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Test spoiler:
Lord Metelon was a severe, yet just ruler. He could have killed, yet he only maimed.

Forgotten Forest II


This walkthrough is written for Expert difficulty but will also help guide you through Normal or Hard. You will find there are differences in the objectives, number of AI, etc. but the layout of the building and location of objects is the same on all settings.

The Armory

You begin inside the main entrance of the monastery. You need to equip yourself a little better so maybe the first order of business should be to find the Armory. Pick up 3 coins (+15) that are sitting on the bulletin board ledge then go down to the left (W) of the rubble inside the front doors and pick up a flare (all flares found count as 5). Walk through either one of the archways and you'll come to a large room patrolled by a haunt. (When playing on Expert, you have a choice to make. If you elect to kill any of the haunts, you will receive an objective to kill them all so your two options are to either sneak past all of them or clean the place out.)

As you advance into the room, pick up another flare from the floor by the pillar on the right. If you move the boxes in the corner of the southwest room, you can see an invisibility potion through a hole in the floor. There doesn't seem to be anyway to get at it from here, so perhaps you'll come across it later on. Look behind the pillar to the southwest of the altar with the fire on it for a silver poker (+200 = 215).

Proceed through the archway in the southeast corner and follow the hallway to the wooden spiral stairs. Descend, go in under the stairs and open the chest to find another flare. Walk straight ahead (E), up the steps and along a hallway littered with broken statues. At the end you'll enter a room with stairs leading up to a blocked passageway on the right and a door on the left. Pick up yet another flare from the corner and go through the door, after checking to make sure the way is clear. Turn left and then right at the corner. Go past the door to the Conference Room (Council Room on the map) and into the Armory office on the left.

Frob a tiny lever on the right-hand side of the bookcase down by the floor to move a pedestal in the corner. Concealed in the hole below is a blue key. Return to the hallway and go into the Armory. Use the key to unlock the door to the storage area and help yourself to the equipment on the shelves. That's a bit better!

The other door on the hallway is supposed to open into the Library so go in and take a look. Open the gate and you'll see the passageway has been blocked by a rock fall. You'll receive a new objective to find an entrance to the Library.

The Conference Room

Well this leads nowhere, so check out the Conference Room. Walk down the stairs, go in through the glass door and hide in a shadow behind a pillar.

When it's safe, frob the angel statue in the niche in the west wall. The armoire in the northeast corner will slide out revealing a hole in the wall behind it. Crawl through and at the end of the hallway, you'll find a small office. There's nothing of value here but take note of the locked gate with a ladder behind it. You'll be back here later.

As you return to the main room, you will be notified that you've discovered Secret #1. Go through the archway into a large circular room and look for a frobbable banner on the south side of the central wall. Climb down the ladder behind it and as you reach the bottom, Garrett will say he has a bad feeling about this. Pay attention because he's right! Edge along the wall towards the right-hand statue and lean around behind it to frob the button on the back, which will disable a trap. (An arrow may be launched before you get close enough to frob the button. If you don't frob the button at this point, you can go over and pick up the arrow. The trap won't fire again.) Pick open the lock box on the wall in the small office, enter the room behind the gate and pick up the "...orb...??" from the shelves on the left.

(If you look high up in the northwest corner of the room you will see a tiny switch which opens the secret panel in the floor. We will get to the area below via a different route later on.)

Climb back up the ladder and go around to the north side and through a doorway into a throne room of sorts. Climb the stairs and turn left at the top, past the toppled grandfather clock.

Check the base of the fourth pillar from the top of the stairs for a tiny lever which will open a banner on the near wall. Walk through the passageway behind and flip the second lever on the left to lower a stained-glass panel. This is Secret #2!

Monk's Quarters

Stay in the shadows until you're sure the way is clear then hop down into the hallway. Walk straight ahead (N) and enter the first room on the left, which belongs to Brother Edmund.

Jump up on the bed, move the folded clothing, and frob a tiny switch on the wall to the left, which will open a secret hiding place where you will find his diary.

Read the diary and you'll find out that he's been spying on Brother Adam, a kleptomaniac who apparently has concealed his loot in the workshop. You'll receive an new objective to locate his stash. The diary also mentions that he suspects that the entrance to the Treasury is somewhere on the second floor of the Library and that the Brother Novice Caretaker must have the key to it in his rooms somewhere. That sounds like information worth remembering.

Head along to Brother Adam's room next door and pick up the key for the canals from the floor. Open the chest to find Brother Adam's (Adamuss) key then go back past the spot where you jumped down out of the secret passageway.

The first door on the left in this hallway opens into the training room. There are some healing potions in the chest on the right in the first room. Go through the large room and collect 3 coins (+15 = 230) from the floor in the second archery range beyond. (Just for fun, shoot an arrow into both archery targets and see what happens.)

In the main practice room, turn the control on the wall in the southeast corner to open a panel in the floor, Secret #3!

In the tunnels below, take the first right hand turn and search the water below the toilets for 4 coins (+20 = 250). At the far end of the other passageway, you can see into another section of sewers but there's no access from here.

Retrace your steps to the hallway. The second room on the left is a small bedroom where you can filch a set of dice (+50 = 300) from a chest. There are some flares in the chest in the next room on the same side of the hallway and at the end are some bathing rooms. Use the key for the canals to unlock the shutters in the floor and climb down into the section of sewers that you saw into earlier.

Pick up 3 coins (+15 = 315) that are lying in the northwest corner. (If you look through the grate in the east wall, you can see a button. If you're curious about it, save your game then shoot it with a broadhead. Read the message that is displayed then shoot it again.) Hack your way through the boards blocking the doorway in the south wall. Climb into the opening behind and enter a room where skeleton is lying on the floor and you will get a completed bonus objective that says you are a master thief. There's nothing else in here so return to the hallway outside the bathing room. Take the first turn left(S), go past two doors and then turn left again.

Important Monk's Quarters

Jump over the tables that are blocking the hallway and go through the door at the end of the hallway into a bedroom with several beds. In one of the chests you'll find a gold wine bottle (+50 = 365) and in another one you'll find Brother Hubert's (Hubertuss) diary which mentions something interesting about one of the wine barrels and also about a lion's head on the door. Hmmm! Climb the stairs to the upper floor, turn left and the first room on the left is another large bedroom sectioned off with dividers. Open the chests to find a silver statue (+15 = 380) and some flares.

Walk south along the hallway to the kitchen, stopping along the way to pick up 4 coins (+20 = 400) that are sitting beside a statue. Help yourself to 2 gold wine bottles (+100 = 500) that are hidden in the corner between the counters.

Walk back down the hallway and turn left to a room with red-curtained sleeping cubicles. Enter the center cubicle and check the shelf beside the candle for a tiny gold ring (+100 = 600). In the sitting room, you can pick up a vase (+50 = 650). Go back down the stairs to the landing and take note of the lion plaques on the wall between the 2 statues.

Look behind the left statue and you'll find a lever at waist level. Flip it, the bottom panel will slide down and you'll have found Secret #4!

Crawl through the passageway behind, descend a couple of ladders and flip the switch on the wall to move a large crate.

Wine Cellar

You are looking out into a large storage room that is patrolled by a haunt. There are 3 gold wine bottles (+150 = 800) sitting on the floor to the left of the bench in the south end of the room. Open the gate and go through into the wine cellar.

Check the back of the first post on the right, down by the floor, and you find a tiny switch. Flip that and the front of the wine barrel closest to it will open.

Inside you'll see a skeleton lying on the floor, with the mine key lying nearby. Pick it up then read Brother Conrad's notebook, which contains information about the massacre. Objective complete!

If you move the pile of boxes, you'll find a hole in the wall. The passageway beyond will be explored later. For now, jump back out of the wine barrel, turn right and go through door on the left at the far end of the room. Climb the stairs, turn the control on the wall to open the gate, then enter the kitchen. There's nothing of value in here so go through to the dining room, where you can pick up 2 gold candlesticks (+100 = 900).

Return to the wine cellar, climb into the open barrel and go through the hole you found behind the crates. Follow the passageway to the first intersection (just past the gate). If you were to turn right (N) here, you would arrive at a secret panel that gives you access to secret room below the Conference Room. However, you've already been there so head left (S) and pick open the lock box on the wall to open a gate that is blocking the passageway. Crawl through the hole in the wall, climb a couple of ladders and jump on to a ledge. Flip the lever on the wall to find Secret #5. (There's another switch to open and close the secret door inside the fireplace.)

Chambers of the Higher Brothers

Cross the room and go through the south door into a short hallway with two doors.

In the Machinist's room, frob a tiny switch that is on the wall down near the floor to the right of the dresser. The statue in the wall alcove will slide back, revealing the entrance to a secret room. You'll find the Mine Store key and 4 gold nuggets (+400 = 1300) sitting on the shelves.

In the Librarian's room, pick up and read the Librarian's note book that is lying on the floor. It mentions something about a book called "The Secret of the Two Statues" which is available in the Novice Caretakers book collection. That might be worth looking into!

Return to the sitting room and go through the east door into the Abbot's quarters. A doorway on the right opens into his private sitting rooms. Pick up a stack of books, which comprise The Official History of the Order and read them. You'll receive 2 new objectives. The first one is to find the secret knowledge the Abbot was talking about and the second is to find Gustavus The Blind's astronomical charts.

In the bedroom there's a tiny switch on the wall below the table that the big white flowering plant sits on. Flip it to find Secret #6!

The bed slides sideways, revealing an opening on the floor that was concealed beneath it. Below is a secret passageway. To the north it dead-ends at a rock fall and to the south, it goes past a number of peepholes into various rooms. Apparently the Abbot liked to keep an eye on what was going on! You can pick up a flare that lying on the floor along the way. At the end is a chest that holds the Abbot and Company Pension Fund. Climb back out of the secret tunnels and go back out into the main hallway which ends at the Abbot's private library.

Pick up the footstool in the corner by the door and frob the lever hidden underneath.Walk to the south end of the room and you'll see an opening into a secret room, where you can pick up "Another orb??".

Go back the way you came and leave the Abbot's quarters. Cross the Sitting Room and go through the west door into a hallway where you'll find the room of Brother Apothecary. Frob the unlit torch on the north wall and the bed will slide sideways. Underneath is yet another secret room where you can pick up the Apothecary's Key and 3 gold coinstacks (+75 = 1375).

The door at the end of the hallway opens into the toilet area. Turn right and go through the north door. Turn right at the corner and then left down the next hallway. Use the Apothecary's Key to unlock the door on the right. Open the small box sitting on the floor to pick up 5 bottles of something called The Mists of Oblivion. The scroll sitting in the box beside it says that any protective crystal exposed to this potion will lose its effectiveness. Better remember that! The same key also unlocks the second door on the left-hand side of the hall, which opens into the Pharmacy. The shelves in here hold an invisibility potion and 5 bottles of holy water.

Novice Quarters and the Wardens Rooms

Walk out the north end of the hallway and head west. You come to a set of double wooden doors that lead into the Novice Quarters. Go through the first room and turn left to Novice's Room #1. One of the chests contains a silver statue (+15 = 1390) and there is a statue set into an alcove on the east wall.

Lean into the alcove and frob a small switch. The statue will slide back a bit, allowing you to see a purse (+100 = 1490). This is Secret #7!

Farther along the hallway, you'll find the Lecturing Room. Walk through it, up the stairs and into the Warden's rooms. In the sitting room to the west, you'll find three glass goblets inside the fireplace(+300 = 1790). The north hallway leads to the bedroom and a library. Enter the library, go upstairs and over to the west wall of books. Frob one on the books on the top shelf and it turns out to be The Secret of the Two Statues. It mentions something about a green statue. Return to the top of the stairs where you'll see a greenish statue. Frob it (you're actually frobbing a lever on the back which wasn't there before you read the book) and a picture part way down the stairs will swing open. In the opening behind it you'll find the Treasury Key and a scroll.

Workshop, Cells

Go back through the Lecture Room to the hallway and turn right. Head through the Common Quarters to a locked wooden door. Pick it open, turn right and you'll come to an elevator shaft. Climb the ladder all the way to the top to find the invisibility potion that you saw much earlier in the mission sitting on the beam. Climb down a little and jump over into a hallway.

Walk straight ahead into a storage room and turn left through an open doorway into a large room. The door on the east wall opens into a workshop. Check the floor behind the planks to the right of the door and you'll find a ring (+100 = 1890). Go into the alcove (SE) and move the boxes in the corner to expose a tiny little lockbox on the wall. Use Brother Adam's (Adamuus) key to unlock it and you'll hear something open. Check the stone ledge with the toolbox on it, and you'll see a secret panel has opened in the top. Inside you'll find the kleptomaniac's stash which consists of 3 gems (+300 = 2190), a ring (+100 = 2290) and a purse (+100 = 2390). Objective complete!

Return to the main room and go through the door in the west wall. Turn left into an office outside the jail cells, pick up The Sentence scroll and read it. You'll receive a new objective to find out if the ghost in the mines really exists. Exit this room and open the door on the left, which takes you into the main jail office. Go through the green curtain and check the small shelf in the wall on the left for a box that contains a ring (+100 = 2490).

Return to the main room and go through the west doorway in the south wall. Turn right into the hallway outside the elevator shaft then turn left and you'll find the Mine entrance on your right. Go through it and straight ahead into a locker room. Inside two of the lockers you'll find some flares.

Open the second locker from the left, remove the drill and you'll find a tiny lever. Flip it to get Secret #8!

A bookcase in the next part of the room slides sideways, revealing yet another secret tunnel. Crawl through the opening, turn right and follow it to the very end where you find 7 silver coinstacks (+84 = 2574) sitting on the floor. Double back and continue past the opening. Climb down a ladder, walk past one small bush and a red mushroom then stop just before the next patch of bushes. There's a tiny switch on the wall down near the floor that opens a doorway to the left. At the very end of this passageway, climb a ladder, flip the switch on the wall to move the crate blocking the opening above you, and then climb out into the mine storage room (Handy Storage). You can get in here through the door, which unlocks with the Mine Store Key but secret passageways are ever so much more fun! Take 10 spice bags (+100 = 2674) then go back through the secret tunnel to the spot where you found the switch behind the bushes. Turn left then left again and flip a switch on the wall to open a secret entrance into the mine.


Turn right (S) and when the tunnel splits, stay to the right. Follow the tunnel until you come to a room with 2 ore cars and some boarded up openings. You can pick up a gold nugget (+100 = 2774) from the floor of the dead-end tunnel in the SW corner of the room.

Frob both the ore cars. They will move out and expose an opening in the wall. Squeeze through it, climb down the ladder, crawl through the tunnel and then climb the ladder at the far end into a room with an altar. The ghost of the mines will make an appearance. Objective Complete!

Pick up a gold nugget (+100 = 2874) that is lying to the left of the altar then go back to the room with the ore cars. Retrace your steps through the mine tunnels to the spot where it split. This time take the other tunnel (SE) through a room with a couple of big spiders and then jump into the pond at the end. Swim through the tunnel in the east wall and you'll emerge in a crypt.

Pick up 2 gold candlesticks (+100 = 2974) then have a look around and you'll see 3 receptacles on the walls. Use the 3 orbs on these (each receptacle requires a specific orb) and one of the wall panels will open. Behind you'll see a scroll and the Library key floating in the flames of a fire. Grab the key then read the scroll and you'll receive 2 new objectives. Find the Sword of Metelon and find the Shield of Metelon. You're done here so go back through the mine tunnels (walk straight ahead where the tunnels split) and at the end, you'll find some flares and another copy of the Mine key lying on the ground to the left of the mine gate. Open the gate by using the key on the lockbox on the left wall (the other side of the gate) and go through. Go through the door on the right, turn left to return to the elevator shaft and climb down the ladder.


Make your way back to the top of the ramp outside the double doors to the Novices' House, then go north and enter the Conference Room. Go down the first flight of stairs then turn left and crawl through the secret opening you found behind the armoire earlier in the mission. Use the library key to open the locked gate in the secret office. Climb the ladder to the top and flip the switches on the wall to open two separate ways into the Library. Go through either one and you're in the library. Objective complete!

There's not much to be found on the main floor except a flare lying on the floor, loads of cobwebs and some wildlife. The stairs leading to the upper floor are through the doorway on the north side. (There is another small white spider lurking by the base of the stairs.) Upstairs there is one haunt standing in front of the library office door. (If you've chosen the option to destroy all the haunts, this should be the last you meet. Take care of
him to complete the objective.) Inside the office safe you'll find the Prohibited Library's key. There's a gold statue (+75 = 3049) and gold torc (+350 = 3399) sitting on the shelves in here.

Use the key you just found to unlock the gate in southeast corner of the main room. You'll find two black chests behind the east shelves in the south room. One of them contains a passage of the history of the order. Read it to find the third abbot's secret. Objective complete!

Look under the table in the north end of the room for a book entitled "Astronomical Tables by Gustavus The Blind.". Objective complete! Leave the Prohibited Library room and go over into the southwest corner of the upper floor.

Climb the ladder to the top of the last
bookcase and walk to the south end where you'll find a tiny switch set into the top. Flip it and one of the stained-glass windows on the west wall will slide down.

The Treasury

Climb the ladder inside then crouch and go through the opening on the left. Use the Treasury key on the statue and the field behind it will disappear. Pick up the 2 silver statues (+30 = 3429) from the pedestals and proceed into the next room. Flip the switch beside the torch to open a secret door. Walk through the passageway, frob a switch on the wall to open the gate blocking the end and go out into a small room that overlooks the chapel. Walk around the central opening to the far side, where you'll find 3 blue gems (+45 = 3474).

Return to the Treasury room and open the chest, which contains a mask (+50 = 3524). Grab the Eye (+50 = 3574), a purple urn (+100 = 3674) and 2 vases (+100 = 3774) from the pedestals and walk south into another room.

You'll see the Sword of Saint Metelon displayed on a banner. Objective complete!

Collect 4 masks (+200 = 3974) that are hanging on the wall then pick up 6 black jars (+120 = 4094), a gold jar (+75 = 4169) and 25 gold bars (+625 = 4794). There are 2 tiaras (+250 = 5044), two necklaces (+400 = 5444) and 13 gold coinstacks (+325 = 5769) lying on the two tables. Loot objective complete!

Go back out to the other room, turn right (E) and in the next small room you can acquire a spice bag (+40 = 5809), a large jar (+25 = 5834), 3 glass goblets (+300 = 6134) and 6 gold nuggets (+600 = 6734).

Walk through the archway then flip a switch that's on the floor beside the pedestal to your left. A secret door will open directly across from you. Crawl through the opening behind it and into a room with a stone panel protected by some sort of field.

Remember the Mists of Oblivion bottles that you found earlier? Throw one at each corner crystal and the field will disappear. Pick up the stone cover and toss it away then climb down the ladder below.

The Shield of Saint Metelon is revolving in a wall alcove. Pick it up, and another objective is complete!

Getting out

Climb back up the ladder and turn left. Pick up a flare lying on the floor, walk down the stairs and through the door. You'll be in a room with seven other doors. Don't touch either of the doors on the west wall, as they are trapped. Open the east door on the north wall, turn right and look in the hole in the wall on your left to find 5 more bottles of the Mists of Oblivion which you really have no use for but which would have come in handy if you happened miss the ones in the pharmacy. Go back out the door and through the west door on the south wall. Walk down two flights of stairs, and you'll find yourself on a landing with a locked gate, a banner on one wall, and 2 statues set into an alcove.

There are 2 columns separating the statues. Flip a lever behind the back one and a small hole will open behind the banner.

Crouch and crawl through it. At the end of the hallway you will enter a room with a lever on the left-hand wall. (You can ignore this lever - if you were to flip it, the gate back by the statues would open. Then, at the bottom of the stairs behind that gate you could flip another wall lever to open a doorway into a hallway not far from your start point. However, that's not an area you really want to be in at the moment.) Continue through the east doorway, down another flight of stairs and turn left. Flip the lever on the wall here to open a secret door. Crawl through and you'll emerge in the toilets.

Exit through the north door, walk straight ahead past the large rock blocking an opening on the left, turn right at the corner and walk to the end of the hallway. Turn left (N) and go through the archway on the right into the dining room.

Walk to the back wall and look for a tiny lever to the right of the candlesticks sitting on one of the ledges. Flip it and a panel will open in the ceiling with a ladder descending from it.

Climb the ladder, then climb a couple more and you'll emerge in the outdoors.

Mission complete!

Nightwalker and Freddy Fox   -   3rd March 2006