Note: This walkthrough contains hidden "spoilers". To see the text that is concealed by the solid blocks, hold the left mouse button down and drag the cursor across.
Test spoiler: That voice made them laugh straightaway, but after, they didn't laugh at all!

The Korrigans

Walkthrough - Expert Difficulty


You begin in Garrett's room where an old woman is walking away from you. Pick up the note she left on the table and read it, then gather your equipment and head out to the streets. Go through the metal door to your left (W), through the room and out of the north door. You will find yourself across the street from a guard station but out of sight of the guard inside. Cross the street, enter the guard station and read the book on the table in the first room. Sneak into the second room, operate the switch on the wall to turn the outside light off, then climb the ladder to the bunkroom on the upper floor. There are 2 water arrows and a moss arrow in the chests up here. Ignore the attic above because there is nothing of value there, return to the streets and look across to the left.

There is a tall pipe in the corner with a notice to the city children about the danger of climbing these things. Who could resist? Climb the pipe to a ledge and you'll see a thief at the far end, standing with his back to you, standing on a metal rooftop. He's one of the assassins that are out to get you. Help yourself to his arrow and climb back down the pipe to the street. Keep an eye out for patrolling guards along here. One of them (with a helmet) is wearing a purse (100) that will of course end up in your pocket. Turn left (W), walk through the archway and then turn left again. There's a locked door here, recessed into the front of a building. Inside, go upstairs and through the door on the right into a room where a man is sleeping on the bed.

Spin the ship's wheel mounted on the west wall to get Secret #1. The bookcase slides sideways and behind it are 3 water arrows and 2 moss arrows. The chest near the bed holds a rope arrow. Return to the street and head west again to the Apothecary Shop (the Star and Moon sign). Pick the door open, go in, through the red curtain and up the ladder at the end of the hallway into the bedroom.

Frob the unlit torch on the west wall to trigger Secret #2. Climb back down to the lower floor and go through the east door into a rather strange room. The head (?) mounted on the west wall has moved to the left to reveal a slowfall potion and a healing potion. That's it for this shop, so go back outside and climb up onto the ledge to the west. Walk around to the shutters at the south end and you'll find a copper coinstack (+5 = 105). Jump down to the street and walk east to the building across the street from the recessed door. Enter and you'll see a sewer hatch in the ground. Open it and climb down into the sewer tunnels.

The first opening you come to is on your left (N) and is blocked by a gate. Bypass this for now and keep walking. The next passageway is on your right (S). Walk along it, jump into the round pool of water at the end and pick up 2 silver nuggets (+100 = 205) then climb the ladder to get out and head into the cave to the south. Get some moss arrows from the chest and read the note on the table. Leave this cave, head back to the main sewer tunnel and continue east to the next tunnel on the left. Follow it, go through the door at the end and into a basement room.

DeLoret's Warehouse

Climb the ladder to the hotel lobby and help yourself to a gold coinstack (+25 = 230) and a silver coinstack (+12 = 242) from the shelf left of the reception counter. Open the box for another gold coinstack (+50 = 292) then head upstairs. Go past the balcony on the left and into the room straight ahead. Open the window, climb out onto a metal beam and creep across to the ledge opposite. Follow it north, go around the corner and then jump across to the ledge on the far side of the street. Walk around this building to the west side where you'll see a pipe stretching across the street to the wall of DeLoret's Warehouse yard. Cross it, climb down the boxes and you're in!

Watch out for 2 guards on patrol here and make your way around clockwise to the back. (You don't want to go in the front doors because there's a guard station inside and you'll be spotted.) There's a warehouse door on the left that you can open, but be cautious because there's a big bot inside. (If you have the time and patience you can sneak in here and get a noisemaker arrow from the chest.) Past this door is a guard post. Shoot a rope arrow into the wooden eaves to the right of the window above the crate so the guard won't see you climbing, hop onto the crate and get up onto the flat roof. There's a storage room through the door to the right (S).

The bot here is not powered-up, so you can ignore it. Get some more moss arrows from the big chest, climb down the ladder by the broken elevator, walk east and sneak into the guardroom on the right. There's a purse (+100 = 392) on a chair at the far end. Return to the main hallway and since you won't want to climb that noisy metal walkway to the upper floor, go back up the ladder by the broken elevator. Leave the storage room, cross the roof and climb onto the metal walkway on the left. It leads to a red metal door - go through into a warehouse room. Leave through the east door, turn left, cross the hall and enter the Meeting room. There are moss arrows in a chest, and 3 gold wine bottles (+150 = 542) and 4 gold goblets (+100 = 642) on the shelves. Go back out of the same door, turn east and go down a couple of steps. Open the double red doors on the left and enter another warehouse room.

Climb up on the mine cart against the north wall, slash the banner above it and crawl through the hole behind into another room. Here you can pick up a couple of flash mines that are lying on the floor near a chest. Open the chest and find an invisibility potion - Secret #3.

Open the west door, knock out the guard standing outside and walk down to the double doors on the right with a gear lock beside them. This is DeLoret's personal storeroom. Use the gear key that was in your inventory at the start of the game (you found it in Emilie Victor, the prequel to this mission), go in and pick up everything that's not nailed down. It turns into a BIG bag of loot in your inventory and you will move slightly slower, as if carrying a heavy weight.

There are still a couple of rooms that you haven't checked out on this floor so walk straight ahead (S) and open the door on the left quietly. There are 2 men inside talking. Lean in and hit the light switch on the left to darken the room, then sneak over and pick up the large spectacles from a bookcase shelf (+50 = 692). Return to the hallway, turn back to the right (N) and then left (W) at the corner. Ignore the room on the right, turn left (S) and go into the next room where there is a noisemaker arrow on the floor. Continue along the hallway, unlock the door at the far end and you'll enter a room you've been in before.

Go out the door directly across from you onto the metal walkway above the bot warehouse and creep back over to the roof. Get back down by the guard post, go around to the front of the warehouse, climb the box stack and mantle up onto the wall. From here, retrace your steps back to the hotel room where you climbed out onto the beam, and go out into the hallway. Turn left and enter the next room on the left where you'll find 2 copper coinstacks on the table (+10 = 702). The other two rooms are empty. Return to the sewers and head back west to the gate that you passed earlier, which will be on your right (N) side this time.

The Ashley Collection

You may want to drop the loot bag before you enter, but it's not a bad idea to keep it because moving slowly makes you quieter. Go through the water, follow the tunnel to the end and climb the ladder into a tiny room with a panel on the wall that you can open. You are behind a fireplace in a room occupied by several people, and there are some valuables on the table. Put out the fire and creep into the fireplace. From here, you can douse the torch on the far side of the room then creep out far enough to lean around the corner to the right and put out the torch on the north wall. That should give you enough darkness to move around. You may need to use a couple of your moss arrows to get over to the table in the middle without alerting anyone. Here you can pick up 2 gold candlesticks (+100 = 802), 4 gold wine bottles (+200 = 1002), 6 gold goblets (+150 = 1152) and 3 plates (+30 = 1182).

Now you need to get through the door to the west of the table. It's difficult because there's a bit too much light (though if you are still carrying the loot bag you may move slowly enough to remain undetected). If you shoot a moss arrow on the floor between the table and the door then just run, they generally don't see you. (You also have an invisibility potion you could use). Go through the door and then turn right into a bedroom. Head out the west door and into a small hallway with a winged statue on a pedestal. Turn right (N) into a sitting room and you'll see a doorway into the Collections Room at the east end. Peek in and you'll see it's well guarded by a couple of Watchers.

Just to the left of the doorway, there are two red curtains. Push your way through the one closest to the Collections Room doorway and inside you'll see a spitting electrical circuit concealed behind a small metal door. Shoot the circuit with a water arrow and the Watchers will be disabled. Now it's safe to enter the Collections room and help yourself to all the valuables displayed. The glass covered display case on the east wall contains the coveted Mask of K'ho. Use your lockpicks to open the case, then grab the mask. Objective complete. The case on the west wall holds a tiara (+125 = 1307) and on the various pedestals in the room you'll find a silver flute (+50 = 1357), a gold statue (+75 = 1432), a black jar (+20 = 1452), a mask (+50 = 1502), a silver statue (+15 = 1517), 2 vases (+100 = 1617) and a purple urn (+100 = 1717). You've got the entire collection now, so walk back through the sitting room, up the hallway and out the door at the far end.

In the bedroom opposite you can add a tiara to your booty (+125 = 1842). Go east down the hallway to the kitchen door on the right. Go in, keeping an eye open for the servant who walks through here. Look in the small cupboard for a moss arrow then quietly open the other door, lean out and turn off the hallway lights. The doors to the outside are off to your right. Sneak through them, knock out the guard and go through the street gate.

Cross the street to the opening beneath the banner opposite and go back down the sewer hatch. Walk along the main sewer tunnel again, passing all the side tunnels. Open the gate at the far end, go through and turn left (N). Swim through the deeper section, climb out on the far side and enter L'Arsene's underground hideout.

The Thieves' Den

As soon as you step inside, you know something is wrong. It's deathly quiet, which can't be normal. Turn left and go into the common room. Heavens! What happened here? There's blood and bodies everywhere! Pick up some broadheads from a niche in the north wall then go into the room to the left. There's a man sitting in a chair in front of the fire with a book lying on the floor beside him. Read it and you'll find out what happened here - the Korrigans have paid a visit to L'Arsene's lair. The man in the chair is quite mad so ignore him. Leave this room and enter the room to the north. Slash the banner on the wall to find a healing potion then continue through the next door (it's half off its hinges) into a small office where a dead man is slumped over the desk. Pick up a silver key and read the note which tells you that the Korrigans have kidnapped Berenice. Drat! That means that your only way out of the city is to find where the Korrigans are holed up so you can get inside to rescue Berenice. Thankfully, there's also mention of a scholar who specializes in the study of Korrigans who is staying at the Artists' Pub in the eastern section of town. He may be able to provide a clue about where to begin your search.

The Guardhouse

Leave the common room the way you got in (SE) then go through the next room into the tunnel to the east. Climb the ladder at the end, open the sewer hatch and emerge beside a canal. Go around the corner to your right. A little further on is a guardhouse with a torch over the window. Put out the torch, then sneak around to the far side and go in the door. Head through the door at the north end and upstairs to the living quarters. On the left at the top is an empty bunkroom. Head south through the corridor, turn right, sneak behind the guard and flip the switch on the end wall. This turns out the lights on the bridge that goes across to the eastern section of the city. Go west along this passageway, round the corner, through the room with a table in it and out the far side. Go into the bedroom on the right and open the black chest to pick up a gold coinstack (+25 = 1867). In the bunkroom next to this bedroom is a chest containing a silver coinstack (+12 = 1879). Read the note in the small office next door to learn about a secret way into the Beauvais house from Activation point #1. The last room is a bathroom where Capt. Queen is taking a shower. Invade his privacy (you may need to use a moss arrow) and help yourself to the "Weapons Room key" from the table at the far end. Return to the hallway and use the key to unlock the metal door on the right. Inside you can stock up on water arrows, flashbombs, moss arrows, rope arrows and noisemaker arrows.

Now to find the Activation Point that was referred to in the note. Return to the street, walk back to the canal and walk down the ramp on the right into the water. Swim north under the bridge, turn right (E) at the corner and keep swimming. Turn the next corner and you'll see a set of steps on the left. Climb up onto the bottom step and take note of the dodgy streetlamp that drops the place into darkness every few seconds. Use that to get up into the shadows as quickly as possible because one of L'Arsene's assassins is in a window across the way (W) and he will start taking pot-shots at you if he sees you. (This is Activation Point 2, not 1, by the way, but you had to visit here eventually.) Flip the big red lever then jump back into the canal and swim back to where you entered the water. Keep going past the ramp to a ladder on your left (E). Climb it and use the silver key you found in the Thieves' Den to unlock the window. Now you've found Activation Point #1. Climb in through the window, take the scroll from the guard and read it - it contains some very important clues: it's probable that the Korrigans are hiding out in Sir Gulliver's house; Berlioz the fence might have a key to his estate. Flip the big red lever then go over to the pipe in the corner and turn the wheel. The machine on the south wall will move sideways to reveal a secret passageway. Open the panel at the end of the passageway and you'll enter a bathroom closet.

The Beauvais Mansion

A woman is running a bath, so don't make too much noise! Cross the bathroom, go through the red curtains and out into a small hallway. Read the book on the small table and you'll receive a new optional objective: Find the dowry of the Beauvais girls. The room to your left (E) is a bedroom and in here you can pick up a tiara (+125 = 2004). Walk through the west door out into another hallway. The first room on the right is another bedroom, with a necklace inside a black chest (+200 = 2204). The second room on the right is yet another bedroom, but with nothing of value inside.

The end door opens onto the upper hallway above the main stairs. The room on the right is the library. There's nothing valuable in here but it's a good spot to sit and watch the patrol pattern of the guards. The first door on the left (E) opens into the dining room, where you can take a plate from the wall (+10 = 2214). The room on the other side is the kitchen. There's a stack of 6 gold plates on the counter (+300 = 2514), and on the shelf above are 3 gold wine bottles (+150 = 2664) and 2 plates (+20 = 2684). There are 3 more plates on the other shelf (+30 = 2714).

Outside the south door is a plain hallway with a locked door in the alcove opposite the kitchen door. You'll have to come back to it later when you have the key. The stairs to the left lead down to a hallway - there is a moss arrow in the potted plant. There are two more moss arrows in the tree in the sitting room, where a woman is standing by the fire. There are also 2 green vases (+40 = 2754), a gold statue (+75 = 2829) and a necklace (+200 = 3029).

Walk back up the stairs and through the door at the west end into another sitting room. Go through the door on the far side back to the hallway along the top of the main stairs. There's a guard to your left, standing in front of a door. Take the "Mansion's Key" from him and enter the room behind him, where there are two women. Take a gold urn (+100 = 3129) from the first table and a ring (+100 = 3229) from the card table at the south end.

Enter the small office through the east door and frob the wall banner to move it aside, revealing a green safe that holds a purse (+100 = 3329). Pick the lockbox on the opposite wall, go back out into the main room and you are now able to walk through the red curtain on the far side. Inside is the hidden room mentioned in the book you read earlier. The safe with the number code lock is here but as you haven't found the combination yet you'll have to return later.

Go down the main staircase. Under the stairs is a metal door that leads into a humble bedroom. Read the note and pick up the "cellar key" then go out into the front hallway. The first door on the right leads into a storage room. Go in the second door, through the first room and into the bedroom beyond to collect a purse from the table (+100 = 3429). Return to the foyer and enter the sitting area to the left (W) of the front doors. On the table here is a tiara (+125 = 3554). Head back upstairs and go through the doorway just on the right. Walk through into the hallway, turn right into the alcove and unlock the metal door with the "cellar key". Walk down the stairs and through the next door into a room where you'll see Mr. Beauvais standing over the remains of his daughter's suitors.

Take the code scroll from him and read it - the combination is 1975. Return to the suite south of the main staircase and go into the room behind the red curtain where you found the combination lock. Enter the code and the safe will open. The dowry is inside. Optional objective complete.

Walk down to the front foyer, unlock the front doors with the "Mansion's Key" and go out to the street. Sneak around the area in the shadows to steal a purse from one of the many patrolling guards (+100 = 654). Then head out through the SE passageway which takes you to the canal. Jump into the water and swim north to a ramp on the left. You climb out near the bridge into the Eastern District. The bridge lights are now out and the gate is open but there is still a sentry in the guardroom so proceed across cautiously.

Eastern District

Turn left (N), then left again around the bridge building. Walk along the side and you'll come to a doorway. Go inside, climb the ladder and deal with the thief who was shooting arrows at you when you were in Activation Station 2. The very least you can do is steal his arrow to pay him back. If he wakes up with a sore head the next morning, so much the better! Leave this building and walk east, noting the locked gate to the Northern Sewers to your left. (Berenice has the key and you haven't found her yet). Turn right (S) and cross to the next square. Stay alert, this area is well patrolled. Go through the doorway on the east side and into a machinery room. Check beside the last machine for a frogbeast egg then go back out to the square.

Walk south along the street and you'll come to the entrance to Berlioz' Pawnshop on the left. Read the notice - it says you must find a pass to gain entry - then continue on round the corner. Be careful, two thieves are standing here. Get a moss arrow from the bush just past them, then check between the barrels at the corner to find 4 coins (+80 =3734). Continue on to the canal, where there is a rowboat with a rope arrow in it. Take it, then turn right (E), walk through the passageway and open the gate at the end. This is a good spot to sit and ambush the patrolling archer, who is wearing a purse (+100 = 3834).

Turn right (E), go left around the corner, then right (E) through the archway. Sneak past the first building and go left (N) to a ladder up to the roof, where another of L'Arsene's assassins is lying in wait for you. He is wearing the Berlioz pass, so help yourself to it, then take his arrow and knock him out. Jump over to the clock tower platform to the east of this roof, walk through the archway and turn south onto the ledge at the other side. Across the street is a balcony that looks tempting. Shoot a rope arrow into the wooden beam above it, and jump over to it. When you get to the balcony, go through the door into a bedroom. In the bathroom through the NE door you can pick up 2 gold candlesticks (+100 = 3934). Head through the SE door into a hallway and go into the dining room on your right where you will find 2 more gold candlestick (+100 = 4034).

The door to the north of the hallway takes you into a bedroom where a man is sleeping. Pick up a pair of spectacles from the table (+50 = 4084) and a silver statue from the dresser( +15 = 4099). Frob the silver candlestick on the bedside table to get Secret #4 - open the door to the south, go through into the office and look for a hole in the floor in the SW corner, beside the Grandfather clock, containing a slowfall potion and an invisibility potion. Take 2 gold coinstacks from the desk (+50 = 4149).

Return to the balcony, jump across to the ledge and climb down the tree to the street. Head east, then turn left (N) and carry on down the ramp, where you can extinguish the torches to get some solid shadow. Wait for the guards to go past - two of them are wearing purses (+200 = 4349). Now that you have the pass, it's time to get rid of the huge bag of loot you've been carrying around. Head back to Berlioz's shop and "use" the pass on the dish in the opening near the door to gain admittance. Drop your bag of booty on the counter and receive a nice light bag of gold in exchange. Objective complete. Make sure you pick up "Gulliver's key" from the rack above the counter, after Berlioz has very obligingly opened it for you.

Let yourself out of the back door into the alleyway, turn left (E) and go all the way back past the clock tower. This time, after you turn left (N) at the corner, turn right (E) into the next opening which takes you to the front of the Artists Pub.

The Artists Pub

Go into the pub, where no one will bother you as long as you behave yourself, and pick a room key from the man passed out on the sofa. Go upstairs and use the key to unlock the west door. Enter the room and go out onto the balcony to pick up a gold wine bottle (+50 = 4399) and a gold goblet (+25 = 4424). There's a man standing on the next balcony - he must be the scholar who has been studying the Korrigans. He walks back into his room and suddenly there are sounds of an altercation and then an explosion. Oh, oh! This doesn't sound good! After things settle down, go back out into the hallway and you'll see the door to the next room has been blown off.

Enter and have a look around. Darn! He's been killed but there are a couple of things to read so maybe you'll find something useful in one of them. Read the book and you'll get an optional objective: Find the Woodsie Lord's Heart. The scroll indicates that the golden skull lying nearby is important, so pick it up and take it with you.

Leave the Pub, turn north on the street into a small courtyard, where there is a moss arrow in a plant on the right. Climb the tall tree and go in through the window. Turn left, pickup one of the boxes, and go out of the end window onto the ledge. Use the box to help you to crawl through the small door in the middle of the windows on the right-hand side. You've found Secret #5. On the floor in the northeast corner are some broadheads, 2 purses (+200 = 4624), a silver nugget (+50 = 4674), a tiny ring (+100 = 4774) and 5 coins (+100 = 4874). Loot objective complete.

Return to the ledge, jump back to the tree, climb down and continue north through the next archway. On the right is a boarded-up doorway to with a notice beside it. This is the site of the Korrigan massacre of the Foster family. Crawl under the boards or smash them down, open the door and go in. Hop up on top of the overturned bed in the NW corner and you'll find a tiny lever on the ceiling in the corner. Frob it to get Secret #6 - the logs in the fireplace slide sideways and below you'll find a healing fruit and a purse (+100 = 4974).

Return to the street and walk west into a large courtyard. The cemetery gate is on the right, and there are two men standing talking in the middle of the courtyard. One of them is wearing a purse (+100 = 5074), and there are 2 moss arrows in the plants to the north. Walk down the street on the left (E) of the building on the south side and look up. You'll see some beams stretching across the street - the first two are metal, but the third one is wooden. Put a rope arrow into it, climb up and cross to the west ledge. Open the window here and crawl into an apartment. There's a Mech servant in the first room but nothing of value, so open the door into the next room. There are two people in here, and a silver coinstack on the desk (+12 = 5086).

Help yourself to it then check out the painting on the north wall very carefully. There's a tiny lever tucked under the left edge. Flip it to get Secret #7 - the painting on the south wall slides sideways to reveal a healing potion and a speed potion. Go out onto the balcony, climb out onto the ledge and go back to your rope arrow. Once you're back down on the street, walk west along the back of the building and you'll end up facing the back wall of a small guard post. Just to your left is a wooden door, set back into an alcove. Walk in, open the chest to get a rope arrow, then climb the ladder to the loft. Use a rope arrow to get up onto the center ceiling beam, then walk to the hole in the wall at the north end. Inside, you'll find Secret #8 - a frogbeast egg.

Go back to the street, then walk around the guardhouse to the door on the right. Knock out the guard, then go back outside. Hide in the shadows by the east wall of the guardhouse until the coast is clear - if you like, you can knock out the patrolling guard when he passes. Hug the right-hand (N) wall of the street and make your way over to the archway on the west side. Stay to the right inside, in the shadows, and you'll see a guard post to the west, a guard patrolling by the dock gates to the right and a lit building to your left. Sneak round to your right to check the porch floor in front of the Customs House for 3 coins (+60 = 5146).

Now knock out the patrolling guard and his colleague in the guard post to leave the way clear to go over to the lit building. You can quench 2 of the torches through the right hand window. Creep in the door and sneak over to the chest for 4 water arrows, then shoot a rope arrow into the rafters and climb up. You'll find a gas arrow in the middle. Grab it, climb back down your rope and return outside. Head north across the square past the notice board, cross the wooden bridge and go through the archway beyond.

Hug the left (W) wall and peek into the next courtyard. You'll see a couple of thieves and another man hanging out here. No need to disturb them. Just round the corner on the left is a ladder behind a vine. Climb it to the top of the archway. Look behind the potted plant against the east wall for a tiny lever. Frob it to get Secret #9 - the door to the west opens and you can sneak into a small room where a thief is sleeping on the bed. Look inside the chest to find some water arrows and a healing fruit. Climb back down the ladder, cross the wooden bridge again and turn left (E) into the courtyard in front of the cemetery. Open the gate and go in.

The Joyous Burrick

There are 2 water arrows floating in a pond to your left (W) and inside the small room to the north of the pond is a bucket containing a healing fruit. Look behind the north statue on the east side of the graveyard for a gold nugget (+100 = 5246). Ignore the locked gate further along the east wall for now. Instead, go through the gate in the NW corner, stop and look up against the right-hand wall to locate a piece of wood. Put a rope arrow into it, climb up and jump on top of the archway you just walked through. Frob the grate blocking the hole in the south wall and crawl through the tunnel to emerge in the rafters of the Joyous Burrick.

Put out the fire in the fireplace to darken things a bit . The people in here are pretty alert, so move quietly and slowly south to the low wall in the middle of the ceiling. Climb over it and let yourself down with a rope arrow in the far southeast corner, where it's dark. Creep along the east wall until you get close enough to lean forward and pick a silver key from the waist of the proprietor behind the bar. Go into the back room and use the key to open the chest here. Inside, you'll find the correspondence that L'Arsene has carried on with her. Optional objective complete.

If you're feeling brave, you can try to pick the arrow from the archer standing by the bar and take a silver coinstack (+12 = 5258) from the table between the fireplace and the door. Once you've done that, climb back up into the rafters and leave through the hole in the wall. Hop down onto the tomb to the east, go back through the gate and over to the locked gate in the north wall.

Sir Gulliver's Estate

The gate is locked, but you have Gulliver's key; use it on the lockbox and enter the estate. There's a guard dozing in a chair by the front door so try not to disturb him. He might not approve of you being here, judging by the notice posted by the gate. There's a moss arrow near the tree to the east. Grab it then walk to the west, shoot a rope arrow into the wood above the last window, climb up and jump in.

Down the hallway to the west is a bathroom where you can pick up 3 water arrows from the bathtub, and to the east is the hallway above the main foyer. Creep out and head north. The first room on the left is a bedroom which holds nothing of interest, so go past and open the next door, taking care to stay out of sight of the guard near the top of the stairs. There are two people here, so creep through and out of the north door into a sitting room. Read the letter on the dresser and then continue through into a dining room. From the dining table you can take a gold candlestick (+50 = 5308), 2 gold goblets (+50 = 5358) and 2 plates (+20 = 5378). Continue into the next room, where Sir Gulliver is pacing, and pick "Eglantine's Room key" from him. Go back to the dining room, lean out and blackjack the guard standing with his back to you. Be careful because the guard sleeping on the floor beside him is easily woken up.

Go downstairs and turn right into the kitchen where there's a plate on a shelf (+10 = 5388) and 2 gold plates in the sink ( +100 = 5488). Cross the main foyer from the kitchen door into a workshop. In the bunkroom through the east door you will find some broadheads in the chest in the SE corner. There is another bunkroom through the north door, and the locked chest in here contains a copper coinstack (+5 = 5493).

That's it for down here so go back upstairs and turn right (E) along the hallway. The first door on your left opens into the library where there's a purse (+100 = 5593), and in the adjoining bedroom you can pick up a silver coinstack from the dressing table (+12 = 5605). Go through the door back into the hallway, turn left and then left again at the corner and head into a small room with a statue and a boarded up door. There's a locked door to the north here that you can open with "Eglantine's Room key". Enter and walk along the left side of the bed to frob the lever low down behind the headboard. The bookcase on the other wall will slide aside to reveal a secret tunnel. Head along it to the boarded-up east wing.

The Korrigans

You may catch a glimpse of a funny little creature running through the room to the east. Go over to the window on the south wall and look out into the next room and you'll get your first really good look at a Korrigan. Looks harmless, doesn't it? Don't be fooled - they are fast and fierce and can outfight you, so it's best to stay out of sight. However, it is possible to knock them out, and frogbeast eggs are an effective weapon against them.

Walk into the next room and go through the south door. Open the chest at the far end and read the scroll which mentions a portal. Hmmm! That sounds interesting. Leave this room, walk to the north end of the other room and then in behind the boxes. You'll find a hole in the wall. Crawl through and follow the passageway to an underground cave with a pedestal in front of a strange structure. Remember the golden skull you found in the researcher's hotel room? Drop it on the pedestal and a portal will activate in the structure. Walk through and into the Korrigan area.

Walk through the east tunnel and you'll come to another small cave, obviously used as a living area. On the ground on the far side you'll find 2 gold wine bottles (+100 = 5705) and 3 purple goblets (+45 = 5750) . Read the book on the table in the next cave (to the west). Keep going west and you will arrive at a tunnel. Walk through to emerge in a cave with a gate at the far end - the sign beside it says "To East town". There's one Korrigan on guard in here that you need to watch out for. There's a tunnel off to the right (N) of the doorway where the notice is posted. Walk along it and into another Korrigan area.

The Woodsie Lord's Heart

This section is fairly heavily patrolled by Korrigans so you'll have to be careful. If you find it too difficult, keep in mind that the objective to find the Heart is optional and so this section can be skipped entirely if you wish. Across the cave to your left (W) is a blue-lit fountain where you can find some water arrows. A skeleton, hanging from the arch to the north, is wearing a gold torc (+350 = 6100). Go back past the entrance and pick up a healing fruit from the top of the rock by the tree, then climb up the larger rocks to the northeast, go to the far side and look down. You'll see one or two Korrigans standing guard in front of an opening. Slide down behind and go through the opening into a tunnel.

Another Korrigan is standing with its back to you at the end of the tunnel. Blackjack it and creep out, staying to the shadows as there are more patrolling this section, usually in pairs. On the lower level there are some water arrows in the pond on the south-east side, and on the north-west side a gold nugget (+100 = 6200) and 2 silver nuggets (+100 = 6300). There is a ramp up to the higher level on the north-east side.

Climb up, and you will find The Woodsie Lord's Heart suspended in the middle of a well-guarded clearing. One way to get it is to extinguish the torches from a distance, creep close, lure the guards away with a noisemaker and grab the jewel. Optional objective complete. You can jump down over the rocks to the south for a quick getaway. Return to the gate to the East town, open it and go through, and then walk through the portal in the next room.

Finding Berenice

Head along the tunnel out of the portal room until you are facing a section of wall that looks different from the rest. Extinguish the torches each side of it because these hallways are patrolled. There's no obvious way to open this bit of wall, so turn right (S) and start searching. There's nothing in the first room except some open burial holes in the walls, so continue on to the next room. Here the burial holes are closed. Open the south one, which contains a gold urn (+100 = 6400).

Continue on through the hallways to a window on the left that looks into the torture room/prison - it's behind the 'different' wall you saw earlier. There is a healing fruit on the window ledge. Directly across the hallway is a room with an entrance up to the closed section of the graveyard. Go into this room and frob the obelisk on the left - you'll find an invisibility potion underneath it. Go back to the hallway, turn right, and enter the next room where there are more burial holes in the walls. The south one on the east wall holds some water arrows; the one on the north wall has a lever in a recess on the right-hand (E) side. Flip it to open the 'different' section of wall between the torches.

Leave this room by the west passageway, collect a gem from the chest behind the statue at the corner (+100 = 6500), and keep walking. You'll soon be back at the open 'different' wall, which is the entrance to the jail/torture room that you looked into from the window. The room is brightly lit, but there's a light switch on the south wall about halfway up the room. Use an invisibility potion to get to the switch and turn the lights out. Now take the gold wine bottle from the center table (+50 = 6550), then pick open the door in the northeast corner and take the "North Sewers Key" from Berenice. If you let her see you she'll run away through the tunnels.

Follow her through the private graveyard and back into town. Get back to the gate into the North Sewers, which is near the bridge back to the western part of the city. (Go to the north side of the area east of the bridge building - remember the dodgy streetlamp?) Unlock the gate with the "North Sewers Key" and enter. Open the sewer hatch at the end, climb down and the mission will end in an unexpected way. Objective complete.

End of Mission

Nightwalker and Freddy Fox - 6th October 2004