The Circle of Stone and Shadow Walkthrough

Gathering at the Inn

"There was a new warden in town..."

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  1. Simple Thievery
  2. An Inside Job
  3. Unfinished Business

Starting Objectives:

  • Steal the six sceptres.
  • Steal LeBlanc's map.
  • Make Lord Pearsall sick so he cannot make it to the meeting tomorrow.
  • Ruin Lady Verrilli's ice sculpting business.
  • When your objectives are accomplished, ring the doorbell (marked on your map), and then go to the meeting place (marked on your map) to find Sheam, who will escort you to The Circle.
  • Do not let any of the guests see you.
  • Do not attack the guests, bar staff, or your allies in any way.
  • If you can, nab a token of your affection for Sheam. (Optional)
  • Nightfall stressed the importance of a loot goal. Try to find at least 700. (Optional)
  • It would be best if you harmed no one, but at the very least, don't kill. (Optional)

Ending Objectives:

  • Good thinking - you put Stellmach's map in the place of LeBlanc's! (Bonus)
  • You found all the loot, you money grabbing maniac! Go buy yourself some candy! (Bonus)

Loot Information:

  • Requirements: 0
  • Available: 1048
  • Accounted For: 1048

Note: This is an EXPERT (No Hints) level walkthrough. It not only tells you the way through, but how to complete all the objectives and steal all the loot. Some vandalism will also occur during the course of the evening.

Simple Thievery

It's Cold
You start in a section of town near the inn. It's snowing, and a peasant walks by. Follow him. He walks by the door to a warehouse, so stop following him and enter. Ignore the chests, rather shoot a rope arrow into the rafters and climb up. Take the loot (50 - Total 50) from the chest and climb back down. Then go back past the place you started. Nearby is a small shed with a locked door. You can get the loot by breaking the window with your blackjack (12 - Total 62). If you do not wish to destroy wantonly, you can unlock the door with the front/back door key you acquire later on in the mission. So why didn't we do this before raiding the warehouse you say? Well, if we did that the nearby peasant would report it to the old bill.

House Call
Speaking of the old bill, there's an apartment nearby. you can listen to the plods yabber on while rob the apartment. Get the key from under the mat and enter the apartment. Take the goblet (15 - Total 77) from the room on the left and then come back out again. Now it's time to visit your friend Skarz. Borrow his sword while you're there. I'm sure he won't mind. Then go along the street and into the peasant's house. Take the loot (50 - Total 127) from his footlocker, then go upstairs and steal the rat poison. (fig 1) Once this is done, go back outside. Nearby is a manhole. Time to go for a swim in the sewers. Find the decaying corpse of the former owner's father. Take the gas arrow and the ring (25 - Total 152) from his left hand, (fig 2) and then find the boarded up entrance of the basement of the Grieving Burrick inn.

Figure 1

Figure 2

Breaking and Entering
Smash your way in with your sword. Ignore the generators, as someone would surely investigate if the power went off. Open the furnace in the power room by flipping the big lever. If you're fast enough, you can climb in and up without being scorched. You should not visit the fireplace on the left, but all the other fireplaces can be visited with impunity. In the tunnels near the chimney, you should find a gold nugget (100 - Total 252) In room 4 you should find an icepick and a sceptre. In room 5 you should find a map, a key and another sceptre, as well as a pair of glasses (50 - Total 302).

The Miner and the Politician
Flip the switch inside Stellmach's fireplace (room 5) and go through the secret passage to Pearsall's room, taking the spice (40 - Total 342) on the way. Take the ring (100 - Total 442) from his desk (fig 3) and grab his sceptre. Nip across the room and open the door. Put the torch out and take the purse from the guard (100 - Total 542) before opening the door to LeBlanc's room. Take his sceptre and cross the room to his desk. Take the Diamond mine map and the two coins (20 - Total 562) from the ledge (fig 4). Just to annoy him, put Stellmach's map in the place of the one you've just pinched.

Figure 3

Figure 4

An Inside Job

Getting on Top of Things
Work your way back through Pearsall's room to Stellmach's room. Open the door and go out into the corridor, making sure a guard isn't coming while you do it. Flip the switch on the wall (fig 5) and climb up into the attic. Take the plate from one of the chests (50 - Total 612) and nab the spice (fig 6) from behind the sandbags (50 - Total 662). Take the necklace from under the bed (125 - Total 787) and climb back down the ladder. Re-enter Stellmach's room and return to the basement through the fireplace network. Climb to stairs to the pantry.

Wine and Rat Poison
Steal the pickles from the top shelf (10 - Total 797) and go into the kitchen. Read the note near the wine bottle. Hmm, a perfect use for the rat poison. Empty it into the wine bottle. Put the torch out and open the door to the hall. When the coast is clear, nip down the passage beside the stairs and into the lavatory. From there, nip over into the guest room and steal his mask (50 - Total 837) and his sceptre. If you get an overwhelming desire to sniff the baby burrick, I won't stop you. After you've stopped monkeying around, return to the kitchen.

Figure 5

Figure 6

Go into the corridor through the door on the left (looking out of the kitchen). The first door on the right is Tybalt's. If he's looking towards the door, seek refuge in the next room. If he's looking away, enter. Remember, if you are forced into the next room, you can spy on him through the peephole. Once you're in, nick his money (36 - Total 883), his sceptre and his firewand. If you read his diary, you'll make a startling discovery. He knew you were coming. If that is so, perhaps he also knows that the target is his sceptre, and it's not just a random raid. Therefore, Nightfall's plans to keep him in the dark are useless.

Ah well, that's for Nightfall to worry about. Using the room with the broken floor as refuge, move along to the bar. Go in the staff door. Remember that the bar staff won't give you any trouble even if they're (rightly) worried that you may have stolen all the pickles. Take the finewine (50 - Total 933) from the wine rack and the coins from the box (25 - Total 958). Hmm, those documents look interesting! So if the place gets robbed, he gets reimbursed… I wonder who that friend is? It seems he expects the place to be robbed… Hallming… haven’t I heard that name before?

Unfinished Business

Hasty Retreat
Anyway, try not to get bogged down with thought in the middle of the job. Go out into the main bar area, remembering to stick to the shadows. Take the goblet from under the table (fig 7) (25 - Total 983) and go over to the fireplace, taking the front/back door key from the guard en passant. Take the other goblet from the ledge (25 - Total 1008), and nick out through the fireplace. It’s connected to the fireplace network, so from here you can return to the basement.

Figure 7

Buying a Lemon
Now comes a very difficult bit. All you gain out of it is 40 loot, so if You're not a loot junkie, skip the bit. Switch off the generators. Remember you only have a finite amount of time before the generator is switched on again, so get to Stellmach’s room as quick as you can (through the fireplace network). Go out into the corridor and out the door onto the landing. Turn right past the stairs and go along to the open space. You should see two doors a short distance away. You can take refuge in the left, but what you want is in the right. Take the bag of spice (fig 8) (40 - Total 1048) and make a quick return to Stellmach’s room.

My Name's Dante
Now, return to the basement, then go upstairs to the kitchen and out the back door. Visit Skarz. Show him the firewand, and listen to yourself say you’re stuck for cash while you have 1048 in loot sitting nicely in you pocket! And by the way, why does he say “’twere a pleasure doing business with you KEITH” if you’re name’s Dante? Anyway, no time to ponder. I don’t recall seeing a candy shop in the vicinity, so return to the inn and make your way up to lady Verrilli's room. Put the disguised firewand in her box, then go back outside. Ring the doorbell, (fig 9) then go to the meeting place. Time to see Sheam.

Figure 8

Figure 9