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Test spoiler:
Tell Maurice to hide the corpse in a better spot.

Emilie Victor

Walkthrough - Expert Difficulty


You begin in a small room with almost no equipment. Read the diary on the table, then open the door and peek out into the hallway. When the way is clear, walk through to the kitchen, staying out of sight of the man and woman in there, as well as the girl who walks in and then leaves again. You need to get close enough to her to take the "Upper Floor key" from her waist. Get some water arrows out of the sink, exit the kitchen to the east, then creep along and turn left. You'll see a set of spiral stairs going up. Climb them and use the "Upper Floor key" to unlock the gates at the top.

Getting Your Equipment

Turn left through the wooden arch, take the 2 gold urns (200) from the tables, then go through the door on the right into a bedroom. Leave by the other door, go through the office and creep out into another hallway. Turn left and wait in the shadows for a guard to come down the hall and go through the first opening on the right (S). Snatch the "Armoury key" from his belt. Then go back downstairs and into the kitchen.

You'll find a trapdoor in the floor in the NW corner of the room. Open it, climb down the ladder and follow the passageway to the far end. Climb the steps, open the door at the top and peek out to see where the patrolling guard is. Once you're sure the coast is clear, climb out - you are in a warehouse across from the main house. Make your way into the next room - the armoury is to the left. Use the "Armoury key" on the lockbox beside the gate, then go in and collect all the equipment you need. Objective complete.


Exit the armoury, head half-right (NE) across the room, through the double doors and up to the doorway on the left (N). Sneak past the guard in here (you can't BJ him because of his helmet) and go through the door behind him into a bunk room where you'll find a silver coinstack (+12 = 212) and a rope arrow in the chests. Go back out and cross to the area where you can see a guard practicing with his sword. There are 5 broadheads stuck in the target on the wall. At the corner of this practice area is a drunken archer sleeping on the side of a water trough. Take his arrow and look in the trough for more water arrows. Cross to the kitchen door in the middle of the east wall, pick it open and go in. Now you can explore the house with the aid of your equipment.

Ground Floor

Look above the kitchen fireplace for 2 gold urns (+200 = 412), then head out of the kitchen through the same door as last time and go into the room on the right where a man is sitting at the table. Read the book in front of him and pick up a silver coinstack (+12 = 424) from the top of the bookcase. Leave, turn right down the hallway and duck into the first room on the right. Wait for the guards to pass, then KO them. One of them is wearing a purse (+100 = 524). Go through the archway opposite. Jump up onto the table, slash the banner and climb into the hole behind it. Open the chest and you've found Secret #1, which gives you more water arrows.

Creep past the drunken guards to the next hallway (make sure they don't catch sight of you as they sober up quickly). Turn right, then go through the wood door on your left into a bunk room. You'll find a note on one of the beds written by a guard named Forrest. The chest at the foot of his bed is locked and requires a key, so you'll have to come back later when you've found it. There's nothing of value in the other chests, so retrace your steps to the hallway where you ambushed the guards, walk back to the spiral staircase and climb to the upper floor.

Upper Floor

Go through the bedroom and the office again. The door on the right opens into a bathroom, where you'll find 2 gold candlesticks (+100 = 624) on the side of the tub and 2 water arrows floating in it. Walk up the hallway from the bathroom, turn right through the archway and then go through the door on the right into a bedroom, where two people are asleep. Pick open the locked blue chest in between the beds to find a gold nugget (+100 = 724). Leave this room and open the other door into a second bedroom. There are two blue chests in here. Pick them open - there is a tiara in one of them (+125 = 849) and a necklace in the other (+200 = 1049).

Back out in the hallway, put out the torch and peek through the doorway opposite. There are 3 men standing in the room in front of a lit fireplace. If you move a little way up the hall you can douse the fire without alerting the men and then sneak into the room. The Mechanist guard is wearing a purse (+100 =1149), and on the coffee table is a pair of dice (+50 = 1199). A black jar (+20 = 1219) is on top of the NE dresser and there is a plate (+10 = 1229) above the fireplace. If you crawl into the fireplace, you'll find a lever. Flip it to get Secret #2. The dresser in the NW corner slides sideways and in the secret hiding place are some water arrows, a noisemaker arrow and a moss arrow.

Now go back out to the south, and turn left (E). Continue along to the top of the main stairs. (There is a Watcher above them, so stay behind it.) Go into the dining room, on the right (S). On the dining table are 3 gold candlesticks (+150 = 1379) and 8 gold plates (+400 = 1779). Go through the door to the kitchen, put out the fire and climb into the fireplace. Open the safe in the chimney to get Secret #3. It contains some more water arrows and moss arrows.

Return to the hallway and watch for a guard with tummy trouble running to and from the bathroom at the end of the hallway. Wait until you've seen him run to the left, then sneak up to the corner and around into the dark part of the hallway. Be careful - there is another Watcher here. The double doors below this Watcher are labelled "Lady Cunegonde's Suite", but they are locked and unpickable, so you'll have to find another way in there. Wait until the guard runs back past you and take "Forrest's Chest key" which he is wearing. Retrace your steps to the hallway outside the room where the three men were standing. Turn right along the N/S hallway. At the end, on the right, you can see into the area above the main stairs. There's a black jar (+20 = 1799) on the table there, but it's a bit difficult to get without setting off the alarm.

Now go west and into the room on the right. You'll see Dewdrop sitting on the sofa, but you can't pick her up. Get the "Secret Passage key" from the windowsill and then read the note from Emilie. You'll receive three new objectives:

Steal the key DeLoret is carrying on his belt
Find and meet Emilie Victor
Get and destroy DeLoret's property title deeds

You'll find a silver nugget (+50 = 1849) on top of the desk. Hanging on the east wall is a banner you can slash. Behind it is a secret passageway that takes you to a room on the North side of the hallway between the main stairs and Lady Cunegonde's suite. There is a gem ring (+100 = 1949) on the small table in the corner. Leave Dewdrop's room, turn right and right again at the corner. You are back at the top of the spiral stairs. Go down to the main floor, straight ahead up the first hallway and turn left at the corner past the room with the drunken guards. Now go into the bunk room where you found the locked chest that needed a key. Unlock it with "Forrest's Chest key" and collect a purse (+100 = 2049). Walk quietly north down this hallway to the locked door at the far end and open it with the "Secret Passage Key". Go inside, slash the wall banner and flip the lever behind it. This opens a secret door behind the red banner back in the hall. Slash this banner and follow the narrow passage to the ladder.

Lady Cunegonde's Rooms

Climb up, frob the door at the top and go in. On the bookcase to the right is a light gold key that will open the double doors in the main foyer of the suite. Go through the red curtain into the foyer and turn left into a small music room. You'll find a silver flute (+50 = 2099) beside the harp. Open the door on the south wall and go through into the bedroom, where there is a ring (+100 = 2199) on the bedside table. Frob the painting on the far wall and read the letter concealed behind it. You'll get another new objective:

Find DeLoret's journal and read it

If you pick open the other locked door then go through and look in the closet, you'll see that Lady Cunegonde was right to fear for her life! Now enter the sitting room, where you'll find 2 gold coptic jars (+150 = 2349). Loot objective complete.

Push the button on the wall behind the big statue to open a panel at the end of the room. Pick up the spectacles (+50 = 2399) from the bookcase. Go through the panel, walk past the chair overlooking the theatre, and climb the ladder to the rafters above. Make your way to the back of the theatre and you can either slash the tapestry and jump down outside, or rope arrow down at the back and go out through the doors.

DeLoret's Quarters

Head just south of west across the main courtyard (there are two guards standing by a fire at the south end) and pick open the doors into DeLoret's quarters. To the right (N) you'll find Maurice's rooms where there is a note from DeLoret ordering Maurice to murder Tancrede and Marie. Straight ahead are the dining room, sitting room and Library, but save them for later. Instead, turn to the left and go upstairs to the upper floor.

Turn to the left (S) down the hallway. The first room on the left is a bedroom, where you'll find a note to Tancrede from DeLoret. Open the chest and you'll find another note, from Tancrede to Marie, which says that he has a copy of the Library key. He has discovered that there is a secret tunnel in the Library that leads down to the underground levels, and asks Marie to join him in the stock room, so that's where you need to go to get the Library key. The first room on the right holds nothing of interest, just a sleeping servant. The second room on the right has a boarded up doorway. Open the door and you'll see a ghost reaching through a painting that is leaning up against the wall. You'll have to look for another way into that room.

Continue down the hallway, then go through the door at the far end and down the stairs. There's a drunk in the room with all the barrels. Ignore him and go through to the next room - you can see into the stock room from here. Hide in the shadows and watch Maurice kill Tancrede and Marie. When Maurice leaves, collect the "Internal Access Key" from the top of the crate near the opening, climb through and take the "Library key" from Tancrede's body. Go back through the opening, climb back up the stairs and walk to the end of the hallway. Turn left and quietly creep up to the door on the left.

Pick it open and enter DeLoret's private rooms. The first room is a sitting room and you'll notice an odd metal plate over the fireplace. Remember it for later on, then take the two black jars (+40 = 2439) from the mantelpiece. There's a tiny gold ring (+100 = 2539) on top of the coffee table and 2 small silver statues (+30 = 2569) on the other table. Pick up the gold statue (+75 =2644) from the corner pedestal then walk through the next room and into DeLoret's office. On the desk is a pair of spectacles (+50 = 2694).

Rope arrow up and look at the wall just above the middle of the left half of the bookcases. Flip the small switch - the painting on the wall to the left slides aside and reveals an entrance into a small hidden room. In here, sitting on the pedestal beside the statue, you'll find DeLoret's Journal. Objective complete.

Open the double doors, KO the guards outside and then turn to the left. Pick open the first door on the left in this hallway and enter a large bedroom. There are 2 gold wine bottles (+100 = 2794) on the mantelpiece, and a gold bottle and a gold goblet (+75 = 2869) on the floor in front of the fireplace. There are 2 gold candlesticks (+100 = 2969) on the side of the tub in the adjoining bathroom.

Leave the bedroom to go east and then south past the gallery to the top of the stairs. Be careful that you stay out of sight of the Watcher down below. Go downstairs and round to the left. Peek round the corner, wait for the Watcher to turn away, then go through the double doors at the far end. There are 2 gold wine bottles (+100 = 3069) and 3 gold goblets (+75 = 3144) on the table. On the mantelpiece there are 2 green jars (+40 = 3184) and a mask (+50 = 3234). Go back out into the dining room and then right (S) to the double doors to the Library, which you can unlock with the key you took from Tancredes' body.


There's a note lying on the floor to the left that lets you know you are on the right track. Walk around behind the first set of shelves on the right (W). Frob the wall lamp - the statue moves aside to reveal a secret passageway. Enter it, climb the ladder then frob the panel Go through into the boarded up room where you saw the girl ghost earlier. Read the letter on the floor, then frob the painting sitting against the wall and it will move aside. Crawl through to find the doll. Take it and return to the Library. If the statue has moved back into place and is blocking the exit, you can reopen it by flipping the lever on the wall twice. In the SE corner of the library, you'll find a lockbox on the side of a bookcase. Use the "Library key" to unlock it then cross to the SW side, where you'll find a secret door has opened.


Walk through the underground section to the south crypt. There is a lever on the wall just to the left of the end tomb. Operate it to open a door in the stone wall. Go through and pick up a note from Emily, which says you are entering the realm of Maurice - this may be more than you've bargained for, so she is sending Mr. Ponk to help.(?) Turn left then go along the first passage on the left; follow it to a room with a wall plaque that says "But where is Mr. PONK?" Head east, then go into the next room on the left to read Maurice's journal.

Continue east up the hallway, around the corner and into the torture room on the right. You'll find some broadheads stuck in the target and a healing potion on the rack beside the man lying on it. (Be careful, because if you read the crumpled note on the floor Maurice will appear and attack you.) Put a rope arrow into the beam, climb up and slice the crooked banner on the wall.

Crawl through the tunnel. At the end, you'll emerge onto the church rafters. Turn to the left and go towards the back of the church. There is a stone "bridge" across to the other side just before the pillar. Cross over and walk down towards the front of the church, then turn into the hole in the wall to the left. Follow the passageway to a round room with a pillar in the middle. In the middle of the pillar, there's a head behind a grate. Frob the grate to open it, then lean forward far enough to get the head to light up. Frob it to trigger Secret #4. A panel will open in the passageway wall just behind and to the left of you. Inside, you'll find some equipment. Walk around to the other side of the pillar and continue to follow the passageway.

DeLoret's Key

You come out on the rafters above a room where DeLoret is having a meeting. Put out the torches, rope arrow down and take the "Warehouse key" that he is wearing. Objective complete. Flip the lever on the wall in the NW corner to open the doors, then go outside. KO the guards (or sneak past then on the right) and go through the passageway on the north side. At the end of the passageway open the gates then walk down the room and turn right into a tunnel that leads to a graveyard. Go round to the right and look for a tombstone inscribed "Do you want to play with me?" "Use" the Doll on the plaque set into the ground below it and the big gate at the end of the cemetery will open.

Go through, turn left, and follow the passageway to a room where a tombstone is lying on a raised platform. The plaque on it reads "Where is certainty?" Frob the tombstone and it rotates. Jump into the hole that is exposed.

Emilie's World

You land in a pool of water at the bottom. Climb out into a room covered with snow and ice. Walk through the doorway on the east wall to the bottom of the stairs. There is a water arrow to the left of the stairs, and another to the right. Now go up the stairs, and emerge into DeLoret's Library. Things are a little different now! Go out of the Library doors and read the book floating in the air on the right. Walk to the end of the hallway and turn left through the double doors into the sitting room.

Go to the fireplace and frob the harp to trigger Secret #5. Climb into the fireplace and you'll find that a panel in the back has opened. Inside you'll find more equipment. Now go back out to the bottom of the stairs. Your way back to the "real world" is in the room on the left, but you don't want to go there just yet. Go upstairs, avoiding the guards. Some of the ghostly people may be of use to you, so sneak by them where you can - it's not difficult. Walk up the hallway, pick open the door into DeLoret's private rooms and enter. Take some broadheads that are stuck in the tapestry at the far end of the room, then go through to the second room where there are a couple of moss arrows on the dresser. You can't fail to notice a corpse wrapped in spider silk - the spider is in the office next door. Kill the spider, read the scroll on the desk about Louison and flowers, then go out of the office door and turn left to the bedroom. The frogbeasts in here won't bother you. Open the chest to get a healing fruit, then go into the bathroom to find a moss arrow in the tub.

Leave the bedroom, turn left, and then go south. Go past the top of the stairs to another hallway. Enter Emilie's room (the second room on the right) and read the scroll on the table. Take a vine arrow from the chest then go back down the stairs and out to the courtyard, which is now covered with snow. A man patrols this courtyard, down the passageway to the main house and through the lower floor. He walks very quickly and has a skull bouncing after him. Don't let him catch sight of you, but get close enough to take the "Exit key" from his waist. Cross the yard, staying out of sight of the ghostly guards by the fire, and creep along to the SE corner where you'll see a lighted torch by a windowsill. Climb up the vine in the shadows on the far side onto the ledge. Open the door and you'll trigger Secret #6. Inside you'll find water, moss and noisemaker arrows. Climb back down the vine. Now sneak along to the other end of the yard and head along the passageway in the NW corner that takes you into the house.

Main House (again)

Go in, turn left and walk all the way along to the last door on the left which opens into the room where you started the mission. Inside, standing in front of a mirror, is the man from the theatre holding a bunch of flowers in his hand. Do you remember reading something about flowers not long ago? Take them from him, then go to the kitchen and "use" them on the bowl in front of Louison (the servant girl wearing pants). She'll smell the flowers and then drop a grey key on the kitchen table. Take it, walk up the main stairs and use the key on the lockbox to unlock the gate.

You'll see Emilie's doll bouncing about upstairs, but just ignore her - she doesn't alert the guards. Cross to the dining room, jump up on the table and frob the panel in the ceiling (with an X beside it) which will go up like an elevator. When it stops, put a rope arrow into it and climb up. At the top, jump across to the passageway and follow it to the attic. Climb through a hole in the wall at the far end of the attic and then climb the ladder. From here you can look out into a tower room to see a mask floating at the top of a particle column. Tancrede is there too. Put a rope arrow into the ceiling, jump across and pick up the mask, which is "Tancrede's Key". Retrace your steps to the dining room, go out to the hallway and turn left. Go along to the bathroom at the end - you'll find a moss arrow and a water arrow in the bathtub. Back in the hallway go through the first door on the left into a small sitting room. Climb the tree growing near the window and frob the panel near the top to trigger Secret #7. Inside, you'll find some equipment.

Go back the way you came in, turn left and then sneak into the short hallway on the right and through the door at the end. This is a bedroom with a man and woman standing in it. There are 2 gold goblets (+50 = 3284) on the table to the left and a gold wine bottle that goes into your inventory. Head back downstairs and head south to the east-west hallway. Go into the hall opposite the door into the room where the drunken guards used to stand in the real world. (There are barrels and statues here now.) You will find the guard with the bucket on his head standing in front of a closed gate. "Use" the wine bottle on his cup; he'll drink, then walk away. The gate that was behind him moves to allow you to slip behind it.

Take the moss arrow from one of the skeletons here, and then go down the tunnel to the far end. You come out in front of (what used to be) the theatre doors. Go in and collect the mask, which is "Lady Cunegonde's Suite Key". Return down the tunnel, past the skeletons and bucket-head, then turn right and walk to the barrack room. Collect a healing fruit from the left-hand chest.

Continue north along the hallway, go up the stairs and around behind them (N) to the entrance to the Hall of the Howling Statues. The pillars flanking the doors are decorated with replicas of the two "key" masks you have collected. "Use" your Tancrede's Key mask on the Lady Cunegonde replica, then "use" the Lady Cunegonde's Suite Key mask on the Tancrede replica - the double doors will open.

Meeting Emilie

Once inside the Hall of Statues, flip the lever on the wall to the left twice. This closes the doors and keeps the patrolling guard out. Smash the center statue with sword or blackjack and a hidden entrance opens at the back of the north alcove. Mr. Ponk appears from the west alcove - better late than never? Go through the passage to the north into the big room and watch the scene acted out by the ghosts. After the people disappear, the doll that Emilie was holding is left behind. Frob it, and you will be teleported to another room where you meet Emilie. Objective complete. Stand still and she will walk up to you. After a short conversation she will give you a note and a burrick head. Read the note and whoosh! - you'll find yourself standing in the corner of the snowy yard.

Pick up the burrick head and enter DeLoret's quarters. Cross to the door just past the stairs and unlock it with the "Exit key". Beware of the Eye plants inside as they set off an alarm, though it doesn't really matter if you are quick. Go into the crate and start pushing the buttons. You will be teleported back into the same room, but in the real universe.

Back in the Real World

Go upstairs to DeLoret's private rooms and "use" the Burrick Head on the metal plate over the fireplace. The banner on the west wall opens to reveal the property deeds. Take them back to the fireplace, throw them into the fire and wait for a few seconds. Objective complete.

Getting Out

The one remaining objective is to get out by going to the front gates. Make your way to the east side of the balcony above the dining room, and then down the long passageway to the north. Unlock the door at the end with the "Internal Access key" and go into the main house. You now have several possible exit routes. You could use the main staircase or go down the spiral stairs. Then go out of the front doors, or else go through the kitchen door and sneak around to the right. Either way, when you approach the front gate the mission will end.

End of mission

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