Hello, and thank you for playing my first Fan Mission! The following walkthrough will allow you to complete all possible objectives (10 in all), find all secrets (5), and acquire all possible loot (4068) in my mission. Enjoy!

The first part of this FM involves navigating a cave network, all of which is nearly completely linear, so I will not provide details on how to get out of the cave area, other than the strong suggestion to SAVE OFTEN, especially before making difficult jumps (there are a dozen or so). That said, there are two areas where hints could be in order. First, there is a cylindrical room with stacked boulders and 3 frogbeasts. In this room, the best strategy is to be quick. Hop to the uppermost boulder (to the right as you enter), work your way down while trying to stay out of the light, and time your jump to the floor so the closest frogbeast is moving away from you. Then, quickly ease yourself down to the floor, turn around and snag the silver nugget under the small boulder (50 loot). Turn around again, and jump onto the boulder in front of the exit, then mantle your way up. Second, you might have noticed trees and ropes hanging from another large cylindrical cave, at the top of which you may hear a menacing treebeast. It is probably obvious how to get up to the landing where the treebeast is, but this landing has a substantial amount of loot that you probably don’t want to pass up! The trick here, again, is to be quick. Scope out where all the nuggets (3 silver and 2 gold, 350 total.) are while hanging onto the rope, then jump off, run around and grab them. If the treebeast gets too close, you can always jump back onto one of the ropes. Save the nugget on the slope (with the nearly horizontal tree sticking out of it) for last. To get the last nugget on the slope (and survive), crawl down into the slope, grab the nuggent, then move or climb to the side of the tree where the ropes are. Then crawl out across the tree to a point where you can drop down onto the nearest rope. This is tricky, so be sure to save your game, as you probably won’t get it the first time. One last thing about the caves. There is one additional silver nugget (50) to be had by taking the left passage at the ‘T’ immediately after your first jump. If you get all the loot in the caves, you should have 450 now.

Ok, out of the caves now, huh? Now for the city! You emerge from your cave to a small outdoor area overgrown with much vegetation. Check out the building straight ahead. An agricultural research facility? Hmmm. Read the note on the door. How on earth does one test zucchini? Ok, file that information away, and let’s head into town. The poster scroll on the wall confirms that you’ve got a pretty steep price on your head, so you can’t count on any help from your former thief friends tonight. Now that we’re in the city, feel free to check your map from time to time. See that red light? That must be the brothel. Remember your note? She said to use her ‘back door’, so let’s try to get around to the back of the brothel. Try to time the guard’s position (on the left as you enter town) and the lamppost’s dimness, and make a dash for the dark alley to your right. Watch out for the thief in the first alley you encounter. Grab his purse (100, for 550 of 4068), then either sneak around him (if you’re ghosting), or BJ him. Then look in the shed behind him for a coin on the floor (5, for 555 of 4068).

Continue around the brothel (east), and either BJ, or sneak around the patrolling guard. Look at the back wall of the brothel. There is no ‘back door’! But, wait, ..look up… there ARE a couple of windows. Could one of these be what she meant? Ok, let’s proceed on that theory. So, how to get up there? Keep going around the brothel, and when it’s safe, turn around its southwest corner. No ladder leading up to the brothel ledge, but there is another building close by. Shoot a rope arrow into the wooden roof just south of the brothel, and climb on top of it (on easy difficulty, a rope arrow is lying on the ground for you). Don’t forget to retrieve your rope arrow! Now, jump from this roof to the brothel ledge. Follow the ledge around to the windows on the west side. The first one can’t be opened, but (AHA!!) the second one can! Climb in.

Well, it looks like she’s not here, and her door is locked and not pickable. Remember here note? She said, “If I’m not there, find my special spot.” Ok, let’s have a look around. Give up? Upon entering, turn left, and look behind the dresser. This switch opens a compartment behind the picture above her dresser. Jump up onto the dresser, and read the scroll. You now know that Janine (whom you, Burglar Burt, are “Just Friends” with) has been taken for interrogation by Lord Bile. Rosie has been kind enough to let you know that you can gain access to Lord Bile’s estate via the sewers. Unfortunately, the sewer entrance is locked, and the only key is at the Well & Dowd Plumbing Co. Fortunately, Rosie has given you a key to the plumbing company, so all you have to do is go there to get the key to the sewers. First things first, though. Rosie also gave you a key to her brothel upper rooms, so use this key to access all the upper rooms, and get all the stuff from the footlockers therein (1 flashbomb, 1 water arrow, 1 healing potion, 1 invisibility potion, & 1 rope arrow). Now for the loot in the brothel. There are a few ways to approach the acquisition of this loot. If you’re a ghoster, the direct approach down the stairs is a bad idea. You’ll want to leave the brothel the way you came in, then enter through the front door by circling around from the south, timing your approach past the guard just outside, then turning off the light switch just inside the brothel. Once the lights are off, you should be able to sneak around and grab everything in the first room. Getting past the Thief in the doorway to the next room will be tough, but if / when you do, flip the light switch in the next room, and grab the remainder of the loot. However, if you’re a ‘quicker-the-better’ type of thief, while on the stairs, use either a flash bomb or invisibility potion to take out the Thief in front of the door, then kill the lights and BJ at will. The brothel has LOTS of loot (1345), but it is all in plain site, so I won’t go into detail as to where exactly it all is. Now, we’re at 1900 of 4068.

Ok, done at the brothel, and we now know where we need to go (Plumbing Co), and thanks to our handy-dandy map, we have direction! For the sake of avoiding guards, let’s continue heading south. There is a small storage area with lots of fish and barrels just south of the brothel. Passing through it (WITHOUT getting stung by biting flies), we see the entrance to the fish market. Watch out for the patrolling guard, and pick the lock of the fish market. Turn out the lights to avoid being seen through the large front window, then find and pick the moneybox behind the counter (50, now 1950 of 4068). If you want to punish yourself, click and listen to the Billy Bass song sung by the big fish trophy on the wall.

Exit out of the fish market, turn right, and shoot a rope arrow into the wooden roof of the storage building you used to get onto the brothel ledge. Climb up, retrieve your rope arrow, then make a diagonal jump over to the building just south of the fish market. Be careful, because there’s a watchful thief in this area who wants the reward on your head. Grab this thief’s purse (100, now 2050 of 4068), and either sneak past him or BJ him. Jump onto the south ledge of this building, and walk to the east. The big white building in front of you is a bank. Think you can make that jump to the gargoyle? Sure ya’ can!

Walk east across the bank’s roof to the gargoyle on the other side. It may not look like it, but you CAN make the jump from this gargoyle to the small ledge on the building to the northeast. Immediately after jumping, hug the wall, and go north to the window, then climb into this building with lots of turbines (noisy racket in here!). Read the note on the table. So, you can climb IN through the southeast window, but you CAN’T climb OUT it…..interesting information which may come in handy later. For now, exit out the northeast window, trying to time your exit when the patrolling guard is not within sound distance, as you will be walking onto a rooftop, which is rather noisy.

If you read the plaque, you realize you’re at Dr. Mel Praktiss’s office. When it’s safe, proceed east. Immediately east of the Dr’s office is his residence. When it’s safe, pick the lock, and enter the Dr’s house. The doctor is rather wealthy. Clean him out! (kitchen: 6 gold plates=300, 2 vases=100 living room: 2 statues=30 attic: tapestry=150) Total now 2630 of 4068. Being the excellent explorer that you are, I’m sure you noticed the small switch in the fireplace of the kitchen. Wow! The doctor’s wife hates him, and he is up to something suspicious. Let’s help her find out what the doctor is up to. You now have a NEW OBJECTIVE: Find out where the doctor goes at night. You also have a key to the doctor’s bedroom, which was inaccessible before. Let’s check it out. Hit the switch on the left side of the bookcase, and VIOLA, a secret passage! SO, the doctor IS up to something! Follow the passage and pick the lock on the metal door to discover the doctor’s secret experimental torture chamber! (GASP!) Read the doctor’s journal on the wooden table. The doctor is responsible for implicating Janine!!!!! That bastard! You now have completed the “Find out where the doctor goes at night” objective, and received a NEW OBJECTIVE: “Take the doctor’s notebook to his wife!” Ok, but there’s a problem. You can’t climb back up the ladder to the doctor’s bedroom! There must be another way out. Use the cell key on the table to open the doctor’s prisoners cells. What’s that behind the urine-filled bucket? A note from this cell’s previous occupant! He seemed to think the drain could be opened somehow. Use your lockpicks to open the drain, then jump in! Wheeeeeee!!!! Ok, enough fun, there’s some loot down here. Find 4 coins in the water (for 20, now 2650 of 4068), then swim up the only exit. Shoot a rope arrow (if you’re an idiot and used or lost all yours, on easy difficulty there is one lying there for you) up into the wood beam, and climb up. When you reach the top, you must jump from the top of the rope to a wood beam next to you (you can’t mantle up onto the one you shot the rope arrow into). Retrieve your rope arrow, and proceed out the tunnel, up the ladder, out of the tunnel, then up the next ladder. Open the door at the top of the stairs, and you’re in the warehouse.

There’s nothing in the warehouse except access to other areas. Once in, push the button to the elevator to bring it down (stand out of the way so it doesn’t crush you). Get on the elevator, and push the ‘up’ button. Once up, open the north window, and jump across to the roof of the building to the north. There is a thief in the northwest corner of this rooftop. Steal his purse (100, now 2750 of 4068), then jump into the chimney. If you’d like to avoid all possibility of damage, you can shoot a water arrow into the fire below before jumping.

You’re now in the “Horne” house. There are 2 gold candlesticks in the bathroom (50 each, now 2850 of 4068). Seems as though there’s no way out of here, as the other two doors are locked and not pickable. Give up? Hit the switch near the floor on the northwest corner of the living room. This reveals Mrs. Horne’s key and journal. Oops, another objective revealed as well! Poor, poor, poor Mrs. Horne! NEW OBJECTIVE: Find some way to ‘help’ Mrs. Horne. Use the key to open her bedroom door. She looks so sweet sleeping like that, doesn’t she? Yes, yes… of course you could help her the obvious way, but you’re in a hurry, so I’m sure you can find another way. Use the key to exit out the front door of Mrs. Horne’s house (north).

When it’s safe, head east. There is a small shed slightly to the northeast. In it, on the floor, is a coin (5, for 2855 of 4068). Just east of Mrs. Horne’s house is another house. Pick the lock and enter. On the right side of the fireplace are 4 coins (20, for 2875 of 4068). In the closet behind the curtain, frob the coathook switch to reveal a secret area under the stairs. Open the chest there (25, for 2900 of 4068), then go upstairs, and open the chest in front of the bed (5, now 2935 of 4068). If you are an intrusive sort, read the lady of the house’s diary on the right side of her bed. She’s quite happy now. Exit this house via the south window, and jump to the balcony / landing of the warehouse building there.

When it’s safe, go around this warehouse in a clockwise direction until you see the ladder leading up. Climb the ladder and pick the lock above, then enter the top floor. There is a barrel which needs to be pushed out of the way in order to reveal a footlocker containing a very valuable drill bit (250, now 3155 of 4068) in this room. Go to the doors / shutters on the east side, and open them, then get a good running start, and jump out of the window into the water tower to the east. Swim down into the pipe, then north, then up into the water treatment plant. Search the tank inside the treatment plant for 2 coins (10, for 3165 of 4068). Jump out of the tank, and open the window to the east. Jump out the window.

You’re in a very narrow, dark alley. On easy difficulty, you’ll find a rope arrow to the northeast on the ground. The building immediately to the east is the Weaponsmith’s shop. If you don’t care for any additional loot or weaponry, skip to the next paragraph. If you do, proceed with these instructions. While the water treatment plant’s window is STILL OPEN, shoot a rope arrow into the roof of the weaponsmith just to the left of where the water treatment plant window is. Climb the rope arrow, move to the right (just above where the open window is), then let go of the rope so that you land on top of the opened window. Shoot another rope arrow (assuming, of course, that you haven’t been frivolous with your rope arrows) into the center of the weaponsmith roof. Jump to this new rope. Climb this rope, and pick the lock to the weaponsmith window. When opened, jump in. Get all the goodies in the weaponsmith’s shop, including the moneybox (25, for 3190 of 4068). Shoot a rope arrow into one of the wood beams to get out the way you came in. Try to retrieve all your rope arrows, if possible.

You should be on the ground behind the Weaponsmith. Shoot a rope arrow into the northwestern corner of the weaponsmith shop. Climb this rope, then jump into the Psychic shop second floor window to the north. Retrieve your rope arrow, then proceed north to the window on the other side (BTW, you can’t access any of the other floors of the Psychic shop). Walk to the edge of this windowsill, lean forward, and open both the left and right shutters of the window of the building to the north. SAVE YOUR GAME!!! Jump into this window.

You are now in the house of Vlad Chulentz! All doors are locked and not pickable. Go downstairs, and take the gold vase under the stairs (100, for 3290 of 4068). If you want it, there is a water arrow in the kitchen sink. Go to the left of the Burrick head trophy, crouch, and find the secret switch. Read Mrs. Chulentz’s diary, and take her key. Poor Mrs. Chulentz! NEW OBJECTIVE: Find a way to help Mrs. Chulentz before she kills her malodorous husband. Using the Chulentz house key, open the upstairs doors, getting the ring on the table in the bathroom (100, now 3390 of 4068), and the door to the Chulentz bedroom (you’ll hear how stinky Mr. Chulentz truly is), and very quietly exit the Chulentz house via the east window.

Proceed south, then immediately east (watching carefully for guards) to the Plumbing company. Use your key (provided by Rosie), and enter the Well & Dowd Plumbing Company. Enter Mr. Well’s office, read his journal if you like, but make sure to get the key to the sewers hanging on his south wall. The next office is that of Mr. Dowd. Jump behind his desk, and flip the switch to reveal another secret and loot (100, now 3490 of 4068). Pick open the moneybox behind the counter (24, for 3514 of 4068).

Exit the plumbing company, and turn left. To your right, you’ll see a ladder. Climb it. Pick the lock and enter the butcher’s attic. Look behind the broken chest and find the scattered coins (20, now 3534 or 4068).

Exit the attic, and proceed south. Jump onto the ledge of the building immediately south of the butcher’s house. If you’d like, turn right, open the right shutter, and see what happened to the last guy who crossed Burt. If not, work your way around the butcher’s shop clockwise. When in front of the shop, jump from the ledge to the dairy sign (building to the south). This may prove difficult, so I urge you to save before trying.

Open the shutters of the dairy upper floor, and enter the dairy. Once inside the dairy, go down to the first floor, pick the moneybox, and get the loot (12, now 3546 of 4068). Go back up to the 2nd floor, open the shutters on the south side, lean out this window, and open the shutters of the window to the south. Shoot a rope arrow into the framing of the building just to the south. Pick up one crate (you’ll understand why in a moment), then, jump onto this rope, climb up, and jump into the window.

You are now in the Grocer’s house. Set your crate down anywhere. If you want, read Mr. Grocer’s journal next to his bed (he’s not the brightest of characters) To the left of the bed is a switch. Hit it, and you’ll get to read the Grocer’s wife’s journal, and you’ll get a very important, genetically enhanced cucumber. Hmmm…. Can you think of a use for this? In the bathroom, find a ring on the sink (100, now 3646 of 4068). Downstairs, the moneybox has loot (50, now 3696 of 4068) Pick open the southwest door, then pick up your crate and exit.

Ahhhh,… a Hammerite church, eh? Drop your crate just outside the east window of the Hammer church. Open the shutters, then jump onto this crate, crouch, and walk into the Hammer room. BJ the Hammerite, then slash the Hammer banner to reveal the gold hammer therein (75, now 3771 of 4068). Ghosters, I don’t know if this is possible for you, but good luck (you may be able to get the hammer without slashing the banner)!

Ok, done with the Hammer church. Next, sneak your way around the church (counterclockwise) to the small alley to the west of the church. If you like, open the one shutter on the west side of the Hammer church, and read the book. Then, pick open the window near the ground on the building to the west. Once open, climb in, climb the ladder, and grab the statues (3 on shelf (45), and 1 in water basin (15)), now 3831 of 4068. Got everything? Ok, let’s get out of here. The door is not an option, so shoot a rope arrow into the wooden beam close to the window on the west side of the factory. Climb up, and jump off into the window. Retrieve your rope arrow. Now, you see a building with a wooden framed-window immediately west. What the heck, shoot a rope arrow into the upper frame of this window. Jump onto this rope, then jump into this window. Retrieve your rope arrow.

You’re now in the “Phenomenal Fans” Fan shop. When you descend the stairs, you realize that the fans in here produce some serious winds. Anyway, go to the front office, pick the lock and get the moneybox cash (12, now 3843 of 4068). Read the note on the counter. We need to find Mr. Kandipaunts’ fancy walking stick. First, let’s grab the “Ultra-Mega-High-Velocity Fan” (fan on the right, and the only one you can pick up). Do you remember how this might come in handy? Shoot a rope arrow into the upper frame of the west window, climb up, lean out and get the walking stick (25, now 3868 of 4068). Retrieve your rope arrow, and jump down to the street level.

Go around the next two buildings, heading west and hugging the south wall of the city until you come to the building with a ledge. Shoot a rope arrow into the roof of the building east of the building with the ledge, climb up, and jump onto the ledge. Retrieve your rope arrow. When the patrolling guard is not close, walk on the ledge to the front of this building, then jump north over to the wooden awning. Jump onto this building’s roof. Remember the note you read in the room with all the turbines? It said you could climb INTO it through the southeast window. Let’s try! From the top of this roof (you need to stand up and run to reach the top), hug the wall of the turbine building and crouch while walking toward the turbine building window. You should be able to squeeze into the window, but it may take a few tries to get it right. Ok, you’ve been here before, so exit out the same window as before (northeast) to drop down in front of the Dr’s office. When it’s safe, head east and enter the Dr’s residence. Remember what to do? You need to give the Dr’s wife incriminating evidence against the doctor. So, go to the Dr’s bedroom, and drop the Dr’s notebook onto his bed. OBJECTIVE COMPLETE!

The next stop will be Mrs. Horne’s house. If you’ve been ghosting, you’ll probably want to use the same route as before through the doctor’s torture chamber, then through the warehouse to Mrs. Horne’s roof, and down her chimney. If you’re not ghosting, and you’ve BJ’ed most of the guards, you’ll probably take a more direct route. It’s up to you. Anyway, once inside Mrs. Horne’s house, take the ‘genetically enhanced cucumber’ to her bedroom, and drop it on her bed. OBJECTIVE COMPLETE! She won’t be sexually frustrated anymore.

Now, let’s get rid of the ‘High-velocity fan’. Again, there are different ways to get to the Chulentz’ house. If you’re ghosting, use the same route as previously described. If you’re not, use a more direct route. Once inside the Chulentz house, drop the ‘High-velocity fan’ on the dresser in the Chulentz’ bedroom (immediately on the left upon entering the bedroom). OBJECTIVE COMPLETE!

Ok, looks like all other objectives are complete, and we can pick up the remaining loot on the way to the sewers. From the Chulentz’ house, exit out the west window (from the bathroom) onto the wooden roof of the building next door. Open the shutters of the window, and enter this building. Follow the hallway to the other side (east), open the shutters, and exit out the window. Be careful! There is a thief just outside this window to the left with a purse on his belt (100, now 3968 of 4068). If you want to be cautious, douse the torch ahead, then BJ the thief. Be sure to get the wine bottle on the table though (50, now 4018 of 4068). Proceed east, jumping onto the small shed, then open the shutters of the window of the building to the east (with flowers) and jump into this building.

Jump over the bed in this room, and collect the scattered coins on the nightstand (20, now 4038 of 4068). Exit this room, and descend the stairs. Pick the lock on the door to the east on the ground floor, and exit when the guard outside is turned away from you, to get into the shadows of the town entrance.

One last place to find loot: the big fountain in front of you. Sneak to the shadows to the right as you did when you first entered town, then carefully enter the fountain by the northwest side (it is darkest), and find 6 coins (30, now 4068 of 4068). Ok, you’re ready to enter the sewers! Sneak past the guards (if they’re still conscious) on the west wall of the city, and open the sewer hatch using the key you got from Well & Dowd Plumbing Company. As you descend the ladder, MISSION COMPLETE!!! Congratulations!

Thanks for playing, and I hope you enjoyed my very first Thief Fan Mission!

Chris Moyer