the right. You need to get close enough to the daydreaming guard to knock him out. It might seem like he's too far to hit, but he isn't. Just make sure he doesn't burn to death when he lands in the fire.

On the second bookshelf- the side facing the door- there's a frobbable book. Just to your right on the bookshelf, and up a little, a secret panel slides open. Read the scroll and then put it back, unless you need it for your scrapbook. The panel slides closed by frobbing the book again.

Go up the stairs and KO Barker. Wow! People really DO get knocked out while they're writing in journals! Read his latest entries to discover Lord Cedric recently entered the Gate To Hell with the Key Of Alastor, which is why it was missing from the secret compartment in the bookcase. Also, there's a button around here somewhere that Barker just discovered. Look up and you'll find it quickly. Press it and a bookcase swings open in the east.

Enter this new area and you'll discover a locked door and a wall safe. Pick the wall safe open to collect Lord Duncan's Diary and 2 keys. One opens a chest and the other opens the locked door. DO NOT use this key on the wall safe or you'll lose it forever and be stuck. Unlock the door and skootch along the chapel rafters to the chest. Use the other key you just got to unlock it and collect the Well Room Key. Getting scared yet? And where the hell's the well room? Read Lord Duncan's diary.

16. The Well Room

>From reading Lord Duncan's entries, we can gather that A) Rowena and Jervis were dragged down to the dungeon and thrown into a well, and B) Lord Duncan had some serious anger management issues. OK. We were already IN the dungeons and there certainly was no well in there, unless one of the guards ATE it but it also said in the journal that it was cemented over, so we'll need some powerful explosive force to get in, once we know what wall to blast. Plus there's a trap waiting once we DO get in. Hmmm. I wonder if it's too late to just go home and rob the Eastwater bank again? But an innocent woman's life is at stake- so we must carry on. With people like Duncan, Cedric, and Percival living under this roof, it might not be such a bad idea to torch this place to the ground once we're done.

A very useful shortcut is to just drop down onto a pew. you'll take one shield of damage but you have enough snacks to open up a fruit stand. Just eat one, or two, or thirty to get your life point back.

Head through the door leading back to the dungeon and upon close inspection, you'll see that one of these walls is not like the others - the one across from the medieval torture device so lovingly called 'The Rack'. It's a small niche that indeed, looks like it's been pasted over. Now we need to find something to blow it up. Let's go find Percy.

(NOTE from the Walkthrough Writers Guild Of America: It has come to our attention that there is no less than THREE jokes pertaining to this 'Percy'. We have contacted Ponterbee and demanded that he immediately cease and desist all future references to this character or he will be hearing from our attorneys and risk being blacklisted by the WWGA. Thank you.)

17. The Barracks

There's one more area around here we haven't investigated yet. The 'new' barracks. Leave the chapel through the north door to get outside, then head west. Use the Garden Key on the door if you didn't earlier and you'll be in the part of the yard you hopped into from Lucrethia's room.

Go north, then west all the way past the garden, then turn south. Use the Garden Key here, too, and you'll spy the barracks building to the right. This area is guarded by Bluecoat Bill. Get rid of Bluecoat Bill when he's looking the other way. You may have spotted an archer perched on top of the barracks. Just yell "Fire in the hole!" and toss a frogbeast egg up there if you're not interested in pickpocket stats. He's got some more arrows and a purse (1X100 : 6019 total) you can grab by climbing the ladder on the right side. Go inside the barracks when you're finished.

The chests contain a tasty baguette and another purse (1X100 : 6119). There's a copy of the Garden Key on a table.

SECRET #7: Hop onto that table to find a small switch on the window frame. Activate it to get 3 stacks of copper (3X5 : 6134 total) where  the bookcase slides.

Leave and go to the shack next door. Pick the door lock and enter. Aha! Here's the explosives we need. Before you start lugging the barrel back, make absolute sure you have a clear path to the dungeon. If you don't believe me, pick up the barrel and put it down three times. They'll be picking Garrett off the wall for months. Grab the fire arrow and flares then pick up the barrel.

18. Return To The Well Room

When you're back there, place the explosive down near the niche you need to destroy. Keep pressing into the barrel until it's nice and secure inside the niche. Get far away to the corner by the right of the stairs and save. Toss a flare at the barrel. If you hit it right and the barrel is in deep enough, you should have taken no damage, the wall is gone, and you saved a fire arrow. Look where the banner used to be to collect 3 more stacks of copper (3X5 : 6149 total).

Use the Well Room Key on the newly revealed door and head on in. Well, here's the trap! Bars slide down behind you. But that's OK! Frob the torch-holder on the other side of the room and another way out appears. Time to shimmy down into the well? Ooof! Alright, now we ARE trapped. Eat some more snacks to get the lost shield of health back.

There's Rowena?s skeleton. Say a little prayer before swiping her key that's next to her. Investigate the pentagram and you'll find a sheet of parchment that contains a magical incantation. Read it. Hmmmm - nothing. Check out the candles surrounding the pentagram and you'll find they're frobbable. Doing so makes them turn alight, and when they're all lit  - tadaaaa! - a way out. Climb this magical nether-light as you would a rope arrow or a ladder. Hop out of the well (be careful you don't fall back in and join Rowena and Jervis' fate) and head down the hallway you opened up.

Climb the ladder and use Rowena's Key on the back of the portrait to enter a strange new room. The Book Of Alastor lies on a desk awaiting your perusal. There are some eerie passages contained within concerning our hostess Rowena. Everything should be crystal clear by now. Rowena sold her soul for immortality, fueled by a neverending hate and Lord Dumbfu- er, that is, Lord CEDRIC woke her up and now appears to be one of her minions. Hopefully Isabella is still safe.

Pick the chest for a really shiny new ring (1X100 : 6249) then collect the expensive rosaries (1X100 : 6349), large urn (1X20 : 6369), and Hummel figurines (2X15 : 6399 total) from the display case. Leave after unlocking the door with, for some odd reason, Rowena's Key and you'll be back in the chapel again- greeted with yet another message from the lady of the hour.

It's now time to go back to the 2nd floor colored rooms. Something tells me that Rowena's Key will unlock all those ominous doors.

19? Return To The Blue Room

You can do these in any order- I'm writing them up clockwise; just jump ahead to the chapter you need if you prefer doing them in an order of your own. If you prefer to follow the walkthrough, head on back to Percy's room and descend the ladder. Rowena's Key unlocks this - and the other 3 ominous doors.

When you enter the small room, you'll have to descend a well, in honor of Rowena. Hey, she suffered at the bottom of a well, so you can too! Near the bottom of the ladder is a cavern entry to the side. There's a chest with broad arrows in the water below. Get them now or later, it matters not (so long as you have some in your arsenal).  This key is pretty easy to get. There's quite a few spiders in the cavern, but also a very useful shallow pool of water. Searching spiders have tendency to drown themselves. You can shoot a couple with broad arrows (on the left side of the cave), you can lure a couple to their death with broad arrow ricochet noises, and/or just run out into the light when a bunch come at you, just run back to the ladder and fall into the water. They?ll drown themselves after giving up. Experiment and have fun with the little beasts!

When the coast is clear, collect 3 gold nuggets lying around the back (3X100 : 6699 total) before dropping down into the south tunnel. There's another spider to shoot (or stab) at. you'll soon come to an open underground lake area. You need to drop onto the first stone platform and jump from one to the next to reach the small metal hatch on the wall to the left of the pedestal (with the Water Key on it). Use quick-saves to be safe.

NOTE: There are a couple landings you'll make where you're 'hanging' off the side of the stone platform. Try to mantle up onto the rock when that happens, because jumping is sure way to land in the water!

When you reach the metal hatch, open it and frob the skull. This opens the one to the right of the Water Key pedestal, so jump into the water. Swim around the floor to collect 3 gems (3X100 : 6999 total) before mantling up onto the small rock that will lead you to the newly uncovered skull. Frob it and you'll be able to get to the Water Key. you'll have to hop back into the water and get onto the small flat rock in the southwest. Jump your way back to the starting point, then make your way back to the first skull. Now you can jump to the newly placed stone platform and from there, to the Water Key. Grab it and head back. When you return to the path to the cave area, you'll have to back up and do a quick run-jump to grab the edge before mantling up and out. Get onto the ladder, climb out, and make your way to the Yellow Room.

20? Return To The Yellow Room

Unfortunately, Nellie's still dead. Say a prayer for her (and one for yourself) before descending the next ladder leading to the Earth Key trial. Once you've descended the ladder, get the broad arrows in a chest before entering the well. You'll be in another large chamber with an indestructable tree-beast and 2 frogbeasts. This puzzle looks tough, but really isn't.

First, crawl to the southeast corner. Shoot the frogbeast with an arrow (move west a bit - Kermit the Exploding Frog is in the north). When the evil tree goes off to investigate, go to where it was on stakeout and toss the boulder to the northwest a ways. Frob the switch in the niche before creeping to the northeast corner. Wait until it's safe before heading west.

Toss aside the boulder blocking the northern niche in the wall. When the tree goes berserk, crawl in and frob the switch. Wait for it to calm down before you exit. Move to the northwest corner and slowly approach the boulder blocking the next niche (where a frogbeast sits, who's been holding in a secret so long he's just BURSTING to tell it to someone). When you have the boulder, toss it away. Hide until you're okay to shoot that second frogbeast. It's a good idea to throw another boulder east so you can frob the last switch undetected.

When all 3 levers have been activated, it's time to crawl under the central rock formation. You can now climb up to retrieve the Earth Key. It's OK to feel bad for the treebeast as you make your escape. He's going to be awfully lonely without his froggie friends L.

21? Return To The White Room

Descend the ladder within the White Room (if you haven't found the lever that opens it up yet, it's behind the bed). Follow the corridors to a huge area with moving and stationary platforms hanging in the air above. Climb the ladder in the north and hop onto the first platform. Jump to the larger platform in the southeast then wait for the moving one.

When it passes underneath you, be ready to drop onto it when it reappears. Ride it very carefully as you approach the next platform. Drop onto it and jump into the opening in the wall to ascend another ladder.

Make sure you save here because this can be tricky. When the small moving platform approaches you, be ready to jump onto it. Ride it with EXTRA caution because it's a longer ride. Jump to the platform that holds the Air Key Pedestal once your close enough. Retrace your steps to the exit and return to the Red Room.

22? Return To The Red Room

The same deal here. Descend the ladder in Lucrethia's closet and then the well. This is the easiest of all the 'Key Quests' because, if you followed this walkthrough to the letter, you should have 4 water arrows left. There are 3 fire elementals guarding the Fire Key. Destroy them and you'll have one water arrow left. Use it any way you want to - it's no longer necessary. IF, on the other hand, you do not have water arrows, you'll have to: creep along the right, quickly mantle up to grab the Fire Key, and then run like hell to the ladder and climb up (praying to the Builder that a fireball doesn't hit you in the ass).

NOTE: You can destroy the fire elemental that guards the Fire Key with your blackjack. It takes many hits but it won't attack so long as it doesn't rise up out of your reach. Do NOT attempt this if the other 2 are still alive! Also, beware the hot steam that arises from the cracks in the floor.

23. Unfinished Business

Once you have all 4 keys, return to Rowena's room. Follow the secret tunnel from her downstairs bathing area until you reach the chamber with the Holy Sword. Use your elemental keys and the sword is yours. Yeah! Time to kick some ASS! Let's get back to the Gate To Hell and start some trouble!

Hmmmm - another note is waiting for us from You-Know-Who. Dammit! Every time you think you're out, Rowena pulls you back IN! She's put a hit out on Lord Duncan and you're the button-man. Well, he was scumbag so let's go send him to hell, where he belongs.

Go back to Rowena's room and use the Locker Key on the door to the right of her desk. Collect a journal, healing potion, and Cemetary Key. Read the journal to discover just how twisted Lord Cedric has become.

Leave the room through the door and go right and down the back stairs. Go out the back door (after unlocking it with the Garden Key) and head right. Keep following the grounds until you're back at the cemetary. Use the Cemetary Key on the gate and listen for Duncan The Unfriendly Ghost. When he starts moving to the right, charge on in and draw your sword. Cut him down to avenge Rowena, Jervis, and all the others he tyrannized back in 'da day'. Now it's clear why Rowena has been helping you so much- but don't expect any more help, now that you've outlived your use.

Let's grab some loot before returning to the Gate: Two locked crypts to the left contain a tapestry (1X150 : 7149) and a gold urn (1X100 : 7249). At the other end of the graveyard there's a cashbox sitting behind a headstone containing a purse (1X100 : 7349). Once you've successfully disrespected the dead, return to Rowena's room to get back down to The Gate To Hell.

24. The Gate To Hell

When you're heading down the underground hall towards the Gate To Hell, move quietly. The sinister Lord Cedric Bafford is patrolling in the gate chamber. Since you doused the torch earlier, you can creep close to the gate, pickpocket Alastor's Key, and get in a good backstab shot. You probably won't take him down with one hit, but you'll weaken him considerably enough that he should pose no problem. Once he's dead, unlock the gate with your new key and read the final note from Rowena.

The devils that lurk beyond are not nearly as tough as they appear. The first time you meet one, it can be quite a frightening experience. They're big, ugly, and smell funny. Two overhead strikes from the Holy Sword does the trick quite nicely- just back up before you move in to hit it over the head. They can hurt you pretty badly if you're not careful. There are a few shadowy niches in the walls you can hide in on the way down if you're sneaking.

At the crossroads near the pit, wait for the patrolling devil to move left before backstabbing it. Turn around quickly to concentrate on the next, who was stationary on the right. Deal with the far-off one you can see standing across the pit before taking the healing potion and gold statue (1X75 : 7424) on the sarcophagus. Two more devils need dealing with on the next level down- they may be coming for you if they heard you kill the last one.

Just keep going down this way- and make sure you collect the next 2 gold statues (2X75 : 7574 total). When you reach the bottom, you'll be greeted with a very popular small dark cave in the wall. This is where you should hide, plan your attack, and store bodies. Get the silver nugget here, too (1X50 : 7624 total).

You should explore the right tunnel first once you've eliminated the patrolling beasts. A stationary devil awaits you down here, but he's no problem when using the shadows to get close enough. Gather the silver nugget (1X50 : 7674 total) before exploring the small rising tunnel in the southeast corner. Oh my God - they killed Lenny! Those bastards! Oh well, take his Front gate Key.

Proceed north, then west. Here is a huge area with devils and zombies. You should kill one zombie at a time, when you can get to the cells safely. Open the gate (if it's shut) and swing at the zombie from the side so that you're safe when it's destroyed. There is rejoicing when your cause of death is 'exploding zombie'. When you've killed one, rush back to the safety of the first area until things settle down - just don't save- if you save while a zombie is wandering back to it's cell, it will freeze to it's last position if you reload (you'll have to put it on alert and wait for it to give up again for it to return to it's cell in this case).

Start with the zombie on the right, then the left. You may have to fight devils after the first 2 zombies are dead because the light might give you away when you approach the next zombie-cell. Lead your foes to the back area so you won't have to worry about zombies joining the fray.

Once the room is clear, get those 4 priceless golden bones from the cells (4X100 : 8074 total). Open the gates and go right. The 'Seal Of The Sleeper' is here, but there's no dire need for it. But DO get the healing potion and torc in here (1X150 : 8224 total).

Now head to the other end. Mantle up into a crawlspace and creep to the opening on your right.

25. Rowena

This is it! The final battle to save Lady Isabella from being Rowena's latest sacrifice.This battle can be a bear the first time you tackle it, but believe me- it's not that bad.

First, drop down behind Rowena. That way, you can charge up to her and get in a good hit before she goes atomic. Put away your sword and run quck behind a pillar. Do a quick save and pop out from behind the pillar left- then right- to get in a hit here and there. You'll be fighting her dopplegangers too, but they vanish once they are dead. Try to save (in safety behind the pillar) after each Rowena-duplicate is destroyed. Once you get into the rhythm, it'll be a piece of cake. You shouldn't take any damage at all.

Rowena will get weaker and weaker,slowly transforming into a hag-like zombie (or a zombie-like hag), and soon will be defeated. Once Isabella returns to consciousness, ignore her. Finish Rowena off or she'll release her caged minions. When she's dead for good, the monsters will collapse in their cages. You're safe.

Knock out Isabella so you can carry her to safety - but leave her because there's still a few things left to do. Fall down into the hole by the altar and you'll see 2 disoriented she-zombies outside the small tub of blood you dropped into. Grab the key by the side of the tub which unlocks the final secret. You can destroy the she-zombies using the pillar for cover from the exploding body parts if you wish.

Go up either slope to get into the halls that held Rowena's pets. Take the first corner path to reach a lever that opens the cage doors (it's in a small niche in the wall just past the first dead devil you pass).

When you're back in the main chamber, pull the lever in the floor by the east gates. Then go and pick up Isabella. Turn right and look for the crumbling passage in the eastern corner. Put Isabella down and head into it. Pick up the gold nugget on the ground (1X100 : 8324 total). you'll shortly come to a grating. Slide it open and you'll be looking into the area below the large room with the zombie cells. Follow the last zombie in the procession (or destroy a bunch first- you should still have a fire arrow and a mine at least) quietly. you'll be led around to a locked gate protecting treasure. Use the key the 2 she-zombies were guarding to enter. You can now retrieve 2 gold skulls (2X150 : 8624) and the Horn Of Quintis (1X300 : 8924 total).

SECRET #8: There's a switch behind the coffin. Activate it before hiding from the zombies as they make their next pass. Follow them back out into the front area and you'll notice that the wall moved forward - grab the tapestry the wall was hiding (1X150 : 9074 total) before clambering back into the tunnel by the grate or onto the ladder.

Whatever way you go, make sure to go back and get Isabella. It's a long way back to the front gate- you shouldn't have any problems if you KO'ed all the guards you came across, though. When you finally arrive at the front gate, use poor Lenny's key to open it. Thumb your nose at the guards keeping vigil on the front porch and then carry Isabella to safety.


Epilogue/ Spoiler: The Easter Egg in 'Rowena's Curse' is thus (if you weren't able to discover it for yourself).

Reading Lucrethia's journal basically gave you the instructions. "How I wish I were to wake up in the morning with him next to me" or words to that effect. Simply place Lucrethia and Lt. Wilson together in her bed. A special message will appear on the objectives screen and some special supplies will be made available to you in the room.

Thank you!!! : to Lady Rowena for making such a literate, cerebral mission that still manages to frighten, for proofreading the walkthrough and giving me her thoughts (and kind words), and for giving me permission to reveal the Easter Egg. I know it's not exactly Carly Simon giving me the OK to reveal who she's singing about in 'You're So Vain', but I still feel honored.

 Thank You!!! : to Nightwalker for her excellent notes that helped me collect all the loot, and for proofreading the walkthrough and making corrections I'm too blind to see.

Thank You!!! : to Epithumia for giving my walkthroughs a home. Without him, I'm just a moron with too much typing time, and the only ones who'd be reading them would be my kitties.

Thank You!!! : to Nightwalker and Freddy Fox for fixing this walkthrough and making it legible.

Thank You!!! : Falettinme Be Micelf Agin.