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Test spoiler:
A new Karrass is on the way and must be stopped before he gets enough power to control us all.

The Abominable Flying Machines of Dr Zepperlinger

Walkthroughs - High (Expert) Difficulty

1. Aircraft Hangar


The mission starts in a ramshackle shed. Pick up your sword, go out and head North, where you will spot two guards warming themselves by a camp fire. Crouch down against the cliff face on the right (E) and sneak past. Soon you will see a large hangar ahead with a guard on patrol.

The hangar

Go through the wooden door and the metal door inside. Collect some flares from the footlocker then go through the door in the south wall and then the door on the right. You are in a changing room where the lockers contain a flash bomb and there is a flare (counts as 11) on the bench. Retrace your steps and climb the stairs. Pick open the door and go into the office to read the papers on the desk. Interesting!

Go round the desk and flip the small switch in the footwell - secret #1 - then return to the top of the stairs. The airship picture has lowered, revealing a recess. Take the scroll from the recess then go back down the stairs.

Now make your way south to the prow of the huge airship. Head down the starboard (E) side to the hatch and open it. Whoops - ambush!

End of mission.

2. Escape from Jail

The escape

The next morning you find yourself in a prison cell. You have no lockpicks and the passing guards are not carrying keys. However there is a bunch of keys on the floor by the sleeping guard. How to get them?

Perhaps the rat will help. Pick up the lump of cheese from the corner of your cell and throw it over near the sleeping guard. The rat scurries over to collect it and shows his thanks by bringing the keys back to you!

Open the cell door then turn left and walk down to the closed weapon store where you should pick up all the weapons you can reach. Now head back east past the guard, through the wooden door and turn left. Hug the wall to sneak past the guard here, open the door behind him and go through into the garden where you can pick up a couple of moss arrows. Open the cistern hatch and collect three water arrows, then enter the Morgue.

Read the visitors' book here and operate the guillotine. This does two things - you don't care about the chap's head, but you can drop down through the hatch that opened! In the southwest corner a rat is gnawing on something unspeakable and one of those bones there has triangular teeth! Use it to pick open the metal door. Hang onto that bone, it could be useful later. The next door is shut, so read the notice on the wall. Aha, if you can set the alarm off someone may come in to reset it.

Look around the room - there's a rotary valve on the pipe high up at the south end. Turn it, then crouch in the shadows in the northeast corner. Very soon the alarm operates, the door opens and a servant runs in to reset the alarm. When he goes out he leaves the door open.

Go through into the next room and read the plaque on the cistern - it contains poisonous fluid. Interesting! The next room is the cellar where you can steal five bottles of fine wine (+250). Open the next door very carefully because it opens onto the mansion corridors which are busy. Objective complete! You also receive a new objective here.

The kitchen

Climb the steps on the left (S) into the kitchen, and steal the Mansion Keys from the maid. There is a gold plate on the counter (+50 = 300) and another in the trough by the sink 9+50 = 350) alongside a gold goblet (+25 = 375). Collect the water arrows from the sink then go into the servant's room in the southwest corner, collect a vase from the footlocker (+50 = 425) and read the books. So, there might be a lost ring in the freezer! The freezer is the next room so go in and search. There are a couple of spice bags on the floor (+80 = 505) but no sign of the ring.

Look under the crate in the southwest corner - there it is (+100 = 605)!

Leave the kitchen and climb the steps on the east side. The room on the right is the Study but it's locked so there must be a special key. Go into the room opposite to pick up the painting (+150 = 755) and three coins from the floor by the sofa (+60 = 815). There is a broken stone tablet on the floor in the southeast corner. It would be a good idea to make a note of the symbols on it. Continue down the corridor to the corner where you can pick up a gold goblet (+25 = 840), a vase (+50 = 890) and some coins (+20 = 910) from the bookcase. Go through the metal door here into a small garden where you will find some water arrows and a moss arrow.

The plant room

Unlock the plant room, go in and read the book on the table to receive a new objective. Yes, it sounds as though it would be advisable to kill those Venom plants as soon as possible!

There are a couple of moss arrows in the nearby plant trough and there is a tiny switch up at the left-hand end. Flip it and a hatch in the East wall opens - secret #1!

What's this green container then? It's chlorophyll for the Venom plants - that gives you an idea. Take the chlorophyll container back to the poisonous fluid cistern and drop it in. Bring the poisoned container back to the plant room and replace it in the hatch. Flip the switch above the table and poisoned gas will emerge from the pipes at the west end of the room and kill the plants - objective complete!

Walk over to the pipes and flip the tiny switch inside the middle one to open a grille on the wall below - secret #2. Collect the strange crystal from the recess.

You need to get to the trough on the North wall but the red flowers in the NW corner spit projectiles! You can avoid damage by knocking the flower heads off with your sword or by throwing pot plants at them; or you can crouch down and walk very slowly. Inside the trough you will find some water arrows, a healing fruit and the Bedroom Key. The missing bit of the broken tablet you found earlier is on the floor in the corner. Make a note of the symbol on it.


Now leave the plant room and head North down the corridor. Pick up the vase from the table at the end (+50 = 960) then unlock the door on the right and go through. The museum is on the right but you can't get in there yet, so go through the other door to where a guard is dozing on the sofa. Unlock the metal door here and go outside. There is a chest on the veranda that contains a tool for stripping wallpaper. Pick it up, it might be useful later. Unlock the door the other side of the dozing guard and continue through.

This passage leads to the main hall which is difficult to negotiate. Be aware that one guard does a circular patrol of hall and dining room - it's a good idea to subdue him if you get the chance! Both rooms have noisy floors so you made need to use some moss. Steal a gem from the nearest pedestal (+15 = 975) then extinguish the gas lamp on the west side and creep along the west wall to switch off the lights. Now go through the door ahead into the dining room. There are two candlesticks on the table (+100 =1075) and five plates on the wall (+50 = 1125). Peek through the other door on the north side of the room and douse the lamp on this side of the hall. Now it should be quite easy to sneak over and grab the gem from the other pedestal (+15 = 1140).


Climb the stairs, dousing the lamps at the top when you get close enough. Unlock the door on the east side, go through and switch off the lights in this corridor. Enter the room here and collect two silver coinstacks from the table (+24 = 1164). There is a stone tablet on the bottom shelf of the left bookcase - make a note of the symbols on it.

Frob the globe that is a couple of shelves up - secret #3! The right-hand bookcase slides aside revealing an intriguing room.

Go in and look around (frob the torches if you need more light). The far wall is covered with symbols like the ones on the stone tablets you found earlier. There is another strange crystal in the box by the fireplace together with a note that extols its value. Back in the corridor, go through the door at the south end, then through the door on your left. There is a padlocked room on the left and the metal door at the ends opens into a small storage room where you can pick up a mask that's inside the cardboard box (+50 = 1214).

Return to the main corridor. There is guard round the corner on the left so put out all the lights before creeping forward. He is guarding the bedroom door for which you have the key. Go in quietly, pick open the moneybox on the dressing table, steal the purse inside (+200 = 1414) and collect the study room key and the speed potion. Read the note on the bedside table. Hmm, activate the mirror? What does that mean?

Examine the bedposts. At the base of the northeast one is a tiny switch! Flip it to reveal a recess beside the bookcase containing The Spell Scroll - Secret #4!

Before you leave the bedroom read Karl von Braum's personal notes, which are on the desk.

Back in the corridor, go left, and then through the next door on the left. You can't unlock the door on the right yet, so go through the wooden door into the bathroom. Put out all the lights and sneak through the red curtains - there may be a guard on the other side!

Look behind the water trough to locate a tiny switch. Flip it and the mirror over the washstand slides aside to reveal another stone tablet - secret #5! Make a note of the symbols on this one too.

Return to the main corridor, go through the door on the left and then into the room on the left. Pick up three copper coinstacks (+15 = 1429) and the gold dice (+50 = 1479) from the table on the right. Pick up the guest room key and the museum key from the bookcase.

Now, could this mirror be the one that can be activated? Use the Spell Scroll on it and you will see blue lights and hear an incantation. When it finishes you are able to walk through the mirror - secret #6!

The stone tablet on the table depicts five of the symbols and the paper beside it names them. There is a bag of spice in the chest (+40 = 1519). Read the book and the scroll on the dressing table, and also the book in the bookcase. They explain a great deal. So the room with the strange symbols is the El Gato room and those symbols are to do with a magic lock! It looks as though the stone tablets with three symbols each depict a lock code. Pick up the strange crystal from the bookcase and also the coins (+40 = 1559) and statue (+15 = 1574). Now it's time to use those keys.

The study

Go back downstairs, make you way to the Study, unlock the door and go in. Read the note on the desk. It's useful information about the flying machines - objective complete. Grab the vase from the sideboard (+50 = 1624) then pick open the moneybox to gather in some assorted loot (+200 = 1824).

Look under the corner table holding the potted plant and flip the switch. The bookcase slides aside to reveal a secret room - secret #7!

Go in, read the scroll and pick up the Forbidden Room key. Make a note of the symbols on the stone tablet (another lock code) then collect all the loot, which comprises a silver coinstack (+12 = 1836), a copper coinstack (+5 = 1841), coins (+4 = 1845) and two bags of spice (+80 = 1925). There is an invisibility potion in the chest.

The museum

Make your way round to the Museum, unlock the door and go in. Here you can collect a horn (+100 = 2025), a silver poker (+100 = 2125) and three masks (+75 = 2200).

Look behind the pedestal that was supporting the horn, and flip the switch. A banner slides aside to reveal another stone tablet - secret #8! Make a note of the lock code.

Walk down to the east end of the room and frob the two unlit torches. They will ignite and then a message slowly appears on the floor. "Bring me guilty blood"! What on earth does that mean?

The forbidden room

Now go back upstairs to the padlocked room and unlock the padlock with the Forbidden room key. Enter, and receive a new objective. Read the book on the floor. Help - a young girl with bloodstained mouth - this is scary!

Climb on the bed and look at the torn paper on the south wall. Scrape it with the wallpaper stripping tool you found earlier. A message is revealed - "The servant is a killer" - and you receive a new objective.

The crystal sword

Walk to the corridor leading to the bathroom. The room on the right is the guest room, and now you have a key to open it. The scary girl is inside. She asks you to help her get revenge by using a Crystal Sword on the killer, and then vanishes. There is a small explosion in the centre of the bed and a strange object arises from a shimmering vortex. Place one of the strange crystals on it whereupon it will descend and then reappear. Repeat the procedure with the two remaining strange crystals. The next thing to rise out of the vortex is a Crystal Sword. Take it (it will replace your old sword).

El Gato

Now try to find the servant who will probably be downstairs somewhere. Note that he is immune to all weapons except the Crystal Sword so you will have to fight him with that.

When you finally kill him - objective complete - pick up his body, take it to the museum, and drop it on the "guilty blood" message.

The stone panel in the wall swings open to reveal the El Gato relic. Take it - objective complete - and receive a new objective. Take the relic upstairs to the El Gato room and "use" it on the central symbol beneath the arc of the five rune symbols. This will give you a selector lever to input the lock codes. There are five codes to put in. You should have them already because they were depicted on the various stone tablets you found, including the broken one.

Move the lever to point at each symbol in turn and then frob the symbol itself. The currently selected code is depicted on the panel above. When each code is input successfully the corresponding symbol cluster on the wall will illuminate. After all five codes have been input the symbol on the left will illuminate and the secret door will open. Objective complete!

Follow the corridors then climb the stairs to a locked door. A little farther up is an unlocked wooden door. Go through and up into the bell room where there is a chest containing a key. Use it to open that locked door, go along the corridor and pick open the door at the end. That little bone which has served you so well gets broken in the process!

Fly away

Go through and find yourself in the roof hanger where there is a fully assembled flying machine. Operate the lever on the east side to open the hangar doors. Walk up the steps on the other side and operate the switch on the control panel to start the aircraft engine. Climb down into the aircraft seat, operate the wooden release lever on the left and off you go! The engine stutters alarmingly at one point but picks up again just in time to avoid a crash as you fly off into the clouds.

Mission complete!

El Gato codes

Assuming the symbols in the arc are numbered clockwise 1 to 5 the codes are:

124 135 332 425 443

3. The Zeta One


You start this mission flying towards the huge Zeta One airship. Experiment with the direction controls - you need to aim towards the rear of the airship to avoid a crash. The controls freeze up in the cold so you are advised to select "left" before it's too late! When you reach Zeta One climb on board - objective complete!

Now look for a way to get in. The main hatch is out of reach and you can't climb or duck under. Hmmm!

The anchors highlight, so try frobbing them. The nearest one is no good, but when you frob the second one a walkway extends - Secret #1.

Walk around to the other side of the airship and stop when you get to the gap. Lean out to look under the walkway and pull the red-handled lever whereupon a platform will descend and bridge the gap. Cross over and frob the lever to the left of the ventilation fan. It will slide aside and you can duck down and enter.

On board

Hide in shadow in the left hand doorway opposite. Eventually a guard will pass and you can steal the Storage Key from him. Go North down the corridor and through the door, then use the key to open the door on the left. The footlocker here is locked but you can collect some moss arrows from the cardboard box. Go out of the other door and turn right (N).

The door here opens onto the bathroom where you can take some coins from the edge of the sink (+20). Back down the corridor you will come to the main hatch. On the table opposite are a guest book, the 2nd Floor key and a coin (+1 = 21).

The next room to the south is the bar where you can steal a gold goblet from the counter (+25 = 46), the gold plate on the table (+50 = 96) and the two silver coinstacks you can reach through the serving hatch (+24 =120).

There is an elevator in the SW corner of the next room. Ride it up to the floor above and go along the corridor to the last door on the right. This is the conference room and on the table are a coin (+5 =125), 3 gold coinstacks (+75 =200), 6 copper coinstacks (+30 = 230) and a pair of candlesticks (+100 = 330).

The other door off this corridor goes past the crew bedrooms to the gas vent control area. The mechanic in here has a purse (+100 = 430). Ride the elevator down, make you way onto the bridge and steal the Footlocker Key from the pilot. Go back through the storage area, collect an invisibility potion from the footlocker then head left (N) down the east corridor. There is a pair of spectacles on the bookshelves here (+50 = 480). When you reach the stern go round to the left and open the door here with the 2nd floor key.

The second floor

Open the door at the top of the stairs carefully because a guard patrols this area. Relieve her of her purse (+100 = 580) then go through the doorway to the left (W) and up the ramp to a storeroom where there is a wax cylinder (+50 = 630) on the floor. Continue round to the room with the helmets, take the key from the bookshelves, open the locked door with it and then ride the elevator up into the gasbag area.

Gasbag area

Go along the wooden walkway to the far end, shoot a moss arrow down the elevator shaft to deaden the noise when you jump off the ladder, and climb down. Walk along the green carpet, turn left (N) past the Right Trim room, then turn right. Climb the ladder in the shaft here and collect a gas arrow from the metal hopper in the middle of the walkway.

Retrace your steps, enter the Right Trim room and ride the elevator in the SW corner down to the room below. In the cardboard boxes here are two masks (+100 = 730) and a healing potion. Go carefully out of the door, turn right (S) and go into the Stowage room just past the notice board.

Get a crystal out of the cardboard box (+25 = 755) then read the book on the table, taking particular note that the Left Trim control panel code is 414 and the Right Trim panel code is 234. Return to the Right Trim room, punch in the code 234 and take out the Left Trim Room gear key.

Leave this room and head south along the walkway. At the far end pick up the coins that someone has dropped (+20 = 775) then go right (W) and climb the ladder in the shaft. You can pick up 5 spice bags (+200 = 975) from the central hopper here.

Climb down, and use the gear key to gain access to the Left Trim room. Open the right-hand locker and pick up the parachute. Get the keys from the bookshelves against the opposite wall and read the note about the flimsy pipe. Open the left-hand locker with the keys, pick up the loot (+25 = 1000) and read the note.

Now punch the code 414 into the control panel. Whoops - you've fallen into a trap again and your objectives have changed! Now, how to get out? Flip the lever to open the hatch below the panel. That could be an air duct at the rear, but you can't reach it with that piston pounding up and down.

Well, let's see how flimsy that pipe really is. Give it a few whacks until it breaks and gas emerges. This halts the piston OK. Pick up the iron bar from the shelf under the basketball, crawl in to the piston area and look up to locate a metal control device. Insert the iron bar and turn it.

The grate slides aside and you can go through into the air ducts. Climb the ramps and keep going until you arrive at the first junction where you should turn left (E). Open the rope netting hatch and step out onto the engine support strut. Get your parachute out, open it and jump off into space.

Mission complete!

4. High Hopes

The Hangar

The parachute has landed you on a windswept plateau. Walk over to the hangar, open the big double doors, go in and operate the wall switches on the left to turn on the lights.

Up in the centre of the hanger is a hoist, positioned above a metal hopper that contains a part-assembled plane. Try the big red floor lever here - it moves the hoist back and forth.

Walk over to the east side and read all the documents. Of particular interest are blueprints for building FlyMachine A and the Copter Machine. Climb the ladder to collect an airscrew blade then come back down and move over to the Hoist Grab switch area.

Building the FlyMachine

Push the red floor lever to lower the hoist into the hopper. Raise the Hoist grab switch to close the hooks and pull the floor lever to lift the plane out. Now walk across the hanger to the lever near the light switches and operate it to move the suspended plane towards the doors.

Go back to the Hoist Grab switch area, lower the plane to the ground, open the hooks and then raise the hoist out of the way. Now climb into the hopper to collect another airscrew blade and the Airplane Lever. Walk to the front of the plane and "use" the lever on the metal mount to attach it.

Leave the hangar and head SE to the left hillock to collect the Airplane tail assembly. Bring it back and attach it to the rear of the aircraft - objective complete!

Climb the steps in the SE corner of the hangar and pull the lever to extend the walkway. Go along it, lower yourself into the seat and pull the Airplane Lever to start the engine and fly off. Whoops! Well that wasn't very successful, was it? You receive a new objective.

Building the Copter

Pick up the still useful lever and go back to the hangar. Pull the lever near the west wall to move the suspended copter over to the rail tracks then pull the lever against the north wall to lower it. Go down towards the metal door and flip the switch on the south wall to open the door. Now pull the lever opposite and the copter will move out of the hanger to the final assembly position.

Frob the green awning to erect the gas envelope then climb the ladder and pull the lever to extend the gas pipe. Turn on the gas by operating the rotary valve. Now climb down the ladder and pull the lever to move the ladder over to the copter. The third airscrew blade is leaning against the side of the hanger behind you, so pick it up.

Climb the ladder and insert the airscrew blades into their respective sockets. Now walk east over to the derelict aircraft and collect the motor. Bring it back and attach it to the rear of the copter. Climb the wooden steps, pull the red-topped lever to extend the walkway and position yourself in the seat. Finally attach the still useful lever to the mounting - objective complete!

Fly High

Operate the lever to get the copter airborne. Experiment with the direction control then settle back and enjoy the view. The copter flies higher and higher until ….

Mission Complete!

5. The Enterprise

When the mission starts you are in the copter climbing towards the Enterprise. Adjust the direction controls to ensure you arrive at the landing platform at the stern of the airship. If you alert the crew you fail an optional objective, so it would be prudent to step aboard gently. Objective complete!

Open the door and peer in to locate the guard who patrols this deck. When he goes into the room on the right you can sneak in, go through the door on the left, open the double doors and go into the cargo hold. Collect the noisemaker arrow and the moss arrows from the cardboard boxes then duck down in the shadows. Wait for the guard to walk to the foot of the ladder, pause, and then retrace his steps. Now you will have sufficient time to climb the ladder up to the top deck.

Open the hatch but remain a few rungs down until the patrolling guard goes past, then climb out and duck down in the shadows on the right. Close the hatch when it is safe to do so. During his patrol the guard pauses at the navigator's table in the centre of the deck. As soon as he moves off sneak over towards the table, trying to remain out of sight, read the log and grab the Key Z.

Re-open the hatch, and descend the ladder when you can do so without alerting the guards on this deck or the guard on the deck below.

Your next task is to get into the room that was on the right of the entrance door. Wait until the guard goes out to the landing platform then enter the room, use the Z key on the gear lock to open the panel and pull one (or both) of the red handled levers. Scurry back out to the landing platform and hide in the shadow by the door.

Those levers extend wooden walkways on each side of the airship. When the guard goes back in, put a moss cushion down on the nearest walkway to deaden the noise, hop down onto it and make you way towards the prow.

Open the metal hatch and go into the cargo hold. Squeeze down the right hand side past the big wooden crate, open the front panel and creep in.

Mission complete!

6. Time Flies


When the mission begins you are still in the big crate which has now been transferred from The Enterprise to Zeta One. Rope arrows and moss arrows are lying on the base of the crate. You will find your blackjack in the cardboard box and your picks are in the open moneybox. OK, now go forth into the world! Leave the storeroom and turn left into the guest reception area.

Did you notice the coathooks? Frob the second one from the left to open the door that conceals the Guests' Secure Storage in the wall left of the table. Secret #1! You need to find the combination before you can open the safe.

It would be a good idea to switch the lights off here! One of the optional objectives is to blackjack everybody so this walkthrough assumes you will try to do just that. Crouch in the shadows by the table until the patrolling guard arrives and put him to sleep. Open the door into the bar, switch the lights out, collect the coin from the bar(+5) and whack the barman.

Carry on through the next door, switch the lights out, go forward into the bridge area when it is safe to do so, tap the guard on the head and pick up the Commander's Treasurebox key from the seat of the chair.

Another optional objective is to create chaos by meddling with the controls. Here is a good place to start. So stop the engines and spin the steering wheel, pull the three handles each side to jettison the ballast and operate the two red-topped levers to drop the anchors.

Upper level

Now go back towards the bar, turn left, and take the elevator up. Nip along to the end of the corridor, switch the lights out and wait for the guard who patrols here to arrive. He will look into the conference room and the walk away. Whack! Now lean in through the conference room door to switch the lights out. Creep in and use your blackjack three times, then read the paper on the table and pick up the MSS Room Z key. Don't forget to pick up the coin (+5 = 10) and the silver coinstack (+12 = 22).

Go back into the corridor, turn left, go through the door on the left and continue along to the vent valve area. Open all four vent valves to release the gas pressure - objective complete!

Collect the loot from the footlockers (+400 = 422) then pick open the door to the Commander's room. Read the two scrolls (what a strange person!) then collect two silver coinstacks (+24 = 446), two copper coinstacks (+10 = 456) and the coins (+60 = 516). Use the Treasurebox key to open the box under the bed. It contains the Emergency Escape Key - you may need that later!

Pick open the middle door, collect the purse (+100 = 616) and read the scroll, making a note of the combinations. Finally, pick open the door nearest the corridor, collect three flares, and then pick open the box under the bed which contains some loot items (+100 = 716).

Lower deck (again)

Now go back down to the deck below and walk back to the guest reception area. What day of the week is it? Never mind, one of those combinations you wrote down will open the Guests' Secure Storage! Collect six copper coinstacks (+30 = 746), four silver coinstacks (+48 = 794), three gold coinstacks (+75 = 869) and four spice bags (+160 = 1029).

Go back to the bridge area, walk over to the NE corner, switch off the lights, and when the second guard who patrols on this deck arrives you can deal with him too. Now pick open the door in the south wall and go in. There is a flux spheroid in the far corner (+50 = 1079).

Flip the switch under the bench - secret #2 - and climb the ladder. Collect the painting entitled "Von Braum's Bold Dog" and a tapestry (+150 = 1229).

Make your way to the eastern corridor, pick open the first room and read the book on the pull-down table. You get some new objectives; you have completed one of them already!

Flip the switch low down on the left wall partly hidden by the bunk. It opens a compartment left of the desk - secret #3 and objective complete!

Pick up the MSS Area key and the letter to Von Braum's colleagues - objective complete! Read the letter to collect a new objective.

Carry on along the corridor and pick your way into the next room. There is a moneybox on the table, but there is also a suspicious-looking panel on the wall above it. Stand to one side while you pick the box open. That's saved you some damage! That moneybox contained a ring (+100 = 1329); the message in the book on the bunk holds a clue to its intended recipient.

The next room along the corridor is where Carl sleeps according to the book on the table. Collect the ring (+100 = 1429) and the coins (+40 = 1469) lying on the bottom bunk.

There is nothing more for you in the storeroom, but there are some coins (+21 = 1490) on top of the shelves farther along the corridor. Now go into the stern compartment and round to the left to climb up to the second floor.

Second floor

A guard patrols this area in an anticlockwise direction. Go the same way so you can approach him from behind. When he has been subdued go to the storage room at the south end and collect three jars (+60 = 1550) and three vases (+250 = 1800).

There is a posting box for letters to Dr Zepperlinger on the floor by the east door. Frob it to collect a letter which contains some information about you, and an objective which tells you what to do about it! Drop (use) Von Braum's letter in the postbox - bonus objective complete!

Now make the long hike back down to the bathroom on the deck below, drop the letter in the WC and pull the handle - mega bonus objective complete! Return to the second floor and ride the elevator up to the gasbag area.

The gasbag area

KO the guard on the walkway then pick open the two footlockers. One of them contains a healing potion and the other holds some loot (+200 = 2000) - loot objective complete!

Climb down the ladder, take care of the guard patrolling this level then go into the Right Trim room. (If you want to get all the KOs you will need to take the elevator down to deal with the guard on the level below.) Use the MSS Area key on the gear lock, go through the door and turn left.

Use the MSS Room key on this gear lock, creep in and put the guard to sleep - objective complete. Pick up the propelliser machine - objective complete. Now to get out of here!

Head down to the other end of the corridor and use the Emergency Escape key on the gear lock. Walk along to the elevator, ride it down, read the notice and pull the levers - damn, they are blocked by ice! OK, climb down the ladder to the Escape Pod and whack the ice until it all breaks away.

Go back up the ladder and try the levers again - that's better! Now return to the Escape Pod, climb into the seat, push the control lever forward to start the engine and make your getaway. Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!

Mission complete!

Freddy Fox  -   22nd March 2008