Relic - Left 4 Dead


Note: This walkthrough is written for the Easy difficulty setting. There are notes included that cover some of the differences that you'll find on Hard or Difficult but there are also some changes in loot placement and availability not noted. However, the main objectives remain the same and there should be enough information included to get you through on any of the settings.

Starting out Dead??

You begin the mission beside a grave where you’ve just seen a skeleton collapse, which turns out to be you! Search the grave and the surrounding area for your equipment. The skull functions as a scouting orb and the finger bones are your lockpicks. You’ll also find your sword, 5 moss arrows, 4 water arrows, 12 broadheads, 3 vine arrow, 4 flares, a healing fruit, gas arrow, and an invisibility potion.

Head north through the exit then turn left (W) to the small island occupied by a spider. You can very easily get the spider to follow you into the water and drown itself. Keep away from the dragonflies you’ll see fluttering around the swamp. They have a nasty bite! You’ll find a vine arrow on this island and there’s a vine covered cave entrance in the wall to the west. Crouch, crawl in and you’ll find a water arrow. Go through the passageway to the next cave (passageway is blocked by a boulder in Difficult) where ,along with submerged fragments of a skeleton, you’ll find a frogbeast egg and another water arrow. Continue through the cave and out to the swamps again and you’ll be in a small lagoon with 2 exits, one to the north and one to the west. Take the one to the west and continue heading due west until you enter a small glade with a little house to the south. This is the Pagan’s hut which is now marked on your map.

Pagan’s Hut

Knock out the pagan that is walking around the yard and take the “Pagan House key” from his waist. Just as you enter the glade, look in the water for a water arrow. Walk along the west side of the house and check for a water arrow and, up against the wall of the house, a spice bag (+40). Use the key to unlock the door of the house, enter and look through a window into the backyard, where you’ll see another pagan. Don’t bother with him for now but you'll be back later on to deal with him. Check behind the bag below the window for a small spice bag (+40 = 80).  

Move the boxes in one corner and underneath them, you’ll find Dewdrop. Pick her up and she’ll go into your inventory. There’s a frogbeast egg sitting on a plate on the table and there’s a locked chest on the far side of the bed that can be picked open. Inside you’ll find a healing fruit. Read the scroll sitting on one side of the stove and it says something about getting a “Waksies potion” that can be obtained from the Hermit. At this point, you’ll get a new objective to find out more about the potion. Look behind the chimney pipe for a small ring (+100 = 180). Also pick up a fire arrow from the flames. Leave the Pagan’s glade, turn north and enter into a larger area with three trees. Go through the passageway to the NW and look in the water to the left of the big grey tree for 2 more water arrows. Head north from the water arrow, between the two trees and straight ahead onto land until you come to the cliff wall. Follow the wall a very short distance until it intersects a different wall with a boulder on the ground resting against it. A shrub nestled in the corner hides a lever. The boulder moves aside and exposes a tunnel.

Walk through the tunnel and into a cave with some eyeplants. In the water to your right, just after you enter, you’ll find 2 water arrows. Drown the spiders that you’ll see on the small islands in here and walk over to the far west section of the cave. You’ll find Baddcog’s skull sitting in the water on the north side. Pick it up (it will go into your inventory) then look in the water to the right of it for a gold torc (+350 = 530). Go back east and look for a passageway on the north wall. Go through and you'll enter the main cave. Beside you, above the archway you came through, is some blue smoke surrounding a spiral which represents a teleport location. This comes in handy later but you can’t get to that spot now so don’t bother trying. Wait in the shadows for a Keeper to patrol towards you. Take the “Compound key” that he is wearing and knock him out. At this point, if you continued up the slope, you’d arrive at the Keeper compound, but I prefer to explore the tree village first, so leave, go through the eyeplant cave, exit the way you entered and go back to the swamp.

From the lever that moved the boulder, you want to head east over land, back into water and take the north passage through a tiny area with only one exit, toward the northeast, into another small area with an exit to the north. From there you should get a glimpse of a Trickster patrolling about. Enter his domain between the two trees and head through the eastern passageway which exposes a wooden dock. Walk up the ramp and into the tree. Climb the stairs, cross a walkway and descend another set of stairs. There’s a small hole to the right at the base of the stairs that you can crawl through. Inside, you’ll find a vine arrow (plus a bunch of dead rats! Yuck!)


If you check your map, you’ll see you’ve now entered the Forest. Head out the door, down the ramp and across to the small island opposite where you’ll find another vine arrow. Follow the waterway until you come to a big wooden walkway. Pick the mushrooms to darken the area then walk out onto the island on the east side.  An apebeast patrols through here, onto the edge of the dock, then back to a fire to the north.  Snatch a fire arrow from the fire then jump into the water past the fire and you’ll find a water arrow.

Climb back out of the water here, walk along the dock to the first island and take care of the apebeast standing by the fire at the far side. You’ll see another Trickster walking along the next section of dock past this island. When he sees, you he’ll run away and then disappear. Don’t bother trying to kill him, just let him get a look at you. Inside the tree beside the spot where the apebeast was standing, you’ll notice another spiral field, this one with red smoke. You can’t do anything with it at the moment but remember it for later. Underneath the ape and the fire is a secret cave. It is only accessed by jumping into the water and looking for the entrance which is a hole right under the dock. Swim through it and into the cave. You’ll see a skeleton lying near a chest on the bottom. Swim down to examine the skeleton more closely and you’ll see it has a gem (+100 = 630) in one of its eye sockets. Once you’ve taken that, open the chest and you’ll have found Secret #1. The chest contains more water arrows.

Leave the cave, climb back out onto the dock and look at the treetops above on the north side. You’ll see a platform and an apebeast walking around on it. You need to shoot a vine arrow onto the edge of the platform and then another one into the tree low enough down for you to reach the vine. Keep them fairly near each other, but not directly above one another. When you’ve jumped to the second vine, retrieve your first one, climb up and onto the platform and retrieve your second vine arrow. It’s best to do this on one of the round sections around the tree and not the central walkway, so you can avoid the apebeast.

There are two treehouses up here. In the northwest one, you’ll find a golden skull (+100 = 730) and in the southeast one, you’ll find a vine arrow, a noisemaker arrow and a blue gem (+15 = 745). At this point, you have enough gold to complete your loot objective. Go out onto the walkway between the two trees and look out over the north side. Below you’ll see some water. Jump (you’ll land safely) then climb back out onto the dock.

Continue along the dock to the west end, enter the tree and climb the spiral stairs. Pause at the top and you’ll see an apebeast patrolling the walkway just a bit farther on. You’ll have to sneak over carefully and get rid of him then lean over and look down below the walkway. There’s a grassy area down there and you’ll be able to see a treebeast stomping around. You need to get down there to look around, so look to your right (from just inside the doorway from the stairs) and you’ll see that you can shoot a rope arrow into the walkway floor opposite so you can jump onto it and climb down. Make sure you stay out of the path of the treebeast, of course. You can sneak up and backstab him if you want him out of the way. There’s a stationery treebeast down here as well, in the west area near a light brown tree, so make sure you are far enough away to not alert him. Pick up a gold nugget (+100 = 845) that is lying near the stationery treebeast then go into the eastern section where you’ll find a silver nugget (+50 = 895) lying on the north side. Head to the far NE corner where the walkway above goes through the tree wall. You’ll see that the walkway is slightly raised with a hole below it. Shoot a rope arrow onto the side of the walkway up very close to the tree wall and you’ll be able to reach the “Trickster’s Sapphire”, which is lying underneath the walkway. You may sustain injury from the drop if you wish to retrieve your arrow at this point. Better to wait for a very short period of time.

Go back to your first vine arrow and climb back up onto the walkway, then retrieve your arrow. Head east on the walkway behind an apebeast, turn north and continue on through a hole in the forest wall (stop and retrieve the vine arrow that you used to get the Sapphire which should be attached to the side of the walkway here) and into another section. There are three treehouses in this area. The northern most has a long ladder inside to climb up. Climb all 3 sets of ladders and you’ll end up on the highest platforms in the city. Walk out the doorway (keeping an eye out for the apebeast that patrols this area) past the next treehouse and on to the next one, which has another apebeast standing around to the side of it. Inside you’ll find a couple of broadhead arrows. Continue on to the next round treehouse where you’ll find a couple more broadheads and a bunch of scattered bones. You may find a Trickster wandering around here.Check the skeletal hand for a ring (+100 = 995) then go out the far side and on to the last treehouse.  Inside, sitting on a wooden pedestal, you’ll find the “Trickster’s Ruby” (“Finders Keepers, that’s my motto”). Retrace your steps all the way down the 3 sets of ladders to the bottom and head back to the top of the spiral steps where you first entered the city.  Look up to the SW and you’ll see a high platform patrolled by an apebeast.

To get up there, you need to shoot a vine arrow into the edge of the platform and then several more, fairly close together but not right above each other, down the length of the tree until you have one low enough to get onto from the ground. Consider the stripes on the tree trunk for spacing the vine arrows. If the first arrow into the tree connects to a thin dark stripe, the next should be to the thick light coloured stripe beside it, and so on until one of the vines can be reached from the ground. You can probably jump on from the platform, but it’s difficult and not really worth the effort.

Now, rope arrow down to the area below and climb up the vines, jumping from one to the other when necessary. Save often as it can be difficult to change vines. Retrieve each vine arrow as you get onto the next one. You won’t need them to get down. Once on top, BJ the apebeast and loot the two treehouses. Pick up some broadheads, a vine arrow and a gas mine that are laying on the floor in the one treehouse, a slowfall potion lying on the floor and a medallion on the windowsill (Secret #2) in the other. There are several ways to get down from here. One is the big grey tree trunk to the east of this treehouse. If you land on it just right you can slide down to the ground, but it’s a bit tricky to manage. You could also climb down the vines, if you hadn’t retrieved them, but again it can be difficult. The easiest way is to just “use” the Trickster’s Ruby. You’ll be teleported back to the tree just before the spiral stairs, where you saw the funny coloured spiral field. It means a bit of walking to get back up the stairs, but I find it’s far less time consuming than the other ways, in the long run. When you use the ruby, you’ll get a new optional objective.  “Trickster’s gems, hmm? A little extra loot would be nice…find three and use them.”  

From the spiral stairs there is another high platform on the other side of the walkway you are on. That is, about the same level as the platform with the medallion, but the walkway lies between them. Use the same method as before and shoot one vine arrow onto the edge of the platform and another partway down the tree, so that it drops down low enough to jump onto from the walkway. Climb up (retrieve your vines if you want to use the Ruby to get down again) and crawl through the hole to the far platform. The first treehouse has one slowfall potion and the second treehouse  has one slowfall potion and a silver nugget (+50 = 1045). There’s a Precursor Mask lying in here, but it has no value. It’s mentioned in a note later on in the mission.

Back out on the platform, look to the east and you’ll see another high platform with a small “cloud” at one end. That’s a gas arrow which could come in handy later on, so that’s where you want to go next. Get back down to the walkways by whatever method you prefer and locate the platform you saw by looking for the gas cloud. Vine arrow up, pick up the gas arrow and go inside the hut where you’ll find another slowfall, a breath potion and a fire arrow in the fire.  Return to the area which had the treehouse with the 3 sets of ladders leading up. This time, go into the other treehouse that has a small ladder leading up to an upper room. In the upper room, you’ll find a silver statue (+15 = 1060).

Just outside the treehouse with the 3 set ladders toward the east lies a large tree slanted toward the forest wall.You’ll see something shiny up near the top. Jump over to the tree, walk up to the top and pick up the dagger (+100 = 1160) that’s sitting at the top. Walk back down and carefully slide down the north side of the tree to the ground. There’s a vine arrow on the ground by the base of the tree. Backtrack to the four green mushrooms.

Pagan Cave

Beside (north) of the 4 green mushrooms is a rock wall. Walk just far enough to get past the rock, turn north, then east. There are bushes on the ground very close to the corner. Walk through them and you’ll find a hole in the ground that leads to a cave.

The ghost of a pagan man appears and asks you to find his daughter’s doll for her and you get a new optional objective “Always the good Samaritan, find the girl’s doll and bring it back to her father, so she’ll come home and they can rest in peace.” You’ve already found the doll but you need to leave the cave for a bit before returning it to make sure the objective works properly. Before doing this, pick up a gas arrow and a spice bag (+40 = 1200) that are lying on the ground past the skeleton. Leave, wait for a few seconds then go back in and have the doll up in your inventory. A little girl ghost should appear with the doll in your hand (which will disappear from your things) and rejoice at having her doll returned. As a reward, a gold nugget (+100 = 1300) will appear on the ground beside her and the optional objective ticks off.

Keeper Caves

Leave again, heading uphill north, west, then north again. A different group of 4 green mushrooms indicates an area where you’ll spot a gas arrow smoking on the ground. Moss arrows can be picked up as well. Around on the other side, continue north to the water's edge. To the west is a dock patrolled by a Keeper. Take care of him then walk onto shore. Directly ahead of you, there's a large tree trunk leaning up against the forest wall and to the south of it is a stone ledge. Shoot several vine arrows into the tree to get high enough to jump over to the stone ledge. Walk to the east end where you’ll find 2 gold nuggets (+200 = 1500) and a silver nugget (+50 = 1550) as well as the diary of Keeper Nicholes, tucked away in a small hole. Read the diary to trigger Secret #3.

Climb back down the vine arrows, retrieving them as you go and once you’re back down on the ground, walk south towards the fire in the next cave. Take the fire arrow from the fire then sneak over and KO the guard that is standing in the next cave past here. Beside the guard, there are boxes with some hammers lying on top. There’s a  small “Stolen gold hammer” lying on the ground under a flatbed trolley. On Expert, you can trigger an objective requiring you to place this hammer in a shipment of goods destined for the Hammers. Continue through the caves to the east, keeping an eye out for patrolling AI. There is one in particular that can be a real nuisance, so you might just want to plug him with an arrow, rather than trying to sneak up on him.

Baddcog’s Secret

Continue east past the crates and past the barrels, through the archway, and come to a large area with a distinct red “lava” blob stuck on a small overhang. Postion yourself under the blob and head due east toward the wall. You’ll come to a spot where there’s a gap in the floor right up against the wall of the cave. Slide down through it and into some underground caves patrolled by a few zombies. Make your way to the west side of the caves where you’ll find a headless skeleton sitting up against the north wall. Drop “Baddcog’s skull” onto the skeleton and you’ll trigger Secret #4. A rock to the east of the skeleton slides aside and you can enter a secret tunnel. Inside, you’ll find Baddcog’s hidden stash, which includes an invisibility potion, holy water, a horn (no value), a gold nugget (+100 = 1650), a gold coinstack (+25 = 1675), a statue (+15 = 1690), and 3 gold coins (+60 = 1750). The rest of the items can’t be picked up. Return to the zombie infested area and head south. Look for water in the south end of the caves, jump in and swim through the tunnel to the west. Emerge to catch your breath and re-orient yourself facing north. You’ll hear gates opening and closing and footsteps of AI, but they shouldn’t be aware of you. Looking down into the water you will see a large pipe. Swim through, turning east once you leave the pipe and continue easterly until you reach a fork. Choose the southern of the two directions. Emerge to take a breath, then dive back down to the bottom and pick up 3 water arrows. Now swim to the north side of the big pipe, climb up on the ledge then up on top of the pipe. Look on top of the wooden beams above it for 2 moss arrows then jump back into the water, swim to the south ledge, climb out and follow the passageway. Along the way, ignore the useless barrel ring on the ground.

Keeper Building

You’ll come out into a courtyard with a guard standing off to the right. Wait until he has his back turned then BJ him, making sure to stay out of sight of the archer up on the platform on the far wall. Cross to the east side of the courtyard where there are two connecting tunnels, one which is gated. Access the tunnel beside it and you’ve arrived in Vinny’s stash location. Pick up a silver nugget (+50 = 1800) and continue along the tunnel to the point where it turns to the right. You’ll find a purse (+100 = 1900) and a black jar (+20 = 1920) sitting on the ground. Read the book, a warning from Vinny himself. Follow the tunnel to the far end, where it opens out into the Keeper Caves again. There’s a guard standing just outside the end of the tunnel who is constantly walking back and forth like he has to go to the bathroom. He’s wearing a purse (+100 = 2020). You’ll hear footsteps coming from the building to the north. Walk to the south into another passageway and you’ll see a puddle of water on the left, with a partially fallen wooden beam above it. Climb up onto the rock and you’ll find a gold nugget (+100 = 2120) tucked into a niche in the rock. While you’re in this passageway, keep an eye out for a Keeper, dressed in green, who is wearing a purse (+50 = 2170). Turn around and go back to the courtyard you just left. Head north, skirting the building to your left, which has windows that allow some AI to see/hear you. On your way, turn off the steam generator that you’ll pass on the left.  (In Difficult there is a mechbeast wandering around here). Continue to the next cavern section and turn west. You’ll see a window with a torch beside it. You may have to extinguish the flare to get by the window. Or just sneak around the far crates. Beside the torch is a door. Unlock the door with the “Compound key” and go in.

Main Building

Flip the lever to open the gate to the west but don’t go through it. Instead, exit through the door to the south, cross over and crawl in under the steps. Pick open the toolbox here and you’ll find a speed potion. Head upstairs, keeping a careful watch out for the guard that patrols up above, and read the book on the north table. The objective to “Find out who killed you, so you can kill them back” will complete. You also get two new objectives, one to kill Keeper Thomas and leave him on his bed and the other one to find and kill the dark skinned pagan. North of the book is a hallway. Go down the hallway and open the door. A black jar (+20 = 2190) sits on a table beside the door you just opened.

Back in the main room, pick open the chest near the stairs and you’ll pick up another gas mine then go quietly up the stairs and BJ the archer you saw earlier on the platform.

Go through the first door to the north, which unlocks with the “Compound key”, and into the bar. There are two drunks in here that are easy to either ignore or BJ and you’ll find a gold goblet (+25 = 2215) sitting on a table near one of them. Look behind the bags sitting on the floor in the SE corner for a spice bag (+40 = 2255) then head in behind the bar where you’ll find another copy of the “Compound key”, as well as a gold wine bottle (+50 = 2305). Unlock the door behind the bar with the “Compound key” and go into a small Library. On the north wall, behind a chair set against the side of a bookcase, is a lever that opens the bookcase on the other side. Go through it and up a couple of stairs to the east then climb a ladder to the upper platform. Wait in the dark until a guard walks by and take the “Keeper Nicholes Room” key from him then use it to unlock the door at the top of the small set of metal stairs. Once in Nicholes' room, use the same key to unlock the chest at the foot of his bed and you’ll find some broadheads and a gold nugget (+100 = 2405). Look under the table in the northwest corner for a silver nugget (+50 = 2455), read the book on the table then go back out onto the platform and through the tunnel to the north. Follow the zigzag path down to the far end, where you’ll find it opens up to the cavern you have been through. A wooden beam supporting a lantern can be seen to the north. A gold nugget (+100 = 2555) can be found on the upslope ground leading to the beam. Retrace your steps, climb back down the ladder and head back through the library room to the bar.

Walk over to the doorway on the west side of the bar and wait for a guard to patrol up the hallway to the left. Take care of him then head down that hallway, down the stairs and into a storage room at the end. Use one of the boxes to stand on and look on the top shelf. You'll see a green rolled tapestry (+150 = 2705). Pick open the chest in the southeast corner which contains a healing potion. Head through the open door on the south wall and flip two switches, one beside the “high voltage” sign, the other across it on the opposite wall. That will turn off some of the compound lights. This is why you first turned off the steam generator a while back. If you had not done this, you would have lost significant health. Retrace your steps back to the bar, but instead of going in, head straight to the door at the end of the hall. Open it with the “Compound key” and go through into a bedroom.

You’ll find a breath potion and some broadheads in the locked, pickable chest to the right of the door, as you enter. The chest near it contains an invisibility potion. The one on the west side of the room holds a healing potion. There’s an “arrow” sign on the wall above one bed. Look down behind that bed for a lever to flip and the next bed slides back into the wall to reveal a ladder. Just before you climb down check the floor for two coins (+40 = 2745).

The Keeper Library

Walk along the passageway to the end and step into an outdoor courtyard with a walkway across some water and another door on the far side that leads into the Keeper Library. There’s a guard that patrols along the walkway then back into the building on the far side, so watch out for him. Jump into the water on the left (S) side of the walkway, near the door you came out of and you’ll find 3 water arrows and a ladder to climb up back to the walkway.  Cross to the far side, open the door to the Keeper Library and enter.

The dining room, which is the north archway across from a door, contains 2 gold plates (+100 = 2845) and a purple goblet (+15 = 2860). There are two Keepers patrolling the hallways in here. One is Keeper Elisabeth and she’s wearing “Elisabeth’s Room key”. The other one is Keeper Thomas and he’s wearing “Thomas’ Room Key”. Knock them both out, take the keys and leave Keeper Thomas where you can find him again, after you've finished exploring and have found his room.

There’s a tool box in under the stairs on the north side near the bathroom that holds some coins (+20 = 2880). The bathroom cabinet is locked and unpickable, but you can smash it open with your sword to find a moss arrow. There are 2 fire arrows in the fireplace of the big library on the main floor and near the stairs on the south side of the building that lead upstairs, there’s a locked door you can pick open. It takes you down to a partially flooded basement. It leads to a closed gate. Look through the gate for a hard to see lever on the wall to the right that you can frob to open the gate. Go through, turn left and enter the first small round room on the left. Look in the water for the Trickster’s Emerald which is the last of the gems. The objective won't complete yet as you need to use two you haven't teleported with yet. Retrace your steps back to the main floor of the library. Turn south and ascend the stairs to the second floor. Open the door, turn east and go down a bit, then turn north and cross the central walkway. Look on the bookshelf you’re facing for a book on the bottom right shelf that you can frob. The bookshelf to the right has moved back and opened a secret passageway.

Go in, turn to the right and look in the alcove with the torch for a lever to frob. The bookcase moves back out and you’ll see it was hiding another passageway which leads to  a small secret room. Read the “8 Golden Keeper Secrets” to get Secret #5. You’ll also find a gas mine and some flares on the shelves with the book. Read the scroll on the table, which tells you that the only way to kill the dragonflies in the swamp is with a fire arrow. It also tells you that they were used to create the poison that is killing you. Pick open the locked chest to find a breath potion then leave this room, walk to the far end of the hallway (There’s a trap here that’s hard to avoid, but it doesn’t do much damage) and climb the stairs to another small room. The scroll here tells you that the Hermit in the swamp has created a “Wakesie” potion that sounds like the cure you need. Another breath potion resides in the locked chest.

Leave the secret area but stay on the second floor of the library. On the west wall, between the south and north stairs is a door.Open it, go in and pick open the door on the left. This is Keeper Andrew’s room and he’s left his diary on the bookshelves for you to read. Apparently he resents Keeper Elisabeth and has been helping himself to some of her possessions. A flash mine is above the diary. There’s a silver coinstack (+12 = 2892) sitting on the table and two silver coinstacks (+24 = 2916) hidden on top of the bookcase. Pick open the locked chest and you’ll find “Elisabeth’s hairbrush”. Leave this room, cross the hallway and unlock the door with “Elisabeth’s room key”. Put the hairbrush on top of the mirror and you’ll complete a hidden Optional objective: Awww! Isn’t that sweet! That’s a nice guy bonus.

There’s a necklace (+75 = 2991) laying on the table and if you use a vine arrow to look on top of the bookcases, you’ll find a tiara (+125 = 3116). Pick open the locked chest and help yourself to a gold coinstack (+25 = 3141). Back out in the hallway, turn right and unlock the door with “Thomas’ room key”. You’ve found Keeper Thomas’ room, so go and retrieve him from wherever you left him. Drop him in the room and kill him then leave him lying on the bed. Objective complete! Now search the room. There’s a gold candlestick (+50 = 3191) sitting on the bedside table and a silver coinstack (+12 = 3203) secreted on top of the armoire beside a note. Pick open the wood chest at the foot of the bed to find some moss arrows then use the room key to unlock the two black chests beside the armoire. Inside one is a purse (+100 = 3303). The second one is empty. Look on the floor by the left post at the end of the bed for a ring (+100 = 3403). Go into the bathroom and snoop inside the vanity to find a healing potion and a moss arrow. You’re finished with all these bedrooms, so return to the library section, but this time head for the north stairwell, whose door is still probably closed. Go through the door and look behind the bags in the alcove to the right for a small spice bag (+40 = 3443). Now it's time to use the other two gems. First, “use” the Sapphire and you’ll be teleported to the top of a rock near the eyeball plant cave then “use” the Emerald and you’ll be teleported to a tunnel in the rocks above the Keeper caves. Objective complete! Walk down to the end of the tunnel, take a slowfall potion and jump down.

Head west through the caves (you should recognize this area) all the way back to the dock. At the end of the dock jump into the water and continue through an opening to the east.

Hermit’s Cave

Keep swimming east, then north, then east again. You’ll spot a floating crate. Head for the opening near it, which will lead to an island with jumping frogbeasts. Climb up onto the small island and look for an opening in a rock that you can crawl through. Read the scroll that is sitting on a very weird looking table with lots of potions on it (behind the Hermit) and the objective to find out more about the Wakesie potion will tick off. Objective complete! You’ll also get a new objective to kill a dragonfly and bring it to the Hermit, then drink the potion he gives you.

Rope arrow up through the hole in the ceiling and onto the roof.  Pick up a note and a gold coinstack (+25 = 3468) then climb back down, take a fire arrow from the fire and leave the cave. You have two objectives left to fulfill. You need to find and kill the dark skinned pagan, as well as kill a dragonfly and bring it back here.

Dark Skinned Pagan

Do you remember the Pagan you saw through the back window of the Pagan's hut? That's the guy you need to kill. The fastest way back is to “use” the Trickster’s Ruby which will take you back to the beginning of the tree village. Head east along the dock and then turn south through the opening in the forest wall. Find the tree with the ramp leading up to the spiral staircase (the tree is striped). Ascend, cross, and descend and you'll be back in the swamp. Keep your eyes open and when you see a dragonfly, use a fire arrow to kill it. Pick the body up and it will go into your inventory. Keep heading south and then west back to the Pagan’s Hut. Look out through the back window and you'll see the Dark skinned Pagan standing out back by a hole, where you saw him before. You can kill him by shooting him with an arrow then either use a box to climb through the window or go outside and use a vine arrow to climb over the roof of the house and down into the backyard. Drop the Pagan in the hole. Objective complete!  Pick up a vine arrow that’s nearby and frob the Trickster’s Emerald to take you back to the Keeper Compound. Jump down, head back to the dock and through the lagoons to the Hermit’s cave.

Wakesie Potion

Hand the dragonfly to the Hermit and he’ll go about making the potion for you then leave it sitting on the bed. Try to pick it up and the mission ends.

Written by Nightwalker. Many thanks to Clock for checking it over for errors and omissions.
June 22, 2005