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Test spoiler:
Lord Partridge is a cruel man who seems to delight in putting us servants in our place.

A Pirate's Downfall


This walkthrough is for Fiendish (Expert) difficulty. (There are fewer objectives in the Simple and Tricky difficulty levels but all areas are still accessible.)


You begin in a flooded cave system. Swim west past the lamp, then dive down and turn back to pick up a Golden Right Arm and a purple gem (+50). Continue west, climb out the water, and scramble up the rock ledges in a generally westerly direction until you reach a level area with a barrel on it. In the a hole on the right there is a lamp and a blue gem (+100 = 150). Farther on is a chimney structure shielding a ladder. Climb up, taking note of the locked Septic Tank door near the top, open the metal drain hatch and emerge into one of the rooms in the Gardener's house.

Go out of the door and turn left. The next door opens into the bedroom, with a book on the bedside table which refers to a secret in the attic. That needs to be investigated so climb the stairs.

Move the crates in the NW corner of the attic and frob the small switch - Secret #1! A small compartment near the top of the stairs opens, and inside it you can find a bag of spice (+40 = 190).

Go back downstairs and into the next room again, and then out into the grounds via the door facing you. Make your way northwest to the lean-to greenhouse, mantle up onto the roof and thence into the house via the open window. Go through the door on the left into the library, and down the stairs. Turn right at the bottom, pick up a speed potion from the shelves on the right, and then go through the door in the SW corner into a corridor.


The door on the right opens into the greenhouse, where you can pick up a moss arrow from among the plants. The other door leads to the aviary. Rope up to the pigeon holes to collect the Golden Left Leg and a papyrus which contains a series of rather baffling clues.

Back in the corridor, turn right (S), and enter the next room on the left, which is the Butler's room. Read the book on the table, then collect a purse from the bedside table (+100 = 290) and a ring from the footlocker (+100 = 390). There is a wine bottle (+50 = 440) on the floor in the study at the South end of the corridor. Now go into the adjoining room on the east side of the corridor.

There is a ship's wheel on the wall - frob the spoke in the 10 o'clock position - Secret #2! The sofa slides away to reveal a concealed compartment containing three silver coinstacks (+36 = 476) and a purse (+100 = 576).

The other door opens into the kitchen where there is a bag of spice (+40 = 616) on the table. Collect a water arrow from the sink and the three gold goblets ( +75 = 691) from the shelf above.

Flip the lever high up in the NE corner of the central shelf unit - Secret #3! This opens a small door low down on the east side of the unit to reveal a compartment with some gold coins inside (+65 = 756).

Go through the door in the SW corner into the staff canteen and then through the other door into the bunk room, read the book on the bunk to your left and then grab a wine bottle (+50 = 806) from the between the bunks on the right. Be aware that there is an archer on guard outside the metal door.

Go back into the kitchen and through the door in the middle of the south wall to collect three gold plates (+150 = 956) from the shelves. The locked metal door in the basement downstairs is the door to the refrigerator. You do not have the key yet. (On Simple and Tricky the key is hanging on the wall left of the door.)

Go back towards the sink and through the door on the right into a machine room, then quietly through the other door. Sneak into the guard post here and creep over to the table where you can pick up two copper coinstacks (+10 = 966), two silver coinstacks (+24 = 990) and a coin (+20 = 1010). There is an interesting area in the SW corner. Check out the viewports, then flip the Gallery Security switch to disable the Gallery watcher and make things easier later!

The doorway in the north wall leads into the entrance hall, which is guarded by an archer. (The front doors are locked - the guards outside have keys, but you won't need them.) Head north under the stairs and collect Dewdrop from the footlocker, then go through the door on the left (W) into the dining room and pick up three gold candlesticks ( +150 = 1160). Go back to the entrance hall and turn through the door on the left (N) into a corridor.

The first room on the right is a music room, where you can pick up a silver flute from the table (+50 = 1210) and a horn from the pedestal.

Examine the window frames - they both have switches near the top. Flip these and the pedestal slides aside to reveal a compartment which contains some number buttons. These probably form a combination lock, so make a note to return later when you have determined what the combination is.

The next room on the right is a workshop, where you will find a cuckoo in the toolbox (+150 = 1360). Go through the last door on the left and you will be back in the library where you can pick up a valuable book from the west side of the central bookcase (+50 = 1410) and the Golden Ribcage from the top of it. The door in the middle opens into a reading room, and there is a pair of spectacles on the arm of the chair (+50 = 1460).

There is another book on top of the bookcase on the north wall - "A History of Nautical Paintings". Pick it up, it will prove very useful later.


Go up the stairs, head left, and pick open the door to the Gallery where Lord Smith's Globe is the right-hand exhibit on the east wall - objective complete!

Pick open the other door, and go through into the corridor and then into the first room on the right (W). Read the books on the bedside table and the dresser, then pocket the tiara (+125 = 1585). There is nothing of interest in the first guest room, but you can pick up a water arrow from the room across the corridor. There are three gold coinstacks in the second guest room (+75 = 1660) and a necklace in the third guest room (+200 = 1860).

The last door on the left opens into the bathroom where you will find the Septic Tank Key on the floor behind the WC. Turn left (E) at the T junction and go through the door at the end into the Chapel. Read the hymn book on the lectern (Hymn #2 is particularly good!) then collect the goblet below (+15 = 1875). The next room is the priest's quarters, with some interesting information in the diary.

There appears to be little of interest in the drawing room opposite, but if you look up the chimney you will find the Golden Right Leg. Try to avoid the vomit in the gaming room while you collect the dice (+50 = 1925) from the gaming table and the coins (+12 = 1937) from the corner table! Now go through the NW door, walk along the corridor here then hop out of the window above the greenhouse and return to the gardener's house.

The Event

Climb down the ladder a short distance and open the door with the Septic Tank Key. Go over to the NE corner where you can pick up a gold nugget (+100 = 2037) and the Smelly Key. Now scurry back to the top of the library stairs and locate the lockbox low down in the SE corner. Unlock it with the Smelly Key to open a secret passage, go in and turn left. (There is another entrance to this passage in the Drawing Room via the lockbox left of the fireplace.)

There is a switch labelled "Cloakroom" at the end; flip it, then pick up two gold coinstacks and a pile of coins from the table (+62 = 2099). Go down the ladder and read the book, the last page of which refers to the obscure clues you collected from the aviary. Perhaps they refer to the holes emitting coloured smoke? Go along the passage the other way until you come to a lever on the left wall. Flip this, and a grating opens.

Douse the fire below, then drop down and collect a fire arrow from the grate. Make your way via the kitchen and the dining room to the entrance hall then go into the cloakroom on the north wall, where another secret compartment has opened up. Climb the ladder and flip the switch to emerge in the Master Bedroom. Read the book on the desk - objective complete!

Look under the desk and flip the switch to open a secret compartment in the NE corner of the bedroom. Go in and open the chest - all hell breaks loose and your "Exit" objective changes!

The Tower

Try to evade the opposition, get out of the door, turn left down the corridor and climb the ladder (it wasn't there earlier!) to the attic. Head out of the north door, turn right and run over to the tower, open the door enter and climb the broken stairs to the top. The two buttons on the south side of the marble thingy in the middle are elevator buttons, so climb onto the central platform and lower away! Head west when you get to the bottom and operate the lever on the electrical control device to silence the alarm. Phew, that's a relief!

Pirate Shacks

Go north down the ramp and continue on until you reach a wooden platform overlooking the water surrounding the pirate shacks. Dive down and swim under the shack straight ahead, where you will find a chest containing a spice bag (+40 = 2139). Swim up quietly through the hole in the floor, open the chest and collect Larloch's Compass - objective complete! There are three gold coinstacks (+75 = 2214) and a purse (+100 = 2314) on the table in here. You can snag them from outside through the window to avoid alerting the guards.

Head north along the walkway to the next shack. There is a gold statue (+75 = 2389) behind the crates outside, and a green tapestry (+150 = 2539) to the right of the barrel at the bottom of the stairs. At the top of the stairs are two jars (+40 = 2579 ) and there is a mask (+50 = 2629) in the footlocker. Cross the walkway and go quietly down the stairs at the other end into the NW shack. On the table are a book, the Refrigerator Key, and a gemstone (+100 = 2729).

Head west along the tunnel and grab a green jar (+20 - 2749) from behind the statue, then bear left into a cave containing crates. There is another green tapestry (+150 = 2899) on the floor, and the footlocker contains a serpentile torc (+350 = 3249) - loot objective complete!

The Ship

Turn left at the Y junction and follow the tunnel to the dock where you can board the ship. Enter the cabin and pocket the gold nugget (+100 = 3349) from the bedside table.

Flip the switch beneath, and the bed will slide sideways. Drop into the compartment below and pick up the wine (+50 = 3399) and the Mirror of Lies - objective complete!

Now go back on deck and carefully down the ladder into the hold, where you can pick up another mask (+50 = 3449).

Move the boxes aside to reveal a compartment beneath which contains the dagger called The Silver Mercy - objective complete!

That's all we can do down here for now, so make you way back to the tower elevator.

Before you ascend, look at the bottom of the east wall near the platform and you will see what appears to be the spine of a book. It moves in and out of the wall when frobbed. Return it to the "in" position". You have opened a secret door in a far away area.

The Dragon's Eye

Now you can go up in the elevator - be careful, this thing is lethal if you stand in the wrong place! Go down the stairs, across the roof and into the attic. If you look in the NW corner here you will find Captain Smith's Log and a mask (+50 = 3499). The Golden Left Leg is tucked away behind the chimney flue. Make your way back to the secret passage off the library, and down the ladder into the small room with the coloured-smoke holes. The clue sheet you picked up in the aviary said:

"When the knife meets blood,
When the compass points to the ocean,
When the mirror shows a beautiful sunrise,
When the world is covered in plants,
You may see what can see."

Use the objects you have found on the smoke holes as follows:

The Silver Mercy dagger on red.
Larloch's compass on blue.
The Mirror of Lies on orange.
Lord Smith's Globe on Green.

This will open a secret compartment in the floor. Go down the ladder and read the scroll on the pedestal. Now let us have a think.

"Read aloud the names of the artists who painted the collection." Well, they are listed in "A History of Nautical Paintings" as:

"Theck Lewis Forth Ensick Sever Nandet Tafter Wood Scott Uther Musy Kroom"

Reading that aloud it sounds like

"The clue is 4 then 6, 7 and 8. Afterwards go to the music room." The scroll says to add a 5 and a 6 to the number, which would make the full combination "467856". OK, let's go to the Music Room and try it.

Yippee, it works! Drop down through the hole in the floor, open the chest and collect the Dragon's Eye - objective complete!

Lord Smith

Make your way via the kitchen to the basement, where you will find the Golden Skull behind the boxes in the SW corner, and a crystal chunk (+25 = 3524) on the floor between the chairs near the dummy. Use the Refrigerator Key to open the metal door and go in. An unconscious Lord Smith is lying on the floor, and you get a new objective to carry him to a safe place. But first take the statue (+15 = 3539) from his hand and then read the document by his head. It's his Will - objective complete! Pick him up and leave him at the top of the stairs. You'll come back for him soon.

The Crypt

You now need to get to the graveyard in the SE corner of the grounds - this might be tricky, because all the guards are watching out for you now. There are a couple of coins in a bowl beside Lord Abraham Smith's tombstone (+20 = 3559).

Flip the switch behind the statue and the tombstone on the north wall will slide aside revealing a niche containing a tiara (+125 = 3684) - Secret #4!

A section of the east wall is also open (this secret door was opened when you frobbed the book lever at the base of the tower elevator). Go through and down the ladder - Secret #5! The note here is worrying. Lurk a bit to see if you can get any clues. Hmm, skeleton guards!

Head round clockwise until you come to an opening on the right. Go in, and round again to the next opening. This leads into the inner chamber, where there is a book on the tomb. Play it safe by jumping up onto the tomb before reading the book. OK, that wins you the medallion (+100 = 3784) and a new adversary. Hightail it back to the ladder and get out!

The Escape

Go back to collect Lord Smith, carry him up to the roof, then up the tower, down the elevator and out to the pirate shack area. Swim over to the NW corner of the pool and through the underwater tunnel. Haul yourself out, then carry him up the path through the rocks. When the path splits, head to the left and collect the Golden Spine - bonus objective complete!

Now carry on up the path, climb a series of rock ledges and emerge by the forest gate. Drop Lord Smith here - objective complete! Now head back down the path a few paces, then turn around and walk back to the gate and the mission will end.

Mission complete

Freddy Fox - 19th October 2006