Author: Garrett_729

Note: This walkthrough is intended for version 3.0, Expert Difficulty

This guide is copyright © 2005

The Garrett House

As soon as you start the mission, grab the following items off the top floor: Lock-picks, 2 moss arrows, 5 water arrows, 1 mine, 1 flash mine, 1 gas mine, and Garrett’s House-Key.

Climb down the rope (it’s difficult) and read the book under the front door.

The Vacant House

Outside, AI are moving about. We have a noblewomen, a guard, and a guard with a lantern. The guard (without the lantern) has your first pick – a key to the sheriff’s office. KO all three AI. You may notice 2 archers in an inaccessible tower area. Don’t worry, we’ll still KO them later.

Move to the house with the “For Sale” notice on it. It’s locked. Smash one of the windows and climb in (again, it’s difficult). Read the book and grab the key on 1/F. The Key opens the front door of this house. Leave.

The Postman’s Office/House

Face the archer station. Notice an alley to the right of it. In that alley is the post office. Go on in, and make sure to KO the sleeping man and read his nearby journal. There is a key next to the fire, take it. Now open all the mail slots. Nice background stories, huh? The key you just got opens one of two locked mail slots (The contents is another book). The other one never opens. Position yourself so you can frob the contents (a “?” key) without opening it. Leave.

The Pub/Hotel

Head to the Pub (next to the vacant house) and go in. Out of the 3 AI present (2 unarmed, 1 guard) KO the guard first, and quickly KO the patron and bartender. Under the bar counter, grab your first loot: 5 goblets (115 total loot). You can also find the keys to Room 1 and Room 2 and a journal. Go upstairs to Room 2 and read the book. Leave the Pub.

The Mayor’s House

His door is locked, naturally. Pick open his window and grab the key. While you’re here, lean forward and KO Mr. Mayor. Now go in the front. There are two rooms here. In the first room, read the journal. In the second room, grab the 2 candlesticks (215 total loot). But there’s more! Read the hidden book. Now leave the house.

Outside the Garrett House

There’s a cart near Garrett’s front door. A book rests near the wheel.

The Gardner’s House

This house is located between the Pub/Hotel and the Mayor’s House. KO the sleeping man, first off. Then grab a key from under some nearby crates. It’s useless – it opens a nearby empty chest – but get it anyway. Read the 2 items here (a scroll and the next book) and then scram.

The Church

Not much to do here. Read the final book, next to a holy water font (which is not active).

The Park

Grab the silver key and leave.

The Police Station

Open it using the key you got near the mission’s start. Use a Flash Mine/Blackjack combo on the guard. Open the prison cell and KO the prisoner. Finally, grab a Sword off a shelf right by the entrance. Your last order of business here is to read a crumbled note in a trash can.

The Archers

Now we’ll handle the archers. Carefully throw a gas mine to one of them. It’s impossible to KO the other one. If you must kill him (I hate killing) then use a mine or your rope arrow, if he is unaware.

The Vacant House, pt. 2

You can now hack open the door leading to this house’s balcony. It’s optional to go here.

The Technical Post

This is right across from Garrett’s house. Inside, read the 5 very short books. The other door here is locked. The key is located on a ledge above the door. You can’t see the key, so frob for it. When you have it, open the door. A locked hatch. Remember the “?” key? This is what it unlocks. Climb down the ladder.

The Caverns of “P”

It’s hard, but crouch under the ladder to get past it. At the end of the tunnel lies a mechanist. He’s been leaving all these keys and books behind!