A Keeper of the Prophecies
   Episode 1: The Enterprise
a Thief 2 fan mission by frobber ©
(Originally released for Thief 1 November, 2000)



The Enterprise begins the story of my series entitled: A Keeper of the Prophecies. You can still download the original Thief 1 version of The Enterprise from the Circle -- although I don't support it anymore. And you can also read a walkthrough I wrote for that older version at:


The release zip for the Thief 2 version includes a fair amount of non-spoiler playing information, so if you merely need a general overview, I suggest starting there since I won't repeat much of this here.

If you have played the earlier version, you may notice how the Thief 2 version is much less locked-up and there are several new ways to get through. So it's not merely a port from Thief 1 to Thief 2.


Basic Information

The Enterprise is a two-part mission. The first part is small, and the second part very large.

The Thief 2 fog setting is entirely optional -- it looks cool either way. But setting for rainfall is a very good idea since the sound of rain will be there whether or not you have Thief 2 set for rain (because of a custom rain-sound system).

The ambient lighting may seem a tad bright. This done to display the game brightly enough on even the darkest graphics systems. Use the - minus and + plus keys to adjust your screen for the right on-screen feeling.

EAX ambient sound is recommended. Adjusting Audio in the Thief 2 configuration screen may help headphone and other 2-speaker systems sound better.

Except for growing annoyances, there is no real differences between Normal, Hard, and Expert. So it's really a matter of how long you want to play, and how annoyed you are willing to become.

There are lots of scrolls, but they only exist to further the storyline, and nothing in them contains any clues required to finish the mission. Read as much as you want, but don't worry if you skip something.


Part One

Garrett wakes up in his bedroom where he can read a note from the mysterious Alisha saying how she's out picking up Garrett's new mechanical eye from the Hammerites. Also in this flat is a scroll tossed almost into the fireplace with an ominous message from an investigator named Pinchenden, apparently repeating an earlier offer to borrow this new eye for study ...perhaps for a good price, and if not, then perhaps by force.

A recently installed switch on the hallway ceiling between the bedroom and living room opens a storage area containing Garrett's stash of arrows, mines and potions.

Soon a neighbor will discover how someone has been murdered, and upon investigation Garrett sees that it is Alisha lying dead in the street ...evidently she was carrying a scroll from the Hammers which can be found on the pavement next to her, and the scroll makes it clear how the Hammerites delivered the eye to her -- but upon investigation it is clear that she does not have it anymore. Reading the scroll triggers a New Objective to seek out Solustice Industries - presumably where the eye has been taken (if Garrett has already read Pinchenden's scroll, then this should be clear anyhow).

Nearby is a door with an eviction notice and near the river Garrett finds the wife (Jadifny) and children of someone by the name of Santiscauld. Apparently these are the evictees and have starved while waiting for Santiscauld to return from "the mountain" where he seems to be a slave, or something almost that bad.

There is one Secret in Part One - some goodies are located on a balcony above the waterfall. Rope up, grab the loot, and drop into the river for a free ride.

Near Santiscauld's family Garrett can find double doors with a gold plague saying "Solustice Industries -- Authorized Personnel Only." Frobbing this plaque or a nearby note about deliveries will trigger the voice of the Oracle -- "Betrayal will force you to seek, Garrett!" On the other side of the double doors Garrett finds a small guard house with a sleeping guard. Inside the guard house, he can see a big floor switch. The guard is pretty well asleep, but he will wake up if Garrett makes too much noise.

Throwing the floor switch raises a huge gate, and this ends part one (yet for some reason does not awaken the guard).

Note: If this neighborhood area looks vaguely familiar, there is a reason -- it is made from Garrett's old neighborhood in The Lost City mission as found in the original Thief 1 game by Looking Glass.


Part Two


Garrett starts out in a tunnel -- supposedly one of the few entrances into Solustice Industries -- a.k.a., The Enterprise. But this is really the only way in or out tonight. A bridge farther down has failed, and we have no idea how Garrett has gotten across -- but that does not matter. (There's no way to jump back across due to an invisible wall -- so even don't bother).

The tunnel leads up to a level area, a big non-frobbable metal door, and no other obvious entrance. So Garrett's first mini-puzzle is how to get into the place. After reading about a security alert, Garrett checks along the wall where vines are growing, and about 40 meters east of the big metal door (at the opposite end of this level area) Garrett sees a door hidden behind the vines. The door is locked, but easily picked open.

Hmm... a security alert?

Sounds like trouble.


Inside the door is a hallway leading into a sparse room. In this room Garrett sees how a guard lies dead -- apparently the victim of poison fruit. On a desk is a reprimand from his boss --Faustice, Captain of the Guards-- warning of consequences should this guy be found absent from his post again, especially since he is in the very pathway of escape for Master Solustice (of course, being dead, this isn't his biggest problem anymore).

There is a back hallway of sorts wrapping around the well-lit room, and at the end of this hallway Garrett finds the bottom of a tall elevator shaft. The elevator is up there somewhere, so the nearby elevator button should be pressed to bring the thing down.


The elevator has only one stop -- straight into a large office with a giant octagonal desk. The elevator platform is exactly the same texture as the carpeting up there, and it appears to blend right in upon arrival. Elevator buttons can be seen on the south side of a nearby sofa. But there is no need to go back this way.

This room is the office of Master Solustice -- the owner of the enterprise by this same name. Near the desk is yet one more poisoned guard and on the desk lies a parchment containing a stern command from Faustice (the head guard) -- this dead guy was to hold his position on pain of death. His "position" it seems was to guard a lock box attached to the desk. This lockbox can not be picked -- and Garrett decides to make a note to return should he find a key (Actually, this is what he must do to win the mission).

Flanking this office are two smaller offices with their own octagonal desks. One belongs to the Chief Council, Franticious, and the other to Squintas, the Acting Treasurer. There are similar lock boxes on their desks, and both of these can be picked open.

Inside Franticious' safe is a purse with loot and a scroll from Investigator Pinchenden apparently offering his services in acquiring Garrett's new mechanical eye. In this note Pinchenden also muses on why Solustice might want the eye delivered directly to himself -- but concludes, alas, that Solustice is the Master of his mountain and can do as he pleases.

On Squintas' desk is a parchment from Inticus, a whiner in charge of Project Vision, who is complaining about his lack of facilities and how he "must work with alchemists whose ideas of high art include impaling poor souls until they confess what they do not know." In his hidden safe is a note from a pair of managers complaining about their own funding being siphoned away by Project Vision, and also a fair amount of loot.

By now Garrett will have noticed that guards periodically walk down the spiral stairs into Solstice's office, and leave by way of a door in Franticious' office. This is the only part of the executive offices routinely patrolled.


The spiral stairs in the biggest office lead up to the master bedroom suite on the second floor. A smaller bedroom to the West contains a dear-john letter from the Master's most recent wife and beside it, a gold ring. The guards don't patrol into this room. But they do walk through the hallway just outside.

On this floor level, a parchment can be found (from Franticious) which apparently accompanied the delivery of the Hammerite eye to Solustice -- but the eye is missing. In the larger bedroom across the hall from the wife's bedroom, Garrett can find a gold plate, gold cup, and a bottle of fine wine. Also, there is an informative "Things-To-Do" list in this room. But the old man is missing.

In the bathroom, Garrett can read a report from Alisha on the topic of Garrett himself. Evidently she has been spying on him on behalf of Solustice -- and even more intriguing, it seems that she is the very daughter of Solustice and this journal appears to be a version never intended for anyone to read -- presumably delivered to Solustice along with the eye.

Why was she so interested in the Keepers anyhow? Was this her real reason for spying on Garrett?

Guards periodically patrol through the bathroom and into the Master bedroom, but there are plenty of shadows in the corners, and these guards are not especially gifted at detecting thieves.


There is a back hallway leading from the bathroom into a balcony above a large courtyard area containing a swimming pool. This area can also be reached from the ground level by exiting the office area downstairs. If you think you can drown guards in the pool -watch out- because they can climb out of this one!

There are two switches clustered together in the courtyard that operate the lights. Nearby lies a rope arrow left as a clue about local climbing possibilities.

At this point Garrett has two options. He can find his way along the balcony level above the pool and search for a door where the guards are walking along a catwalk area -- then fight or sneak his way the whole length of the catwalk. Or he can shoot a rope arrow into the wood framing of the open skylight and explore the roof area until he finds a trap door in the roof. The trap door is at the opposite end of the catwalk -- and a much easier route.

On the roof area near the skylight is another switch that operates the skylight itself and near this switch is a parchment from Faustice complaining about guards jumping from the open skylight into the pool.

Guards will be guards.


By traveling along the catwalk (or over the roof) Garrett will discover the 'guard-house' area where there is a small dining room, storage room, and the office of Captain Faustice. Guards in this area patrol the short hallway in front of this office but there are long gaps in patrol times. Doors to the outside world from this area are unlocked (new for Thief 2), and from here Garrett can choose to explore the exterior of the building or continue indoors.

Inside Faustices' office, Garrett will discover a strange parchment addressed to the Captain from someone who has broken in here earlier. Evidently, the note-author has stolen something he calls "corrupted fruit" (a stash of poison apples). Also taken were some proximity mines, and most importantly the Master's Key! (Remember that lockbox in the big office?) Another scroll in the room is from a cook who is not keen on whatever plans Faustice had in mind for those poison apples.

The main lobby area is nearby, and Garrett can walk out the front doors to exit the building or otherwise head north into a set of lengthy hallways.


East of these hallways are two test chambers which are interconnected underground by "clean out" tunnels that can be handy for avoiding guards. These tunnels travel from the bottom of the Electrics test chamber into the bottom of the Iron Maiden test chamber. Half way between chambers is a cliff-side lookout with a set of special instructions for "proper disposal" (worth reading for comic-relief value).

Watch out for the guy playing with the Electrics test chamber. If Garrett is standing in the wrong place down inside the chamber he may take some serious damage when this guy cycles the switch. There's a lot of time between switch cycles, and only the top of the truncated pyramid is dangerous, though.

Some back rooms of the Iron Maiden test Chamber Lab area lead to an outside door. In fact, around the corner to the right when exiting this door is a short stonewall, and over and past this wall is the entrance to the caves.


There are two main sections to the building -- the one Garrett has already found and a larger factory/office area to the north.

The Caves

The Thief 1 walkthrough had an extensive description on finding the caves -- because back then this was the only way to get into the rest of the building, and if you want to read about this, I invite you to explore the wordy details in the Thief 1 version walkthrough: http://www.edanet.com/thief/enter_walk.html. This new Thief 2 version offers several new ways into the north side of the building, so I'll only say this much about the caves:

The cave entrance can be found after a long walk over to the east side of the building near the cafeteria (see the map). Garrett will need to climb down a rope from a beam, then down a ladder, then into a confusing mish-mash of sorts (not really that bad). There are three pieces of nugget-type loot in dry areas of the cave, and there is yet one more dead guy with a few goodies nearby.

Eventually Garrett go for a swim in the huge flooded cavern below, and under water in this room there is a cave exit leading up to a giant vertical shaft. Take a running jump across this shaft then go up the ladders and then into the sewers.

The Garage

On the northwest corner of the building is a garage -- your basic garage for horses, wagons, or race cars (someday). In a back room Garrett can find a big barrel against the wall, and behind this there is a small opening leading up into some air ducts.

North Wall

Out doors near the garage, along the long north side wall, there are some small boulders lying in the grass. Under one of these is an opening and a short tunnel leading in.

West Entrance

This entrance is at the West-most end of the building. The door is locked, but if Garrett stands on some construction materials to the south of this entrance, this gives him a nice easy arrow-shot-sight through an open window at a red button which will open the door.

Secret Area

Lastly, if Garrett stays inside the building and merely heads north from the main lobby and wanders down the long hallway (also going north), he'll see a fair number of small closet-sized areas on his left. The closet area farthest north (and just before a big metal door) has an opening in the ceiling, and up there he'll find some goodies as well as way into the north side of the building.

At this point the mission is pretty wide open, and the next few paragraphs here detail places where Garrett can explore:


The sewers lead to an "attitude adjustment" chamber, and a sleeping zombie along the way can be avoided (had to put at least one undead in this mission!). From indoors this chamber is located in the back of the Iron Maiden Assembly and Reconditioning Lab.

Coming from the sewers, Garrett has two ways to get through... he can either fight with Faustice who stands in an observation room (Vanguard actually snuck by this guy!). Or Garrett can work his way around the room to the left (clockwise) while reading the various parchments (if he wants) until he finds a ladder leading up to a balcony level. Either way takes him into the Iron Maiden lab.

Faustice' observation room has a few goodies, so it may be worth sneaking in at some point. But there is a pretty touchy minion working nearby, so Garrett may not bother if he's in a hurry.


Most of the lights in the lab can be switched off (In fact, from this point on Garrett should be on the lookout for light switches everywhere). The minions in here can hear fairly well, and like all minions in this level, they will find guards who will come to kick Garrett's ass if they can find him. So long as most of the lights are switched off and Garrett stays either on the beams or carpet runners, he should be able to sneak through the lab.

In theory, there are lots of guards due to the security alert caused by the missing Master's Key. Garrett must now be patient. Lots of guards will patrol into the lab at one time or another, and if he hasn't bashed Faustice, he can also find himself attacked by this mad former-Hammer wielding his deadly mace.


Inticus, our snooty Project Vision leader, is hanging out in the library -- he can be ignored or bashed as Garrett sees fit. On a table is handbook very much worth reading -- especially about the origins of Master Solustice and the taboo regarding transfer of power. Also in this general area are job postings and the first of several random postings reminding everyone why they are up so frickin' late at night -- to find the Master's missing key!

There are lots of guards in this area, but the library is safe as long as Garrett keeps quiet and away from the doorways.


Another poor soul lies here having found one of the many poison apples. Evidently, Stanis was a carpenter, and though his principal duties these days had been to help in the freight elevator repairs, a note instructs him to investigate the cold draft coming from the auditorium ceiling. This should be enough to tell Garrett that something up there is worth investigating.

Garrett can explore the cafeteria and enter the cook's office to discover the details of Faustice's plans to poison "the food thieves."

Watch out for the apples in the cafeteria storage room (near the cooking area). These apples are poisoned.

Above this storage room via rope arrow is a loft and a useful potion (the loft can also be accessed from the hallway outside the cafeteria).


At the back of the cafeteria eating area Garrett can find a door to a sound studio and control room, and even get a peak at the auditorium. Inside the auditorium control room are light switches worth turning on to get a lay of the land, although this can be done later, too. Guards don't patrol through the auditorium, so the lights don't matter much either way.

Bashing doors open in the auditorium lobby will let Garrett into the theater section, or if Garrett wants to be quiet about it, he'll need to find an auditorium key in a safe located in the office of Yolandis -- which is found in the Iron Maiden Division (IM) office area.

There are two keys to the safe -- one is inside the temporary office of Inticus found in the IM drafting room. The other copy of this key is found inside the office of Corbalus in the southwest corner of Electrics office area. Although you only need one key, some goodies can be found in both places. For Garrett's playing convenience, both of these office doors are lock-pickable. And including the office of Yolandis, there are only three locked office doors in the place (as far as I can remember).

The lockbox to Yolandis' safe is on the wall behind his desk. Inside the safe there's a scroll warning how Master Solustice intends to give away the business to a "complete idiot" and what measures should be taken. Also inside are goodies and that damn key to the auditorium area.

BTW -- There are only three types of keys -- five in total -- and all are named:

Garrett only really needs the Master's key, since the other two key-types involve accessing the auditorium, and there are other ways in like bashing doors or climbing over the edge of the cliff (see below for details).

The auditorium key will open any locked auditorium door.


A workshop room just west of the auditorium contains a footlocker with goodies -- worth having -- and inside this same room is a private dorm room with a footlocker containing a scroll describing how to get safely through some service tunnels (see more below). The service tunnels contain active proximity mines, so the note is worthwhile.

Garrett should watch out for an old Farcus type dude checking out books in the IM offices -- this is Corbalus, a former Hammer priest who still has a few flaming hammers up his sleeve. (So far nobody has reported such an encounter -- but it can be fun to get this guy to chase Garrett, then have him kill off some guards who happen to get in the way.)

There is a fair amount of loot in one cubical in the rear main office area of the IM Division. A nobleman type stands there daydreaming, but it is possible with some effort to grab this loot without disturbing him. (BTW, the drafting table room just west from here contains doors to the offices of both Yolandis and Inticus).

While Garrett is in this general office area, he might like to take a jaunt west down the main hallway in order to clean out the guards at the west entrance. Also in the west entrance area is are offices with a small amount of loot -- Or Garrett can do this later, since once he has the Master's Key he can get back to any area whenever he wants.

Moving west past the auditorium, Garrett should look for winding stairs. On the second floor above the Electrics office is a hallway with several small dorm rooms and footlockers in each. Among these footlockers Garrett will find gas arrows, flash bombs, and all sorts of other goodies. A scroll found up here from the wife of Sandiscauld is important to the story and worth reading.


The podium inside the auditorium holds a gold cup and an another auditorium key for those rare taffers who might actually manage to get in here the back way (see Extra Credit Challenges below for how this might be possible). But from either direction, the Auditorium area is one entrance into the final section of the mission (in the original design, this was the only solution, but now the big old freight lift adds another way into this area).

While Garrett is in the auditorium, he might want to find the control room and flip on the lights, if he didn't do this earlier. Also, there is yet another rope arrow on the floor of the auditorium seating area (didn't want anyone coming up short on rope arrows because of what lies ahead).

In any event, the space beneath the floor of the seating area is Garrett's next quest. This lower area is reached by one of two ways (both involving the area above the auditorium ceiling) -- either by shooting a rope arrow into the gap in the ceiling of the auditorium, or by clearing out the crates and wooden barricades beneath the stairway backstage which leads to a ladder and the same open ceiling area as reached by a rope arrow (most players miss this second way up).


Once having climbed above the auditorium ceiling, Garrett will find a service tunnel leading down to the space under the seating area. If he already has read a scroll warning Mr. Goth about proximity mines then Garrett already knows how to avoid getting blown up in the tunnels ahead -- stay to the left, avoid exploring the cliff-side openings, and watch out for areas under posted parchments. On higher difficulties, there are more mines. On easier difficulties, most are gone except for the mines near the lookouts. If Garrett scouts carefully enough, most of these mines can be observed and avoided. Or they can be taken out with broad heads if peace-of-mind has any value tonight. (Note: these mines can not be disarmed with lock picks).

Garrett will discover a water-filled shaft at the end of this tunnel passage. He should jump down into the shaft, swim into the reservoir below, and up a shaft at the opposite side. A partially submerged ladder is found there and after climbing the ladder, he should see into a huge freight elevator shaft where the floor area is flooded.

Here Garrett has another traveling choice -- he can try to jump down into the water --hopefully avoiding the floating crates (this idea is stolen from Apache in The Keep). Or he can mantle out to the right and place ropes beneath a wooden lookout platform.

If you try roping, make sure, once again, that you avoid walking very close the cliff edge. Garrett can get close enough to place ropes on the beams, though (on easy, both ropes are already placed, on hard, one is there, and on expert he'll have to place both). Take a big jump to the first rope, jump to the second, then make a long clean jump into the open tunnel around the corner. So long as this last jump is clean, Garrett will clear the proximity mine found there.

Now Garrett should jump down from pipe to pipe until reaching a small platform where he'll find a control box for the freight lift. This control box works but the one at ground level needs to be powered-up. (The ladders found down here in the original Thief 1 version were replaced with this pipe-jump scheme, since now Garrett can ride the elevator to get out).


The Thief 2 version now has a working freight lift. But the ground-level elevator buttons need to be powered up before it will work from above. The buttons can be powered by a knife-switch located on the second floor of the West entrance -- the west-most part of the building. If Garrett uses the freight lift like this, he can skip the auditorium entirely (unless he wants the loot to be found there).

Lastly, there is a rope trick discussed in the Extra Credit Challenges below section for climbing down the nearby observation platform which will bypass most of the service tunnels. This is not easy and never intended to be possible at all. But it is fun -- especially on Expert when Garrett must place all of his own ropes.


The way to continue is found under water in the flooded area at the bottom of the shaft. If the lift is currently sitting at the bottom, either look around the edges of the elevator platform for an opening, or just send the lift up and out of the way.

The freight lift is cool to watch from below, and worth the experience anyhow, since in this Thief 2 version Garrett can now see the hydraulic system in action.

Fortunately, there are no more proximity mines, but now Garrett has a long swim ahead. The way now is a vertical shaft found under the water below the lower elevator buttons.

This vertical shaft leads into a long meandering flooded tunnel with stopping points for air. If Garrett gets confused, he should just keep swimming in one direction to find the nearest air hole. The flooded tunnel jogs a bit side-to-side, and there are no dead ends -- so just keep going.


The last air hole is actually small vertical shaft with a ladder leading up to another huge freight elevator shaft -- this shaft is dry and under repair. A packet of several rope arrows can be found, which will be needed to climb the wooden staging overhead. It is fairly easy to make it all the way up with one or two rope arrows and the extras are mainly there to allow for some experimentation.

An inspection of the upper regions of the shaft should reveal the faint flickering of a torch at the top of the wooden staging. This is a rope arrow challenge best solved by ascending the corner of the wooden staging to the immediate right of the flickering light seen up above -- although with enough rope arrows, this area can be climbed a number of ways.


At the top of the construction area Garrett finds a walkway into some sort of power room, and the sound of the ocean should guide him to the place where the "key thief" has been hiding -- beneath the power room floor. Head for the sound of the ocean behind one of the internal walls, then drop down a few feet into the area below.

The thief is dead -- explained by the nearby parchment (something that makes even more sense if Garrett has already observed the story of the evicted family in Part One).

The Master's key is there -- inside a jewelry case. Also Garrett can find a purse with a tidy haul inside.


By now a few books and scrolls may have been read showing how the employees and slaves are planning some sort of revolt. There is nothing Garrett should do about this, but it is worth remembering for future missions.


The metal door to the power room can be opened using the Master's key. If Garrett hasn't already raided the west end of the building with its shipping offices and other small office across the hall, now is the time.

Once the place is fully explored Garrett can head back to the executive office suite. The way back to the executive suite is completely wide open now since any door can be unlocked with Master's key.

Garrett should open the lock box in Solustice's office and this opens a secret door in the floor on the other side of the desk.


From beneath Solustices's desk a short tunnel will open which leads to a simple bed like the one in Garrett's own flat. On the bed is a jewelry case. Opening the case will cause a scroll to appear just under the torch at the head of the bed. And howdy-doo, you have found your Hammerite eye!

Read the scroll -- it begins to answer why Solustice went out of his way to obtain the eye, and then (if Garrett wants) he can press a button behind the bed to discover what Solustice has in mind for Garrett's future. This button has been missed by some players. Look fore the button behind the head of the bed, below the torch. This step is not required, but the experience should not be missed by accident.

Solustice will give Garrett a speech via loudspeaker, and then a rear door opens revealing the bottom of the very first elevator. If Garrett has his Hammerite eye and enough loot the mission will end once he leaves the building and heads down the original entrance tunnels.


And speaking of loot -- there is quite a bit more now to find than in the Thief 1 version, so it should be fairly easy to meet the loot goal even on Expert. This walkthrough mostly lists loot from the Thief 1 version because I have no idea where I added more. I do know that the wind-up mantle clocks are loot -- so don't skip the cute little clocks (there are two -- one in the office of Inticus and one in the main lobby).



Now that I have you hopelessly confused, here are some added challenges that may offer bragging rights, yet have nothing to do with actually winning the mission.

1. Try walking all the way around the building. It will require some fancy climbing in the cave area, but it can be done.

2. Rope down from the wooden observation platform near the freight lift (with crates and barrels on it). This is a major shortcut which bypasses the need to explore the auditorium.

3. Try drowning some guards in the master's swimming pool by simply standing near the edge of the open skylight above the pool. Guards may get so annoyed that they jump into the water and die.


If you are really stuck, you can write to me' frobber@edanet.com : and I:ll see if I can help.