The Last Page


You must ghost the first section, so choose equipment according to your needs. The single gas arrow (which can't be used in the ghosting section in v.1.3) or some moss arrows are recommended under the circumstances. You will not find any gas arrows in the mission itself anywhere but you can pick up a couple of moss arrows.

The Tower

You begin the mission in a garden. It's labelled as “Park” on the map. If you want to try to get some water arrows, jump into the moat and frob a button on the bottom of the bridge then swim towards the far end of the moat, staying close to the right-hand wall. You'll come to a very dark patch. Somewhere along there, underwater, a secret panel has opened but it's too dark to see. When you get close enough, a water arrow (counts as 3) and a gold nugget will be visible. Take care not to accidentally grab the nugget, as that will fail the mission. Mantle out on the side away from the building, smash the statue on the fountain with your sword and squeeze down through the hole below into a tunnel. Squat down, follow the pathway, and drop down another hole. Squat down again and walk along a passageway, frob a button in the ceiling to open a secret door and enter the basement (remember this spot). Turn right, pick open the gate on the left and wait for a guard to enter the room. Take the portcullis key from his waist. Sneak behind the guard, making your way to the last room and go into the storage room on the left. Open the chest and you'll pick up a healing fruit then lean over and peek inside. You'll see a lever. Flip it and go back out into the hallway. Walk east and use the portcullis key to unlock a lockbox which opens the gate blocking your way. Between this gate and the stairs, you'll find the armory, which was opened by the lever in the chest. Inside you can pick up a water arrow, moss arrow (counts as 2), 2 mines (not on Insane), a healing potion and a speed potion. Don't touch the sword on the wall as it counts as loot.

Continue down the hallway. Just before the steps is the Wine Cellar (door to your left hidden in darkness). When you can loot, come back here for the wine bottles. Beyond the wine cellar is a generator room where you can flip a switch. It opens the locked gate in this hallway that leads into the rooms patrolled by the guard. Return to the hallway, turn left and you'll end up entering the kitchen. Leave through the south door, turning off the light as you leave in case you want to return. Enter the first room and read a note that has been left on one of the beds. A foul odour and a dim lamp…might be worth checking out when you get to Mr. Dale's room. Sneak back into the hallway and creep into the second room on the right, making sure you're not spotted by the camera mounted on the hallway ceiling or the patrolling guard. You'll be in a barracks room and you'll see 2 switches on the back wall. One is flipped up (off) and the second one is down (on). Flip it up as well to turn off the camera then take 2 water arrows from the table below. Return to the hallway and return to the room where you found the note about Mr. Dale.

Wait for a patrolling archer to open the double doors across the hallway. Slide over and block the left-hand one open but try to stay out of the sight of the stationery guard in the garden. Wait until he settles down if he's noticed you, and the archer guard has gone out the far doors then move slowly around to the right and into some deep shadow near the far side. Don't give in to the temptation to run when you're just entering or he'll spot you. Once you're farther into the garden you can continue to move slowly or just run for the shadows. If you opt for the latter, the garden guard will probably start searching for you but shouldn't find you. Once he's settled down, go through the other double doors. Sneak through the door on the left in the deep shadow, walk along the hallway and pick open the door to the Library. (On Hotshot and Insane there is a guard patrolling this hallway. There are 2 ways I've found to get in here undetected: Follow him through the door, staying right behind him and stay to his left as he turns at the end and walks back up the hallway. The second option is to dart in through the door as soon as he walks out, close it and sprint for the bit of shadow in the corner past the Library door. Pick open the door and wait in the shadow in the back, left-hand corner of the hallway if necessary to gain access to the Library safely.) Wait until the man inside walks into the alcove across from the door and turns his back then dart in, turn left and go into the shadows under the stairs. Allow him to walk upstairs then come back down then head upstairs quickly. Sink a rope arrow into the ceiling by the east end of the bookcase that forms one wall of the alcove at the far side and frob a lever set into a hole in the top of the bookcase. A secret door will open in the wall opposite. Retrieve your rope arrow, sink another one into the ceiling by the secret door, climb up and jump in. Read a scroll, which turns out to be a full map of the building. Stay in here until the man has come back upstairs and then left again then jump down to the floor and scurry over to the west door.

Put out the torch in the hallway so you have a patch of shadow to hide in while you watch the patrols as these hallways are heavily guarded. I'd suggest saving here before you try the next bit. (This part is particularly hard on Insane. It took me many tries to get inside without being spotted.) When the way is clear, go through the south doorway. Run across the walkway to the top of the stairs, put out the torch and hide close to the plant. When the hallway is clear, run down one flight of stairs to the guard with his back turned toward you and look to your left for a door to pick open. If you walk right into the room, a trap will be sprung and you're in here until you figure out the puzzle so stop just inside the door. There's a trick you can use here to make this easier. Lean in and pick up each of the keys lying in the middle of the floor one at a time then use it to unlock one of the wall grates. Once you have them all open you just need to step into the room and quickly push all of the buttons to cancel the trap and open a panel in the far wall and find the Tower key.

You now need to re-trace your steps back to the garden between the double doors. It’s all in the timing. Just be patient and save constantly. Go over to the well and use the Tower key to unlock the trap door on the top of it then jump down through it. Walk all the way down the stairs to the bottom and enter the room where you'll find the Time Lord. Objective complete! He'll give you the puzzle key and tell you to solve 3 puzzles then come back to him for some help. New objective! Walk all the way back upstairs and shoot a rope arrow through the water into the wooden support above the well (It’s hard to see but just shooting a rope arrow up around the middle should work.) Climb out and return to the upper floor of the Library. Exit through the upper door but this time walk straight ahead and you'll find a locked door on the right that will unlock with the puzzle key.

The Puzzles

Walk through the door and you'll appear to be in a starry void. You'll be below the level of the entry door and you'll see another door ahead of you. Frob it and you'll find an entrance into a room with a large table. Read the scroll sitting in the vase in the middle of the table. It says the goblets were dancing around the table and were caught at half past 2. Put them where they were half an hour ago. Look at the plates as if they were a clock face and the plate nearest to the door you entered by is the 6. Put one goblet on the plate opposite the six (12 o'clock position) and the other one on the plate that would be a 2 on a clock face. (2 clockwise from the first goblet.) The first puzzle is solved and the locked door will open.

Walk through into another starry void. Open another door and enter a room with some plants and a dead tree. Take a broadhead arrow (counts as 5) from a quiver that's on the side of the tree and frob a small round patch of grass that's by the east wall, to the right of the tree and behind the large plant. Look up and the ceiling will be lit, exposing a bunch of letters. Shoot broadheads at them to spell out the word "TIME". The puzzle is solved and the locked door will open.

Head through the door and you'll enter a funnel shaped room. Walk down to the bottom then shoot a rope arrow into the side of the hole. Climb down through the hole to the top of the mound below. Descend to the floor and enter the cave. Gates will block all the entrances and you will be faced with the third puzzle. There's a clue scroll that says all of the clocks are wrong but one of the clocks tells the correct time sometimes. You have to choose the right one. Select the one in the middle left-hand side. Frob it and it will move aside, revealing a button. Push it and a gate behind you will slide up as well as the gates blocking you in this room. Go into the alcove, frob the quiver to pick up 3 more broadhead arrows and push the button on the back wall. Go back outside, climb the mound, climb the rope arrow (don't forget to retrieve it) then climb all the way up to the top. (Walk up a "crease" to make it easier.)

You need to walk 2 pillars to the right of the entry door (facing it from inside the room) and then stand perched on the edge very carefully. If you slip down, you can climb back up if you are on one of the "crease" lines. Look all the way across the room and you'll see a button on the south wall. Shoot it with a broadhead and the wall behind you will lift for a few seconds. Walk through the open doorway and along a hallway. A few paces from the end, you'll depress a pressure plate that will open the door ahead of you but it closes very quickly so getting through is a problem. There is a statue in an alcove that you can pick up on the way down the ramp before the pressure plate. With some practice, you can toss it so that it will block the door at least partially open and then leap towards the door and squeeze through. If you happen to have found the speed potion available in the mission, you can also use it here. Either way, you have to get through the door before it closes.
The Past

Walk down the stairs and return to the Time Lord's room. Objective complete! He'll tell you that he's going to send you into the past then take you into another room where he has you stand on a dial. At the last minute he asks if you have the watch with you as you'll need to put it onto a pedestal to keep the way back open. Then you teleport and find yourself in a dark basement corridor. You are now allowed to blackjack guards, so no more ghosting is required. Your objectives now are to find the Golden Book of the Keepers and then to find the pedestal to put the Watch on so you can return to your own time. New Objectives!

Frob the wall light beside the spot where you arrived in the past to pick up the Temple key. Walk west past a storeroom and pick open the next door on the left. The chest in here holds a couple of rope arrows. Head out the door at the far end of the hallway. Hey, this looks familiar! You were here in the prequel mission, "The Golden Book of the Keepers".

The room is well guarded so thin out the ranks a bit. One of the guards is wearing some water arrows so help yourself to those then take a breath potion that's sitting on the table in the practice room, which is in the SE corner, though you'll have to deal with a guard that's standing in here. Use the Temple key to unlock one of the doors into the Temple area. Push the button on the backwards-facing statue's pedestal to lower the stained glass window on the same side of the room. Rope arrow up and push the button in the hole behind it. Go into the Library (door in NW corner of the main room) and a door under the stairs has opened. Inside you'll find the Clock room key.  

Return to the dark passageway where you teleported into this mission and look up near the door into the room where you found the rope arrows (immediately north of the ceiling light). Shoot a rope arrow into the wood visible above and climb up. Just before you mantle up onto the floor, check the edge for a lever and flip it. Walk along the hallway and you'll enter the clock room. Unlock the door with the Clock room key and sneak over to the table. If the mage spots you just duck back into the shadows of the secret passageway and blackjack him when he comes looking for you. Venture out onto the upper floor of the Library, grab the Barracks key and the Golden Book of the Keepers, which has obviously been damaged. Objective complete!

You can either drop back down through the hole at the end of the secret passageway or go over to the top of the stairs and pick open the lockbox in the stairwell to open the grate at the bottom. Return to the main room, enter the Lab (SW corner) and slash the periodic table on the wall. Frob the lever on the wall and the grate in the corner of the floor will slide open. Swim down to the bottom and read the note which says "Light the red lamp to get out of this place." Easter Egg: Try to find a passageway to swim through though it's so dark I can't tell you exactly where to look, just that it's in the west wall. Swim to the end of the underwater passageways and you'll emerge into a room with stairs lined with statues. Use water arrows to put out all the torches and braziers in the room. It will light up and a giant watch will appear in the middle of the room. You'll also see a message to remember about Time. Jump into the water beyond the upper stair and swim through a passageway. You will see a window with the Lord of Time behind it. There is also some loot under the window. If you try to pick it up, the Lord will speak to you. (The loot is fake so you can't really acquire it.) Continue to swim to south and at the end of tunnel turn to the left and swim into the dark area. Eventually you will see a square hole above you. Swim up to return to the laboratory.

Walk over to the door next to the practice room (where you picked up the breath potion) and unlock it with the Barracks key you got from the library. Open the door opposite and climb the ladder, timing it so you can blackjack the patrolling guard. Head to the north room first and push the button mounted on the wall under the window. A timer will start and a red light will go on in the hallway. You need to run past it, into the other room with a window and push another button under the window in that room BEFORE the red light goes out. Once you've accomplished that, return to the Temple and the door in the back wall will be open.

Descend the stairs behind it and place the pocket watch in your inventory on top of the pedestal in the room at the bottom. A scroll will appear telling you to find a similar pedestal and stand on it to return to your own time. Head back upstairs and out of the Temple into the main room. The pedestal in the central fountain is the same as the pedestal you put the watch on so climb on top of it and you'll end up back in the present. Your objectives have reverted to the same ones you had before you were sent to the Past.

You'll find yourself standing in the Time Lord's room again and you now have a new objective to find the last page of the Golden Book. Head to the outer room and you'll find the Versatile key lying beside a note. Read the note and you'll be told to please leave his house and that the key will shorten your way. You'll also receive a loot objective. At the same time both the objective to not be seen and the "don't steal anything" objective are cancelled. Yippee! Let's go smack some heads and grab some loot! Note: Don't pick up the candlestick until Garrett has said "Well since I'm in here, I may as well pick up some loot." or you'll fail the mission even though the "don't steal" objective is already "x"ed out.

(I'm not including loot in the walkthrough as it is all detailed in a loot list by the author)
The Sword of Light

Walk upstairs and rope arrow up out of the well. You want to get back down to the basement. The west doors will probably be locked but you can open them with the versatile key. You might want to deal with the stationary guard near the well first. Walk through the kitchen and down to the basement. When you arrive at the grate door you went through earlier (not the portcullis door you found the key for on the guard), stop and look at the ceiling above your head. You'll see a button so push it. Continue along the hallway and you'll see it's much longer than before and the corridors that branched off are no longer there. Keep walking and you'll arrive at the Key Making room. Grab the sledge hammer and hit the silver coin that is lying on the anvil 3 or 4 times until it looks like a key. Pick it up and you'll have the Forge Key. Now remember that other ceiling button you pressed that gained you access into the mansion at the beginning of the mission? You have to get back to it, but it’s currently blocked by the sliding walls that allowed you access to the Workshop (where the anvil is). Hustle back up through the kitchen and out into the hallway. You need to get outside through the front doors but to do that you have to take out the guard on at least one of the stairways so you need to go back upstairs. Cross the garden  and head back to the Library. (I'm sure you'll take as much delight as I did in blackjacking all these pesky guards this time.) Walk upstairs, go out the door and turn left across the walkway. Take out the guard on the stair in front of you then continue down to the bottom. Pick open the door directly across from the base of the stairs, go through the room and pick open the other door. You'll emerge behind a guard. Take the Hall key from his waist, deal with him then flip the lever on the wall to the "On" position to raise the front gate.

Cross the bridge over the moat (don’t forget about the patrolling archer out here) and head to the south side gate, where you began the mission. It's now open so go through and you'll hit a VERY dark forest. At this point you'll get an objective to find a light of some kind. New Objective! Turn around and head back towards the house. Jump through the hole in the fountain that you used to get into the house at the beginning and walk until you hit a dead end. Look above your head and you'll see that button you pressed earlier in the ceiling. Press it and the passageway will open. Continue ahead, turn left and you'll reach the Forge door.

Unlock it with the Forge Key you made earlier and enter quietly as the room is occupied. Deal with the man then take a fire arrow from the fireplace. Open the door to the Experimental Device for Weapon Improvement and shoot the fire arrow inside. The Sword of Light will appear in the air above the machine. Objective complete! Now you'll be able to see into all those dark nooks and crannies! Note that you couldn’t do this earlier because the objective of “not being seen” was enabled and there was no way to accomplish this without alerting the occupant of the forge room. Crawl inside the fireplace and stand up. You'll see a button to push that opens a secret panel out in the hallway. Leave the Forge and as you get to the corner, look to your left. There's a hole with a gold nugget in it. Head back into the Forge and into the fireplace. Face the back then jump/mantle and you should climb up onto a ledge where there's a ladder leading up the chimney. Head up to the very top and you'll find a gem then jump onto the ledge to the left. Follow the passageway and it ends in a grate. I couldn't find a switch to open it but one good whack with your sword or blackjack will do the job. (Even an arrow will work.) You'll emerge onto the balcony above the casino which is patrolled by one guard.


Two people down below are gambling and carrying on a conversation about a dim lamp. (If you happen to have  blackjacked the woman dressed in blue earlier, the conversation won’t take place.)  When they leave, they turn the lights out and it's very dark. It's easier to dispose of the guard before this point, otherwise it’s difficult to find the him without him seeing you as well. Use your sword to light the way downstairs. Grab a fire arrow that is hidden behind the shield mounted on the wall (easy to see in the dark) then pick up a noisemaker arrow that's resting on the windowsill near the bar. Head over to the window underneath the stairs and frob the top of the window frame to open the door to the hallway. Ahead of you is a short flight of stairs that lead down to the hallway that ends up at the Library. The first door on your right opens into Mrs Tempt's room. Further down is a large dining room. In Mrs. Tempt's room there's a healing potion concealed under the pillow and some loot. There's loot in the dining room as well as a gem on the lamp in the hallway that's between the 2 doors into the dining room.

Once you've collected it, go back up the short flight of stairs and head south. Take a quick side trip down the stairs on the left and remove the guard standing there then return to the upstairs hallway. The doors here open into a bathroom and the room of Mr. Dale who you may remember as being the guest with the smell emanating from under his bed and the dim light. His door unlocks with the Versatile key. Mr. Dale is standing in his room so help him take a nap and have a look around. You can collect some valuables then frob the dim light in the bedroom area. The bed will lift up and below it is an elevator! Climb on and send it down. You'll arrive in a crypt so it's no surprise he's not pleased with the smell floating up into his room! There's a haunt patrolling down here (Not on normal) and don't let him alert or he'll conjure up a nasty surprise for you. Collect all the treasures and then look for a switch on the left-hand side of the last coffin on the right. Flip it and ride the coffin down to a lower level. Send it back up on its own and jump down into the hole to find a gold nugget tucked into a small niche in the wall. If you were to follow the passageway down here, it would take you to the basement but you've already been there so bring the elevator back down and mantle up out of the hole. The far end of this level of the crypt ends in a lever that opens a secret panel in the floor of one of the basement storerooms. Again, you've already explored there so ride the elevator back up to Mr. Dale's room.  

Walk back out into the hallway and skip the next room, which is a bathroom  where there's nothing of interest. Across from the bathroom door is the "starry" corridor that lead to the Time Lord's private suite of rooms. Dispose of the patrolling guard then jump into the narrow walkway behind the windows on the right and flip a lever at the west end to open a door on the north wall. Enter and you'll hear something strange. It sounds like there's a guard in here but there are only some odds and ends and an old practice dummy. Pick up a water arrow from the table then stand in the shadows behind the dummy (you may hear the sounds of him attacking you but just ignore that) and shoot a broadhead at it. (Or use any other weapon) Presto! He turns into a real guard who is wearing the Key to the Lord's Apartments. Take the key and then look for 2 levers on the wall. One is in the off (up) position but the other one is active. Flip it up and it will disable the camera in the hallway so you can head up to the Time Lord's door safely.

Unlock it with the key you just found and enter. The first room is a bathing room with a window to the Flow of Time on one wall. There is some tempting loot there but it can't be picked up so ignore it. You may have seen this area from the watery side if you found the Easter Egg in the "past" section of the mission. To the left of this there's a healing potion on the shelf in the small alcove. The second room in the suite is the bedroom. There's a sapphire vase in a niche in one corner pillar. Crouch in front of the niche and look at the niche's ceiling and you'll see a lever that moves the armoire. Behind it is a secret passageway that leads to the casino. To open the door into the casino, you also need to frob a small lever on the front of the first step but there's no need to go that way as you've already cleaned the casino out. There's nothing in the bathroom either so go explore the office.

Gather some valuables, including a gem from the blue sand clock then flip a lever in the ceiling above the clock to open a secret passageway to the Library. Again, you don't need to use it as you've been there before though you might want to go back and collect the loot from the secret compartment if you haven't already done so.  

You've cleared out the upstairs so leave the Lord's apartments and turn left through a door. Descend the staircase behind it, exit through the north door and walk along a hallway. Slash the banner on the left to find a jar and approach the locked door at the end of the hall. Before going in, head down the stairs to your right and go over to a sculpture of a head sitting on a pedestal. Bump it and it will move. Below is hidden a piece of loot. Return to the door, unlock it with the Versatile key and enter the Museum.


Take a  medal from the portrait but don't get too near the mine that is resting on the pedestal as it will explode. Frob the hands on the Grandfather clock to open a secret door. Inside is more loot. Use the Versatile key to unlock the west door and go out into a hallway. Use your sword to light up the dark area and you'll see a door on your left. Pick it open and walk through into a storeroom. Continue through the next door then stop and search the wall above the door for a lever. It will open the secret door at the end and you'll see the front foyer beyond it. Grab the speed potion from the bookshelves and frob the plant in the front foyer to pick up a ring. Jump over the plant into the foyer and turn right. Pick open the door at the end and walk into a small library room equipped with a gaming table. Help yourself to the coinstack sitting on the table then return to the foyer and pick open the door to the left.

The first room is a barracks room where you acquire a goblet. The second room is a very, very dark room in under the stairs. Use your sword to light it up and you'll find a chest that contains a gem. You won't pick it up automatically when you open the chest. You need to lean over and look inside to see it.

You're done in the house now so head back to the front foyer and out into the park outside the front door where you began the mission. Don't forget to jump into the moat and use the sword to find the golden nugget that was in the same niche as the water arrows you found near the beginning. If you've discovered all the treasure, you'll get a completed bonus objective saying that you've found it all and the Time Lord would be proud to know you.

The Last Page

Return to the forest but this time you can see with the help of the sword. Find a path through the maze of trees (You'll have to slash a few cobwebs and backtrack a bit as some passageways seem to open up after you hear a "throwing-a-potted-plant" type sound) and eventually you'll wind up outside a very small building. It is actually a straight line due south from the entranceway, you just have to trigger movement of the bushes to clear the path. Enter the doorway and go down the stairs to the Temple Of Prophecies where you'll see 3 pages labelled "Past" "Present" and "Future". One of them is the correct page to complete the Golden Book you found earlier.

"Use" the Golden Book on the page of the future and the book will float in the air where the page was. Pick it up and you'll enter a void. The mission will end then click on "Continue" to see the final cut scene. Mission complete!

I'd like to say thank you to Zontik, the author of the mission, and to Clock for checking the walkthrough over and making sure nothing was missed and that everything was clearly stated.

Nightwalker Aug.