Lorgan's Web Walkthrough

As you enter the game, Garrett is looking out the window. If you watch the approaching Hammerite Guard, you'll hear Garrett say "I don't like the looks of this". That's your signal to get out of there. Turn right and grab Garrett's journal, turn left and pick up the 4 types of arrows you've prepared. Then head for the lit room towards the back.

Enter here and jump to the ladder. Head up, and open the hatch. Go up and mantle onto the roof. Don't go too far, you'll fall! As the guards break in below you, head to your right, towards a smoking chimney.

With a small running start, jump up onto the edge of the chimney. Crouch down, and optionally lean forward to extinguish the fire below. In a crouch, fall down the chimney. (If you're not crouched, you'll probably get stuck.) Exit the room, turn right and go to the small dining room at the end. Pick up a gold cup (25) and frob the candle to extinguish it. Exit the room and head upstairs.

Pass by the first door (for now) and go to the room over the dining room. Go in and pick the lock on the chest. Get more gold (75) and go back to the door you passed. When you open the door, you'll see a guy sleeping in a chair (with nice bunny pajamas). He's having trouble sleeping, so if you don't want to wake him, use a moss arrow on the floor between the hall and the rug in the room.

Frob each gold candlestick to extinguish them, then take them (175). Read the book for a laugh, then take the front door key from his waist. Head down stairs and go to the front door.

Listen to make sure your friendly neighborhood guards have left, then open the door. Head back into your apartment and go to the ladder. This time go down. Get the key from the table and open your back door. You won't need the key, so you can leave it here. Go out into the alley, and go left. Carefully look around, there's a Town Guard bowman patrolling this area. Take him out or avoid him, your call.

Right around the corner from the alley, there's a door. Pick this open, and go in. Head left, open the door, and pick up some more moss arrows. Go upstairs. If you've knocked the guard out, you don't need to extinguish the torch. If you're sneaking, it's not a bad idea to make more shadows. Search around the place, then exit as you came in.

Walk around this building (North, East, South) until you come to a long industrial area. There's a Town Guard swordsman patrolling this area. Handle him appropriately. Head East, to the first pillar supporting the wall on the right. Go behind it and look up. You'll see an opening and a ladder. Head up.

Follow this passage way past the generators and into the wall. When you turn South, a running jump may help you up the passage. Come out high above the street. Careful, there's a bowman patrolling this area. When he's not looking or away from you, head over to the roof. Be CAREFUL, a fall here is probably fatal.

Head over to the odd looking chimney on the red tile roof. These tiles aren't as slick as the smooth red tile. Your next destination is to get to the tower like building to the west. Head over the red roof which connects to it. A running start and a jump onto the tower will help. Once on the tower, there's an opening on the South side and a ladder. Go down the ladder to the landing. Go inside.

Grab two fire crystals from around the anvil. Head down the ladder. DON'T PANIC. They're manikins! Read about the newest armor, then grab the jeweled dagger from the desk(275). Head back up. Go across the corridor to the East side of the building. Stop at the barrel and pick up some water crystals. Now head down the ladder. Stop at the next floor and open the chest, getting a healing potion. Now head all the way down.

Go into the basement of the Armorer's home. Grab a snack from a table to the left, then head up into the house. Grab the dagger from the target (375), read the book on the couch, then you can go play with the table. Now head up the ladder.

Pick open the chest, getting gold (400). Head back down. You'll want to pick the front door open, but you'll want to know where the patrolling guard is. So open a window and watch him. When he's gone, open the door and turn right and go down the alley. Follow this around until you come to a door. Leisurely pick open this door, and head inside.

Look around the basement, then go up the metal stairs. Pick up the noise arrow and two flash bombs, then head upstairs. Pick up a purple goblet from the table (415), then open the door to the next room. Our Machinist (not Mechanist) is asleep. Get the key from the table, and use it on the chest in the corner by the wood stove, getting gold (465). You won't need this key again. The guy has a key on him for the outer doors of his house, your call. Go back to the basement and out the way you came in. Work your way back around to the front of the Armorer's house.

This is a good time to take out the bowman, if you're so inclined. There is a small building to the West of you. Work your way around to the other side by the generator. Open the door and go in. There's a hole in the floor, going way down. Go to the side opposite the ladder, and run towards the ladder. Head down into the sewers.

When you reach the bottom, go down to the water and head up the passage to the West. When you reach another round room, read the message on the wall. You should get a new Objective: "Don't kill the sewer spiders". Really, there's nothing down there, don't bother. Trust me. Head up the ladder in this room.

When you reach the top, you're in a sewer ventilation building. You'll want to avoid the patrolling sword guard outside. Open the door and head West. When you reach a pair of double doors, you'll want to turn left (South). Behind those double doors are two burricks just waiting for a chance to come out and wander around the city. They make a nice distraction. Also, around to the right of the building (as you look at the doors) is a ladder which will bring you up to the owner of the burricks, as well as a possible entrance to Lord Fishkill's mansion. But we won't be going in that way in this walkthrough.

Head South, going straight until you reach a metal bride over the river. Drop a moss arrow on it, then go across and turn right, continuing until you reach a lit area, with a low entrance to what looks like an alley. You're in New Market.

Optional side trip; There's a total of 75 gold in this house, but I won't count it on the running total, since you really don't need to go in here. Go to the door on your left, get close so your light gem darkens. You can hear a guard wandering around in there. Pick the lock on the door, and use a moss arrow between you and the carpet. Wait for the guard to go by, then go blackjack him. Look to your right. One of the fake arches on the South wall is a real one. Go through it, turn right, open the door, get the gold and turn off the light. Go back to the main stairs, go upstairs. Enter the bedroom upstairs, pick the lock on the chest to get the rest of the gold. Turn off the lights by the plants in the main hall, head back down stairs and outside.

Go through the low opening, and follow the alley around. You are looking for the back entrance of Narkus's shop. Follow the alley until it widens, then look ahead of you and to the right for a lock box and a switch. You'll have to pick the lock box before you can use the switch. Flip the switch , then continue down the alley. On your right you'll see a low secret door has opened. Enter Narkus's shop.

Read the letter on the floor, then head off to the left and gather up everything you can find. Listen CAREFULLY to the guards. So that's where Cudget is! Locate the ladder behind the front door, and quietly head to the upper floor to pick up some more supplies. When you are finished, head out the way you came in. Head back to the entrance to the alley.

Well, we certainly don't want to try and get past those two guards on foot. Let's take the Thieves Highway. Look up to the lantern, and the beam which supports it. Use a rope arrow to get yourself up onto the beam. Take the arrow with you. Head towards the Southern roofs, then head West. As you get over Narkus's shop, pay attention to the guards. You may need to use some moss arrows to sneak past them.

What are the guards saying? Did they fool you? What does that mean? Ok, let's think. They wanted me to think Cudget was in the guard house. It would be pretty easy to capture me surrounded by guards. Hmm?

Where else could he be. Well, there was a Hammerite who busted in my door. Let's try the Hammer temple first.

Continue along the roofs until you are across from the tall, brightly lit building. Get to the blue roof, wait until the bowman wanders off, and then drop down to a small landing with potted plants. Quickly open one of the shutters and go inside. Head upstairs and get a healing fruit, then head to the ground floor. Careful, the gravel underfoot is noisy.

Under the stairs, pick up the big pieces of moss, then read about the Light Mushrooms. Take those too. When they aren't selected in inventory, you won't glow. Read the other message, then turn off the lights. Go to the front door, and quietly pick the lock. Open a window first to track the guard. Using a moss arrow by the front door should let you get out without attracting the guard. It's probably a good idea to deal with him.

The other shops around here don't have any gold, except for the new grocery store. So you can check them out for the entertainment value, or head to the grocery store. (It's the one with all the signs on it!). Just as you get to the butcher sign, look up and to your right. You can see a guard high up, watching the street. That might not be a good path to take later.

Pick the lock to the grocery, head inside and then upstairs. Pick the lock to the office, and open the chest, getting more gold (490). Head back out to the street. Now head back to the alley entrance we started with.

Go through the tunnel, back to the bridge. Cross it, turn right and then left. Go around the building, turn right and left again. You'll eventually reach a ramp going up. When it turns 180 degrees stop and listen. There's a Hammer guard who patrols around here. (The same one who broke into your apartment). If you crouch down, there's a dark spot just at the top of the ramp where you can observe without being seen. Watch the guard and determine if you want to avoid him or deal with him. Note the Statue the guard walks by. Behind you, look at the temple. There's an open window, why it's practically an invitation!.

You'll need to get up on the railing, position yourself in front of the window, and run and jump. (This might be a good place to quick save your mission). Crouch down, go through the window, and turn left. Don't fall off your small ledge. Once you're in the dark, you should be hidden.

Depending on when you've arrived, the Hammers will all be at prayer, or will be patrolling the grounds. In either case, setting a rope arrow into the beam above you so you can climb back up is a good idea. Also, a moss arrow on the ground where you can drop off the ledge wouldn't hurt either.

If the chapel is empty, it's after prayers. Wait until the lone Hammer guard makes his rounds, then either sneak past him or take him down. You want to go to the right, towards the font. Turn right, and head towards the front gate. You'll probably need several moss and water arrows to negotiate this area.

The first corridor on the left leads to two prison cells. A prisoner will greet you when you enter the hallway, a thief you've heard of, named Drommond. He asks to be let out, he'll distract the guards while you escape. Wait a minute on this. Go to the next cell. Ah, there's Cudget. Pick up and read the note he scribbled down before he passed out. You should get some new objectives now. If you're on normal level, you just have to take Cudget home. If you're playing a higher level, you also get the objective to kill Lorgan, by dropping him down with the sewer spiders. (See, there was a reason!).

If the Hammers are still praying, now is a good time to explore the rest of the chapel. The next room along the main corridor is a small dining area. There's a purse on the table (590) as well as a sword. These must belong to Drommond. Even if the Hammers are patrolling, you can get the purse, with appropriate use of moss and water arrows. If the Hammers are praying, sneak out into the entrance and douse the torches. The guards from the North Gate guard house can see you if you don't, and will come searching. Go upstairs and read everything. No more gold though. Return to where Cudget and Drommond are.

If the Hammers are still praying, take Cudget home first. (We'll release Drommond later). If they're patrolling, skip taking Cudget home and do the next section (The High Priest's Rooms). Go back to the chapel, climb your rope, get on the ledge, and head out the window. Get a running start and jump for the dark area beyond where you jumped up here. Go down the ramp, and retrace your steps to the bridge. Cross the bridge, go left, open the door, and go down to the river. Turn right, cross the wooden plank, follow the tunnel down the steps. You'll come out by the waterfall. So straight, to the left of the ramp, right to your back door. Go in, up the ladder, cross into the next room (it's a nicer bed), jump up on the bed, drop Cudget, and back away.

Cudget will recover, thank you for saving him, and tell you to meet him later at North Gate. He then lays back down and rests. Head back to the Hammer temple, get in the same way.

The High Priest's Rooms

If, when you return, the Hammers are still praying, the following technique helps. Extinguish all 3 braziers on the wall behind the altar. Silently drop down and cross to the other side of the room. Use another rope arrow to get to the ledge right side of the room (facing the altar.) Quietly sneak along the ledge until you are near the door. Use a moss arrow on the ground where you'll drop down. If you're really brave, snatch the key off the High Priest's belt.

Open the small door. If the Hammers are nearby, you should extinguish the torch in there, and fire in a moss arrow, so you'll be quiet until you close the door. Go in. You want to sneak down the stairs quietly, and knock out the High Priest before he wakes up.(Unless he's still in prayer). Take his key, and look behind the door. Aha, a lockbox. Open it. (Pick it if you don't have his key). Hmm?Nothing happens. Check the bookcases. Oh, a release button (a cleverly disguised book). Frob it, and a secret door will open. Go collect gas arrows, a rope arrow, a healing potion, and more gold (690). Read the High Priest's diary. Well, well. A secret door in his bedroom, I must see this.

Go back up the stairs to the right, there's another room. Get the signet ring on the table near the bed (790). Since these windows shine outside, it might be a good idea to douse the torch.

Go past the bed, and look around on the floor near the far wall. Find the sliding tile, and open it. A switch! Flip it! A secret door slides into the wall. Go in, up the ladder, and make your way to the next door. You'll have to pick it, and it's locked really well. Go into the next room and look around. A public room, right off the guards patrol route, with an obvious door. No wonder the priest was suspicious.

What about that torch? Oh look, frob it and a secret passage opens. Go on in. The Light Mushrooms might be useful now. Follow the passage until you come to a hole in the floor. We'll go down there later. (That's one way to the vault). Jump the hole to continue down the passage. Look in the viewing hole on your left, listen to the conversation. What's so strange about that picture? (Thanks Datoyminaytah!)

If you look at the map, it would appear to make sense to go to the power generating area and disable the power. Well, the guards and one of the servants are trained to go turn the light back on if they go off. So we won't bother spending the next 10 minutes getting there and knocking them all out. Instead, wait for the servants to leave, then open the secret door right ahead of you.

We'll operate under the assumption that you'll listen for the guards and hide if you hear any footsteps. There won't be any real shadows to hide it, so you just have to avoid letting the guards notice you. They patrol the whole place, but they figured that no one could get in here.

(What's with the secret passages and viewing holes? This Lord Fishkill must be a strange one!)

Open the secret door and head into the room. (Check out the picture if you want). Open the door, and go right, to the next door. Go in, it's probably better to close the door behind you.

This appears to be a bar. Get the three bottles of fine wine (940), and get some goblets under the bar (1000). Head out of the room (being very careful, of course) and head down stairs. Go left into the pool room. Go over to the hot tub, and jump in. There's a ring on the seat on the South side (1100). Go out of this room via the closest door, and look East. You can marvel at Lord Fishkill's garden, but don't let the guards see you. On the North side of the first floor are two rooms. The closest one to the garden is the guards office. There's a door in there which will lead you right to the vault, and 5 very alert guards. Let's not bother with that room. The room farthest from the garden is a dining room for guests. Let's go get the loot from in there. Pick up two gold candle sticks (1200), two fine wines (1300 ) and 4 gold goblets (1400).

Get back upstairs, and head for the room on the North side closest to the garden. This is a music room. Play the harp and piano if you want, grab the silver flute (1550). The room next to this is a secure display room for valuables. Apparently, Lord Fishkill has moved everything to the vault. BTW: If you're playing on Normal, you've probably just made your loot quota.

Walking around on all this tile is driving me nuts, so let's head back to that secret door in the art gallery.

Go North, up the ladder, and down the next one. You can stop off along the way and view the rooms from the secret panels. The passage goes North, then turns right, for a long way. Follow this until you reach the next door. Look through the secret panel, and then go into this room. What is this thing? Well, its got gems in it. Warning: This thing is so unstable, it summons fire elementals when there's an energy imbalance. So grab the gems QUICK (1950) and get out of here the same way you came in. Continue along the passage.

You will come to some more secret panels, and a ladder. Go up the ladder one floor and get off. You'll see another door to get out of the passages. Looking out of the panel shows you what seems to be a library. (You may want to look around at all the panels before you decide where to go next.) Open the door and head into the library. Read the note on the table. Hmmm.. The Captain of the guard went home, taking one of the keys necessary to open the vault. I wonder where he lives, it's a big city!

Again taking care to move silently, and avoid the guards, head out the door. Go left to the next room. You'll have to pick the lock. Must be important! Go into the room. Ah, a light switch, turn it off. Finally, some shadows to hide in. Read the book, discover some stuff about Lord Fishkill and Lorgan. Read the scroll. Oh, so that's where Captain Vimes lives, right in front of the statue. I guess I'll have to go back for the key. Open the chest. On Normal, you get the other key for the vault. On other difficulty levels, you get gold (2000).

Leave the room, and head around the stairs for the room directly in front of you. Head in, kill the lights again. Pick open the chest for gold (2050), then go over to the table next to the bed. Get a bracelet (2300).

Leave the room, go to the next room to the left. It's an informal dining room! Clear the table for more goods (2450). Head down the stairs, to the room directly below this.

At least there are some shadows to hide in down here. Nothing in this room, but statues, and a floating one at that. The next room (going right as you leave the statuary) is a small chapel. Get the challis (2550). The remaining 2 rooms are a garden and a bathroom, with running water and a mirror. (Go ahead, try the mirror). Get two healing fruits from the garden, and head back to the secret passage.

Let's see where the secret passage ends. Continue up the ladder, over the hall and down the next ladder. What's that down at the bottom? It's a body. (Picking up the body reveals "Benny" written somewhere on his clothing). Oh well, I guess Benny's Dead. Go back up to the first floor and get off the ladder. Follow the passage until you see an illuminated switch. Hit that and a secret door will open. It opens into the kitchens. Wait until the serving woman moves down the stairs, then hurry out. Go to the sink, pick up a gold plate(2600). Head away from the stairs to a dark opening, on the same wall as the sink. Head down into a storage room. The door to the right heads out into an alley way, which brings you to the guards entrance. There are two guards there, probably more than you need to deal with.

Instead, go left. Don't wake the sleeping servant (she may not be there). There's a vase (2650) on one of the tables, and a book. Read about the unfortunate servant you found in the secret passages. Probably not a good idea for someone to wander around who isn't trained to see in the dark. Head up the ladder. There may also be another sleeping servant in here. You can avoid waking him easily enough. Pick open one locker for gold (2662), and the other one has a loaf of bread.

Enough scrounging around. Let's get the jewelry collection. Open the door near the servant, head right, back to the kitchen. Get back in the secret passage. Now head all the way back to the room under the guards patrol route. Go back into the High Priest's bedroom, down into the chapel, and up the rope arrow you left before. Back out onto the street, you should be able to see the statue, and the house across from it. Get over there and into the shadow around the door.

Pick the lock, go inside, and head upstairs. The first door is the Captain's bedroom. Open the door, turn off the light, and sneak in and take the key off of him. Leave the bedroom. Look around the place, not a penny to be found. (But look at all the toys for the kids). Leave the house, head back into the church.

Now might be a good time to release Drommond. After that, move it quickly back into the secret passages. Stop at the hole in the floor we've been jumping over. Instead, head down the ladder. Follow the passage until you reach a small ladder, go down it too. Flip the lever on the wall, crouch down, and head out on the support beams over the vault. Lord Fishkill wasn't fooling around, he's got 4 guards in here to protect the vault.

I prefer to stay up on the beam, in the dark, and knock the guards out with gas arrows. Or you can kill them (except on Expert). Or you can try to ghost it. You can reach the locks from the top of the vault. Using moss arrows will keep the guards largely unaware of you. One of the locks can be picked, the other requires Vime's Key. (You may also use the key you found in Lord Fishkill's bedroom, on Normal). I know it's hard to find the right position to pick the top lock, but it can be done with a combination of crouching and leaning. Another rope arrow in one of the beams will give you an easy escape route.

Once both locks are opened, the vault door opens. Head inside. Clean out the vault (3447) and get the jewelry collection. If you're not ghosting this, there's some gold in the next room (3464), where the guards gamble. Get back up on top of the vault, grab your rope arrow, and go back to the secret passage. Head all the way back to the church and see what happened to Drommond. Get out through your normal window.

Now your remaining objectives are to "Kill Lorgan" (one way or another), or get to North Gate to meet Cudget. For those of you playing on Normal, you can skip this section.

Finding and Killing Lorgan

In the letter Cudget wrote you, he mentioned two places Lorgan could be. You're nearer the brothel than The Bull and Finch, so head back down the ramp and under the church. Go to the right, and look up to the right as you enter another side street. If there's a scantily dressed woman standing on the balcony, let her see you. She seems to recognize you. If you look towards the door of the building (to your left as you look directly at her), you'll probably see a big body guard. This must be Bullard, you've been warned about him. So fire a rope arrow into the balcony railing and go up to see your lady friend. She'll tell you that you're in danger (surprise), guards are looking for you (really?), and that Lorgan is downstairs in the "Kinky Room". She then departs, she does have to go back to work.

Enter the room, go out the door. If you still need to make your loot quota, go down into the entrance hall and steal some more stuff (go ahead, I dare you). Sufficiently chastised, come back upstairs and go to the door at the end of the hallway, and go downstairs. Lorgan is in the room on the left, all the way at the end. Sneak up on him and knock him out.

Since we discovered the spiders in the walkthrough, the objective says to drop him in with the sewer spiders. If you didn't follow the walkthrough and your objective is just to kill him, then you can simply kill him with the sword, drown him, etc. Let's go to the sewer spiders the quickest way. Grab Lorgan and head back to the bedroom with the balcony. Take a running start and jump the railing, landing in the street. Keep going straight, turn right when you have to, and take your next left. Follow this around until you come to a double door (leading to the burricks). Turn right, and stay right until you see a door under a wooden roof. Go through here, down the ladder, and locate what looks like a well. It's blocked by a portcullis. Drop Lorgan, hit the switch on the wall, grab him again, and drop him down there.

Enjoy the view as Lorgan recovers, realizes he's in trouble, then makes some empty threats, and eventually dies at the hands (claws?) of the spiders. This only works this way if you discovered the spiders and have the "Drop Lorgan in with the sewer spiders" objective. Otherwise I had too many bugs with Lorgan being in a suspended state and trying to kill him normally.

If Lorgan isn't in the brothel, he's probably still at the Bull and Finch, or on his way to the brothel. From where the balcony is, head around the building either way, and find the metal bridge. Go over the bridge, go left, through the door, and down the stairs. Follow the passage until you come to the plank over the water, and go that way. (Remember, you could meet Bullard and Lorgan anywhere along this path). Follow this down the stairs again, until you reach the waterfall. Go straight up the ramp and turn right. When you reach the street level again, you have a choice. Straight ahead is where Bullard and Lorgan will be coming from. To the left, you can sneak in from a back alleyway. Left's go left, and turn right into the first alley. Look on your left as you move down the alley. When you find an opening, mantle up, and follow it. You'll eventually reach an outdoor bar. There will be three very drunk people talking and gesturing. Lorgan and Bullard may also be sitting at another table, fortunately with their backs to you. If they're not here, then they're most likely upstairs in the bar, in one of the private dining rooms.

If you still can't find Lorgan, he's probably hiding in the Guardhouse up near North Gate. It could be very difficult to get him out of there.

It's time to leave town.

Find Cudget and Leaving Town

Cudget said he'd meet you at North Gate. (If you don't have the "Meet Cudget at North Gate" objective, you've got to go get him and carry him close to the gate for it to open.) The best place to wait for him is on the South side of the guard house. Approach the brothel (it's near the metal bridge) and go to the left of it. Follow this route until you come to the grocery store in New Market. Turn right. When you reach the top of the passage way, stay in the shadows and look around.

Several things may happen here:

It is possible that Cudget will have gotten here and decided he could handle it without you. In which case, you'll either hear a commotion from inside the guard house, or Cudget will be waiting for you under the opened gate. You can go up to him, let him say his piece, and follow him when he runs into the night. The game should end successfully here.

Cudget may come up the same way you did. Let him get into position, then move a little so he can see you. (Remember, Garret is REALLY good at hiding in shadows.) Or when you get here, he may already be waiting. He'll show you the gate, and tell you there's a lever in the right hand tower that opens the gate. He'll suggest that you get up on the ledge on the guard house, and shoot the lever with an arrow. He says he'll sneak inside and see if he can open it from the inside. You'll notice he's carrying a blackjack. He knows how to use it.

As Cudget heads for the door, you should run towards the Hammer chapel, and run into the alley on your right, between the two buildings. At the end, turn around and look up. There's a beam up there. A rope arrow will get you up onto the ledge. Go forward until you can see the lever in the tower. You'll probably see the guards agitated and running towards the guard house. Cudget must be causing a bunch of trouble. A well aimed arrow will move the lever and open the gate. As soon as Cudget hears the gate open, he'll abandon his attempt and come running out. Get down from the ledge and meet him under the gate. He'll encourage you to get going, then he runs off into the night. Follow him. The game should end successfully now.