Note: This walkthrough contains hidden "spoilers". To see the text that is concealed by the solid blocks, hold the left mouse button down and drag the cursor across.

Test spoiler:  Remember to smack the kitchen boys with the big spoon.

Freedom for Nepumuk

Walkthrough - Garrett (Expert) Level

It is best to "ghost" the mission on Expert because you have no blackjack. If this is not a style of play you enjoy, then select Thiefsie (Hard). The loot requirements and the presence/absence of the blackjack are the only differences.


You begin on a dock in a thick fog. Follow the dock around the corner taking care not to fall in the water. Go into the Hung Scoundrel pub on the right and read the scroll Lars has placed on the bar counter in front of him. Objective complete. Go back out on the dock, turn right and continue on until you arrive in town.

Walk through the town until you get to the moat protecting the Baron's castle. There are four ways to get in:

1. The heavily-guarded main entrance is a daunting prospect, but it is possible to lure the guards partway out then dash past them and find a bolt-hole until things quieten down. (You can get to a good hiding-place by turning left through the last doorway and running up the stairs to the first landing; then go left along the narrow passage, head through two doors and crouch against the far side of the armoire on the left.)

2. Go round the castle to the far side just past the lamp. Shoot a rope arrow across the moat into the wood below the battlements. Climb up the sloping buttress, and then shin up the rope.

3. Go to the very end of the moat and enter through the submerged metal hatch. (Use the silver lockpick to open the hatch, then get your breath back before swimming through the tunnel - it's a long way.)

4. We'll take this option because it's the nearest! There is a wooden structure protruding out over the water a little way along on your left. Sink a rope arrow as far up inside the hole in the floor as you can, then jump into the moat and climb the rope.

You find yourself in a small toilet. Open the door and go through into a large bunkroom. Check the footlockers for a rope arrow and a moss arrow then climb up into the rafters. Head across to the side of the room where the armoire is against the wall and edge around the vertical post to the rafters of the next room. (There's no compass in this mission, so describing directions is somewhat challenging!)

There are two guards standing in front of the fireplace here, but there appears to be nothing of value down at floor level. However, some loot is hidden in a hole in the big wooden post on the side of the room near the windows. If you stand on the rafters above the barrels then face the post and look up you will see 2 purses (200) and a gold coinstack (+ 25 = 225). Continue along the rafters into the next room, which is another bunkroom. Jump down onto the armoire and from there to the floor. In the footlockers here are a water arrow and a scroll. The scroll mentions money hidden in the tower rafters (the stash you found in the previous room) and also a magpie's nest in the tree near the gallows. Magpies love to collect shiny stuff, so it might be worth checking the nest to see if there's anything valuable in it.

Go out of the door on the left side of the room and down the stairs, then sneak out of the door at the bottom into a grassy central courtyard. Off to your right is the gallows and beside it is a tree. That must be the one mentioned in the note, so climb onto the top of the gallows and check the bird's nest. Sure enough, it's been collecting goodies for you! There's a ring (+100 = 325), a gem (+100 = 425) and a coin (+20 = 445). Walk from the gallows past the left side of the tree to the wooden door on the left of the enclosures (one with bars, the other containing some bones). Head through into a hallway and pick open the storeroom door on the left. On the shelves are a water arrow, a couple of moss arrows and 2 flash mines.

There are 2 healing fruit on the floor in the next room behind the barrels in the corner. The door at the end of the hallway takes you into a kitchen but there doesn't appear to be anything of value in there and it could be difficult to go through, so return to the courtyard, turn left and walk farther down past the two small enclosures. You'll now be facing a shed with a wooden roof. Rope arrow up onto the roof, open the wooden shutters and climb through. There's a big green safe in here that is locked and requires a key. If you look at the wall with the door in it, you'll see two tiny windows up high. Rope arrow up to the one on the right (with the pinkish light) and you'll find the Safe key. Inside the safe is a purse. (+175 = 620).

Climb out of the window, jump down to the ground, then go in under the roof to a storage area full of barrels, then head through the door on the left to a dining room. Turn right and follow the wall to a set of steps. Climb up them to arrive in the hallway outside the door into the room with the safe. You can snag the arrow from the archer who patrols in from the far door and over towards the top of the steps if you are careful. You've already been into the bunkroom on the right, and there is only a walkway through the door opposite, so go back downstairs and outside again.

Wine Cellar

Continue walking down the same side of the courtyard to the corner, where there is a round-topped metal door on the left. Open it and go down the spiral stairs inside to the wine cellar. There's a a gold wine bottle(+50 = 670) on the round table in the middle. Flip the lever under the table top to open the end of one of the huge wine kegs. Walk through into a hidden wine cellar. A drunk guard is standing in here, wearing the Tower key. Take the purple goblet (+15 = 685) from his hand and pick up the 2 gold wine bottles (+100 = 785) from the floor near his feet.

Once you're back in the courtyard, continue on round. The double doors that you come to next open into the front foyer. This is not a good way to enter the main building, so pass them by. On your left is the Tower that you need to enter later, and to the right is an open shed, with barrels, boxes and a wagon in it. A flight of stairs leads up on the left, and there is a metallic round-topped door, like the one to the wine cellar, on the right. Open the door and walk down the stairs into the Prison.


Getting through the room with the guard standing by a table is a bit tricky on Expert, but you can manage it. The guard who patrols into the room makes it even more difficult. Moss the steps on the far side of the room and wait for the patrolling guard to come in and then leave again. As soon as the guard by the table turns his back to you, get up the steps and around the corner out of his sight as quickly as possible, then follow the patrolling guard. When you get to the top of the steps, slide over into the corner where it is dark and let him go by on his way back downstairs.

Another guard is standing by a table and chair just past the top of the stairs on the left. There's a key hanging on a board on the wall above the table. The guard turns around briefly every once in a while, so sidle over to the edge of the short wall and lean in to pick up the Torture Chamber key when he's not looking.

To continue on without being spotted, you need to hug the right wall and move very slowly along past the lighted area. Once past there, you go down a short set of stairs and then continue on down more tunnels. Walk down the stairs at the end and into the prison section. There are a number of guards with lanterns down here that you have to avoid, so save often.

At the bottom of the stairs turn to the right and go through an archway into a hallway with a skeleton chained to the wall near a torch. You'll see a smaller archway on the right-hand side. Head through it, down the stairs to the landing and off to the left, through an archway and down a hall. There's a dining area on the right. Slip in there to avoid the guard patrolling this hallway and you'll find 2 copper coinstacks (+10 = 795), and 2 gold coins (+40 = 835). Leave, turn left back along the same hallway to a flight of stairs on the left, leading down. Watch out for a guard that patrols along to the bottom of them with a lantern. Once he shows up, follow him down and through the tunnel until you come to a low wall. Turn left, pass the flight of stairs going up, and then go right down some more steps, through the archway and you come to a locked metal door that opens with the "Torture Chamber key".

Inside is the torture room, patrolled by a man who makes funny burrick noises. You need to sneak over to the far side and pick up the scroll labelled "Minutes" from the table. Free Nepumuk - objective complete. Read the scroll - oh, he's dead! You receive a new objective: Find Nepumuk's evidence and get out.

Leave and walk back up the stairs, then turn left up the other flight of stairs. Go through the small room with a statue in it, and then up another longer flight of stairs to a central room. The stairs each side lead up to jail cell sections. Walk past the stairs on your left and turn left. There is a locked gate behind some vines. Pick it open, go through, then walk down the steps and into an old crypt occupied by two zombies. On top of the coffin there's a tiara (125 = 960), 2 silver statue (+30 = 990), a gem (+100 = 1090), a gold statue (+75 = 1165) and a black and gold jar (+ 20 = 1185). Leave the crypt and return to the main room.

The Hand of Glory

Now climb the stairs on the opposite side and walk along the hallway past two cells, then turn right at the corner. Go into the cell on the left (the gate is unlocked) where a dead body is surrounded by a cloud of flies. Look on the floor in the back corner for the Hand of Glory. Objective complete.

(The easiest and fastest way back up to the main building is to go back around the corner, down the stairs, through the archway on the left and back down the big stairs. As you step off the bottom step there's a room to your left, with a guard standing in front of a pond of water. You can hide in a little vine covered nook to the left of the stairs and not be noticed by the patrolling guard with the lantern. Then you have to time getting into the water with the motion of the turning guard in the room. If you can get into that water, there's a drain you can swim through to emerge in a well room near the manor kitchen. However, this route is a ghost bust because you can't get into the water without alerting the guards. For true ghosting you will have to retrace your steps and get out the way you came in. This is the route we'll follow.)

Key to the Lower Tower Door

Once you exit through the door into the courtyard, turn right, then right again. Head along the side of the building to the door in the end wall. You'll find a gas arrow in the footlocker in the lowest room of this watchtower. Climb the spiral stairs to the upper level, then climb the ladder to the top walkway. The lantern guard patrolling here is wearing the Watchtower key.

Climb back down the ladder, go out of the door to the battlements, and immediately turn left and up the steps to a door. Go through it, cross the room and go up the stairs on the right. The nearest footlocker contains a gold coin (+ 20 = 1205), and the other footlocker contains some water arrows and a copper coinstack (+ 5 = 1210). There is another copper coinstack (+ 5 = 1215) on the shelf of the bookcase. Head back downstairs, turn right, and go up the other set of stone stairs at the far end of the room. Creep through the shadows to the far side of this room, avoiding the patrolling guard, then go down the stone stairs at the far side.

Carry on down the wooden stairs to the bottom, turn right, creep over to the doorway and look out. You are in a hallway just inside the front gate. This part is difficult, as you need to get into the room on the opposite side a little closer to the front gate; there are 3 guards to get by without being noticed, and one of them is carrying a lantern. Once inside, open the wall safe with the "Watchtower" key and collect the Tower Entrance key. The footlocker holds a purse (+100 = 1315), and there's a copper coinstack (+5 = 1320) and a silver coinstack (+12 = 1332) on the table.

Head back to the central courtyard, turn right past the barrels and then left to a metal door. Climb the wooden stairs all the way to the top, then climb the ladder. A key labelled Attic is hanging near the top of the post to your right. Use it to unlock the door, and once you're inside, move quietly up the right-hand side of the room, staying as close to the side as you can. Try to get close enough to the armchair in the middle of the room at the far end to pick up a tiara (+125 = 1457) without disturbing the spiders.

Climb back down the ladder and the stairs, turn right and go through the metal door into a hallway. Follow it around the corner (you will probably have to duck into a room along the way to avoid the patrolling guards) and alongside the low wall to the end. Turn left and go through the double doors on the left into the grassy area around the base of a tower. If you stay crouched and close to the wall, you can move along it without being seen by the lantern guard. Go around to the door and unlock it with the "Tower Entrance" key.

Go through into the room in the middle and around to the back of the central pillar. Flip the lever to open a door on the upper floor of the mansion. Head back out of the double door, turn right, then right again at the end and go down a couple of steps. Walk a short way along the hallway and then turn left through the archway. A guard patrolling this hallway wears a purse (+100 = 1557). Go along the hall and halfway up the steps at the end. There is a purple urn (+100 = 1657) between the vases on the shelf to your left. Go back down the steps and up the ones to your left (the side opposite the vases). At the end of this area is a flight of stone steps going up to the next floor - remember them for later on.

The second door on the left leads into a bunkroom. The man standing in here is wearing a purse (+100 = 1757) and there's a jar (+20 = 1777) on the bookcase shelf. The chest in the near corner holds a silver coinstack (+ 17 = 1794). There is a water arrow in the unlocked chest at the far end of the room.

Go back out of the door you came in, walk straight across and turn right. Open the double doors and enter the Library. There's a gold candlestick (+ 50 = 1844) and a gold urn (+100 = 1944) on the pedestals. A man standing past the last bookcase on the left with his back to you is wearing a purse (+100 = 2069). There's a gold goblet (+ 25 = 1969) on the table at that end of the room, and a sitting area at the other end of the room where you can pick up a pair of spectacles (+ 50 = 2119) from the desktop. Leave the Library, walk back towards the bunkroom door but go through the door to the left of it. This is a bedroom, and there's a plate (+10 = 2129) and 2 purple goblets (+30 = 2159) on the small table. The other door leads into the kitchen (with the well room) and 7 of the plates on the shelves are valuable (+70 = 2229).

Horn of Quintus

Follow the kitchen maid up the stairs and through the door, then go round to the right. There are steps leading up to a room where 2 guards are standing by a table and another is walking back and forth in front of some double doors. If you are careful, you can scoot up into the corner above the stairs when the guard is walking away from you. It's not completely dark, but there's enough shadow to hide you. When the guard is walking the other way, move quickly to the double doors and go through them into a large bedroom.

On the dressing table in here you'll find a gem (+100 = 2329) and The Horn of Quintus - objective complete. There's a poker (+200 = 2529) leaning against the fireplace. Now leave, get down the stairs without being spotted and go through the double doors opposite the kitchen.

You'll find yourself in a large dining room. There are two gold candlesticks (+100 = 2629) on the big table and a silver flute (+50 = 2679) on another table in a small nook at the far side of the room. Go back through the kitchen to the bedroom where you were earlier. Leave through the far door, turn left and go up the stone staircase you saw earlier - keep a close eye out for a guard who patrols down the stairs every once in a while. Make sure you stay in the shadows when you get near the top, because an archer is standing on a walkway above and behind you.


Enter the first room on the right, which is a large sitting room. There is a book to read in one of the chests, but nothing else of value. Go through the door on the left into a smaller room. The chest in here contains a gold coinstack (+50 = 2729) and there's a gold candlestick (+50 = 2779) on one dresser and a green vase (+50 = 2829) on the other. Walk back to the sitting room, go through the archway on the opposite wall and creep behind the archer into a bedroom. There are 2 gold coinstacks (+50 = 2879) and 5 gold coins (+25 = 2904) on the small round table, and a gold nugget (+100 = 3004) on a dresser. Loot objective complete.

Go out of the door between the paintings on the right, then turn left past a short hallway (a guard is standing at the end) and enter the next door on the left. On the desk here you will find a necklace (+200 = 3204) and two rings (+200 = 3404).

Return to the hallway, turn left, go down a small flight of stairs and then turn left again. Just around the corner on your left is the chapel, where you can pick up a gold statue (+75 = 3479) and 2 gold candlesticks (+100 = 3579). Further along the hallway, turn left and go through the door on the left-hand side of the hall just before the double doors. There is a water arrow and a gas arrow on a shelf and another water arrow in a footlocker. There is a copper coinstack (+10 = 3589) in the footlocker by the bed.

There's nothing of value in the room through the double doors at the end of the hallway, so turn right and go to the locked door on the left side. Open it and go out onto a walkway where you'll be facing the upper tower door. Unlock it with the "Tower" key and enter the upper level of the tower. Turn left, go through the open door (this is the one you opened when you flipped the lever in the lower tower room) and climb the stairs to the top. (If you flip the big red lever here twice it closes the door downstairs.)

Pick open the blue chest on the right to find a ring (+ 425 = 4014). The second blue chest holds 8 gold coinstacks (+200 = 4214), and there are 5 more gold coinstacks (+125 = 4339) on the desk. Read the scroll on the desk - objective complete.

End of Mission

Note: total available loot is 4339g.   (400g is unobtainable)

Nightwalker and Freddy Fox - 20th October 2004