There are some spoilers - white text on yellow background.

To read them you have to highlight the text or to change its color.

To avoid some possible bugs:

1) If you use Windows 7 32-bit edition, start Thief2.exe in XP SP3 compatibility mode.

2) Don’t stack bodies in mission 2 - put them one by one but not one onto another.

3) Before you start a game, compare versions of Nvscript.osm and Tnhscript.osm files in and in your Thief II folder. If they are different, unpack those files from manually (replacing existing ones).

Difficulty level: Largo

Mission 1 - Overture

You start on the rocks, facing to the East.

There is a rock on your left, you can waste some time getting moss arrows from its top (go around the rock and climb a vine, then return back).

Go straight forward (as straight as possible) to the East. Don’t look at the map yet - it doesn’t cover the area where you are at the moment. This time you should jump down to go further - don’t be afraid that you won’t be able to return.

From the place where you jumped, you can see wolf’s tracks on the rock (quite hard to be seen) and to hear the (were)wolf when you look at them. If you manage to find such tracks, you can be sure you’re going in the correct direction.

A little further on (you’re still going to the East) you will hear a musical sound. Stop and look back to face the rainbow over the mountains. Rain is about to stop, and if you look South, you can see sun beams getting through the clouds and two huge round rocks stuck in the cleft. Go there. You have to slide down the rock to the big dead tree (see the mushroom glowing with blue-green light?).

Stand nearby the tree and look South - there is a rock before you, and if you get close, you can see (and hear) wolf track on its pitched side.

Jump up and rise to the ledge, and when you are about to mantle, you can see a ghost standing on the big round rock, looking at you.

Don’t worry, he is not hostile.

Why there is а ghost?

The King is not dead; he is not supposed to appear as a ghost. In my personal opinion, it’s just your imagination. You are thinking about the King, his castle and his crown... so there is a miracle. Or maybe it’s some kind of presage.

Go along the ledge, climb the round rock (ghost disappeared) and continue your way to the South. Yes, down again: first - to the small round rock; second - to the rock below in the same direction. Then go ahead and up.

You can go straight to see nice view, but don’t try to get down from the narrow ledge above the chasm!

Your right way is to the right, to the cave-like shadow space, and when you enter the cave, you should jump down over the pit full of dead trees. Then go in the only direction - down the steep rock, to the West.

When you reach the bottom, you see the narrow passage to the North and a huge lying rock blocking your way to the West, with an old tree hanging between two rocks above you.

You shall not pass!!! (“Lord of the Rings”)

Turn to the North and enter narrow passage.

There is a big empty space behind the passage (don’t be afraid to jump down) and round cave in the opposite wall. Enter the cave and go through the tunnel. There is a junction in the middle of the way, you can go right and up (to gather some water arrows on the ends of the stalactites) or down (to the North-East) to continue. Some more turns... finally you hear fairy music and enter huge cave with dropping water in the center.

It’s the Green Grotto, described in the book in Mission 2. Water dropping down is fairy, and King needs it for his... hmmm... experiments, that’s why so many bottles are standing nearby the rock.

You can climb center rock and look up to hear wolf and to see its face through the thick fog (right above you), but it is not necessary. (Just don’t forget to take water crystals on the back side of the rock!) All you need is to find a chest in the South-West corner of the cave. Open the chest and take rope arrow. Then return to the hanging tree. Shoot it, climb the rope and jump onto the lying rock.

It is very difficult to get your rope arrow back - only few players reported they managed to do that. You are supposed to leave it there - it is not mission critical, but if you want it back – you were warned.

Go to the open space, climb as high as you wish - I can’t recommend this as the best way from here. There are several. If you see the lake and the strange creature on its eastern shore - that’s enough to know that you have to get there in any possible way.

But there are some things here to be explored (if you wish).

You can find some moss arrows on the western rock (if you manage to climb high enough). You can also make quick tour to the wolf’s den (see picture) where you will find some water crystals in the corner and many, many wolf tracks and some bones. Fortunately there is no wolf inside, but the music won’t let you feel safe.

There is also tomato bush directly under the lower rock in the screenshot, in the cave (North). If you injured yourself jumping down, you can increase your health eating tomatoes.

Now to continue the walkthrough. Approach the strange creature by the shore, and when you get close enough... or if you shoot it with broadhead... you’ll see what happens.

Have a nice flight!

“What the hell is going on?!” - asked some players. It looks like a camvator, but it really gets you away. Very unusual, very perplexing. But please try to catch the mood. This FM is a fairy tale, and sometimes you see things that you can’t see at all, and sometimes you see things that don’t happen at all. Your imagination drives you faster than legs.

It’s not a REAL flight; it’s just your conception about the real chase. And finally you lost track and your imagination immediately turned off. You fell in the water - real, cold, wet water.

And a couple of words about that creature you chased.

In mission 2 you will know the King is able to become a werewolf. And it was him, exactly. He is not a skilled werewolf, he is an amateur, and so he is not hostile even being in a wolf’s skin. He is standing on the shore looking at his reflection in the water... we will never know what he is thinking about. But when he sees the human... or is attacked by a human... he is SCARED.

And it’s very possible that he is afraid to REALLY become a beast and to kill this stupid human without mercy. He doesn’t want it... yet. He is more human himself than a beast.

After you get out of the waterfall, you can check your map, and the only useful thing you can learn from it is that North-East direction is probably wrong.

Funny, but it’s exactly the direction you should move.

Follow the river down the flow. It’s not the way to the castle, true (and in Allegro you don’t have to go there), but there is one item you should find. So go down the river, and in the end of the way you’ll find a little hut carved in the rocks. Enter (and there is the last of the wolf’s track before entrance) inside.

Some things seem mysterious, but all you need is a sword lying above the fireplace (Moderato & Largo only). Take it.

This is the King’s hut - the place where he performs his transformations. His clothes, his hat... his sword... empty flask of werehide potion he drinks. And the book on the table - a prototype of King’s Story written by Jane Jensen. Pity you can’t read it.

Then return to the river (all the same you are completely wet already), and walking half-way back to the waterfall you’ll see the correct turn to the South:

Climb the rock and then go where the direct path leads you. One tricky jump... some mantling... another jump... you’re traveling higher and higher... and you finally you get to the dead end with a dead tree and a chasm below that you can’t jump over.

But you have a sword!

Chop the tree!!!

Oops... you HAD got a sword. (Moderato & Largo)

Don’t worry, you don’t need it anymore.

Use the chopped tree as a bridge, go ahead... and after some more climbing you get to the bridge and finally see the castle in the distance.

Cross the bridge and follow the path. Beware - sometimes it’s very easy to fall down.

When you reach the plain surface, go to the north (looking at the castle on the right), and stop when you get close to the end of the easy way.

Then carefully move down from one rock top to another:

Make a short stop in a place marked wit red cross (on the screen only!) and have a short look down. You can see a servant going to the West and a guard going to the East and lighting torches on his way.

The servant is a courier, he is going to Fussen Village to invite locksmith to the castle - you will learn that from the letter in mission 2. Unfortunately there were no cell phones then.

You next goal is to get down around the rock on your right - the path will follow around. When you reach the tunnel on the ground level, you will know that the way you get here is the so-called “Holy Grail path”. Don’t worry, there is no need to return and find the Holy Grail, it’s just a name.

From the tunnel turn to the right and go East by the bottom of canyon - as there is nothing interesting to the left (except a guard in the post and an alarm button very close to his fingers). The canyon is long, but keep going – you have almost finished your mountain part.

Deal with guards you meet on the way.

If you don’t want to knock them out, you can keep yourself in the shadows. The only problem is the bowman in the corner, but there is a vine on the opposite wall... you can climb it, then get to another vine... and finally make a tricky jump and mantle. You finished on the road to the front gate of the castle. This way is shorter, but I wouldn’t say it is faster...

Well, if you allow yourself knockouts, go to the fence with the rabbit behind it and turn right. Now you can see the castle facade. So just go up the road.

When you reach front gate, the puzzle part of the mission begins.

The gate is closed tight.

Is there any switch? Yes, there is! Try to look at the window right from the gate. You should climb the vine on the right buttress to see what is inside.

Yes, there is a lever. Don’t try to find the way in... Think in a different direction.

Garrett can’t reach, but your arrows can!

Do you know you can’t shoot arrows from the ladders? It’s a good time to realize that.

Well actually you can. Hold the fire button as you jump onto the vine and climb. You should have enough time to turn around and shoot the lever before Garrett gets tired. (bob_doe_nz)

I can suggest a more delicious solution. Climb the stone railing exactly opposite the window. (It is easy, if you don’t stand too close to it. A half step back is a good position.) Look at the window. What? You can’t see the lever? But do you remember where it is?

As you know from your previous experience, arrows fly in an arc. So shoot! It’s not as impossible as it sounds.

Great, gate is opened. And security cameras are turned on. Don’t worry, everything is alright. But now you have to disable them, because they won’t allow you to pick the lock to open castle doors.

They will allow you if you’re devoted to the secret knowledge on how they work. But it’s really an engine bug, so... do you really want to cheat? In my opinion, this method is not any easier. It’s just a little bit faster.

So prepare for a trip around a castle. Climb the stone railing on the left from the castle, jump or climb over the rocks and go along the castle wall until you find the back door with guard patrolling around.

Hey, he’s got a key!

Getting the key (and disabling the guard) isn’t a problem. But there are some obstacles, so don’t hurry too much.

First of all, the back door is not usable. Don’t panic and look at the door very thoroughly. There is a keyhole on its left side, and IT IS active. But there is another obstacle...

Look around. Turn back and explore the wall of the porch. There is a tiny key lock there – a security check for those who don’t know about this device. If you open the door first, you have 12 seconds only to pick the key lock, or the alarm will sound. So it’s more profitable to start from the key lock - 12-second timer starts after you finish picking.

Hint: to save you time scrolling the inventory, just drop your backdoor key on the railing. It will be much faster to take it again than to find it in your inventory.

Well, you finally opened the door, the timer stopped, the alarm didn’t work. Enter the room.

The only thing you need here is a switch on the wall near the table. It disables the cameras.

You can also read the message about how to open the door properly... but it’s too late. TAFF!

Return back to the front gate and feel free to use lockpicks as long as you wish.

Because door lock is locked with the Advanced Picklock System, it means it can reset fully or partially if you choose wrong lockpick.

The method of trials and errors is your friend. But if you feel too tired, then... read a spoiler.

3 means triangle-toothed lockpick, 4 - square-toothed. The correct combination is 33444.

Doors opened, mission complete!

Mission 2 - King’s Chant

Part I.

If your frame rate is too slow at this moment, save game, exit game and restart Thief II. Then load your save. It can help in many cases.

When you start mission 2, you are in the inner yard of the castle, and your closest goal is to get inside. And also you are stuck with a "no body found" objective (sorry, it was not meant to make you angry, but some technical problems made it necessary to add it). Well, look around because your starting point is good place #1 to hide bodies. At least in the shadow.

Now let's start.

There are several ways in, I'll suggest you one - maybe not the shortest, but it's equally good for players of any skill.

Make several steps ahead, avoid patrolling guard (or put him to sleep). Begin with picking lock on the door to your right. There is a servant behind the door, but he is too busy and won't notice. The locked door leads to the stable, forget it at the moment and go upstairs. Very slowly: there is a guard on the next floor, he is patrolling this room, and you have to choose a right moment to knockout him or to hide in the shadow behind him.

In this room there are two doors, and one is closed. East Wing is separated from the rest castle, and the door opposite the stairs blocks your further way. (The key to it exists only on Allegro, so you should go around this door. But not right now.)

Enter another door. There is a staircase leading to the upper floor, but don't go there yet. Go ahead, open one more door... carefully. There is one more guard, he can be in the next room or in the next to it. You need to proceed to the South end of the building and go downstairs.

Well, you've got down. You can open the door with the key on the wall and deal with the bowman. You can even picklock this door. No matter because you main goal here is behind the opposite wall. Enter the Chief Engineer's quarters (there is a sign), look for a shelf and take a map from it.

Well, now I know how to give you the right coordinates!

There are some things to read there, and the most important is a book with a gear on its face. It explains how to make hot water cold.

Then, equipped with this knowledge, return to the spiral staircase, go up, go through the machinery room and find the staircase you missed for the first time. Go there, avoid Mr. Walter (or make him peaceful) and get to the balcony. (Allegro: The closed door key is above the fireplace. Jump to see it)

You can see all of the inner yard from here, but all you need are two windows with the flowers on the right (one level lower). It's your way to come around the closed door to the entire castle. Climb the railing and jump down to the windowsill. (On Moderato you can take rope arrow above the fireplace behind you to make this task easier.) Enter the window.

OK, you're inside the castle.

Now you're almost free to find your way, and you can shorten it if you already know what to do... but I'll show you the "non-cheater" way. Almost.

Open western door, and now you are in the Water Tower.

There is one guard there, he is patrolling an endless staircase leading to the top to the tower. He has one eye only, but beware - his hearing is well above average. Fortunately there are many dark corners on the staircase, so you have a choice on what to do with the poor guy.

Go to the top of the stairs (there is a ladder to the very top, explore it if you wish, but there is nothing mission-critical there). You are in a big empty room with two hatches. Open both. There are water tanks - one for cold water and one for boiling. Guess which is where.

Jump into cold water to get water arrows from its bottom (look in the corners). Exit the tank.

Don't jump into boiling water, believe me, it's not a good idea.

Go downstairs, but not to the lower level where you started. I suppose you don't know what to do, you have no clear goal, so... stop a level higher. Open double door to the West. If the corridor is empty, wait a bit, a guard will come.

The dark corners on the staircase in Water Tower is a good place #2 to hide bodies... at least if you've dealt with the one-eye guard.

Cross the corridor (remember the closed door on the right, in its western part - you will need it later), open the door... and go ahead as quick as possible. Guard looking at your side shouldn't notice you. Have a break in any dark corner.

You're on the 1st floor of the castle, it isn't represented on the map. This room has several doors. One of them is where you entered. Next (following clockwise) is a front door of the castle, and looking from this side you understand why it is not the easiest way in.

Anyway, the door can be picklocked.

The next clockwise door is where you should go. Enter, turn off the light (switch is on your side of the room), and you won't have any problems with patrolling guard.

And this room (if the light was turned off) is a good place #3 to hide bodies.

Cross the room, and you are entering South Wing, 1st (middle) floor.

There is a door opposite you, it is not locked. Enter inside Von Gudden's apartments.

Search his rooms. Nothing interesting in the bathroom... some books on the fireplace. Take them. One is just to read, another is one more brick to carry. Don't think why you’re supposed to treat the horse, just forget it for a while.

There is a diary on the doctor's bed in his room, the same color as the bed, so it is easy to miss. But better read it if you want to know something about the King's life.

But before you enter the bedroom, you will hear a conversation behind the locked door. Hear it and make your conclusion. A good addition to the doctor's diary.

Well, you've finished here. Return to the corridor of South Wing. You can have a look into the next room (where the priests live), but there is nothing interesting there, except some loot.

Then go upstairs, to the second (upper) floor, beware the guard patrolling corridor and enter any door - both are leading to princess Elizabeth's apartments.

If you enter door the closest to the staircase, you will see the princess herself, her back facing you.

Try to step silent, use moss arrow if needed because... because YOU WON'T NEED THEM ANYMORE!!!

Look to the left - there is a little room for ballet training. And a pair of ballet shoes under the bench, on the marble floor.

Approach... and take them.

First attempt fails - Garrett refuses to take them. Looking at these shoes you should understand his fear. But no time for kidding around... insist on your opinion try to take the shoes ONCE MORE!

He can't resist...

Then you have only one thing to do - USE it in your inventory.

That's all. Now you can use rest of your moss arrows to spoil the soup in the kitchen... or to cover somebody's bed with green carpet. No use for them anymore.

Some other things are in the princess' rooms - a letter on the coffee table, a healing potion in her bedroom (within the wardrobe)... a Dewdrop doll. And, a water arrow in the bathing head.

There is one more mysterious thing in the bathroom - a bottle of spray. You can use it like an improved flashbomb, it will blind only your enemy, but not yourself.

Now it's time to start your quests.

I'll suggest the longest but easiest way. Return back to the Water Tower, go down to its lower level (well, it's not lower - there is a stable beneath, but there are no stairs here - to be sure it is a level with Machinery room on it), and open door leading to the West.

One more corridor, and after opening the door in the end you finally getting to the ground floor of the castle, room #5.

And your closest goal is room #10 with a patrolling guard. No big problem with knockouts allowed... but it can be tricky to cross this corridor hiding behind his back.

While you have a break, look at your map. You need to open the door to the kitchen (#9), but don't enter - servants will probably notice you.

Open the door, take one step inside and go back to trigger the conversation between the engineer and the servant. Wait for the end of conversation in unnumbered room on west from #10 (turn off the lamp to eavesdrop safely - and, of course, it's a good place #4 for hiding bodies). After conversation you will get new objective, and the goal of this objective (servant with letter in his hand) will approach you and turn to the east.

You have an option here: knock him out and to take the letter; follow him and steal a letter (but he will notice, so take care where you hide him), and as well you can follow him to the closed door, let him open it and...

Well, anyway you finish with reading a letter.

Three things you should learn from it:

1) The key is on the bottom of boiling water tank;

2) The dumbwaiter is broken and can be repaired through the vent shaft with a maul;

3) The maul is somewhere in the South Wing.

Let's start from the key. Go to the Machinery room in Water Tower, open the furnace door and shoot the flame with water arrow.

Then go upstairs to the water tanks. Jump into the ex-hot water (its cold now!) and take the key from the bottom.

The next goal is to find a maul. Some players were annoyed with being unable to find it, but think... The engineer can't find it either! He remembered he has seen it but can't remember where exactly...

Think. Maybe it's unusual, unexpected place?

Return to the South Wing (probably the best way is through the upper corridor of the North Wing, then through the 1st floor of the main building... another possible way is through the kitchen), to its ground floor.

Search all rooms carefully. But before you start, open outer door of South Wing with the key on the wall.

The first door (count from staircase) belongs to butler and it’s closed, but can be picked. Read the letter in his bedroom (behind the bed, on the windowsill). Grab the loot. Enter the next (unlocked) door to servant's apartments. Two rooms are connected with the toilet, and you should do one unpleasant thing. One pan in the toilet can be opened, and you have to look inside.

Yes... it's a letter. Please take it.

(It's not a bizarre sense of humour, but it's a normal reaction of letter's receiver. Read it and remember, you will need this information later.)

Now... let's take the maul. Where is it?

Enter the third servant's room. There is a letter on the table. Read it and notice the sign. Sound familiar, doesn't it?

Return to the second servant's room. Do you hear ticking? Come closer. Clock... pendulum... weights... no, no. Look again. ONE weight... and the maul!

Take it, servant will never know who broke his clock.

Two goals achieved, now journey back to the room #10. Stand in the middle, face the West, and look up. What do you see? Wooden beams... and an entrance to the vent shaft. Everything you need.

Except probably a rope arrow...

If you have none, I'll guide you.

Well, there are two rope arrows on Largo, but one is hidden behind the switch counted as a secret, so I'll show you another one.

Go to the room #14. You will meet patrolling guard in room #11, but you know what to do.

In the room #14, look thoroughly at the western window. Do you notice a hanging rope? Take it, and you'll have a full arrow.

Return to the room #10 and shoot the rope arrow at the ceiling. Climb rope and enter the shaft.

(Don’t forget to take your rope arrow back. Never leave them, you may need it later!)

There are several ways there, and one of them you don't need yet, but it is better to do it now than to return later. So turn right, go North and drop down.

You will find two things in this unnumbered closed: a sheet of notes and shoe polish cream. Take both, but forget about sheet of notes - you will not need this one to finish the mission. (And if you are playing on Allegro, the polish cream is in room #13, so don’t try to find it here.)

Return to the vent shaft using the ladder. Head to the sound of the jamming dumbwaiter. Ignore all other turns (or check them if you wish - for example, you can visit room #12 only this way, and you can find one more WRONG sheet of notes there - it's your choice where to go right now, but your goal is to repair the elevator. So, finally get to the jammed door, prepare your maul and use it like it was a key.

(On Allegro you can use your sword as well, so you don't need the maul at all.)

Job done, dumbwaiter is working. Return to the floor and...

Stop, stop. There some unexplored area all around... Should you explore them right now?

OK, let's visit some more areas before our elevator ride.

It is a good idea to visit room #16 right now. (You can see closed door to room #15 from there and you probably will ask how to open it. The answer is: don't. It's a security room from mission 1, and you have already been there. Honestly, in mission 2 this door is FAKE.) You can find a water arrow in the pool, you can get some more spray bottles (and use one of them if you wish). But the most interesting things are upstairs. Check the upper level of a Bathing chamber and get a verse puzzle for later use. (On Allegro you can find it later in Throne Hall’s balcony.)

Now proceed through the locked door behind the curtains. Pick it and you'll enter the library.

(As it belongs to the 1st floor, it is not shown on the map.)

Another entrance (or exit) to the library leads to the Main tower and can't be opened right now.

Go upstairs to the upper level of the library, find the table in the far end and take the green book with notes.

It will be very useful later.

(Allegro: It’s in the King’s Office in the bookshelves. Moderato: Library. Look above the bookshelves)

And finally, return to the kitchen and enter refrigerator room (northern door in western wall). Turn on the light and look at the lamp. You will see three icicles loosing their transparency. Wait a bit and turn off the light when they become completely non-transparent. Now they won’t melt and you can get them as regular water crystals.

Well, let's return to the dumbwaiter. The room where it located is not numbered on the map, it is just between two locked doors - one from the kitchen and one from the room #11. Open any of them or both, and you will see two buttons.

Depending on your luck, dumbwaiter's platform can be here or can be in its upper point. No big deal. In the latter case call it with lower button. Jump on the platform and push the button "Up".

Traveling begins!

Unfortunately this way ends in mid-air, with threatening sounds of breaking metal. But don't rush to quick load. Everything is alright. Did you think this dumbwaiter would work correctly after such a quick "repair"?!

Just try to think. If you’re stuck in elevator in real life, what should you do?

You can't shout aloud in this game. But there are some other ways to make some noise right?

Put off your ballet shoes and jump on the metal platform. Kick the wall with your blackjack. Shoot broadhead. At last!

When somebody hears your noise, maybe they will be so kind to rescue you?


You shouldn't think about who this kind gentleman is. Elevator is about to die, so don't waste your time. Take an arrow, shoot it to the opened door and climb up AS QUICK AS POSSIBLE!

Because if you are not quick enough... you will be punished soon.

You finished on the 3rd floor of the castle, and it's a surprise nobody heard that awful explosion.

(Take the rope arrow - you don’t need it here anymore.)

Now you will continue your "event hunt". No clear goal again, no ideas where to go.

First, get to the room #20 to read a book. It is necessary to trigger some events. (Room is just behind a wall, but the door is locked and you have to go round.)

Second, go to the room #19. There are three doors: one you entered, one in eastern wall and one west. If you open eastern door, you will see King, his aide and his doctor Von Gudden. King and doctor are tolerant, but beware if the aide notices you!

So there is no way.

Enter opposite door (in western wall). You are in the narrow corridor, and its another end is dead - door isn’t active yet.

Look at the ceiling and touch a little switch nearby the lamp. Secret door opens revealing narrow secret passage. Enter inside, go along the colour-lighted gallery to the middle where you will see two switches. Turn both switches off, crouch and carefully move ahead a step or two.

Conversation in room #21 starts. Wait until it is finished, get your new objective and let them go into the closed door to room 23. Leave secret passage... don't follow them, or aide will chase you. Just read your new objective.

Well, well. You did too much to get to the upper floors... now you have to get back. And the elevator is completely broken.

I'll give you one more clue before revealing the solution. Go to room 18, enter door in South-East corner and go downstairs to the lowest level. There are two doors there. One you can't open, another can be picked but leads you nowhere except closed exit. All you need is to read a message on the staircase - from Valet to servants.

Now it's time to find our solution.

Return to the room #18, stay close to glass doors on the North and look through.

Can you see the key stuck in door on the right?

First, break the glass with any weapon you have.

Second, you have to free stuck key without touching it. Guess?

Use broadhead.

If you are short of arrows, there are some in one of two long unnumbered rooms located along the Throne Hall on the 4th floor.

Then return to the narrow corridor between room #19 and Main tower (with a switch on the ceiling). This time the door in the end is active. Open it and take the Tower key from the floor.

Now you have access to most of closed doors in the main building and can return to the ground floor via any spiral staircase.

Well, return to the ground floor and try to catch the Valet.

You have no ideas where to find him, but one thing you know: he is there to find out why dumbwaiter is not working. If I were him, I would ask somebody what happens.

Engineer, for example. Or butler. Or even chief guard.

And as you know from one of the letters you read, Valet has a blue sash over his shoulder to help you to distinguish him from other stuff.

He is patrolling by the following path: butler’s room in the South Wing - engineer’s room in the East Wing - chief guard’s room (#13 on the map). The way from one point to another may differ depending on the doors you have unlocked before, so the best way to catch him is to visit all three points as soon as possible.

Get the key from the valet when you finally find him and return to the 3rd floor. Don’t worry, aide is gone somewhere, so be brave to proceed rooms #19, #21 (stop here to read Anger’s letter on the King’s table), #23 and stop in room #24. Read the book in the alcove to know more about place you’ve visited in mission 1. Then stand before southern door. It is locked with Valet’s key. Unlock it and SAVE THE GAME IN ANY FREE SLOT, because a few seconds later you will have to make a choice.

Enter the room and face the King’s crown in a niche in opposite wall. But what does this metronome sound means?

Now the crown is active, you can take it and almost finish a game. Some areas are left inaccessible, but the only two goals you have rest are to grab loot and to leave the castle. Take the key under the crown - it will open the exit portcullis on the lowest level of the castle (remember that pickable door on the ground level of southern spiral staircase). But you will never know who saved you from the elevator shaft and what happened with the King.

And if you leave the crown on its place (why not - King seems unhappy enough, he is betrayed, he has problems with his bride... stealing the crown probably put him into full desperation), metronome stops after several seconds, crown becomes inactive and game continues.

Part II.

Door opens, and Gabriel comes to enlighten you. Hear him closely, he will say some important things (and if you forget what he said, you can read the file Gabe1.str in Books folder), and one of the things is about one candle in King’s study. Remember it, get new objective and enter King’s bedroom.

There is a lot of readables here. First of all, read a scroll by his bed, then take a key from the box.

Then come close to the fireplace and look at the left statue. There is another scroll behind it. Take it, read it- it explains what do that sheet of notes mean. But stop - you don’t have the correct one.

And finally close fireplace door and look at the floor. There is a half-burned piece of paper lying under the fire, you can see its corner. Take this paper, read and remember, because it’s your second objective list: you supposed to make everything said there. But not right now.

There is one more unnumbered room on the North from bedroom. Enter it and look left. There is a painting on the wall framed by four wooden corners, look on the left lower corner and take a disk. You will need it later (but this disk is here on Largo only - on Allegro/Moderato it is right next to it’s place of use).

Right now you have to go to Anger’s apartments in the North Wing. Remember that locked door in the upper corridor of the wing? Go there and open it with your new key.

But before you leave the main building, I should reveal one secret because it’s important to know to understand better what’s going on. Go to King’s study, find one candle without a flame in the chandelier, jump and take it. It’s a key!

Some players spend hours trying to find a door for this candle key! It’s hard to believe because to reach this door you don’t have to move much. See cupboard? Open its central door and read King’s diary.

Well, when you unlocked Anger’s door, go upstairs, enter living room, open two doors to the bedroom. Look around and try not to miss a tiny switch on the left from the door, on floor level. Touch it and go to the revealed elevator.

Press button - and you will get into Anger’s secret compartment.

Look around. Probably the first thing you notice is a green book similar to one you already have. Take it from the stand, but it’s only a half of solution. Find Can Can book in your inventory and place it on the stand instead of Anger’s score.

And read your new objective. Nothing unexpected and it is not a big problem where to go now (no matter some players couldn’t guess themselves). You are supposed to spoil the premiere, right? Have you a map? Try to guess which room is most probably for premiere start...

But before you leave for the Singer Hall, look around once more. There is one more spray bottle in Anger’s bathroom (this room looks very special, doesn’t it?), and there is at least one water crystal in the water. Also don’t forget to read a letter on the windowsill.

Also there is musical lock in a room nearby, but don’t bother - it is for a later use. All you need here right now (just to avoid coming here once more) is a piece of paper which is hidden quite good (you’re playing Largo, aren’t you? On Allegro and Moderato it is just lying under the table). Return to the elevator and look under it and take a crumpled piece of paper. Read it.

It’s a clue to your wedding objective!

But now you have to go to the upper floor of the main building. Call the elevator, go up and have a pleasure talking to your opponent. When his ominous smile melts, you can feel free to do everything you wish. Anger stops blocking the passage, and you can go.

(Have you tried to harm him? No matter, this puzzle can’t be solved that easily)

Return to the main building, go upstairs to the 4th floor and enter Upper Hall (room #29). You can see the portcullis is opened (if you have seen it closed before) and all doors, except doors leading to the Throne Hall, are unlocked. But don’t try to rush into the...


Well, you have to keep silent and don’t reveal your presence here.

There is one good, safe, silent way into the Singer Hall, but you will need rope arrows. Do you have them?

Stand facing double glass doors leading to the Main tower and open the door to the right. Enter and open next door on the left leading to a little closet with ladder and ventilation hatch on the ceiling (better check your map before). Jump to open the hatch, shoot rope arrow to the shaft and climb it.

Welcome to the roof ventilation system!

There are some different ways within, puzzles and clues to puzzles. But we are here to finish our business, eh? So the correct path is an easiest: go straight ahead. When you reach another hatch in the end of the shaft, open it, shoot another rope arrow to the center of the ceiling behind this hatch (much easier to make it right now) and jump down.

Don’t hang out the curtain! Guards can fail your mission again. Just look around. One of the windows is semi-transparent and can be opened. Open it, don’t be afraid. Then come to the ledge and go to the outer balcony of Singer Hall. Got Vertigo? I am sorry, but don’t call yourself thief :p

There is only one possible problem: some players for unknown reason can’t jump over balcony. You can climb its railing, but it’s a bit tricky because of limited space. Come to the railing as close as possible, make about a half of a step back, turn left several degrees literally... and mantle. If your distance of half-step back is correct, you will not have any problems.

Well, jump to the balcony, respire... and enter Singer Hall.

Your little lark definitely has a success!

After the cutscene you find yourself in the little tower where you started your acrobatics. Jump onto the rope and climb back, cross through the shaft and jump down the hatch to tight furnished closet.

I hope light in the next room is off, because there are some people in the Upper Hall (room #29) and they won’t leave it without finishing their conversation. To start it you should get as close to the light switch as possible. Stop and hear, and make your conclusion again, and when King finishes his monologue, nobody wants to argue. Then King and his aide start going to the King’s suit, and they will pass dangerously close to you. Keep yourself in the dark, but pay close attention to the aide’s belt - there is a key there, and you will not have a better chance to steal it.

It is not needed for the walkthrough, but I think you are already intrigued by the closed chapel (room #27)?

While you have been seeing the premiere, some things have changed. Wedding cake moved from the kitchen to the table in Upper Hall. And the ominous detail: all the clocks in the castle stopped.

Even more ominous: if you visit Conservatory right now, you will see broken princess’ portrait.

Now it’s time to remember Anger’s list. Your next goal is to prevent the wedding from being ruined, and you probably have no ideas how to do that... but Anger definitely had.

Read this crumpled paper again if needed. Do you think Anger will try to eliminate the King himself? Doubtful... Maybe priest? Not the best solution. Then...

Rush to the bride’s room in the South Wing! Upper floor, if you remember...

Of course, it’s too late. Enter bedroom.

The only good thing: you don’t have that stupid “Mission failed!” message. Not yet.

Look at the floor, look at the inverse bed, at bloody picture on the wall... no help is available anymore. You can get out.

Leave the room, and when you cross the doorframe...

...something happenes.

Relax and hear music, its genius. Relax because...

...some minutes later your eyes return back to your body, and you see you are still standing inside the doorframe meanwhile somebody is opening the door...

Damn. It’s Gabriel. Not again!

After a long conversation you have one new objective, one new key and more trouble like quickly approaching steps. Gabriel hides in the bathroom leaving you to save yourself.

King’s special team enters Elizabeth’s bedroom, knight shouts: “A murder!”, and you have no better task then to go away. They would never believe you’re not pertain to a murder”.

Now let me enlighten you. Your next goal is to obviously go to the stable. But I recommend a better choice: nobody knows about the murderer yet, the situation is relatively cool, nobody has a special task to track you...

It’s a good time to start making your own werehide potion. And, as you saw, the Throne Hall was opened.

Let’s go there.

Entrance from the third floor (Lower Hall) is unlocked, but it is blocked with two guards. But there is another way in, on the fourth floor. There is only one guard there, walking along Throne Hall perimeter, so he is not a big problem. Enter the gallery, check your weapons (you should have at least one rope arrow - you may need it), jump onto the chandelier (what an incredible construction!) and then down to the standing chandelier and to the floor.

But while you are high enough, look down on the floor and try to remember where you have read about those animals...

Well, you’re on the floor. Find “Verse” scroll in your inventory and read it again.

Don’t try to understand it literally. It is a sequence.

So, start from the mouse as written. Find its image on the floor and stand on it. Try to position yourself in the center of the image (turning around can provide a great help) and wait for 3 seconds.

If your location is right, you hear a chime and blue rotating mouse appears above mouse image. It means your first step was correct. Look at the verse again and find the next animal on the floor. Then go to the image and wait for 3 seconds. Chime, blue rotating animal... and a red beam showing your passed way.

The correct sequence is: mouse - gazelle - boar - fox - dog - wolf.

If you choose wrong animal, the sequence resets to the beginning (not on Allegro, though).

Before you choose the last animal, look around. See stairs? There are two empty spaces on both its sides between stairs and walls. And there is a hidden door in the wall to the left of the stairs.

Stand on the last beast, wait for 3 seconds and see how that hidden door opens. Rush there and get the bottle. That’s what you were looking for! Water from Green Grotto, the first component for creating your werehide potion.

Now the door can close while you are looking at the bottle inside that hideout, but there is a button to open it again.

Now there is one more thing to see here. Enter the gallery around the scene and go around. One of two statues will move when you pass through. It can scare you, but that’s all it can do. No new puzzles, no new threats.

Then you have to leave, but two live guards are still there.

If you are still trying to avoid knockouts, there is no need to break your rules. Some borders on the upper level of the Throne Hall are wooden, so you can return there without knowing how to fly.

But if you prefer good old way to avoid troubles, exit via front door on the third floor. Two guards can’t see you approaching, and you can knock them out one by one, but sometimes the second one notices the body and fails your objective, so don’t rush to quicksave. If that happens, reload and try to change order of blackjacking (start from the other guard).

Now you have a bottle of water but no other components. And you also have a suspicion that you have missed something important. That’s true, you haven’t been to Singer Hall yet! And it’s time to fix this error. Go to Upper Hall (room #29). There are three doors in its eastern wall. Choose the middle one, and you will enter Singer Hall without bothering guards in room #30.

There is something you have to take here. Do you remember how Anger threw his baton? It is still there, on the floor. Go to the center of the hall and take it.

And, then, you should get to the balcony, and there is only one way to do that - rope arrow.

There is a small room right above the scene, and if you look under the table in that room, you will find the third sheet of notes, and fortunately this one opens Anger’s music lock.

But right now you have a better thing to do. Go downstairs to the ground floor.

If you will pass through dumbwaiter room, beware the locksmith from Fussen - he has finally arrived and trying to repair completely broken platform, and engineer assists him. Notice that if you have knocked out the engineer, he is still alive and conscious, but his head is bandaged.

And if you will pass through the kitchen, have a look inside refrigerator room. Wedding cake has finished his trip over the castle right here.

Go through the room #10, #5, enter lower corridor of North Wing and go downstairs to the stable. Open the keylock and...

...and enter stable after a short cutscene. Have you any ideas what to do? Maybe not, but you should have groom’s letter from the servant’s pan and doctor’s book about treating horses.

Come to one of the horses and paint it with your brown shoe polish.

And while you’re waiting, come closer to the barred door with horseshoe above and listen how castle blacksmith is working. But don’t forget to hide in any deep shadow before doctor comes. Do you hear steps approaching?

Doctor comes, timer starts, and you have a little heart attack. But don’t panic. You need to entrap a doctor, right? He has his own stable key, right?

No doubts what to do!

Come closer to him (floor is very noisy, but haven’t you got ballet shoes in your inventory?), crouch and touch his bag on the floor.

Two keys go into your inventory with a little delay. Notice both, then leave the stable and lock the doctor inside. He will shout at you, ignore him. He is veterinarian, isn’t he? So his place is there, in the stable.

If you want to refresh your mind for your next goal, check the recipe again. You need lupine tincture, you couldn’t find it all over the castle, and as you probably know, King doesn’t use it anymore (but you should). But doctor cures King’s asthma with lupine tincture... and you have got a key to doctor’s study right now.

Have you any questions now where to go?

So, proceed to the South Wing, 1st floor, Doctor’s suit.

But while you are on the way, another cutscene happens. King gets angry and right after that some new guards appear and others turn into the search mode. The way turns more difficult, but now you have no choice. Be careful.

Unlock Doctor’s study, enter inside and prepare bottle of water from the Green Grotto. Use it on the jar with Yellow Lupine Tincture, and you will get Mixture instead.

Half of job is done. Leave doctor’s study, and...

Anger is probably looking at you. Hear him. Answer him. Then... it’s almost a clue. Go to Anger’s apartments (beware again - there are some new guards here and there!), go to the elevator to the lower level and finally enter correct combination (from the third sheet of notes) to the music lock.


The wall is rising, and you see a device for final preparation of the potion.

Place mixture on the stand, find your disk in inventory (on Allegro/Moderato it will be here, on the wall) and put it on gramophone stand. Everything is ready, but this device is not electrical - you have to wind it up to start process.

Take Anger’s baton and insert it into the keyhole on gramophone on the left.

Music starts, and potion is getting transformed.

By the way, the music you’re hearing is Wagner’s “Ride of the Valkyries” reversed

Take the potion (finally it’s called “Werehide potion”!) and leave Angers’s apartments.

But when you are going downstairs, you can hear voices. Don’t rush, hide and listen. Two guards searching for Anger can give you some invaluable information, just listen... and write. Garrett will write everything important by himself (he knows he can’t trust you).

Wait for the guards leave and read a note.

This door in the Lower Hall was inactive before, but everything can change.

Go there, try to avoid patrols (if you pass through the 3th floor, you can notice that the ambient music has changed), and when you reach the room #18, you see the northern door is active now. Anger is probably behind that door, and now you have a weapon to defeat him. You have no key, but that can’t stop such a skilled thief.

WARNING: this is a point of no return. If you want to do something else in the castle, you will not be able to do that later. It’s now or never, so...

NB: if you haven’t finished your loot objective yet, don’t care. It will be removed from your objective list (but it will left there if objective is complete).

Take your lockpicks (any of them) and start picking.

...and you probably hear the steps approaching from the back. Isn’t it curious who is that? Look back... fade out.

That was another “what the hell is going on?!” You change your location, you can see yourself picking the lock, but from the side. And it is not a cutscene because you are fully free to do everything you wish. Only your inventory is tiny, and you have no weapons.

Try to understand “what the hell”. If you’ve turned your head before fade out, you could see the King looking at you from the distance. And now you are exactly where he was... Got it

You ARE the King now!

And don’t ask “Why?” because it’s obvious. Only the King has a key to this door (as guard said), and only the King has a right to decide what to do: to open this door for Garrett... or to do something else.

I hope you will make a right choice.

Then, open the door with the key from your inventory and be happy returning to your regular body. King gives a short farewell speech to you, and you finally have an only way down without a shadow of doubt.

Go downstairs, enter the door - and face Anger.

It’s the final scene. So if you want to explore this floor, don’t approach to the composer. Slide along the walls and keep a maximum distance from him, then, when you prove yourself that there is nothing interesting here, come close and prepare for the final confrontation.

Anger doesn’t need a potion to transform, so... it is much easier for him.

You can hide from him in the shadow while he is chattering, but it won’t help: werevolves have flair, so after transformation he will know where to find you, even in the far end of the floor. And the entrance door is inactive, so you can’t escape. The only way to nick him is to climb something high - then he will start chasing you when you get down only.

Well, wait for his transformation, and - finally - Garrett doesn’t refuse more to drink that cute red bottle.

Drink it - and you will see how everything changes.

Now you have infrared vision, good speed, very special foot sounds and a paw instead of all your weapons. Fortunately it’s the only weapon that can harm Anger in werewolf skin.

But he is still dangerous and is still chasing you.

It is possible to kill him with your paw, but it is boring. Let me show you another way to eliminate him.

Come to the place where Anger had his transformation and look around. You new type of vision allows you to see things impossible for human - for instance, you can see Elizabeth’s ghost looking at you. Approach her (Anger is still chasing you, so be careful!), she will notice you and say something. Then switch box explodes, and now you can push the lever inside. Do that! Strange noise, red lights on cargo machine turns on and the big lever on its back side becomes active.

Don’t stay immobile or Anger will kill you, always keep moving.

Now you have to trap him to the cargo machine’s fork. And you are the only bait he can react, so run to the fork’s base, wait for him and quick mantle up to the top surface of the machine. Then touch the lever.

If you did everything right and Anger got to the correct position between two horns, he is trapped! Cargo machine is moving, Anger tries to stop device, with no success. Cargo machine stops by the pit, Anger falls down and.... you follow the werewolf again, almost like in mission 1.

A short cutscene shows you castle for the last time, and the MISSION COMPLETE!

And as a final spoiler for those looking for all 13 secrets and Easter eggs.

There is Miss26.mis file in your Thief II folder. Rename it to Miss26.RTF, open it and reveal all the secrets!


Written by Zontik

Corrected by bob_doe_nz