Lord Alan's Factory


Note: This walkthrough covers all 3 difficulty settings. Things that apply to one particular setting are noted and are colour coded as follows: Tips Thief Timed There are 2 bonus optional objectives that you will only get if you opt to not blackjack or kill during the mission.

Read Basso's tips (not on Thief or Timed - unless you buy them at the beginning) and the Letter of Engagement (Not on Timed) then follow the tunnels. You'll pass a locked door but there's no way into that room at the moment. You'll return to it later in the mission. You'll emerge on the edge of an underground canal. Walk onto the bridge and you'll be dumped into the water. Let the flood sweep you along the tunnels and down several waterfalls until you finally stop in a round flooded reservoir. Timed: You'll find the Letter of Engagement floating in the water but it's been damaged so you get a new objective to find out the codes. Swim through an underwater hole in the south wall into the Water level. Locate a hole under the arrow sign on the East wall and swim in. Proceed up the slope and then mantle up to the sloping passageway on the left. Climb up to a small green door, open it and enter the Factory.

Sneak around to the right and creep through Door 8899. Take Keys 0009 & 8009 (Tips – Key 8009 is not found here) from the windowsill. There's a second copy of Key 0009 on the desk beside the ROENT Training and Safety Manual. Read the book, collect 2 silver coinstacks (+50) then pick a purse (+45 = 95) from the guard. Button 8009 lowers an elevator at the end of the hallway but you won't be using it. Flip Switch 5599 to open a door in a tunnel farther along in the mission. Read the Builder's Testament that is displayed on a pedestal out in the hallway and also the note posted on the wall that says the Earth and Water systems have been closed off due to recent incidents.

Walk north to Elevator 8899 but don't use it. Instead jump down into the area below and climb a ladder on the west wall. At the top, crouch, go through a hole, pick up a flare and turn right (N). Walk through a room, another tunnel, another room and yet another tunnel (pick up another flare on the right). In the last room, pick up another flare and pick open the blue chest. You've just found Secret #1. You'll receive an optional objective to find more secrets. How many depends on the difficulty setting you are playing on. Tips: New Optional Objective - Find another secret. (Thief & Timed: New Optional Objective - Find 3 secrets.) The chest contains a gem (+100 = 195).

Turn around and head back the other way. Follow the tunnels to the far end and mantle up onto a metal walkway. To your west is the hallway that used to be blocked by Door 5599 which you opened with the lever in the guardroom. Behind it are ladders down to the Earth and Water levels. Don't go down there now as you have other things to do first. Climb the ramps to the top. There's a patrolling guard here that is wearing another copy (Tips – This is the only copy.) of the 8009 elevator key. Turn right (E) into a small office area at the end of the hallway where you'll see another lever for Door 5599 and another 8009 elevator button. Pick up the Training Manual from the desk, read it and take a map from the wall. It shows the elevator locations and where they go to and from. Take a copper coinstack (+5 = 200) from the chest then leave.

Walk west then turn north. Enter Fire Level 0 and take a purse (+45 = 245) from a guard. Cross to the southwest doorway, go through and take the 5008 key from the guard standing in hallway. Check behind the elevator support columns for a gold wine bottle (+50 = 295). You can climb the ramps or take the elevator (unlock the controls with the 5008 key) to the top level, which is Ground level. (I'd suggest climbing because the elevator can sometimes arrive at the top at an inconvenient moment, for you at least.) You'll find the Administration offices here and since Basso suggested you check them out first, it seems like a good place to start.

Go in through the window to the right of Door 3355 and read the note in the wastebasket then the History manual on the desk. Timed: There's a Useful Note scroll here that has all the codes on it. Objective complete! Open the small box on the floor beside the desk to pick up a gold coin (+50 = 345). Wait until the guard in the next room has his back to you then go through the doors. Pick Key 5008 from the guard and pull the big red-topped lever to open a gate that is blocking the hallway leading to the Administration offices. Leave the office, walk north, turn right then right again. Once you're in the big area with electric machines set into the floor, go over to the south end of machine 4315. Climb down the ladder and pick up a blue gem (+140 = 485). Head over to machine 6525, climb down and collect another blue gem (+140 = 625). Tips: New Optional Objective – Find 2500g. Thief: New Optional Objective - Find 3500g.

Administration Offices

Ascend the ladder, jump off and climb up one of the ramps to the upper walkway. Walk around to the northwest corner and climb into an office through a partially opened window. You'll get a new, optional objective at this point but only if you haven't yet killed anyone: You've managed to make it this far without killing anyone. Keep it that way. Pocket a pair of spectacles (+50 = 675) that have been left on a desk then pick open the safe. Inside you'll find 0077 key as well as a scroll and book. Harcant's office door is nearby but you need a key to get into it so you'll have to return here later.

Walk east through the big glass doors, past the stairs and into more offices. Open the safe and read the scrolls & book inside. Push the button on the wall to open the door into the Conference room. Take 3 statues (+150 = 825) from the table and you'll see the door into Lord Alan's office at the far end. Unlock it with the 0077 key then push the button to open the door. Enter and have a look around. Read the various books and scrolls as well the paper that's in the waste basket. Collect a ring (+100 = 925) that's lying on the desk then frob a button on the right side of the desk top to find Secret #2. Tips: Optional Objective complete! The hammer statue against the east wall will move aside to reveal a ladder. Climb down and walk around to the west side where you'll be able to enter a small, central display room. Pick up 2 jars (+100 = 1025) and what is apparently a fake Hammer statue. Push a button on the back of the display pedestal to find Secret #3. Thief & Timed: Optional objective complete! The plaque on top of the pedestal will move aside revealing the real Hammer statue (+250 = 1275). Climb back up the ladder, leave Lord Alan's office and make your way back through the general offices to the stairway that leads down to the foyer.

Creep quietly down the stairs and take a purse (+45 = 1320) from one of the guards and read the Builder's Scripture. Tips: New Optional Objective - Read at least 8 of the Builder's Scriptures. Take key 1155 from the patrolling guard. Go in under the stairs and pick open a safe which is Secret #4. Inside is a slowfall potion and a gold coinstack (+100 = 1420).

Turn left out of offices, go through Door 2255 and flip a lever to open the gate blocking the passageway. Pick up key 1002 from the desk and read a note that says the only way onto the upper catwalks is through Harcant's offce. That's probably a good thing to remember for later. Collect a healing potion and 2 silver coinstacks (+50 = 1470) from the desk and push Button 1002 on the wall. Leave through the other door, turn left (N) and look for a scientist who has a note explaining how to make Gas arrows. Read it then walk east along a passageway. Grab a blue gem (+150 = 1620) from the tip of a floating machine of some sort. (You'll find out later on that these machines are Elemens Probes.) and a purse (+100 = 1720) from the stationery guard. Read the Builder's Scripture (Thief: New Optional Objective – Read 10 of the Builder's Scriptures. Timed: New Optional Objective – Read all of the Builder's Scriptures.) and go through Door 2244 into the Settling & Storage area.

Storage and Settling & Cooling System

You'll be in a room full of large cisterns. Walk ahead until you see Tank 1214 on your left. Jump down beside it and look for a chest in the back corner. You've just found Secret #5. Inside you'll find a silver coinstack (+50 = 1770). Grab the gold wine bottle (+50 = 1820) that's sitting beside the chest then get back up onto the walkways and jump down under Tank 7824. There's another Elemens Probe here so pluck out its gem (+150 =1970) then climb back up onto the walkways and head through north through Door 1144.

Walk along the hallway and turn right. Pick up a gold wine bottle (+50 = 2020) by the base of the first machine on the left then continue ahead. Stroll down a ramp and through Door 4433. Exit through Door 6633 on the north side of the room then turn right and walk east through 2 rooms then head through the doorway in the southeast corner.

Climb down the ladder in the alcove on the left at the end and at the bottom, walk through the doorway into a hall and flip Lever 9933 that is to your left on the end wall. At the far end, flip the lever on the left-hand wall to open the door and smash away the board. You are now standing beside the canal you fell into near beginning of the mission. Cross the bridge by walking on the hand rails, turn left and crouch to walk under the support that juts out from the wall. Turn right into the passageway you walked along near the beginning of the mission and at the end, on the left, there's a metal door which you opened with Lever 9933. Enter the room and pick up 2 Ignitine-TNT arrows.

Cross back to the other side of the canal and retrace your route to the ladder. Climb it, go through the rooms to the one with Door #6633. Cross to the west side and you'll see another Elemens Probe. Stand on the low wall and grab the gem (+150 = 2170) when it's close enough but make sure it doesn't hit you, as it will cause damage. Jump down into the next room, exit through Door 5533, jump over the low wall on the west side of the room and make your way around to the west where you'll see another Elemens Probe. Stand on the low wall and wait for the probe to come close enough for you to reach the gem (+150 = 2320). Exit through door 2233, turn right and walk along to the end of the hallway. Keep an eye out for a guard who's wearing key 7733, though it's not important. It unlocks a door to a back alley but there's nothing of value or importance there. (You can exit the factory through this door to end the mission as an alternative to the main door near the Administration offices.)

Turbines and Alternators

Walk down a ramp and into the lower rooms of the Turbines and Alternators section. Pick up a gold wine bottle (+50 = 2370) that's sitting beside the machine on the left then walk west. Turn left (N) at the corner and then left again before you go through the next doorway. There's a big lever in an alcove set into the wall. Thief & Timed: Wait for a scientist to come over to the lever and take key 2200 from him. (This key is found elsewhere on Tips.)

Go back to the corner, turn left and walk through the doorway then turn right alongside the machine. Head through the doorway in the west wall, along a short hallway then up a ramp to the upper section of Turbines and Alternators. At the top, go through a glass door into an office where you'll find a healing potion and a gold coinstack (+50 = 2420). Pick up the instructions for making Gas arrows (not here on Thief) from the other desk and make sure you read a note that's crumpled up in the wastepaper basket. Walk north through Turbines and Alternators until you come to Machine 5636. There's an Elemens Probe in between it and Machine 7846 that yields another gem (+150 = 2570).

Walk back the way you came (south) and through Door 1166. Turn left and check behind some barrels for a gold wine bottle (+50 = 2620). Make your way to the west end and go through Door 2266 into a hallway. Read another Builder's Scripture, take a purse (+45 = 2665) from the guard and a blue gem (+150 = 2815) from the Elemens Probe. Walk out the far end of the hallway and you'll see you've come full circle. You're back at the top of the ramps that lead down to the Fire area.

Physical and Chemical Treatment

Head east and through Door 1122. Turn left and go through Door 4422 into a side room. Thief & Timed: Climb up on Machine 2312. Walk across the pipe to the next machine and pick up a jug which turns out to be the Charge for 6 Ignitine-TNT arrows. (This is found elsewhere on Tips.) Climb down. Tips: Take key 2200 from a scientist who patrols through here. Climb up the ladder to Machine 4512, walk north across a pipe to the next machine and grab a blue gem (+150 = 2965) from an Elemens Probe.

Climb back down, exit through the north door and turn left. Walk until you arrive at Door 5522 and go through but do it quietly as there's an archer right outside. Take his gas arrow and snag a purse (+45 = 3010) from the patrolling guard then walk east to read another of the Builder's Scriptures. Continue east, through another door labelled 5522 and turn left.

Don't walk into the hallway that's straight ahead. Stay in the main room and head around the corner to Door 6622. Go through it and climb the ladder at the south end to the upper catwalk. Walk to the north end and lean out to get another gem (+150 = 3160) from an Elemens Probe.

Exit through the south door and turn left yet again. Skip Door 2222 and enter door 3322. Read one of the Builder's Scriptures then go back to Door 2222 and through it and you'll be standing in Elevator 1002. (If the elevator is still up above, just walk out the far side and into the guardroom opposite. Push the elevator button on the wall and it will descend.)

Air Level

Unlock the elevator controls with key 1002 and ride the elevator up to the Air level. Walk north, turn left into an alcove and go through Door 5511. Exit through the door at the far end, turn right and you'll emerge into the central Air area.

Turn right (N) and head over to the double doors labelled 4411. Sit in the shadows then lean over and open the doors. Wait for a second and a guard will patrol out, wearing another copy of key 1002. Deal with him then enter the room he just came out of. You'll find you're in an armory. There's an arrow making machine but apparently it's out of order. Drat! Grab the scroll tucked in behind it, which turns out to be instructions for making TNT-Ignitine arrows then clear off the shelves opposite which hold regular mines and gas mines. Tips: You'll also find a charge for 6 TNT-Ignitine arrows. Check out the lockers and you'll find a set of 12 balanced arrows, a charge for 6 gas arrows, a speed potion, an invisibility potion and a set of 12 arrow heads.

Head back outside, walk west then south, staying close to the walls. There's a guard inside the open doorway in the middle of the south wall and you don't want him to spot you. Climb in through the window that's to the right of the door but do it quietly as there's a scientist reading in here. Read the Builder's Scripture that he has on the desk and take a healing potion that's sitting beside it then creep through the end doors. Pocket a purse (+45 = 3205) that the guard is wearing and head back outside.

Turn left (W) and walk through Door 3311 which will be on your right. Go out through the door at the far end, turn left and you'll see another Elemens Probe. Pluck the blue gem (+150 = 3355) from it and continue walking south. At the far end, turn left through a gap then right and into a small building. Open Door 1111, climb down the ladder outside to a metal walkway and make your way around to the southwest corner where there's a ladder up against the wall that will take you back down to the Administration level.

Water & Earth Levels

Walk west to Elevator 5008, use key 5008 to unlock the controls and ride it down to the bottom. (Or walk down the ramps if you prefer.) Turn right to Fire Level 0. Cross to the door in the northeast corner and you'll be back at the top of the metal ramps you climbed up earlier. Take the ramps to the bottom and walk along the hallway to the far end. (If it's still blocked by Door 5599, you can open it with a lever beside the button for Elevator 8009 in the small office area at the top of the ramps.)

Climb down the ladders to the upper Water level. Walk east, then south. Circle around a round structure and when you come to a large vertical pipe, turn and go over to the east edge of the platform. There's a probe circling over the water. When it gets close enough, lean over and take the gem (+150 = 3505). Thief: Loot objective complete!

Walk north around the big round structure then enter the doorway on the far side and down the stairs to the next level of platforms. Read a Builder's Scripture that is resting on a lectern. Tips: Objective to read 8 scriptures is complete! Turn around and walk directly north from the lectern. (Taking a detour around the elevator shaft, of course.) Go around the end of the structure and you'll find a doorway. Inside is a ladder. Climb down, pick up a flare then walk over to another ladder and climb down again. Pick open the locked door and you've found Secret #6! Pick up a flare, open the chest to acquire a gold nugget (+100 = 3605) then climb back up both ladders.

Climb down the ladders in the structure directly behind (S) the scripture lectern. Head out to the hallway, turn right (E) then right and go through Door 1100 to find an arrow making machine. Follow the instructions and make 6 Ignitine-TNT arrows. You deposited enough heads and arrows to make a set of gas arrows as well so "use" the gas jug on the left funnel and the gas arrows will appear.

Return to the hallway, turn right and you'll eventually see a small room on the right where another Builder's Scripture is displayed. Read it then continue along the hallway until you come to a side corridor that leads to the elevator. Walk towards the elevator but before you go through the yellow striped doorway, turn south and drop down onto the ledge at the end. (This is above Machine 6520.) Lean out to grab a gem (+150 = 3755) from the Elemens Probe circling here.

Climb the ladder, return to the hallway and follow it back to Door 1100. Walk out onto the metal walkway opposite the doors and descend the metal ramps. There is a walkway on one landing that leads east. Take it and go through a hallway to Office 2200. Use the 2200 key on the lockbox to unlock the door then enter the room. Harcant has hanged himself! Pick up his Office key 1177 from the floor beneath his body. Read the books on the to find out what the codes apply to. Objective complete! At the same time you'll receive a new objective to defuse all the bombs tonight. Pick up Key 4321 from the desk (This unlocks the main elevator that runs to the highest level of the factory.) and 2 coins (+50 = 3805) that are lying on the floor by the bookcase then leave. Walk back to the ramps (Avoid the Eyeplant guardians that have appeared) and down to the lowest level. Duck in under the platform to grab a gold nugget (+25 = 3830) then walk through the opening in the east wall.

Turn right, walk through the room holding Machine 4310 and out the west doorway. Turn right and walk up a metal ramp then climb a flight of stairs on the left. Bypass the first machine then check the tunnel walls for 2 gold nuggets (+75 = 3905). Continue on and walk out onto the platform of the next machine on the left where you'll find a spice bag (+45 = 3950). Continue along the hallway and you'll find 2 more nuggets (+75 = 4025) embedded in the section of tunnel wall just before you come to the last ramp over to the top of a machine.

Retrace your steps all the way back to the stairs, descend them and turn left. Go back past Machine 4520, out the north doorway and continue straight ahead into the Machine 2110 room. Turn right and you'll see a ladder mounted on a steel girder up against the wall. Climb to the first ledge, step off onto it and wait for an Elemens probe to approach. Carefully reach out and take the gem (+150 = 4175) from it then climb back down the ladder. Exit through the west doorway, turn left up a ramp and read another Builder's Scripture. Thief: Objective complete!

Deactivating the Devices

Return to the hallway, walk west to the next room, exit through the south door and return to the central room. There are several ways to get out of this area. You can climb the ramps (but watch out for the guardian spider creatures) and take Elevator back up. You can ride Central Elevator 4321 but you need to jump off on the Water level lower platforms as it doesn't stop there and that's where you need to go next. (Even if you opt not to ride this elevator up, you might want to unlock it and press the second button from the top to send it up. It will save you a long wait later on.) You can also climb back up the ladders you used to get down here in the first place, which will take you to the Water level platforms. Once you're there, you need to find Door 3399 (SW room) on the lowest level platforms. Watch out for a guardian that will appear as you approach. You can destroy the guardians with the IGNITINE-TNT arrows but stand well back or you'll be hurt too. They can also be destroyed with a mine (regular not gas).

Go through Door 3399, climb Machine 6529 to the top and find Device 2537. Check engagement letter and take note of the symbols beside this number. U represents the top button on the device control panel, R indicates the right button, L indicates the left button and D indicates the bottom button. Push the buttons in the order described beside the number of this device to deactivate it. Make your way over to Room 2299 (Either jump across the platforms or climb up the stairs to the upper level, find the other stairs and take them down to the east platform.) and open a toolbox to find a gem (+140 = 4315).

Climb one flight of the stairs opposite Room 2299 then walk east. The gate blocking the entrance to the Earth and Water levels is now open (If it's not, you just got through this section quickly as the gate doesn't open until 00:00 factory time. You can wait for it to open or go back up to the top Water level and find the ladders you used to get down here in the first place.) so go through and turn left up the corridor. Ride Elevator 8009 (It unlocks with Key 8009) to the top. If the elevator isn't on this level, you'll find the call button in the guard room you just passed. Get off the elevator at the top, turn left then right and enter Fire System Level 0. Cross to the door in southwest corner and climb the ramps to the first branching hallway which leads to Door 3388. It opens out onto Fire Level 1. Cross the walkway to the furnace in the northwest corner. Climb a ladder to the top and find Device #7437. Check your letter of engagement for the code and deactivate it.

Leave Fire Level 1 and continue climbing the ramps to the next hallway which leads to Door 2288 which opens out onto Fire Level 2. Cross the walkway to read the Builder's Scripture that's displayed on a pedestal on the south side of the room. Frob the banner on the wall opposite the pedestal to find Secret # 7. You'll also receive a bonus objective: You have found all the secrets. Objective complete! Enter the room behind the banner, grab the Hand of St. Fera (+250 = 4565) and wait for trouble! You don't get hurt, just scared. After the show finishes, the door will reopen. Frob the banner to raise it and go back out onto the platform. Leave Fire Level 2 and climb the ramps to the next Fire level. Go through Door 1188 and look around for an Elemens Probe that is floating near the southeast furnace. Walk across the ramp to the furnace, take the gem (+150 = 4715) from the probe then return to the ramps and climb to the Administration level.

Walk east, turn right and go through into the hallway that leads to the Administration offices. Proceed to Harcant's office, which is on the west side of the upper floor and unlock it with Key 1177, which you found in the Earth office. Kill the Guardian that appears and pick up 7 new maps from Harcant's desk which show the location of all the devices. Open the big green door with the lever on the wall and venture out onto the metal catwalks.

Walk through the doorway in the northeast corner, along a passageway then turn left onto the catwalks above Turbines and Alternators. Proceed west then north across the room. Climb a ladder to get over the divider and into the next room. Head north then turn left (W) and you'll find Device #5337. Deactivate it with the appropriate code then turn around and walk east. Turn left (N) into the next room then right and walk through a doorway and at the end of the hallway, you'll emerge onto more catwalks (entered in NW corner) that run above Physical and Chemical Treatment. Turn left at the first corner then follow the catwalk to the right around a corner. Turn left at the next corner, walk to the end of that catwalk and jump the gap to the walkway opposite. Walk straight ahead (E) to the corner, turn right at the end and walk straight ahead (S) and around the next corner you'll find Device 0637. Deactivate it with the proper code then turn around, walk around the corner and proceed north. Follow the catwalk around the corner at the far end and at the next corner, turn left (N) and exit through the door in northeast corner.

Climb a flight of stairs and head out onto the catwalks above Settling and Storage. You'll find Device 8237 concealed behind a pillar on the west side of room. Deactivate it then exit through the doorway in southwest corner. Climb the ladder at the far end up to Air Level catwalks.

Turn right at the corner then left at the next corner and you'll end up on a central platform. Climb a grey ladder to the upper level of catwalks. Climb the ladder on east side and at the top, walk ahead then turn left (watch out for a Guardian). In the enclosure at the end, you'll find Device #3137. Deactivate it, climb down both ladders and you'll be back on the central platform. Find a spot where you're above the roof of one of the buildings on the main Air floor then use your slowfall potion to jump down to it and from there to the floor. Head over to Central Elevator 4321 and ride it up to the Elemental Management towers.

Read a scripture that's displayed in the hallway (Timed: Objective complete!) then enter Room 0330 and go into the room at the end where you'll find the last device, #9737. Enter the code to disable it. Objective complete! You'll receive a new optional objective to leave a note for Lord Alan, telling him what you've done for him. Before you get back on the elevator, enter Room 0110 and pick up a blue gem (+140 = 4855) that's lying on the machinery.

Get back on the elevator and push the bottom button. It will descend past the Air Level and then pass through the Administration level. Jump off as it doesn't stop here and head through Door 1122 in the southwest corner. Walk south through the yellow-striped archway and follow the hallway to the Electroduct Station. Head into the offices. Pick up a pencil (there are several lying around) and "use" it on a piece of blank paper that is lying on a desk in the general office outside of Paul Harcant's office. Pick up the completed message and drop it on Lord Alan's desk. Objective complete!

Leave the offices and cross to Door 1155 in the southwest corner of the Electroduct Station. Unlock it and go outside. Turn right and you'll find a pair of dice (+50 = 4905) lying on the ground beside a note. Head east, pilfering a purse (+45 = 4950) from a guard along the way. You'll receive a completed bonus objective: You have found all the loot! At the far end, turn left and climb down a hole into the sewers. Wade east just a bit, climb another ladder and you'll have escaped from the Factory. Mission complete!

Nightwalker & Pavlovscat

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