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Test spoiler:
He told me about some sort of beast down in the crypts. No one else has seen it.

A Living Nightmare


You begin the mission outside a hospital, just as all hell is breaking loose. Ignore the guards as they won't bother you. Head west, following behind a man and woman who are running for cover. They'll go through a small door. Continue along the path to the front doors. Pick up the purse (+100) on the rail by the front entrance doors then go through the doors into the foyer.

Go into the round enclosure in the reception area, pick up the gold coin (+20 = 120) from the floor and push what looks like an "Up" button for an elevator. Look up and you'll see the light fixture is retracting up into the tower above you. Sink a rope arrow into the edge of the opening in the ceiling, climb up to the next level and then push the button to bring the light back down. When it reaches the bottom, get on the light and ride it up, hopping off onto the ledge at the top just before you get squashed into the ceiling. Flip the switch to turn on the Fire turrets. Objective complete! You'll also receive a new objective that says you've been betrayed and that the guards are now after you!

Walk across to the east side of the tower and pick up a healing potion, a gold nugget (+100 = 220) and a silver nugget (+50 = 270). Sink a rope arrow into the wooden beam by the central opening in the tower and climb down to the stone ledge below. From here, you have to jump down to the ladder that is leaning against the tower wall so save first in case you miss. Once you've landed safely, climb down to the floor just above the foyer.

Frob the light fixture on the north wall to find Secret #1. A secret door will open on the south wall. Before going through it, pick up and read the note that has been left lying on the floor.

Turn to the right and dispose of the apparition. Now it's safe to look around. Pick up 2 masks (+100 = 370) that are floating above 2 pedestals and grab the invisibility potion from the central one. Go into the bedroom where you'll find 2 gold urns (+200 = 570) sitting on the bedside tables and a green rolled LC tapestry (+150 = 720) that is tucked in behind the headboard. Open the chest and you'll find a huge stash of broadhead arrows.

Climb back down to the foyer, but do it cautiously as there's a guard patrolling nearby. There's a man standing just inside the front doors with his back to you. That's Mr. Oh Dear Sr. but don't bother trying to blackjack him, as he's taken an invulnerability potion. Sneak up behind him and grab the Crypt Key from his belt. There are 3 jars (+60 = 780) and a gold statue (+75 = 855) displayed on the shelves in the front hallway. Pick open the chest that is sitting in front of the statue in the east alcove to find a gold coinstack (+25 = 880). The chest in the west alcove holds another gold coinstack (+25 = 905). Help yourself to a purse (+100 = 1005) that has been carelessly dropped on the sofa nearby then return to the foyer. You'll find an ornate blue vase (+50 = 1055) and 2 black vases (+40 = 1095) on the tables. There are 6 gold coins (+ 120 = 1215) on the west window sill.

Walk along the hallway that is north of the reception desk, picking up 2 green vases (+ 40 = 1255) along the way and take the 2 swords (+400 = 1655) that are mounted on the wall at the far end. Turn left (W), and pick up Mr. Oh Dear Sr.'s bowl that has been left on the seat of a chair. Flip a lever on the wall at the end of the hallway to open a gate into the cafeteria. Turn left and pick up Joe's Eye Glasses from one of the chairs.

Extinguish the fire in the fireplace, climb inside, and you'll discover 3 gold coinstacks (+75 = 1730), a silver coinstack (+12 = 1742) and a copper coinstack (+5 = 1747) that have been squirreled away on a ledge at the back.

Go through the west door into the Children's Wing of the hospital, take a purse (+100 = 1847) from the bookcase to the left then go check out the rooms. You'll find notes under several of the beds, but the only one of importance is in the last room on the left. Read this one to find out something of what has been going on around here, and receive a new objective to find out who the third suspect is. Grab a healing potion from the table at the end of the hallway then go back to the cafeteria and through the east door into the Adult Wing. Open the chest in the third room on the left, and you'll find Joe's Dice. There's a note under the bed, mentioning the spectacles that you've already found.

Retrace your steps to the cafeteria and go through the double doors on the north side into the back courtyard. Pick up Joe's Bottle which is lying by the west wall then make your way back to the front foyer. Go up the east stairs to the first landing and pick up 3 small gold coins (+15 = 1862) that are lying beside one of the statues. Continue up the stairs to the General Wing. Look behind the right hand side of the dresser and you'll find a small ring (+100 = 1962). Exit through the west door and walk down a ramp to a patio where you'll find Mr. Oh Dear Sr.'s Flute lying on the table then go over to the bird house and peek inside it. You'll find Joe's Whistle.

Climb back up the ramp and walk north along the ledge in front of the statues and through the door at the far end. You'll find yourself on a balcony above the Children's Wing. Turn left then left again and you'll find a small sitting area. Pick up 3 gold goblets (+75 = 2037) and a gold plate (+50 = 2087) from the tables. Walk out the far end, across a metal walkway, and through a doorway into another hall, which has storage shelves on one side. Pick up a purse (+100 = 2187) that's been hidden on the top of the shelves. Continue through the room and out the east door. Walk across and go through the door. Straight ahead you will find another sitting area. Pick up a purse (+100 = 2287) that's been dropped on the floor by the east table and walk out through the door way at the far end.

Go down the ramp, then turn left and climb the ladder to the loft to pick up Mr. Oh Dear Sr.'s Diary from the floor as well as 2 gold coins (+40 = 2327). Climb back down the ladder, walk across the metal bridge, then go up the first ramp into a lab. Read the note on the table then push the button to get a healing potion. Walk out the far side of the lab, down the ramp to the balcony and over to the metal bridge on the west side where you can take the elevator down to the Adult Wing.

Return to the foyer and read a scroll that is lying on the reception desk. (No, it wasn't there earlier.) The objective to keep Mr. Oh Dear Sr. safe will be crossed out and you'll receive a new objective to find a way to make the 3 involved in the rape pay. Walk back into the north hallway but this time turn right at the corner and go through the door. Pick up the Caretaker's Bucket from the floor and read the notice posted on the wall beside the crypt door. The Teleport from Beyond, huh? It requires 4 personal items and they don't know what it will do if used on a live person's effects. Maybe it's time to find out! By now, you have 4 personal items from 2 of the 3 men and you know the other evildoer is imprisoned in the crypt someplace.

The Crypt

Unlock the door with the Crypt key, read the book that is sitting on the desk at the top of the stairs then creep down to have a look. There are some haunts patrolling down here. Get into the shadows and destroy them, one by one as they get near. It's not noisy as they disappear in a puff of smoke! However the last one, instead of disappearing, transforms into a tree beast. (On lower difficulty settings, you don't have to destroy all 4 to get the treebeast to appear.) Leave him be and gather up the 8 jars (+160 = 2487) that are sitting on the coffins.

Now "use" Joe's 4 items on the 4 pedestals (they will only lock into place on the correct pedestal so keep trying the items until you find the right one) and he will appear on the center pedestal. The treebeast will kill him and you'll hear a sound like breaking glass. All of Joe's items will disappear from the pedestals. Go around and replace them with Mr. Oh Dear Sr.'s items to make him appear. The treebeast will dispatch him as well. 2 down and 1 to go!

Sneak over to the north doorway and read the plaque that is mounted on the wall. Total treasure is the path to freedom? Go through the doorway into a circular hallway patrolled by a transparent haunt. Turn right, walk along the hallway and turn left. Climb down the rope arrow at the end, enter a passageway and take a mask (+50 = 2537) from the wall. Climb back up and walk back to the circular hallway. You'll see a torc displayed behind a locked gate. There doesn't appear to be a way in there just yet so you'll have to come back to it later.

Turn left (W) along the circular hallway then turn right into a morgue with a couple of zombies lying on tables. On the first table, there's a small gold ring (+100 = 2637) and there's a necklace (+200 = 2837) on the second one. Go through the door on the north wall and turn left. Open the right-hand storage compartment and you'll find a gold nugget (+100 = 2937). Go into the other section of this room, open the left-hand compartment and pick up a silver nugget (+50 = 2987).

Leave the morgue, turn right and walk. You'll eventually come to another doorway on the right. (Hey, shouldn't you have passed the door into this place by now?? Oops! So THAT'S what the plaque meant!) Pick up a tiara (+125 = 3112) from the first table on the left. Loot objective complete! Grab a blue gem (+15 = 3127) that is lying in the back corner and walk along the hallway to the spot where you saw the torc behind the gate. Pick up the torc (+350 = 3477), go back into the hallway and you'll see the exit door is open again. You found all the treasures. Whew!

Head through and over to the west wall of the crypt. Frob the skull to the right of the closed doors and they will open. Walk through and take the Gold Ankh which is hanging in the air. Objective complete! The walls of the room will lower and you'll see a much larger room. (You can frob the skull on the wall to close the doors to the other room if you don't want to have to worry about the treebeast.) There are 2 healing fruit in each of the 2 fountains. Once you have those, walk through the left (S) door, pick up some speed fire arrows from a pedestal, a gold nugget (+100 = 3577) from the floor and some rope arrows from the west doorway then walk through it and along the hall.

Read the plaque on the wall. "Drop thy subject to the left and look down." Huh? Don't you feel kind of light? Well, try it out! Step off the left side and you'll start to float slowly and safely down to the bottom of the shaft.

Pick up the bottle that is sitting on the stand and you've found the Invulnerability potion. Objective complete!

There's yet another plaque on the floor which says "To reach the high, stand at the reading mark and push against the ground." So jump and you'll float back up to the top of the room.

Leave, cross the main room and walk over to the north door. Before going through, open the chest nearby to acquire a gold nugget (+100 = 3677). Once you've gone through the door, you'll see a bunch of water arrows on a pedestal. Pick them up, check the floor behind the pedestal for a slow fall potion and head through the east door. You'll come to the cell where the third suspect was confined. Flip the switch on the wall and let the arrow trap take care of him - it takes a while. Objective complete! Return to the main room and go over to the statue that has fallen across a hole in the floor.

Whack it a couple of times with your blackjack to break it up then jump down through the hole in the floor. You may want to use your slow fall potion here to avoid taking damage.

You'll end up in a cave with stone platforms dotting a sea of lava. You need to get to the south end and pick up a few articles along the way. You can do this one of two ways. You can nimbly hop from platform to platform or you can use your invulnerability potion and just wade through the lava. There's a small black vase (+20 = 3697) on one of the central platforms, and you can pick up a healing fruit and a gold nugget (+100 = 3797) from a platform on the west side. On the south platform, you'll find the Hot Blue Vase. Objective complete!

Return to the north end of the cave and jump over to the entrance in the west wall. Walk along the hallway and into another crypt area. There's nothing of value in the first room so continue through to the second room. Grab a green LC vase (+20 = 3817) from the top of one coffin and a green rolled tapestry (+150 = 3967) that is tucked in behind. Walk east into a room where you'll find a gold statue (+75 = 4042) sitting on a coffin and some more speed fire arrows behind the overturned coffin in the corner.

Return to the previous room and head through the north door. Help yourself to 2 small black jars (+40= 4082) and continue north. There's a tall black jar (+20 = 4102) in this room. Walk through the hole in the east wall, through into the next room, jump over the coffin in the SE corner and duck in under a set of spiral stairs where you'll find a teeny little chest. Open it to find a gold coinstack (+25 = 4127). Climb the stairs, flip a skull on the wall to open a secret door and you'll emerge in the room where you found some water arrows earlier. Return to the main room and go up the stairs to the main level of the hospital.

Now you just need to get out the southwest gate. Go upstairs to the Adult Wing and through the west door. Walk down to the patio and through the SW doorway. After walking down the ramp, you'll be in an outdoor courtyard. Go through the gate in the SW corner.

Mission complete!

Nightwalker and Freddy Fox  - 28th April 2006