Note: This walkthrough contains hidden "spoilers". To see the text that is concealed by the solid blocks, hold the left mouse button down and drag the cursor across.
Test spoiler: To test a circuit, first wet your least important finger.

Lady Lisa's Harbor (Version 2)


The Harbor

You begin beside a harbor - there's a door to your left. Pick it open and go through into the lowest level of the tower. Read the scroll on the table, then collect the water arrows and the health potion. Now open the door to the left of the barrels and take the elevator behind it up to the second floor. Here you'll find 2 silver coinstacks (+24), a purse (+100 = 124) and a gold wine bottle (+50 = 174). Take the elevator up to the next floor and go round behind the staircase - under it you'll find a sword stuck in a box. The door to the right of the window is signed "Passage to Lighthouse" - you'll use it later, but you need to find the key first.

Now creep up the stairs until you can just see the guard in the room above. He turns around periodically, so when his back is turned scurry up into the room and take the equipment from the shelf. Head back downstairs and over to the window.

Jump onto the ledge and hop over to the ladder. Climb it to the top, then jump to the platform and flip the lever. This turns on the harbor lights - objective complete. Now jump from the platform down into the water below.

Go for a swim around the harbor bottom. You'll be able to pick up some water arrows, 9 scattered silver nuggets (+450 = 624) and beside the broken treasure chest are 7 gold coinstacks (+175 = 799) and 10 copper coinstacks (+50 = 849).

The Water Company

Swim down to the NE corner of the harbor and through an underwater hole in the wall. Pick up some water arrows at the far end, then surface on the south side - do it cautiously because a guard is overlooking the pool of water. Mantle out to his right (S) then sneak along behind and BJ him. Keep going north and through the doorway on the right. Head down this ramped hallway but keep an eye out for the patrolling guard. There is an opening in the southeast corner of the first landing. Crawl through and out onto a ledge above a water treatment room. Turn right, go through the first door and into a small dining room where you can help yourself to a gold plate (+50 = 899), then head east into a bunk room - there is a mine in one of the chests.

Slash the banner on the end wall and enter the secret passageway. Go through the passage and flip the first lever on the left to open a secret door into a small room where you can pick up the "safe" key. Go through the wooden door to the bedroom and collect 2 purple vases (+100 = 999), a siver coinstack (+12 = 1011) and a ring (+100 = 1111). Further along the hallway, flip a second lever on the wall to open a secret door into another room where there is a wallsafe. Surprise! The "safe" key unlocks it and inside it is a silver nugget (+50 = 1161) and 7 gold coinstacks (+175 = 1336).

Now return through the passageway to the room where you climbed out of the pool. Rope arrow up to the top of the wooden room in the corner and you'll find a broadhead and a mask (+50 = 1386). Now sneak out of the metal door on the west side of the wooden room, turn right and steal the purse that the mechanist is wearing (+100 = 1446).

Go back into the room with the pool, leave through the south door into a small entryway and pick up a couple of moss arrows from the top of the machine in the corner. Leave via the metal door, turn left and walk along (E) as far as you can. Rope up to the balcony above and go in through the window. There is a healing fruit on the table. Use the ladder to get down the elevator shaft, pick up a couple of broadheads and press the button to open the door. Go back to the entryway and climb the ladder to the upper area. Climb a second ladder to the rooftop which is full of machinery and pick up some more moss arrows from a ledge in the NE corner.

The Town Square

Walk up the steps towards the town square. Stop in the shadows on the right near the top, and observe the guards. One is patrolling, and there is another one standing on the right. Douse some torches and then sneak over to the statue on the platform in the middle of the square. If you look closely you'll see it's wearing a tiara (+125 = 1611). If you open the door east of the statue you can get to the top of a guard tower. Here you can take arrows from a couple of archers and pick up some fire arrows from the top of a box.

The Weapons Shop

North of the tower is the Weaponsmith's Shop. Look above the front door and you'll see a beam above a loft door. Rope arrow up, let yourself in through the shutters and climb down the ladder into the Weaponsmith's shop - objective complete. Take care of the proprietor and help yourself to his stock. Don't neglect to clean out his cash box, which contains a purse (+100 = 1711). A button on the wall beside the front door will open the door and allow you to walk back out to the street.

The Hotel

Turn right, walk past the next building and turn right (N) again. Walk through an archway, wait until the archer patrolling the raised walkway nearby has his back turned and continue ahead through the next archway. Walk up the slope, turn right and enter the Hotel which is on the right.

Turn right along the hallway and you can pick up 2 silver coinstacks (+24 = 1735) in the first room on the right and a ring (+100 = 1835) from one of the toilets on the left at the end of the hall. In the bedroom to the East of the front door are 4 green vases (+200 = 2035) and a tiara (+125 = 2160). Return to the street, turn right (E) and left into a park, where a man is sleeping. Relieve him of his purse (+100 = 2260) then go down through a hole opposite the entrance to the park. Reach through an open window and take a purse (+100 = 2360) and 3 gold coinstacks (+75 = 2435).

Lady Lisa's House

Climb back up out of the hole, turn left and walk west past the Hotel, then head south on the ledge on the west side of the sloping street. At the end, mantle up onto a stone platform and go through the doorway on the right. Turn right, walk to the end and open the small wooden door. Crawl through the passageway behind it, slash the banner at the end and hop down into a storage room where you can pick up the "Armory key" plus some additional weaponry.

Use the "Armory" key to unlock the door and check out the hallway, watching out for the patrolling guard. Turn right and enter the next room where there's an archer on duty. Take his arrow, pick up another broadhead from the shelf on the right and then grab "Lady Lisa's key" and a second "Armory key" from the wall rack. Leave this room, turn left past the armory door and right down some stairs. At the bottom you'll see the kitchen on the right at the base of a short flight of stairs. Enter and take a gold wine bottle (+50 = 2485) and 2 plates (+20 = 2505) from the counter near the window.

Now climb over the boxes stacked beside the ovens. Go through the hole in the wall, take 2 fire arrows from the oven fires then push the button on the west wall to open a secret door. Crawl inside and raid Myrtle's secret stash. You'll pick up a gold torc (+350 = 2855), Lady Lisa's VERY valuable flute (+2025 = 4880), a necklace (+200 = 5080), a purse (+100 = 5108) and 8 gold coinstacks (+200 = 5380). Read the note lying on the floor and you'll find out she's thrown something into the sewers and also that there's a secret hiding place off of the gaming room. That sounds interesting! Now return to the kitchen.

Go out of the south door, turn right, go all the way around the hedge and into the front garden where you can pick up 4 gold statues (+300 = 5680). Head back to the kitchen and through the north doorway (beside the stairs). The first room to the left is a dining room with a broadhead, 2 gold plates (+100 = 5780) and a gold candlestick (+50 = 5830) on the tables. The first room on the right is a servant's bedroom where there is a tiny gold ring (+100 = 5930) on a crate.

The last room on the left is the basement. Walk across it, into the alcove on the west side and step into a wooden passage on the right that takes you into the sewers. Note the ladder on the left that leads up to a sewer hatch on the streets - you will use it later. Head west, then south, and you soon come to a dead end with 2 small grates in the floor. Check the second one and you'll find a necklace (+200 = 6130).

Return to the kitchen, climb the stairs and turn right up to a library. Go through it into a small sitting room where there are 2 gold urns (+200 = 6330) on the mantelpiece.

Push a button on the right-hand side of the fireplace to open a secret door on the left-hand side. Go in - you have found the Royal Statue Collection - objective complete. Pick up the 7 statues(+2100 = 8430) and 4 gold urns (+400 = 8830) and then return to the Library.

Open the north door and go out into the front foyer. On a table to the left are 2 gold candlesticks (+100 = 8930) and a gold hammer (+75 =9005). Go up the main staircase, turn right and enter the first room. It's a storage room with 3 gold wine bottles (+150 = 9155), 3 gold goblets (+75 = 9230) and some more water and moss arrows. Go out through the north door and up the stairs to a landing where you can collect 2 gold urns (+200 = 9430) and 3 gold goblets (75 = 9505).

Continue up the stairs and deal with the guard, then unlock the door with "Lady Lisa's key" and enter her bedroom where she is sleeping blissfully with her beau. Step inside the room and then quickly out again, into the shadows in the corner. A guard will come rushing up the stairs and you can take his reddish-gold key and blackjack him. Once you've dealt with him, go on into the room and have a look around. Take Lord Bryan's purse (+100 = 9605) and pick up the "Lighthouse Passage key" from a small table. There are 3 gold wine bottles (+150 = 9755), 3 gold goblets (+75 = 9830) and a ring (+100 = 9930) by the bedside. Walk back down the stairs and use the guard's reddish-gold key to unlock the door to his room. Inside there are 2 vases (+100 = 10,030) - loot objective complete - and a purple goblet (+15 = 10,045).

Walk back out and past the top of the main staircase. Pick open the first door on the right, which is the gaming room. Hmmmm.. Myrtle mentioned a secret hiding place in here so examine it carefully. There are 2 gold coinstacks (+50 = 10,095) and a silver coinstack (+12 = 10,107) on one of the tables. Pick up the gold wine bottle (+50 = 10,157) from the ledge.

Frob the left coat hook on the wall nearby to open the secret room. Enter, pick up 3 gold wine bottles (+150 = 10,307) and 2 gold goblets (+50 = 10,357) from the ledge and pick the lockbox on the wall to the right of the safe. Inside are a purse (+100 = 10,457) and 18 gold coinstacks (+450 = 10,907).

Return to the hallway, walk north and enter the guards' bunk room where you'll find a mask (+50 = 10,957) in one of the footlockers. Then go back downstairs, round to the right and into the 2nd door on the left. This is the den, where you can collect 2 goblets (+30 = 10,987) from the table. That's it for this house, so go back down to the kitchen, through the basement room and into the sewers. Climb the ladder to the street and grab some broadheads from the dead burrick carcass to the north of the hatch. Now head west from the hatch, then turn south down the ramp along the side of the building and enter the door on the left. Follow the passage to a bathroom and pick up a water arrow from the tub, then go back outside and continue south. Go through the door at the far end but watch out as there is an archer inside facing the door. Use the lever on the wall to open the east door and go back out onto the street in front of Lady Lisa's house.

Powering up the Lighthouse

Mantle up onto the wall opposite Lady Lisa's front gate, unlock the shutters and enter a warehouse. Jump down from the ledge to the rafters and from there jump down to the pile of boxes and thence to the floor. Take 6 gold wine bottles (+300 = 11,287), 3 daggers (+1650 = 12,937), a rope arrow and some moss arrows from the shelf then climb back up to the top ledge. Go out through the window in the east side of the roof into the loft of the warehouse next door. Pick up a gold coinstack (+25 = 12,962) and open the chest to find some more moss arrows. Read the book and you'll find instructions on how to cutover the power to the Lighthouse. First you need to shut down turbines 5, 6, 7 and 8 then turn on turbines 1, 2, 3 and 4. It is dangerous to do it in the wrong order!

Walk over to the hole in the north end of the floor and look down. You'll see a guard patrolling in front of a bunch of generators - the floors are metal! Shoot a moss arrow down at the bottom of the ladder, then climb down when the way is clear and take care of the upstairs guard. It makes life easier if you immobilise the downstairs guard before following the instructions to turn off the turbines on the upper floor and then turn on the ones on the main floor. This cuts over the power to the lighthouse - objective complete. You receive a new objective: turn on the lighthouse warning lights.

Go through the back door into a passage, unlock the door into a small office, open the chest to collect a purse (+100 = 13,062), then go back out into the main room and flip the wall switch to open the big door downstairs.

Return to the harbor tower. Ride the elevator up to the top floor, turn right and unlock the Lighthouse Passage door with the "Lighthouse Passage key".

The Caves

Careful! There's a rather nasty drop just inside the door, and a giant spider is lurking out of sight round the corner to the left. Use a rope arrow to get down to ground level, then rope arrow up onto the top of the central structure. Stand in the middle and look above your head to see a hole in the ceiling. Rope arrow up, pick up a healing potion, then climb back down to the rooftop and jump through an opening into some fast water. You'll shoot down a waterfall - if you swim against the current you will drop safely into a fairly deep pond, but if you do nothing you may hit the rim and take some damage. Swim down to the bottom and pick up 4 silver nuggets (+200 = 13,362), climb up onto the west side to pick up a healing fruit then mantle up into the cave opening in the south wall.

These caves aren't empty so proceed carefully and quietly. At the first intersection, turn left and walk up a slightly slanted passageway. Put out the fire in the cave at the end and enter. Yuck! Not a pretty sight! Pick up a gold torc (+350 = 13,612) and 2 gold coinstacks (+50 = 13,662) from the corner of the cave and rope arrow up to the top of the wooden wall where you can pick up a healing fruit and some broadheads. Return to the intersection and turn left into the other passageway. Pick up some broadheads and a mine then crawl through the hole in the wall and out onto a platform above a large cave. Listen to the guards below have a conversation, then watch a fight as a craybeast enters the cave. (If you still happen to have a gas arrow left, you can knock out all the guards while they are fighting this creature.) Put out some lights (if the guards are still conscious), wait for things to settle down and then jump over to the ledge. Walk around to north side, jump across to the lower platform and from there to the ground.

Go through the hole in the north wall into a round cave with 7 other tunnel entrances. Wait for a craybeast to patrol through, deal with him then cross to the passageway opposite where you can see a book lying by a body. Read the book to find out that you're going to need to find 3 keys - you'll also get some clues as to who had them last. Return to the main cave and go into the NE passageway. Head up the slope but don't walk around the corner as the cave is occupied by two red spiders who can throw webs. Lean around far enough to shoot the spiders then enter the cave. There is a chest by the far wall - getting what's inside is not as easy as it looks!

Before you open it, put a rope arrow into the ceiling of one of the holes above. Pick open the lock on the chest, jump to the rope arrow and climb to one of the ledges above as quickly as possible. You'll see that unlocking the chest caused several spiders to appear below. Get rid of them (you'll find broadheads lying on both ledges) then climb down, open the chest and pick up "Key #3".

Leave this cave, turn left at the first intersection and left again into a cave where a craybeast is standing by a fire. Pick up a healing fruit from the corner, walk back up the passageway and turn left, where you'll be standing at the edge of a pit. If you look over the side you'll see a spider down below, near a body. Kill the spider, rope arrow down and get a couple more healing fruit. Climb back out, turn left at the corner and you'll walk back out into the main cave.

Turn left and enter the next passageway. Pick up a fire arrow from the cave floor and watch a battle between 2 different kinds of spiders in the next room. Kill the survivors and inspect the cave - the dead craybeast is wearing "Key #2". Only one more to find and then you need to locate the door they open!

Go back to the round cave, skip the next passageway on the left as you've already been in there and head into the one beside it. There's a silver nugget (+50 = 13,712) in the left corridor and you can see a bugbeast patrolling around in a lower cave to the west. Before dropping in there, walk north a bit to collect another silver nugget (+50 = 13,762). Return to the passage where you saw the bugbeast below and drop down into the cave. There's another bugbeast at the north end by the fire so be very, very quiet! Pick up a breath potion from the corner by the fire then go through one of the passageways in the west wall.

Be careful - a blue craybeast patrols this area. Head around anticlockwise and look for an overhead wooden beam. Use a rope arrow to get up into the hole below it. Follow the passageway, dealing with a couple of white spiders on the way and jump down into a lower tunnel. Turn right and enter a room where there are some dead spiders, a dead guard and a gate.

Take "Key #1" from the guard, pick up another breath potion from a wall niche to the left of the locks then use the 3 keys you've found to unlock the lockboxes and open the gate.

Go through the gate, follow the metal-lined tunnels to the end, pick up some rope arrows and drop into the water. Take a VERY long swim (you'll have to use a breath potion) and you'll come up into a room occupied by some frogbeasts. (Don't try to shoot them while you're standing in the room or you'll take a significant amount of damage.)

Climb the ladder to the upper platform, go outside and rope arrow up to the top of the lighthouse. Walk around to the east side where you'll find a lever that turns on the Lighthouse warning lights - objective complete.

Jump into the water and search the bottom for a blue gem (+15 = 13,777) and 6 gold nuggets (+600 = 14,377). Swim over to the harbor gate and flip the levers on each side to open it. Swim through and return to the spot where you began the mission.

End of Mission

Nightwalker and Freddy Fox - 9th December 2004