The Power of Suggestion -Walkthrough (Secrets Included)

The Escape

You awaken to find yourself in a cramped closet and decide it is time to leave.Exit the closet but stay in the dark. Listen to the complete conversation which takes place and allow the one guard to leave. Note the key on the purple garbed guard's belt.Who is this Boss they spoke of (NEW OBJECTIVES)Find out.Crouch and leave the darkness. Read the rolled up scroll on the cabinet to the left. Eww...Bad drug recipe. Sneak behind the guard at the desk and read the note on the desk. No water for you? Just ale? Weird....

Proceed to the dining room crouched. Walk slowly so as to not make footfalls. Start. Stop. Start. Stop. Always stop waken before the footfall then pause and do it again. This is very quiet. Take the key from the guard's belt. Notice the strange painting next to him on the wall. Open the dining room door with the key. Stay crouched and proceed into the doorway until your gem goes black. Let the hallway guard patrol past you and turn around. Stay crouched and when he heads back north follow behind him. Close the door. Now you can stand up and go North to the next doorway and hide in the dark while the patrol goes to the North end of the hall and turns around. Once he is past you with his back turned headed South, you may proceed to the North door. Crouch and open it, and quickly slip in to the right. Close the door. Now wait until the standing guard is looking away and open the NE footlocker. It contains a rope arrow but very quickly put it away so the guard doesn't notice you, backing up back into the dark spot as you do so. Now open the SW footlocker and immediately put the rope arrow inside it away too.

Walk or hop over the bunk while the guard isn't looking toward the large conditioning unit. Stay crouched as much as possible to avoid detection. Open the grate in the unit, and the floor grate inside it as well. (HINT: If you stay crouched and hug the left side of the inside wall while you slip down into the air shaft, you should do it quietly). Close both shaft doors behind you, they help block some noise. Use your compass, and while crouched, head directly West to the "T" and then turn right (North) to the end of the shaft. Turn left (West) and you'll see a grate. Open it and quietly drop outside. (OBJECTIVE COMPLETE-Sneak out).

Time To Get To Work

Looking South along the ledge of the building on which you are now standing, you'll notice a trail of supplies starting with an apple and a water arrow. We will follow these in a little while, but for now go in the door next to the chair and crate on this rooftop. Without making noise, go downstairs and open the footlocker in the closet to retrieve a flashbomb. (HINT: going down stairs is quieter if you hug one of the walls and partly face that wall on the way down). Go back upstairs and then head up the mezzanine where the guard is sleeping. Open the footlocker (15-total 15). The footlocker under the mezzanine is locked. For now you'll have to leave it, but you'll find later on that it contains a noisemaker arrow. Those players who find these useful may wish to detour back here once they find their equipment.

Image 1

Proceed back outside and pick up the apple and eat it. You may regain some health. Follow the little trail of equipment, (water crystal, water crystal, moss crystal, moss crystal). Now you will be facing West where you can see a Keeper book on the next building ledge. Hop to the next building and read the book. Ah! A little help from the Keepers. Thanks guys. Open the two shutters of this building and listen completely to the conversation involving three odd characters. While you listen, you may eat the cheese, the apple, and the cucumber sitting on the cabinet just inside the window. You may regain even more health. Hop back on the buiding ledge and continue West and then North around the corner of the ledge. (Note: you may notice a moss crystal on the top of the house with the chimney and the parapet, but you probably won't need it, so head toward the building with the two balconies (see Image 2).

Image 2

Run and jump on the top balcony with the flowerbox. Open the door and enter the bedroom. The North door opens also. In the living room, you'll find a large wooden wirespool being used as a table. It has a loaf and an apple. Eating them should bring you close to full health by now. Exit the living room into the stair landing. Go downstairs and enter the lower apartment. Head into its bedroom and eat the carrot in the window sill if you need some more health. Go out onto the balcony and make sure the patrol on the streets below is out of hearing range. There is a moss arrow in this flowerbox. Hop on the balcony ledge and then crouch. Now drop down on the sloped corner buttress below. You will bounce to the street below without taking damage (see Image 3).

Image 3

Head South between between the red building and the house with the chimney to the street with factory sounds then turn right (West). There is a moss arrow in the ground level garden at the back of the chimney house. Squeeze between the house and the blue brick apartment. There is a valuable necklace (130 -total 145) on a dresser of the basement apartment. Listen to the conversation between the man and the woman about her being sexually harrassed. Head back to the area where you bounced down onto the street. Next to the front garden of the chimney house is a sewer grate. Go down into the sewer. Once you hop of the ladder go South down a tunnel and open the little secret door on the South wall (FOUND SECRET!). Activate the switch behind the hidden door and return to the ladder. Looking to your right you'll see a secret door in the water has opened. Dive in a swim West. Near the end is Number 3 from the strange conversation you heard earlier. I guess he really couldn't breathe like a fish after all. At the top of the tunnel is a stack of water arrows. Proceed into the room and find your lockpicks and your blackjack (OBJECTIVE COMPLETE-Get blackjack). Frob the switch above the table where you found your blackjack and proceed through the secret door which has opened. Pass along the crates and wait in the dark for the patrolling guard to turn his back. Whack him! Proceed upstairs and open the metal door.

Away From Your Captors At Last

You are now in the city block directly West from the block from which you escaped, which is good because the gates were locked from the other side. Standing in the dark in this doorway, wait for the patrolling guard to clear out of the area. Hug the wall of this building while crouched and turn left (W) all the way to the vines on the wall, then hug the wall of the building being guarded by the stationary archer. Stand and sneak up behind this guard. Your gem should be dark. If the patrolling guard comes along, just stay close to the double doors behind the stationary guard and you should be OK. Pickpocket the stationary guard's arrow, and whack him. Pick him up and drop him down the stairs of the building where you found your blackjack. Go back to the open metal door and crouch just inside it in the dark, waiting for the patrolling guard. Once the guard walks past you heading West, pickpocket his arrow, put it away quickly, and head back into the dark doorway. When he turns around and passes the doorway again heading back East, whack him and throw him down the stairs as well. Go outside, crouch and sneak behind the stationary bystander. Blackjack him and throw him in the dark corner opposite the porch staircase, opposite the sewer grate (see Image 4). Open the sewer grate and take the ladder down there, where you will find three water arrows scattered, and a coin (5 -total 150). Also frob the switch to open the gate down there if you wish.

Image 4

Return up the same sewer grate and head to the long tunnel, but wait in the dark for the patrolling cop. Blackjack the cop and throw him with the bystander. At the Southern most end of the long tunnel is a little locked shutter door. Pick it first with the triangle pick then the square pick lockpick. Frob the switch inside to open the gate, but don't go in there just yet. We'll get there later. It's the city block from which you just escaped, and we'll be going back. Proceed north down the tunnel. About halfway down the tunnel, wait in the dark for the patrolling female cop to come close to you then turn her back, then whack her. Drop her in the dark in the Southern half of the tunnel. Return to about the halfway point of the long tunnel, and when you reach the little connecting tunnel, turn left (W) towards a red brick building.

The CityWatch Rest Station and Environs

Note the CityWatch banner on the short grey stone building to your left (S), and a small archway in that building. If no patrols are approaching, proceed through that archway, stopping to read the note on the door inside the archway. It seems Number 1 and Number 2 from the odd animal sounds conversation you heard earlier got taken in by CityWatch for their odd behaviour. Around the back of this rest station are window shutters that can be easily picked. Read the note about cleanliness, but pay particular attention to the note about strange activities on the roof of the Grunder Inn. Remember this note and its details about shooting arrows. Grab the healing potion on the desk, and the coins (10+10+5 -total 175). You are finished back here. Now face West where you are standing. See that outside basement staircase? Go down these stairs and look on the ground between the two buildings, and you'll find a little wooden box with a purse (25 -total 200) and read the note about being extorted. Hmm... Someone is being taken for their money.

Leave this area, and go back into the long tunnel the same way you came. Continue to the Northern most part of the long tunnel and pickpocket the arrow from the patrolling female archer cop, put it away quickly, and hide in the dark. When she is headed up the stairs, whack her and dump her in the southern part of the tunnel with the other cop. Run back to the northern most part of the tunnel and pick the blue wooden door. Open the next blue wooden door inside, but stay out of the line of sight of the doorway as you do so. There is a guard in the next room. When he turns his back, blackjack him. Proceed through the next wooden blue door and up the staircase. Pick the lock on the brown door and run into the dark part of the room near the vault. Read the note on the desk. Solve the puzzle. READ NO FURTHER. This will give you time to solve it yourself if you like. Inside the vault you will find five items of value (25+12+20+50+50 -total 357). If you wish to know the code to the vault without trying to solve it yourself, then the code is 6572. Run into the dark corner near the other desk and turn of the desk lamp. Read the note on the desk. Ah! This must be where the lady having the conversation with her husband about sexual harrassment quit her job. Now read the note in the trash. Odd... Mr. Greider doesn't seem like a stickler for decorum at all.....My people in this part of town are certainly displaying some odd behaviour.

Exit this building the way you came and back to the tunnel. Proceed up that staircase near the doorway and don't be seen by the other guard patrolling the outside of the vault building (the one you just robbed). Knock this guard out while his back is turned and drop him with the other guard who was guarding the building from the inside. Back out to the tunnel, but instead of heading back up the stairs, turn right. Get close enough to the guy conversing with the prostitute to pickpocket the key on his belt, but don't be seen. Hide in the dark and let the conversation play out. Let him walk away without anyone being alerted. Knock out the prostitute without alarming her and drop her with the two guards who were guarding the vault. (When you knock her out, stay in the dark and lean forward before whacking her). Return to where the prostitute conversation took place.

You'll notice a funny shaped green stone covered porch with a window opening on either side in its walls, and at the top of the porch an archer guard is standing guard at the double doors. (A SAVE GAME is a good idea about this point, on top of a quicksave). Face the open window of the porch area squarely, looking straight ahead. Press yourself against the wall, then back up a quick half step. Hop and go forward, looking straight ahead. The guard may say: "Who's there?", but if you've done it right and drop into the dark bottom step in the corner quickly, you're safe. Even if he searches a little, give it a chance before reloading, he may give up and head back. Stay close to the wall and sneak up behind him. Pickpocket his arrow and his purse (10 -total 367). Knock him out and drop him in the dark bottom step where you were hiding.

Head back to where the prostitue conversation took place and wait for a patrolling cop to come by. Pickpocket his purse (15 -total382), whack him, and drop him with the archer guard you just knocked out. Now back to where the prostitute conversation took place, and head West between the Parker Building and the red brick with the bars on the windows (the narrow street the cop was patrolling). Now head toward the patrolling female cop and knock her out. Notice the Pub sign on the building in that area. Read it. Ah! The Grunder Inn! The police report you read earlier said there was someone on the roof of this building shooting arrows, remember? Keep it in mind. While you're standing under the Pub sign, look East. See the ramp going down between the two buildings? Go between these two buildings, but not down the ramp. Stay close to the wall of the South red brick building without falling down the ramp. Go to the end towards the iron fence, and notice the last window is open. There is a valuable bottle of wine on the cabinet inside that room (25 -total 407). Go back to the pub sign and turn left (S). There is a weed clump at the far end of the road between the two buildings near a downspout that has a stack of two moss arrows. Grab them. Now look West. See the porch steps? Head that direction but don't take the steps. Squeeze between the steps and the Grunder Inn to get behind the Grunder Inn. About halfway down the length of the Inn, you'll see steam coming out a vent. There you will find a gas crystal. Now go back to where the prostitute conversation took place. While you're standing there, face South and notice you can see the little archway in the CityWatch rest station. Head towards there but stop just short of it and use the key you pickpocketed during the prostitue conversation to open the wooden door in the red brick building on your right. Mr. Prostitue Insulter is standing in there with his back turned to you. Whack him and pick the little lockbox on his cabinet to find a silver coin stack (12 -total 419). Leave and head back to the prostitue conversation area, go into the tunnel and up the stairs to the area where you knocked out the vault building patrol a while ago.

Eastern City Block

Across from the arches of the vault building you will notice an outside staircase headed to the basement. Proceed down there and open the door. Wait for the patrolling guard to be out of view, then walk in the doorway and hug that dark corner just inside the doorway. Your gem should be dark. (NOTE: The threshold of this doorway is very noisy stone, so tread softly). Prepare your blackjack and lean forward. When the guard returns, frontal blackjack him when he is close enough. Sneak up behind the kitchen girl and knock her out too. There is a gold plate in the sink (10 -total 429). Enter the farthest barracks (W), lean forward, and knock out the sleeping guard. The locked footlocker contains a rope arrow. Go to the next barracks (E) and lean forward and knock out that guard as well. The locked footlocker contains a flashbomb. Leave this building and go back up to street level.

Head East along the the wall of the North apartment buildings that has vines on the walls in the little alcoves. In the most Easterly little vine clump is a moss arrow. This little alcove is a good place to hide in the dark waiting for the two patrolling cops to walk by. Knock out the sword cop and dump him in the dark in this little alcove. Wait also for the patrolling archer cop and pickpocket his arrow. Whack him and hide him with the other cop. Now continue East to the end of this building where this apartment and the most Eastern apartment meet (you'll notice a tranformer in the corner covered by a little roof). Head south to find an archer guarding this Eastern apartment up on the porch. Quicksave where you are standing in the screenshot (see Image 5).

Image 5

Crouch and sneak over to the stone wall of the porch in front of the closest tree. Face the cement wall of the porch squarely, looking directly ahead (see Image 6). Press against the wall, then do a quick half step backwards. Jump and go forward at the same time, then run straight to the back wall, then behind the archer. You may have to reload and try again if he sees you, but if you are quick and quiet, you can do it.

Image 6

Pickpocket his arrow and whack him. Hide him in the bushes at the back wall. Climb the tree outside the snoring man's apartment window (NOTE: If you have a hard time with hopping from the trees in this mission, shoot a rope arrow into the flowerbox below his window). Jump in through the window and knock out the snoring man who may have stood up by now. The South bookcase has a hidden switch shaped like a book. It is on the bottom shelf, far left side. Frob the book and the ancient hammer display will move aside revealing a metal lined compartment in the floor (FOUND SECRET!). Read the letter hidden below. Hmmm.....what evil has the administrator of the asylum been committing? Grab the "donation" purse which corresponds to the details in the letter (150 -total 519) (NEW OBJECTIVES-BONUS! You're doing alright for yourself during your little research mission). Leave out the window from which you entered, down the tree, down the porch, turn left (S) and into the little tunnel you are now facing.

Go quietly into the gate station, lean forward and knock out the sleeping guard. Open the little shutter and frob the switch to open the gate. Stand in the tunnel in the dark, facing the open gate, and wait for the patrolling female cop to come by. Knock her out and dump her in the dark gate tunnel. Now go out and get the guard standing in front of the double doors nearby. Stay close to the wall and you'll stay out of his line of site. Bring him back into the dark gate tunnel and drop him there. We won't go back to this area yet. Go back out of the gate tunnel into you are in the Eastern city block again, and notice the guard at the double doors. You can get behind him if you crouch and stay close to the walls. You'll have to stand in the light to get behind him, but he probably won't alert. Knock him out and drop him also in the dark gate tunnel. Go back and crouch to get as close as you can to the innocent bystander nearby. He will probably start searching, but knock him out and hide him in a dark corner before he alerts the guard up on the porch nearby (see Image 7).

Image 7

Proceed to the porch area in Image 7. Frob the light mushroom and destroy it. Stand on the ground next to the porch, hop to get the archer guard's attention, then run back into the dark behind the tree. Let him search for you. When he gives up and heads back towards the porch, pickpocket his arrow and his purse (10 -total 589). Once he settles down on the steps again, do the hop to get his attention again, and go hide in the dark. Let him search for you, and when he gives up and turns around, blackjack him. (NOTE: If while searching for you, he gets too close to you, lean forward in the dark and frontal blackjack him). Hide him in the dark. You may at some time during this part of the game so far, notice a male innocent patrolling, wearing white pants and a green shirt. Knock him out at any time it won't alarm anyone, and hide him in the dark.

You will notice a large beam jutting out of the peak of the roof over the porch where the archer was just standing. You may climb the tree here, then hop on the top of the window sill, then onto the roof, then climb up to this beam. If you have a hard time with hopping from the trees without taking damage, it is just easier to use a rope arrow and shoot it into the front of the beam as demonstrated in Image 8.

Image 8

Climb up the rope and retrieve your rope arrow. Standing squarely on the beam, hop and land, making sure you make good footfall noises, then quicksave.With your back against the wall of this building, run the length of this building and jump to the window sill of the building toward which you are running. (NOTE: Look straight ahead, not down at where you want your feet to land). Jump again to the next sill with the open window, and enter the room once you make sure you can't hear a patrolling guard nearby. (See Image 9).

Image 9

Pick the locked door in the room using the square, then the triangle lockpick. Wait in the dark corner near the doorway for the patrolling guard to enter then whack him from behind. Be sure to grab the two goblets from the top of the cabinet (15+15 -total619), then head upstairs. Crouch to approach this locked door, and pick it using the square, the triangle lockpick. Stay crouched and proceed directly to the North wall of the room. The lady shouldn't notice you. Sneak up behind her and knock her out. To the right side of the desk where she stood is a little switch near the wainscotting. Frob it (FOUND SECRET!) and take the healing potion from behind the painting which has moved aside. Don't miss the coins (5+5+20+20 -total 669). This is a good place for another GAME SAVE.

Hop out onto the window ledge of the open East window. Stand as far to the North as you can on this ledge, with you back against the wall and jump to the window ledge directly across from you. Remember, look forward, not where you want your feet to land (see Image 10).

Image 10

Once you are safely on this ledge, you will need to hop onto the roof with the metal moulding and head West to the last window. This is a matter of dropping down to the short roofs, then hopping and mantling up to the taller roofs. Once you are safely across all of these little roofs, you will notice that the last window is open (see Image 11).

Image 11

Hop through this window into the ladies' bedroom and knock her out. She has a nice little gem ring on her night table (25 -total 694). Exit and hop back onto all those little roofs the way you came, but when you get to where you hopped from the window ledge of the north apartment, drop down onto the top part of the window sill of the storey below. Then face the little transformer roof, and crouch and drop on the metal fan cowl, then crouch and drop down onto the transformer roof, then down to the street. You should be able to do this without taking any damage. Now head back towards that basement kitchen area (see Image 12).

Image 12

As you get to the corner of the apartment where you just found the ring, look right (N) between this apartment and the vault building with the arches. You will notice a wooden door that has a plaque which reads: "ALL DELIVERIES TO FRONT DOOR". Pick this door open using the square lockpick and then the triangle lockpick (see Image 13).

Image 13

The Route to The Upper Areas

Once you pick this door, enter and head directly forward toward the door that reads: "REFUSE COLLECTION ROOM". Climb on top of the garbage and put a rope arrow into the wooden ceiling. Wait for the sound of the patrolling guard to leave. Open the door above you, climb the rope arrow and go into the office immediately in front of you. Turn off the light and stand in the back at the doorway next to the desk. Get out your blackjack and wait for the guard. When he comes in the office then turns his back to leave, run out and whack him. On the office cabinet is a little loot statue (15 -total 709). Retrieve your rope arrow and enter the MAINTENANCE ROOM. Standing in the doorway of this large room, you will notice a large metal grate near the ceiling. You have already used three of these grates in the mission thus far, so you should suspect that this one may open as well, and you would be correct (see Image 14).

Image 14

You exit out this grate using a rope arrow, but first look behind the water tank to find the little area where the workers sneak off to have a beer and play a quick card game. Get the loaf, the cheese and the two apples from inside the little wooden crate. Eat some or all of these food items if you still need a health point or two. Grab the two coin stacks as well (5+5 -total 719). Proceed out onto the grate and walk on the gargoyle and over to the top of the window ledge and then down onto the porch roof (see Image 15 & 16).

Image 15

Image 16

Once you are on this porch roof, you will see an open window with a noble standing in a nice living room. We will go in there in a few moments, but before we do that, we will go all the way down to street level and explore there first. You never know what you're going to find. Look over the edge of the roof on which you are standing, and on the red brick building you will notice a sloped roof covering a basement staircase. Shoot a moss arrow onto that roof to make your landing on it quiet, so the archer down there won't go on alert (see Image 17).

Image 17

Image 18

Get back one moss crystal in the vine near the basement staircase in this area. Go down those basement stairs and pick open the wooden door. Open the door at the end of the hall and proceed up the stairs directly in front of you. At the top of the staircase is a wooden door to the right. Enter this room containing brewing vats, and read the plaque under the painting. Ah! Grubec Ale... Now find a switch to the left of the desk (FOUND SECRET!) and watch the painting move aside. Inside the secret compartment you will find some pricey spices (40 -total 779) and a jug of Huoma. Hmmm... that's the strange drug recipe you read when you got out of your closet prison. Is someone drugging the ale? Leave this room and shut the door behind you. In the break room near the table are some coins on the window sill (5+5 -total 789). A conversation will start in the basement. Head down there and hide in the dark away from the door. Listen very carefully to this conversation between the thief and the cop. The Jacko character of which they are speaking must be the one mentioned in the police report you read earlier, shooting arrows on the roof of the Grunder Inn. They said the closest he got to hitting the switch to open this gizmo door was when he stood on the north rim of the chimney and placed the middle beacon light of the antenna inside the bottom of his bowsight....Maybe you are a better aim than Jacko is. After the thief and the cop leave, be sure to frob the switch near the workbench. It will open the grate of the basement windows in case you want quicker access to this part of town later (see Image 19).

Image 19

Head back up to the breakroom quietly and sneak up behind the thief and whack him. Proceed out the door you originally picked to get in here, waiting at the bottom of the stairs for the patrolling cop to turn his back, then whack him. Weird. A cop and a thief with the same boss. Who is this Boss? Hop on the wooden crate next to the staircase roof, the hop on the staircase roof, then onto the pipe, then mantle up back on the porch roof. Again this can be frustrating if you aren't half a step back and not squarely facing the wall. Look ahead (see Image 20).

Image 20

The Upper Areas

Hop through the window up there and knock out the noble. Read the note on the table. Hidden, eh? Shoot a rope arrow into the ceiling in the SE corner of the living room and look for a purse sitting on the moulding ledge up there (FOUND SECRET!) which is yours now (25 -total 814). Listen at the door for a guard to walk by. When she turns around and starts walking away, open the door and blackjack her from behind. Proceed upstairs to the apartment. Enter the sleeping couple's bedroom and knock them out. Read the letter on the lady's night table. Ah! She is the one who gave the asylum administrator the secret "donation" you found under the hammer display! Oh, her poor sister. What an injustice!

In the Bonsai Sequoia planter you will find a water crystal and a rock which moves aside. Grab the coins under the rock (5+12 -total 831). Proceed to the dining room, and grab the two apples and the plum on the table. Also grab the two goblets and the wine from the side table (25+25+50 -total 931). Head out onto the porch roof outside the dining room window. Good place for another SAVE GAME. Hop onto the buttress of the Parker building, then onto the ledge of the red brick (see Image 21).

Image 21

Proceed West on that ledge toward the Grunder Inn, but grab the ring and the necklace through the open bedroom window on your way by (50+150 -total 1131) (NEW OBJECTIVES-BONUS!-Over 1000 in gold on a night when you didn't plan any thievery! Man, you're the best!) Give yourself a good running start and jump North onto the other buttress of the Parker Bldg. Make sure to hop once you land to make sure you have good footfall sounds. It shows your not stuck in the Dark Engine glitches. Good place for a quicksave. Shoot a couple of moss arrows on the roof of the Grunder Inn, with one especially aimed near the chimney (see Image 22 and Image 23).

Image 22

Image 23

Back up on the buttress as much as you can, then run and jump directly toward the gable roof over the window in front of you at the Grunder Inn. Look straight ahead. Do not look down where you hope to land. Hop and stand squarely on the North rim of the chimney, just like the thief told the cop Jacko did. Aim a broadhead at the antenna, and make sure the middle beacon light of the antenna is inside your sight, just at the bottom of the sight, just like the thief said (see Image 24 and Image 25). Let fly. The bottom light will go out and you'll say: "Ah! Got it!" if you hit the button. Now you know that the locked door to the Boss' mysterious gizmo is now opened, wherever it may be.

Image 24

Image 25

Now that you've finished that, stay on the chimney ledge and turn directly around. Shoot a water arrow straight down the chimney to put out the fire, then shoot a moss arrow down there to quiet your hop. Go down the ladder and hop off. Crouch, lean forward, then come out of the fireplace. Stay crouched and immediately head for the desk to the left. If the thief isn't searching for you, this is a nice place for a quicksave. Hop over the desk and run next to the bed. Read the note. Ah! This is Jacko! Don't miss the purse under the bed (25 -total 1156). Hop over the bed, sneak up behind Jacko and whack him! Grab the cucumber on the kitchen counter and the water arrow in the sink. Head back up the chimney.

The antenna building has an open window. Run off the edge of the roof of the Grunder Inn and drop down into this window. No need to hop. a run and drop will do. Immediately hide in the dark area behind the open window pane and ready your blackjack. When the thief walks in the room, wait for him to turn his back and put him to sleep. Pick open the metal cabinet door in this room using the triangle toothed lockpick. Read all the books from left to right. Transmitter instructions? Is this the mysterious gizmo? DISCHARGE ROD? Keep that in mind. Hmm.....mesmerism, must be connected. Aha! The Boss is a woman! She's looking for revenge on her husband. This is the poor woman betrayed by her scumbag husband on their wedding day. Hmmm....does she want you for one of her drones? Proceed down the hallway...more paintings involving mesmerism. Go into the next office and pick the lockbox on the desk. Ah! A spare key to the Boss' bedroom. Keep that for a little later. It should come in handy some time tonight.

Look around in that same office. Aha! The open gizmo door! Glad you hit the switch already, it will save a trip back up on the Grunder Inn roof. (NEW OBJECTIVES-Destroy the Boss' transmitter to foil her plan!) Well, if the Boss doesn't want anyone going near it, like the thief told the cop, you're going to destroy it! Grab the DISCHARGE ROD LOCKBOX KEY inside the transmitter compartment and head down the basement with it. Knock out the patrolling guard and the guard on the ramp. Near the double doors at the top of the ramp is a lockbox. Use the key to open it and grab the discharge rod. Bring it back up to the transmitter and frob it in place. BOOM! (OBJECTIVE COMPLETE-Destroy transmitter) Go back to the room with the open window. SAVE GAME.

Only One Roof Trip Necessary

From this point there are still two things to get via the roof of the Grunder Inn, but if you can manage this trick, you won't need to come back again. It's tricky, but it can be done. Here's how:

Don't jump out the window from this point down to the ground. If you fail, reload and try again. Hop onto the middle ledge of the Grunder Inn (see Image 26). Make sure you heard good footfall sounds. If not, reload and try again. Resist gravity while walking on this slope by facing toward the wall of the Inn as you walk. Travel along that ledge on the West side until you come to an open window and walk in that room (FOUND SECRET!) Inside this little bedroom you'll find a slowfall potion next to the bed, and a flute in the hopechest (50 -total 1206). Hop to hear footfall sounds and SAVE GAME. You want to head out the same window in which you entered, and walk toward the south on this ledge, resisting gravity once again, until you reach the porch roof of the south building. Land on the roof and hop for footfall sounds. Shoot a couple of moss arrows along the lenght of the pipe running horizontally. Hop on the pipe and walk onto the window sill with the open window. When the guard turns his back, run in and let him take a little nap with your blackjack. Take the four goblets in here (15+15+15+15 -total1266). Hop out the window and on to the ground. Head back around the green Parker Bldg and then towards CityWatch into the main tunnel and South to the gate of the city block from which you originally escaped.

Image 26

Wrapping Things Up

Once you get back to this first area, you'll want to get back up to the rooftops. Aim a rope arrow at the flowerbox of the lower balcony where you first hopped down to street level (see Image 27). Climb up the arrow and hop onto the balcony. Retrieve your rope arrow and go to the upstairs apartment and out onto its balcony.

Image 27

The upper balcony is a good place for a GAME SAVE. Hop onto the ledge of the balcony, and run and hop onto the white ledge of the red brick building directly across (see Image 28). Remember, look straight ahead as you run and jump, not at the ledge. Once you make it across and know you aren't falling, quicksave.

Image 29

Run on this ledge and hop onto the moulding of the North bldg (see Image 29). Go through the French double doors and enter the bedroom in this apartment. Pick the lockbox to get the purse inside (30 -total 1296), then head back out and hop onto the white ledge of the red brick building again. Head South and then turn the corner to where you heard the strange animal sounds conversation earlier this evening. Hop the ledge over to the next red building and go around it to sneak up behind the guard outside on the roof. Take out your blackjack and make sure he is good and sleepy. Hop onto the moulding of the South apartment building again and open the other set of French double doors. Put out the gas torch with a water arrow. Enter quietly and open the door. Wait for the guard to turn his back then run a knock him out. Also knock out the noble who is probably awake by now. Get the tapestry from the chest next to his bed (35 -total 1331). Hop back across to the red brick building and silently approach the sleeping guard above the mezzanine. Lean forward and put him.....errrr......put him BACK to sleep. If you wish, you may now pick the lockbox under the mezzanine to get the noisemaker arrow.

TIME TO RE-VISIT THE BOSS' PLACE. Hop back into the vents. Head East, and when you reach the turn, head right (S) to the first turn, turn left (E) to the end, where you MUST turn left (N). Go to the end, where you MUST turn right (E). Quietly up the ramp, and when you get to the top of it, you MUST turn right (S). Shoot a moss arrow ahead of you to make it more quiet. Pick open the grate in the guard's sleeping quarters, then back up so you can still open the grate. Back up more so the guard won't alert when you pull out you bow. Shoot another moss arrow at the grate opening, just where metal floor meets wood floor. Take out your blackjack. By now, the guard will have awoken the sleeping guard, but if you haven't alerted them, his back will be turned. Wait until the standing guard looks away, then run out and whack him and his buddy. Dump there bodies out of the line of sight of the door, or the hallway patrolling guard may see them when you open that door. Check out the sign on the case of beer near the air conditioner. Grubec Ale! These guys have been drinking the spiked ale, and the Boss wanted them to give it to you too!

Open the hallway door, standing to one side so the patrolling guard won't spot you. When you hear him approach, get out your blackjack. When he turns around and heads away from you, club him. Throw him with the other guards. Now out into the hallway and use the Boss' spare key on her door. Run in and knock her out. Get the purse out of her hopechest (100 -total 1431). Grab the Exit key on her table, and read her book on tests and results. Ha! All of the out of character and strange behaviour you've seen in this area tonight has been her doing! SO THIS IS WHY THE BOSS WANTED YOU! (OBJECTIVE COMPLETE-find out why the Boss' kidnapped you). Time to leave her a letter of reply. (NEW OBJECTIVES-Leave her a note in her papertray) Select the letter in your inventory and hilight the papertray, then frob it (OBJECTIVE COMPLETE). Read the letter by frobbing it again. (NEW OBJECTIVES-get out of here) Head down the hall, and sneak in and knock out those last two guards, just to make the evening complete. Ha! They believe they are still guarding you! Use the exit key unlock the last hallway door, down the stairs and out the lobby doors (OBJECTIVE COMPLETE).