Note: This walkthrough contains hidden "spoilers". To see the text that is concealed by the solid blocks, hold the left mouse button down and drag the cursor across.
Test spoiler: Darkness is spreading everywhere and no one can escape.

Konkurrenten (1.4) - Walkthrough (Expert Level)

Troy's House

You begin in the corner of an alley near a gate. The first order of business is to find your way into Troy's house, which is just up the street. There are several ways in but we'll take the closest one. Turn right (W) along the street and you'll see some overhead beams protruding from the building on the right. Be VERY quiet as the guards in this area seem to be hyper-sensitive. Walk down to the pile of boxes, pick up one of the small ones and then either climb the boxes to get onto the lower row of beams or rope arrow up. Open the window shutters at the east end of the wall, hop onto the box, crouch and walk into Troy's house.

Open the door and go out into the upper hallway. The door here is locked, so walk downstairs and enter the room to the north at the bottom of the stairs. (The alternate way into the house is concealed behind the barrels in the corner.) There's no Troy to be seen, so at this point the objective to meet Troy is "X"ed out and you get a new one - Find out why Troy didn't meet you.

Pick up the "house" key from the desk, head back upstairs and use it to open the locked door. There are 3 chests lined up against the wall. The left one contains a rope arrow. You'll find your sword in the middle one. Objective complete.

Slash the banner on the wall above the chest to reveal a lever which moves a picture on the east wall. The "safe-key" is tucked into the niche behind it. Trot back down the stairs into the lower room and use the key on the lock-box on the wall to open the safe. Read the book, then open the box, which contains the "tower (storage)" key and your blackjack.

It's time to venture back out to the streets, but not for long. Use the "house" key to unlock the door to the street and peek out. One of the guards patrolling out here is wearing a purse (100). Another guard, standing on the left by the big metal doors just around the corner, is also wearing a purse (+100 = 200).

The Tower and the Pump Room

Unlock the door to the right of Troy's with the "tower (storage)" key and enter the tower. There are a couple of bottles lying on the floor and if you look closely, nearby you'll find 5 coins ( + 100 = 300). Climb the ladder to the next floor then rope arrow up through the hole in the NW corner of the ceiling. Oops! It looks like you just found Troy, poor guy. That's why he didn't meet you! Objective complete. (If the objective doesn't check off as you approach his body, try picking him up and dropping him a couple of times.) You'll also receive a new objective - Get into Darkunion Mansion. Read the note nearby to find out why.

Take the "Cisterne" key from Troy and open the chests nearby. Inside, you'll find the "cellar" key and some moss arrows. Climb back down to the floor below and go through the door on the north wall, into a hallway littered with junk. Maybe not all junk, though! There's a jar (+20 = 320) sitting in one of the broken barrels. Continue along the hallway, through the door at the far end into the pump house, then down the stairs into the pump room. Walk past the door to the outside and crawl in behind the barrels under the stairs. Look behind the last barrel for a raised section of floor and on top of it you'll see a tiny gold ring (+100 = 420).

Open the door to the street and take a grey key from the guard patrolling nearby, then look behind the bushes to the west of the pump house door. Inside the door here is a storeroom (with a sewer hatch). You will find a necklace (+200 = 620) in the blue chest concealed behind the painting.

Into the Sewers

Return to the pump station, bear right and go through into the next room. Jump up onto the raised brick platform and use the "cisterne" key to unlock the metal hatch and climb down the ladder. The sewers are a maze of passageways, many of which lead nowhere.

The first room is a large cistern with a circular walkway. Leave through the west doorway, walk along the passageway, turn left (S) and at the end, climb the ladder and jump or climb over to the higher passageway on the left. (This can be a bit tricky and you may take a bit of damage if you fall, so save first.) Follow the tunnels and you eventually come to a bunch of skulls set into wall niches. Behind the bottom left one on the south wall is a gold nugget (+100 = 720). Behind the top left one on the east wall is a tiny switch that triggers Secret #1 - a section of floor below the ladder opens. Climb down, swim through the tunnel and take the first right (E).

The Tomb of King Ehmet-Lun

Mantle out at the end into a tomb. There's a suspicious looking boarded up-wall and, conveniently, a nice big boulder. Pick it up and throw it at the wall several times to smash the boards. Enter the first room and you'll see the walls are lined with niches full of valuables! There are 3 silver statues (+ 45 = 765), a blue crystal (+ 25 = 790), 3 black jars (+ 60 = 850), 2 golden goblets (+ 50 = 900), a golden bone (+ 100 = 1000), a vase (+ 50 = 1050) and 2 purple goblets (+ 30 = 1080).

In the next room is a plaque that tells you this is the tomb of King Ehmet-Lun. It says "One who looks all ways will know where to turn." Sounds like a clue to me! Return to the previous room and look behind each of the 4 coffins to find 4 levers. Flip them all and the King's coffin slides sideways to reveal a space below which contains a torc (+ 350 = 1430) and a book. When you read the book you receive a new objective - Find the four special diamonds.

Return to the water and turn south at the corner. Climb back up the ladder by the skulls, go back to the ladder with the water running down beside it, climb down and turn left (W) at the end of that tunnel. Keep walking - turn left (S) when you pass past the ladder on the right, then at the next corner go right (W) then immediately left (S). Take the next right (W) then turn left (S) and continue to a ladder that leads up to a sewer hatch.

The Guardhouse

Climb the ladder, frob the hatch and emerge in an armoury, which has some useful equipment lying about. Help yourself, then open the door into the hallway. The guard patrolling here is wearing a purse (+ 100 = 1530). Another guard is dozing on a chair in the main room. He's a light sleeper so you may have to douse a couple of torches to get in unobserved. He's wearing another copy of the grey key. The "sewer drain" key is locked in one of the chests in the corner of the room. The other chests contain a gold coinstack (+25 = 1555) and a medal (+100 = 1655).

Walk through the doorway on the south wall, turn left and go upstairs. In the first room on the right there's a silver coinstack on the floor (+12 = 1667) and a healing potion on top of the armoire. On the table at the far end of the hallway are 3 gold coinstacks (+75 = 1742) and a silver coinstack (+12 = 1754). On the table inside the room on the right is a copper coinstack (+5 = 1759); the chests contain a healing fruit and some flashbombs. The other door in this room opens into a small storage room. Move the boxes stacked in the corner and you'll see a trap door in the floor. Open it and you'll have found Secret #2. Climb down and follow the passageway to an old torture chamber full of bones. The skeleton in the NW corner is wearing a ring (+100 = 1859).

Return to the main floor of the guardhouse and go back into the armoury. Head back down into the sewers, turn right (E) at the corner then left (N) at the next one. Another left (W) and then right (N) brings you into a tunnel that ends in a gate with a basement room behind it. There's an opening in the left wall just before the gate with a ladder against the wall. Climb it to the top, look to the east and you'll see a couple of small ledges in the wall. Save game. Jump over, get onto the top ledge then jump from it to the triangular shaped ledge in the northwest corner. From there, jump south, slash the banner, drop down, and you'll enter Darkunion Mansion. Objective complete.

Darkunion Mansion

Climb the ladder at the east end of the room to another empty room. Slash the banner against the wall, crawl through the tunnel behind it, slash another banner, then jump down into a small room and read the book on the table. You'll receive a new objective - Find out what happened to Frater Mantikor. Open the door and head out into the dining room where you can pick up 5 gold plates (+250 = 2109) and 5 gold goblets (+125 = 2234). The south door leads into the kitchen where there are 3 gold wine bottles on the shelves (+150 = 2384). Leave the dining room by the north door and turn right. The door on the right (S) leads into a balcony sitting room where you can pick up a gold candlestick (+50 = 2434), 2 vases (+100 = 2534) and a gold wine bottle (+50 = 25844). Across the hallway from this room is another similar room where you'll find a gold candlestick (+50 = 2634) and a vase (+50 = 2684).

The last door on this hallway takes you into the Library. Look in the kneehole of the desk for a small lever. Flip it and a bookcase moves aside, exposing a secret staircase. Climb it to the landing and rope arrow up into the rafters. Crawl through the hole to the east and into the rafters of the Main Library. Be careful - there are two guards in here. You'll find a book about the 4 stones on a table and 2 gold urns (+200 = 2884) on the ledge above it.

Head back down the stairs into the lower library and back out into the hallway. Turn right and go through the doors at the north end but be careful, as there's a guard standing just outside. Turn right and go up the stairs to a small sitting area, where you can pick up a mask (+50 = 2934) and a plate (+10 = 2944). Rope arrow up into the rafters, crawl through the hole in the wall and into the rafters above a hallway. There are two guards here - one on patrol and the other stationary. Head to the north along the rafters and turn left around the corner. If you crawl through at the far end you can drop down into a large sitting room, where there is another patrolling guard. (If you can't do this without taking damage, extinguish the light outside the sitting room door and rope down.)

In the sitting room are 2 masks (+100 = 3044), 2 gold wine bottles (+100 = 3144), 2 purple goblets (+30 = 3174), 4 gold candlesticks (+200 = 3374), 3 silver statues (+45 = 3419), a plate (+10 = 3429) and 2 vases (+100 = 3529). Go through the blue curtains in the NW corner to a private dining room, which contains 3 plates (+30 = 3559) and 2 gold candlesticks (+100 = 3659). Beyond this room is a small bathroom with 2 gold candlesticks on the counter (+100 = 3759). There's an invisible but frobbable ring (+100 = 3859) lying behind the upright pipe in the SE corner.

There are 2 light switches beside the door to the hallway in the sitting room. Push the one on the right to move a painting and open a secret door into the yellow bedroom. Read the note on the desk and pick up the "vine-cellar" key (wine cellar). The "yellow room" key is lying on the floor under the bedside table. It opens the door to the hallway. Wait until the way is clear then run across the hallway and into the big bathing room across the hall. Pick up 2 gold candlesticks (+100 = 3959) and 2 gold goblets (+50 = 4009) - loot objective complete. Collect the gold wine bottle (+50 = 4059) then return to the yellow room and go back through the passageway to the sitting room.

Look at the wall behind the green sofa in the NW corner and you'll find a small lever set into a little hole. Frob it and the metal door in the NE corner will slide open. Go through and down the stairs. Flip the lever on the wall to move an armoire and enter the guard barracks. (The armoire will slide closed behind you but it can be reopened with a lever set into the wall by the table in this barracks room.) There's a gold statue (+75 = 4134) in one of the chests in this room. In the other two you'll find a healing fruit and a scroll that mentions a hole hidden behind some barrels, which sounds interesting.

Go through into the other bunk room. There's a purse (+100 = 4234) locked in one of the chests and a note in another. Walk through the red curtain at the end of the room, go down the stairs and unlock the door across from the bottom with the "vine-cellar" key. Inside are 10 plates (+100 = 4334) and 5 gold wine bottles (+250 = 4584). Leave this room, and instead of going up the stairs jog left then right (E) along the hallway, around the corner and down to a big crate on your left. Look on the wall beside it for a lever that opens the double metal doors at the end of the hallway. Go through and out into the main wine cellar.

The Main Wine Cellar

Walk south along the east wall and you'll be facing some large barrels. Behind them is a flight of stairs that leads down to a gate. Flip the lever on the wall to the left of the gate to open it, go through and into the guardroom on the right, where you'll find Roberto lying dead on the floor. There are two levers on the end wall. One reopens the gate you just came through and the other one opens the door at the opposite end. Flip it and go through the door into a dilapidated prison with a flooded lower level and a patrolling haunt. In the water you can pick up some water arrows and a bottle of holy water. Swim over to the south room, open the chest inside and collect a medal (+100 = 4684). Leave the flooded section, enter the torture room on the south side of the jail, go into the fireplace and stand up. There's a niche in the north side of the chimney that holds the first diamond that you need to find (+100 = 4784.) Return to the wine cellar.

Walk west and enter the very next alcove. There are a few boxes piled at the end. Climb over and check along the base of the west wall near the dead rat in the corner. Look for a small hole in the floor with a lever in it. Flip the lever (easier said than done!) and the wall will slide aside. In the secret room you will find a breath potion in the middle chest. Behind the locked door is a gold wine bottle (+50 = 4834) and Frater Mantikor - objective complete. You get a new objective - Kill Penatus.

Now cross the wine cellar to the north side and check behind a large crate in one of the alcoves for a silver statue (+15 = 4849). Unlock the door in the south wall with the "vine-cellar" key, climb up the stairs to the landing with the boxes and carefully open the double doors into the main foyer. There are 2 vases (+100 = 4949) by the statues along the wall on the left. Now go up the short flight of stairs and into the room on the right. Look on the floor between the two bookcases for a coin (+5 = 4954). Carry on up the stairs until you reach the wooden landing. Go through the dining room west door to the small room where you entered the mansion earlier and climb up into the passageway above the table. Climb up on the crates in the end room, go through the hole in the wall and climb back down into the sewers. Turn right (S), left (E), right (S), right (W) then left (S). Follow this passageway to the ladder up to the guardhouse, climb it, enter the hallway and turn right (W).

The Pond and the Tree

Go out the back door into a large grassy area with a gravel path. Turn left (S) and you'll see a pond on the left with some water spilling down into it. At the very far end, past the waterfall, there's a crevice in the back wall (SE corner). If you peer through it you can see a scroll in the water. (Save before trying this next bit as it's very easy to get stuck and have to restart.) Wiggle in far enough and you'll have found Secret #3. Pick up the scroll, read it and then lean around the corner and you'll see the bones of the person who wrote the message. On them, there's a necklace (+200 = 5154). Wiggle your way back out to the water, climb out and go back to the door you entered through.

Follow the gravel path west. At the very end of the path, there's a huge tree with a rope arrow lying on the ground behind it. Pick it up and shoot it up into the tree. Climb it and jump over to the rock ledge to the north.

Lonely Haunt

Walk north, look over the edge of the rocks and you'll see a haunt patrolling below. Wait until the way is clear then slide down and sneak into the cave to the west. Turn to the right after you enter and check the wall for a small alcove. Concealed inside is a gold nugget (+100 = 5254). Pick up the flares lying on the ground then climb onto the shelf between the vases and walk up the slanted wall above it. At the very highest point is a small niche that holds the second diamond (+100 = 5354). Leave the cave and enter the tunnel to the north of the fire.

Crom's Castle

Climb to a spot where there's a hole going down and another leading upwards. Take the upwards one (the hole is a trap) and continue along the tunnels until you emerge above a room crisscrossed with wooden beams. Jump to the rope hanging from the nearest one, climb down it, then slide down the slope into the water. Walk to the west side and up the slope to a hole in the wall. Turn right (N) and follow the passageway to a closed gate. Frob the gate to open it, go through, turn left (W) and you'll come to a closed door. Frob it, enter the hallway beyond and walk quietly to the far end. Open a door on the left and follow the corridor to another door which opens into a small room.

Climb out through the hole in the north wall into a small yard and check in the corners for two masks (75 x 2 = 150). This 150 appears in a separate loot total and doesn't show up in the main loot count. At this point, if you have already completed your loot objective, it will uncheck. Don't worry about it as it will get a check mark again as soon as you pick up another regular loot item, and you will get "Objective Complete" again!

Return to the main corridor and through a doorway on the east side which will take you into a garden with a statue in the pond in the middle. There are two guards in this area - one by the pond, and one patrolling. There is a gold wine bottle (+50 = 5404) on the side of the pond. Head through the doorway on the east side of the garden. Once inside the building, turn right (S) and go through a door and down some stairs. The stairs in the middle of this area lead down to the mine locked entrance. Wait in the shadows here for a patrolling guard to walk by (he may come down the ramp on the right) and pick the "mine" key from his belt. Now head down the stairs, unlock the lockbox on the wall beside the gate and enter the mines.

The Mines

What hideous wallpaper! Turn left (N), then right (E). Turn left at the end, walk up a sloping tunnel and climb down a ladder at the end. Go left to the end. There's a pond below, but don't jump in. Look up and you'll see a beam with a rope hanging from it. Jump to the rope (you can sink another one closer to where you're standing if you have trouble reaching the one that's already in place) and climb to the top then jump into a cave to the north. There's a skull here as well as a book, a rope arrow, a water arrow and a bottle of holy water. Go back to the edge of the ledge and shoot a rope arrow into the side of the beam facing you. Climb on top of this beam, retrieve the arrow, and shoot it into the the beam above. Climb up and jump over to a cave in the west wall. Go into the passageway but beware of the haunt patrolling it. The third diamond (+100 = 5504) is on a ledge at the far end.

That's it for up here so go back to the beams and make your way down into the water at the bottom. Swim through the tunnel to the north and then down to the bottom of the deep water at the end, where you can pick up 2 silver nuggets (+100 = 5604). Get your breath back, then swim through the underwater opening in the south wall. It's a long way to the far end so you may need to use the breath potion you picked up earlier. When you reach the far end, climb out and follow the tunnel north to a ladder up into a higher tunnel. Take the first tunnel to the right, then turn right again and you'll come to the stairs up out of the mine.


Once you're out, go up the stairs to your left (S) to a closed door. Open it carefully, as there's a head mounted above the next set of doors that shoots at you if you're spotted. (It's quite easy just to open the doors and run across.) Be careful when entering the next room as it is patrolled by guards and a mechanical spider. Try to get through this part quietly so as not to alert Penatus, who is in a room at the top of the central pillar. Rope arrow up to the top of one of the lower wooden beams at the east or west side of the central pillar and sneak onto the platform. There's a guard standing watch by the doorway at the top of the ramp up, so don't alert him. With the aid of a moss arrow and a couple of rope arrows, it's fairly easy to drop down behind him and knock him out without being spotted by Penatus.

Now sneak over behind Penatus and kill him. You can use broadhead arrows, or your sword, or just knock him out then smash the window in the floor and drop him into the deep water below. Objective complete. Now, pick up the four blue crystals (+100 = 5704) and the fourth and final diamond (+100 = 5804) from the center pedestal. Objective complete. Ignore the mask hanging on the wall nearby - it has no loot value, but it will cause your loot objective to uncheck. If you do pick it up, do so BEFORE picking up the 4 blue crystals. Then, as soon as you pick one of them up, your loot total objective will check off again.

Smash one of the windows in the floor if you haven't already done it and jump in. If you climb out of the water, you can pick up a breath potion from the side. Swim down through the mouth of the face on the bottom, through the tunnel and climb the ladder at the end. Frob the switch on the wall to move the statue at the top then climb the second ladder and you'll emerge in the pond. Go through the east door, turn right and go back down into the area where the entrance to the mine is.

Walk east along the top of the stairwell and out the end doorway. There are two board walkways crossing the water. Take the one on the right (S), frob the big red lever at the end to open the gate and continue through the next set of doors, out into a yard full of broken pillars and other debris. Enter the door to the south, climb the ramp and when you get to a spot where you can choose to go straight ahead or turn right and continue up, take the latter.

At the top, go over to the south side which overlooks the garden behind the guardhouse. Jump down onto the rocks, then onto the ground and enter the guardhouse. Head out to the street and go back to the spot where you began.

End of Mission

Note: The total loot obtainable is 5954g, made up of 5804 main loot and 150 mask loot. (The stats say 6054, but they do not account for the sword guard patrolling the north end of the mansion entrance hall - he has swallowed his purse, which contains 100g!)

Nightwalker and Freddy Fox - 23rd September 2004