Normal walkthrough on "Dockland" (v 1.1) - by Steve Hindley (mission author)

Get from shop
2 rope arrows
3 moss arrows
1 water arrow

Follow merchant to his room, and wait for him to disappear, return to corridor outside merchants room and wait in shadows until Hammerite guard walks past the end of the corridor and into your room. Go downstairs to bar, open door to outside, if you see no hammerite guard the nip into shadows in the gate way, and wait. When hamerite guard walks away from you, either if your hiding in the tavern or in the shadows of the gate, follow him, up the hill, sticking to the left when he turns, when he walks down the hill nip into the shadows, on the left about halfway down the hill, don't go in front of Hammerite guard or he will see you. Walk along shadows to just beyond junction to where you would have been if you had jumped out of your tavern room window. There are 3 guards that patrol this junction, one of the guards will pause under the window. Don't go down that road, you want the road with the lamppost on the corner, when the guards are walking away from you nip into the shadow in the dead end road to the coils. Then when the road around the corner is free of guards, nip into the shadows beyond the raised wooden gate. At the first junction in the tunnel go right, you will come to a crossroads, with a gated entrance to a building on your right. Read the plaque on the right side of the gate.
Objective Change
You have to find a way to open the gate.
And you now know Lord Bafford owns this warehouse, empty its safe.

Follow the road to the right to a t-junction, then right again at next t-junction, there's a corner ahead, there's a window here, duck under the window, the Hammer guard inside sometimes sees you if you walk by at full height, and will come to smash you flat. Follow the road till you come to a small square, with a tower and a tunnel into the wall, and entrances into two buildings, and three paths leaving the square, one you entered the square by, and one to the northwest, and the other to the northeast.

Lockpick the door at the bottom of the tower, go in and up the ladder to the next level. There's some loot on the table with cheese on it, and some arrows in the footlocker near the bed, which you will have to
lockpick to open. If you want you can use the lift up to the next level and knockout the bowman. Leave tower to square. Read plaque on west building.
Objective Change
This was the warehouse owned by the DockMaster, he had a secret room in it, that the Hammer's failed to find when they raided it. Find it yourself, and take it's contents.

Read the plaque on the north building.
Objective Change
This warehouse belongs to Lord Ramirez, you should empty his safe as well, as he deserves it.

Follow the northwest path out of the square for about 10 feet, or 3 metres (depends where you live) there is a metal door in the wall to the north, it is unlocked, carefully open the door, as there is a Hammerite guard behind it, sneak in and into the shadows behind the guard. Go into the next room and lockpick the footlocker near the bed.
Objective Complete.
Contains a BlackJack.

Knockout both Hammerite guards in the building, then go up the ladder and knockout the bowman, open his chest and pinch his arrows, as he won't need them for the rest of the night.

The other metal door in this building, which is the Guard House can not be opened, the key is on the belt of a guard in Ramirez's warehouse. The metal plate in the wall which is opened by a button takes you to the only other way across the river, this is barred for now. Leave the Guard House and follow the path around to the bottom of the stairs. Go up the stairs, at the top wait in the darkness, and watch the guards patrol routes, knock each of them out when it is safe to do so. Hide their bodies in the dark shadows. Follow path across bridge. You are now on the north side of the river, the building on your left is the Hammerite Warehouse, it has a secret entrance and exit, the gates to this warehouse do not open, their control's are not on this level. Follow the path down the slope to the front of the warehouse, there is a guard here, he will attack you if he sees you, run back to the bridge and hide in a shadow, when he gives up searching for you, follow him, when he starts talking to himself, hit him with your blackjack. Just to the left of the entrance to the Hammerite warehouse is a path cut through the cliff, the first location is the diamond shaft with a pool of water at the bottom, follow the tunnel to the right, you will end up at the lava pit and a rather large obstacle, no bridge. Use your rope arrows, shoot the furthest wooden beam first, then the nearest beam, then make like Tarzan, and swing across. Pull the lever on the wall to extend the bridge. Then go and retrieve the rope arrows, you may need them. Stick to the shadows when entering the area to the Custom House it looks like a castle, as there are two bowman above the entrance, who will come and search for you if they see you, even if you cannot see them. At the only entrance to the custom house that is accessable to you, do not enter by the well lit part, there is an entrance just to the right and left that is in darkness, enter there. At the entrance to the room with the guard facing you behind a window and a guard patrolling round, stop. On the wall opposite is a torch, wait until the patrolling guard is out of the room before you put it out with your water arrow. Then knock out the guard when he enters the doorway next to the window, the other guard cant see you in the shadow you've created. Dump the body in the shadow on the stairs up to the ramparts. Then open the door to the windowed area and knock out the guard in there. From the entrance in the custom house, take the door into the dining room, do not take the loot from the table yet. Through the hole in the wall you can see a servant standing in front of the fire, go into the kitchen and knockout this servant, keep quiet as there is a novice priest in the room above who can hear down the chimney. Knockout the servant in the food preperation room, as she can be a pest sometimes. Get the loot from the shelf on the chimney, in the kitchen. In the corridor outside the kitchen, go up the stairs at the end. Stick to the shadows and go right at the top, knockout the guard on the corner square. Then go south, follow the rampart to a door to the right, carefully open the door, you'll see a novice priest warming his hands on the fire. Use the moss arrows on the tiled floor till you stand behind the novice priest, on the chimney of the fireplace is your sword.
Objective Complete.
Get your sword.
You can either knock out the novice priest or leave him there. Retrace your steps back to the corridor outside the kitchen. Go through the other doors to the bedroom and toilet, in the bedroom on the bed, read the book, the lover of the beast in the Toilet left an engagement ring with its food. Read the book on the table, you'll read about dodgey Sally an automation, her plans are in one of the chests. There's also some loot in one of the chests, and two chests contains nothing. Go to the toilet and use the lever to raise the manhole to the pit under the toilet, go down the ladder and knockout the beast, avoid the flies and get the ring from the piles of s..t. Return to the dining room and loot the table, including the rare statue of the builder. Return to the entrance and go through the other door, the the door on the left to the turbine room, the the other door to the control room, there's no one in here, he's warming his hands up stairs. In the metal plate in the wall are three levers, use each level until the plates infront off the levers shut.
Objective Complete.
You've opened all the gates to the warehouse, on the south side of the river, and unblocked part of the secret entrance to the Hammerite Warehouse.

Return to the square outside the Dockmasters warehouse.
Dockmaster's Warehouse (it's easier if you do this one first)
Eliminate all the hammerite guards within by knocking them out, there are four guards. Five if you count the one near the river, but you don't need to do that one. Go through the double doors to the corridor where a guard once patrolled, if you knocked him out. The first room on the right is dark, a switch on the wall will turn on the lights. Lockpick all the chest, one contains a note about a lost diamond in a grate that leads under Baffords warehouse, one contains a gas arrow. Return to the corridor, go through next door to smashed office, then through next door to smashed storage closet. Use the lever in the cabinet twice to turn on the lights to the upper level. Go through the hole in the wall and up the slope, go to the end of the corridor and into the room with the shelves on the wall. Under one of the shelves is a lever, use it, a door in the wall will open, entering the room will turn on the light. Take everything you can.
Objective Complete.
Empty the dockmasters hidden room.

Return to square outside.
Lord Ramirez Warehouse
Eliminate all the guards on the lower floor. Use a gas arrow to knock out the patrolling guard on the upper level. Get his key. use this key to open the door on the upper lever. The other door you have to lockpick. In the office use the switch behind the iron maiden (metal human shaped thing with spikes) to move the mausoleum, enter room behind mausoleum, lockpick the two safes and take the loot and documents.
Objective Complete.
Empty Lord Ramirez's safes.

There's more loot and arrows hidden with the big wooden boxes in the tall room, where, depends which expertise you are doing. Go to front of Bafford's warehouse. Enter and elliminate all the guards on the street level. Use the lift to go down to the basement, go into partially flooded room and get the diamond from the grate in the water. Use the lift to get to the top floor. Hide in shadows. Knock out guard patrolling in corridor near lift. Then knock out two guards patrolling around large boxes, be careful there are two bowmen hidden in darkness, somewhere. The large single floored room next to the lift is where Bafford keeps all the dammaged stock, there's the rotating barrel, and for those running in hardware mode, a transparent statue, and then there's the head in the box, the fire crystal that is really a healing potion, and a fire crystal thats really a water crystal, and a water crystal thats really a fire crystal, the red smoke that bubbles from the floor, the very hard to lockpick footlocker, takes about 5 minutes to lockpick and contains a bouncy basket ball.
Go to the metal door on this floor and lockpick it while hiding in shadows, Lord Ramirez man Sanchez is in Lord Bafford's safe room, fiddling the books, and he's a bit jumpy, and will exit the office as soon as you start to lockpick the door. Follow Sanchez and pinch his purse, knock him out if you want. Return to the door and lockpick it. The painting to the safe is still open Sanchez the prat forgot to close it in his panic. So just pick the chest on the floor and get the guards pay. Then pick the safe on the wall and get everything from the safe including the Love letter, but not the book.
Objective Complete.
Steal the contents of Baffords safe.

Also in this building there is loot and other things hidden with the big wooden blocks in the big main storage area. The key on the desk will open the double doors to the river. A note in the office will tell you about the machine opposite on the cliff wall on the river, and why the water in the river is so low.

(If you are on the hard or expert level read the poster on the wall north of the custom house, near the gate, as this teleports in the person carrying the key to the gate into the hammerite warehouse.)

Go to Guard House, find the buttons on the wall in the dark. Pushing the buttons will move a false wall. Go along the corridor, use the lift to go up, eliminate the guard, if you are in darkness on the lift, you can sneek around the boxes and knock him out, else use a gas arrow.

The metal beam problem
Stand as close to the edge of the end of the tunnel as you can, face the beam, look slightly up, lean left out over the river amd climb up onto the beam. Follow the beam across the river, the bowman in the tower will not bother you, as he cannot see you. when you get to the other side of the river, leave the beam and then go into the shadow under the beam, follow the beam staying in the shadow, ether kill the big red spider with 2 broadhead arrows you got from the chest at the guard house, or sneek past it. At the end of the tunnel is the Hammerite Warehouse. Use a moss arrow on the floor below you, then enter the warehouse, and knock out the guard in front of you. You can knock out all the guards on the lower level if you want to. Stay on the upper level, use a moss arrow on the metal lift, and drop down onto it. Then use the controls to go back up. Hidden in the boxes on the left is some loot, not much. Go to the door at the end of this ledge, then through the next door into the office, there's a hidden door in the left wall, just use it to open it, pinch the large gold hammer from the broken safe, brother Slurp lost his key to the safe and blew it up, so the Hammers use it as a small shrine, so pinch the religious icon, its worth alot. Return to the guard house, via the same route you got here by, this also means you've got to lean right over the river at the end of the spider tunnel to get on the the beam.

Return to the entrance of The custom house. Go through door next to window, then through door to the room with the small shrine, reading the poster on the wall will tell you that the priest is visiting the High tower and will return later. Go through the other door, which takes you to a walled path behind the custom house. Follow the path to the gate, read the poster on the wall.
Objective Change.
Get the key to the gate from the priest at the Custom House.

Reading the poster will teleport in the priest with the key into the shrine in the custom house, and get rid of the poster on the wall telling you he's not there. Just return to the shrine in the Custom House and pinch the key from the priest.
Objective Complete.
Get key to gate.

Return to the gate, use the gate key on the lock opens the gate. Follow path to metal door, then wait, you should have completed all the objectives and got more loot than you need.

So Mission Complete.