Note: This walkthrough contains hidden "spoilers". To see the text that is concealed by the solid blocks, hold the left mouse button down and drag the cursor across.

Test spoiler: I suddenly realized we were alone in the square....and that I had a knife.

Moth to a Flame

Walkthrough - Expert

The Lambton Worm Inn

The mission starts in your room at the Inn. Read the note that has been slipped underneath the door to get some information and a new objective: Get the Bank Haul. The note is from Edwin, who wants you to meet him in the Ancient Unicorn. Pick up your equipment from the table and the windowsill then head out into the hall. Turn left and go into the end room where you'll find a noisemaker arrow in a chest. Walk to the far end of the hallway, open the door and go downstairs. Take 3 gold wine bottles (150g) from the shelves, then open the door on the right, go through the Inn and out into the town.

Check out the Weapons shop over in the SW corner. Inside, you can pick up a sword, 4 rope arrows that are stuck into the table, and a bunch of water arrows from the trough. Directly east across the square from the shop are two small buildings with a low wall in between them. Climb over the wall and look for some moss arrows in the garden.

The Bank Square

Leave this area by the narrow street to the east and go into the next square. A civilian who walks through this area carries a purse on his belt (+65 = 215). Look to your right and you'll see a stack of crates. Climb up and mantle onto the ledge to the north-west. Now jump over to the narrower ledge the other side of the crates and walk around to the open window. Enter the apartment and look behind the plant on the table in the NW corner for 3 copper coinstacks (+15 = 230). There's a mask (+50 = 280) hanging on the wall above the table and a second one (+50 = 330) mounted on the other wall. Return to the street and walk east past the front of Arkwright and Higgenbothams Bank. That notice must cause the customers some concern!

The Theatre

Turn the corner and then turn right (E) at the next corner. At the end of this tunnel, you'll come out in front of the Theatre. Go in, check the windowsill to the left for a copper coinstack (+5 = 335) then climb the ladder to the gallery and check the floor for 4 coins (+80 = 415). Climb back down, go backstage and pick up a silver flute (+50 = 465). Climb the ladder to the loft over the stage and you'll find some flares and a couple of fire arrows.

Head along the street in the SE corner that runs along in front of the Old Gaol. You can't get in there yet. You'll have to come back to it later after you've found the key. Turn left after you've passed the Gaol and enter another section of town.

Canal Area

Help yourself to an arrow from the patrolling archer, then walk straight east and jump into the canal. Swim left (N) through the archway and climb out on the west side of the canal. Climb the ladder on the wall, go through a door and into an attic apartment over the Old Soak Inn. Look under the armoire for a silver coinstack (+12 = 477) and 3 copper coinstacks (+15 = 492).

Return to the canal and swim south past the spot where you jumped in, go under the little wooden bridge and climb out on the east side, just before you go through the next archway. Climb the ladder here and you'll end up on top of the archway. Sneak in through the window to the west into an apartment occupied by a woman. Pick up a necklace (+200 = 692), a pair of spectacles (+50 = 742) and 7 plates (+70 = 812). You can't get back out through the window you entered by so use the one in the NW corner. Jump down onto the boats stacked below and then onto the street.

The Old Soak

Turn right (E) towards the canal but this time enter the Old Soak, on your left. A girl is walking around carrying a gold wine bottle (+50 = 862). She won't notice it's missing now will she? In the first room, scoot into the fireplace and over the fire (if you're quick you won't need to put it out) to find 2 silver nuggets (+100 = 962) in a hole inside the chimney. The stairs in the little alcove to the east take you up to a room where there's a rather interesting note about a crypt, and a fire arrow in the fireplace.

Back on the main floor, go into the bar (the second room). The door on the west wall takes you into the kitchen area. Look under the shelves to the right of the stove for a purple vase (+50 = 1012), then take 8 gold wine bottles (+400 = 1412) from the shelves above the counter. Return to the bar, go through the door in the NE corner and upstairs. There are 2 bedrooms up here. There are 4 gold coinstacks (+100 = 1512) on the dresser in the bedroom on the left. Be sure to read the crumpled note on the floor in the other bedroom.

The Stang Gate Area

Leave the Inn, walk south towards a closed gate and you'll find two doorways, one on each side of the street, that lead into guard stations. In the left (E) one, you'll find 3 gold coinstacks (+75 = 1587) on the windowsill. In the west room, the first lever opens the gate at the end of the passageway; the second lever opens the gate to the canal on the east side of the next square. The guard patrolling into this square is wearing a purse (+100 = 1687). Turn down the passageway to the west (opposite the canal) and enter a small square where an archer is standing by a gate. She is wearing the key that opens it, and beyond is the passageway that runs past the Old Gaol.

Walk to the far west end of this courtyard and turn left into a narrow gap between the building and the wall. Climb a vine up to an open window. Inside this room, there's a lovely blue spider chest that holds a purse (+100 = 1787). Retrace your steps back to the square with the Auldale/Market street sign and walk along the passageway to the canal. Jump in the water, swim to the right and climb out at the far end. Collect the arrow from the archer by the fire, then enter the machine room opposite. Climb the ladder to the upper floor, pick up the bucket and look underneath for a blue key.

Leave, walk along the canal to the gate on the left and use the blue key to unlock it. Climb the steps to the alcove where the guard is standing and look for a lever set into a small alcove on the east wall. Flip it and the gate blocking your way will open.

Stang Hill

Walk up the ramp into the Stang Hill section of town and turn right (N). You'll see a wooden door leading into a small room where you can pick up a gas arrow from the corner. Return to the top of the ramp and continue south through a brick passageway. An archer patrols this area. Turn right (W) through the arch, then left (S) along the street to the gate in the far left corner. Go through and enter the house through the wooden door.

Check the desk in the first room for a tiny gold ring (+100 = 1887), then go through the door into the sitting room. There are 2 vases (+100 = 1987) displayed on the mantle. Sneak upstairs, so as not to wake the sleeping (and loudly snoring) ladies. In the first bedroom, you can pick up a purple urn (+100 = 2087). There's nothing of value in the second bedroom so there's no need to disturb the occupant.

Return to the street and walk north a few steps then turn into the alleyway on the left. Walk up a couple of steps and turn right at the corner. When you come out of the alleyway you will see a wooden door to your left. Open it and go in.

The first room on the right in this house is a sitting room. In here, you can help yourself to a purple urn (+100 = 2187), 2 gold candlesticks (+100 = 2287), 2 vases (+100 = 2387), 2 gold wine bottles (+100 = 2487) and 2 purple goblets (+30 = 2517). The door on the south wall takes you into the kitchen where you'll find more valuables to add to your collection - there are 4 gold plates (+200 = 2717) in the sink, and a gold urn (+100 = 2817), 2 gold goblets (+50 = 2867) and 3 purple goblets (+45 = 2912) on the top shelf.

Climb the ladder to the servant's room, go out of the window and jump to the top of the stone archway to the left. Open the window in the south wall and help yourself to the gold candlestick (+50 = 2962) on the table inside. Jump back to the windowsill, return to the downstairs hallway and walk south. Head upstairs to the bedroom and collect a tiara (+150 = 3112) from the dresser.

Go out onto the balcony and jump up onto the railing. Jump north to a ledge and from there, jump over onto a grey roof to the right (E). Walk along the edge to the window, open the shutters and snag the gold candlestick (+50 = 3162) from the inside windowsill. Climb back onto the balcony and return to the street. (Getting back onto the balcony can be a bit difficult. Move close to the balcony and just mantle. Don't try to jump or you'll get stuck in the gap.)

Outside the door, go north and wait in the shadows opposite the gate to The Warren until a guard with a lantern walks by. Take the light gold key he is wearing, then head west to arrive at the top of the ramp where you entered this part of town. Go through the archway to the south and there's a grey door on your left. Unlock it with the light gold key and go in.

The Rented Room

There's a window in the far wall. Climb out through it into the back alleyway and then climb through the window at the far end on the right. This is a rented room, as you can tell from the note left here. Help yourself to the rent money, 4 gold coinstacks (+100 = 3262) that was left on the mantel and open the tiny blue spider chest on the table at the other end of the room. Inside you'll find a gold ring(+100 = 3362).

When reading the note, you may have noticed the reference to funny noises and the strange painting on the wall. Examine the painting carefully and you'll find a tiny lever hidden on the bottom of the frame. Frob it to get Secret #1. The rug pulls back and below there's a secret room. Rope arrow down into the Landlord's secret lair and have a look around. You'll find a couple of notes to read, a fire arrow in the brazier flame and a gold nugget (+100 = 3462) tucked in behind the base of the brazier. The "Park Key" is on the desk and there are 2 green rolled tapestries (+350 = 3812) lying on the floor nearby. You can also pick up an invisibility potion and a healing potion from the work counter. Check on the east wall beside the desk for a lever. Flip it and the bookcase moves. Behind it is the Crypt.

The Crypt and Park

The room straight ahead has statues on each wall. Look behind the statue in the NW corner for a little lever. Flip it to get Secret #2. A panel on the east wall slides aside and reveals a secret room. Inside, you'll see a very valuable gold ankh (+1000 = 4812) sitting on top of a coffin. Dart in and grab it then get out quickly as a rather nasty character appears in the room. It's easiest to just avoid being seen by him. Go back through the doorway towards the landlord's room, but just before you get there turn left into another crypt room.

Look beside one of the coffins for a black jar (+120 = 4932). Continue through to the next room and pick up a gold statue (+275 = 5207) and then on to the next room, where you'll find a black jar (+120 = 5237) tucked in beside a coffin. Go through the west doorway and into the last room. Climb the ladder in the SE corner, open the doors at the top and you'll emerge into the Park. Keep quiet, because this place can be surprisingly dangerous. Look in the basin below the fountain for 4 coins (+80 = 5407) then use the Park Key to unlock the gate and leave.

Market Square

Walk west through the arch then turn left (S). Go past the sleeping ladies' house and follow the street until you come to an archer in a lighted alcove on the right. Turn down the sloping street opposite him, turn right (N) and head over to the small fountain. Look in the basin to find 9 coins (+180 = 5587) then walk down to the tombstones and turn left (S). Follow that street to the end, jink right then left and continue south into a Market Square where a drunken Hammer guard is standing by a pond. Take the gold wine bottle (+50 = 5637) from his hand and 6 gold coins (+120 = 5757) from the pond water. Continue south through a tunnel and you'll emerge in front of The Ancient Unicorn Inn.

The Ancient Unicorn

Walk past the front door and you'll find a basement door set into the ground at the end of the street. In the basement you'll find a purse (+150 = 5907) in one chest and a gas arrow in another. Climb the ladder to the main floor then take the stairs to the upper floor (there's nothing of value in the Bar on the main floor) where you'll find 4 bedrooms.

The man sleeping in the first room on the left is wearing a purse (+200 = 6107) and there's a gold coinstack (+90 = 6197) sitting on the windowsill in the second room on the left. The first room on the right is empty and the second room is occupied by a guardsman who is wearing the "Old Gaol" key. Take it, then read the crumpled note on the floor. You learn that your friend, Edwin, has been taken by the guard, and you receive a new objective: Find Edwin and release him. Walk downstairs, flip the lever on the wall to open the door, go out into the Market Square and walk north. At the next corner, turn left (W) and you'll be in front of the Mayor's house.

The Mayor's House

Walk up to the front doors and then look up at the end wall to your left (S). There's an open window and a wooden strip set into the wall just below it. Put a rope arrow into the wood, climb up and help yourself to the purse (+100 = 6297) that's just inside the open window. Now jump across to the ledge with the planter on the front of the Mayor's house. Make your way across to the far right window, and go in.

There's nothing in this small suite so go out into the hallway. The lady walking through the house is wearing a red key which unlocks the front door. Look behind the lantern on the table at the far end of the hallway west of the stairs and you'll find 3 gold coinstacks (+75 = 6372). There are three rooms that open off this corridor. In the first bedroom on the right there is a tiny gold ring (+200 = 6572) on the windowsill. In the second room on the right, also a bedroom, you'll find a tiara (+125 = 6697). The room on the left is a small office where you can pick up a statue (+15 = 6712) from the desk. Check the wall behind the bench on the east wall for a lever that raises a painting on the south wall. Behind it are hidden 7 gold coinstacks (+175 = 6887), the "Warren Key" and the Mayor's Diary. Read it and you'll get a new objective: Leave the Mayor's Diary on the reception desk in the Old Gaol.

Go downstairs and check out the dining room to add a gold candlestick (+50 = 6937), a gold wine bottle (+50 = 6987) and 2 gold goblets (+50 = 7037) to your loot. There are 3 gold goblets (+75 = 7112) in the kitchen cupboard and 3 gold plates (+150 = 7262) in the sinks along with a couple of water arrows. Out in the back garden, there are 2 purple goblets (+30 = 7292) on the table. You've now cleaned out the Mayor, so use the red key to unlock the front doors and go back outside.

Head left into a small square and then go down the ramp to your left. Turn right through a dark passageway and out into a back alley. Look at the end wall and you'll see a row of beam ends jutting out. Sink a rope arrow into one of them, climb up, lean over and open the window on the south building then jump over to the windowsill and crawl in. There's a ring (+125 = 7417) on the dresser and a rolled green tapestry (+150 = 7567) on the floor nearby.

Climb back down to the street, go back up the ramp and climb the stairs on the building to the north. Inside, you'll see a broken elevator and if you look down the shaft, there's a dead body lying on the floor at the bottom. Interesting! You'll have to find another way down there! Leave this building, head east to the fountain, turn right, left up the ramp and then turn left (N). At the end of the street, go around the corner and a little way farther on, you'll come to the gate into the Warren, on your left.

The Warren

Unlock the gate with the "Warren" key and go in. Walk ahead a bit and then turn left (W) into an alley. Follow it to a flooded area, walk under a low pipe and stop. Look at the wall right ahead of you and you'll see a set of closed shutters on a second story window. There's a wood strip set into the building above the window so shoot a rope arrow into it, climb up, open the window and jump into the room. There's a little wall alcove with a candle sitting in it and behind the candle there are 2 gold coinstacks (+100 =7667). Climb back onto your rope and jump over to the top of the doorframe nearby then from there jump onto the ledge to the right(S). (If you find this is too tricky, go back under the pipe and rope up to the sloping wooden tiles and then jump to the ledge.) Walk west, then around the corner and down to a pipe that crosses the alley. Jump onto it and head through the window at the other end. There's an elevator in this building. Push the button to bring the elevator up and ride it down to the thieves' hideout.

The Thieves' Hideout

One of the thieves that patrol into this room is wearing a purse (+125 = 7792). Help yourself to it then walk through the doorway to the south and follow the hallway to the bottom of the shaft you looked down through earlier. The dead body you saw was Roberts and if you check the floor nearby, you'll find 8 gold coins (+160 = 7952) scattered around. Head back into the other room, go through the east doorway and into a large room with a high ceiling and two doors on the right. The first one opens into a practice room of sorts, and the second one takes you into Marat's room. Pick up a purse (+175 = 8127), a gold torc (+350 = 8477) and a tiara (+125 = 8602), then open the big chest and you'll find the Bank Haul: Objective Complete.

Leave Marat's room and tiptoe quietly down the hallway to a room where a couple of thieves are sleeping. There are 2 gold candlesticks (100 = 8702) lying beside one of them. Return to the other room and you'll see a big hole on the north wall with a ladder leading up to it. Before climbing the ladder, flip the lever on the wall to the right of it. Follow the tunnel at the top to the far end (beware spiders!), climb the ladder and get off as quietly as possible because the sewers here are home to several burricks. Check the pile of bones lying in the first room and pick up a purse (+75 = 8777) then follow the tunnel to the far end.

Climb down into the water and turn right (E) at the corner. Swim until you're under a sewer grate and check the floor of the tunnel for a ring (+100 = 8877) then turn around and swim west to the end of the tunnel. Open the sewer cover, climb out and climb the ladder to the roof of a low building, then jump down to the street on the other side. You're back outside the Bank. Now all that's left is to tackle the Old Gaol.

The Old Gaol

Turn left down the tunnel and follow it past the Theatre. The door into the Gaol is on the right. Use the "Old Gaol" key to unlock the door and enter. Take a gold coinstack (+25 = 8902) from the desk in the first room and drop the Mayor's Diary on the desk: Objective Complete. Open the chest to pick up a flashbomb then go through the door into the bunk room. You'll find a purse (+75 = 8977) in a chest here. Climb the ladder to the upper floor to enter a practice room. You can pick up a noisemaker arrow, a gas arrow, a couple of flash mines and a flashbomb.

Walk along the hallway at the far end of the room and enter a small office on the right. There are 3 gold coinstacks (+75 = 9052), 3 silver coinstacks (+36 = 9088), and 3 copper coinstacks (+10 = 9098) sitting on the desk. Slash the banner on the west wall and you'll find a purse (+100 = 9198) tucked inside a cash box. At the end of the hallway an archer is looking out of a window, but there is nothing else here. Return to the practice room, climb down the stairs to the barracks and go through the south door down to the basement where you'll find the cells.

Edwin is in the cell in the northeast corner. Open the door so he can get out and run away: Objective Complete.

Last Lap

Now you just need to get back to your room. Leave the Gaol, turn left to go past the Theatre and through the tunnel. At the end, turn left, pass the Bank and out through the west side of the square. In the next square the Lampton Worm is to your right. Go in, behind the bar, up the stairs and into your room.

Mission Complete

Nightwalker and Freddy Fox   -   23rd June 2005