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Test spoiler:
Nobody will go after you to bring back your mutilated body.

Dancing with the Dead

Mission 2 - Deep Analysis

Walkthrough - Expert Difficulty

Level 4

You start locked in a very cramped cell with no obvious exit. But what's that rat above your head? Frob it to discover that it's almost fresh rat meat. Hmmm, may as well eat it. Urgggh!!! While you were retching something metallic fell to the floor - it's your lock picks! The rat must have eaten them. Pick the door open, creep out into the shadow, listen and wait. Hmmm, that floor is very noisy so you will have to be careful.

When the patrolling guard has gone past, follow him round to the left , turn right and then immediately left. Make your way to the room where you can see the crates, move them and pick up a flare then climb up onto the big crate opposite the lantern. Drop down on the other side and collect your compass and a healing potion. Climb back over and wait for the guard to walk past heading to the left. Follow him along the tracks and go into the room with the metal door. New objective!

Duck into the recess on the left marked by an arrow and frob the back wall to reveal a secret passage. Go in, turn right then left and pick up the gold nugget (+100) from the far side of the puddle. Retrace your steps, climb the ladder, go straight ahead then turn right and walk forward until you fall down a shaft into the water below. Go West, and creep along to the gap in the broken bridge where you can pick up a mine, your blackjack and a crystal chunk (+25 = 125). Go back into the water, dive and swim through the tunnel in the South wall below the shaft. At the end of the tunnel turn right (S) then left (E), enter the alcove on the right (S) and climb the ladder. At the end of the passage use the boulder to smash the planks in the floor. Now wait until things quieten down below!

Drop down, which will probably alert the guards again. If so, hide in the room with the metal door (duck into the arrow recess if necessary) until the guard resumes his patrol, and then neutralize him. Now sneak under the window of the guard post, open the door and lean in to snag the Red Key from the guard's belt. Creep back under the window, turn left and use the key to open the Prisoners belongings storeroom.

Read the notice to receive a new optional objective - Find the vault and empty it. There is some food on the shelf in the SE corner. Eat it to regain some health. Pick up the health potion from the shelf in the cupboard and the scouting orb on the top of it. Now climb the ladder. Up here you can pick up a flash bomb, moss arrows, water arrows, broadheads, a rope arrow, flares and your sword - Objective complete!

There is a possible excursion now if you wish to trade some water arrows for fire arrows. If so, drop down the shaft to the water again and go up to the broken bridge. Take the fire skeleton out with water arrows and cross the gap (you will probably need the rope arrow to do this). Follow the passage round to the right and pick up the fire arrows from the edge of the larva. Get back up to level 4 as before.

There are two ways up to Level 3 now. You can take the elevator, but the controls are in the guardroom so this is difficult unless the guard is elsewhere or out of action. (It is possible to achieve this by lurking in the shadows near the Prisoners' belongings room and jumping to make a noise to lure the guard out of the guardpost. Blackjack him, then enter the guardroom and smash the glass. Behind it you'll find a speed potion, a holy water potion and 2 water arrows.)

The other way is to jump across the shaft instead of dropping down it and climb the ladder on the far side. Open the grille at the end of the passage, go through and drop down into Level 3 main corridor and walk right(S).

Level 3

Locate "The Beast" plaque, which is in the SE corner (if you used the elevator it's to the left of the gates straight ahead). Head down the passage to the left (N) of the plaque. The High Voltage Lab is through the double doors at the end.

(If you want all the pickpockets - it's tricky and dangerous - you have to get the doors of the High Voltage Lab open because there are two people wearing keys inside. Collect a box from the main corridor and throw it at the double doors until the box breaks. Eventually a guard should come running out and he is wearing a Silver Key which will open the doors if they have been relocked. One of the scientists in the Lab is wearing a copy of the Red Key. Hopefully he will run out too. If you have to enter the lab an explosion will occur a few seconds later and all hell will break loose, so you need to act quickly. Outside of the door on the east side of the lab is a hallway where you'll find a small guard room. There's a water arrow lying on the floor and a flare in the wall cabinet.)

Climb the stairs on the North side of the passage up to the balcony overlooking the High Voltage Lab. If the explosion hasn't occurred yet, duck down in a corner and wait for it. (The blast can hurt or even kill you.) Now got through the door in the North wall and turn right (E) along the metal catwalk beside the conveyor belt. See the table in the corner ahead? Jump down, run to the table and grab the Gray Key, then scurry over to the NE corner. Operate the rotary valve on the vertical pipe left of the railings to shut off the steam jet blasting across the catwalk above, then dive down the ladder onto the elevator platform above the lava. Now make your way to the South as far as you can get by jumping across the lava onto pipes, etc. There is a fire arrow in the fire on the shelf in the West wall. A jet of steam is escaping farther along the wall and you need to shut this off before you can proceed.

The switch will be in one of three places:

1. Behind the banner on the East wall.

2. Behind the pipes on the West wall just North of the steam jet.

3. Beside the gauges on the South wall. (You will need to shoot this one with an arrow.)

Now walk South along the pipe and round the corner. Secret #1!

When you get to the platform, break the glass and collect the water arrows, the Holy Water and the flashbomb. Go through the Emergency Exit, climb the ladder, flip the switch and emerge in a place you've been to before.

Now go back to the balcony above the High Voltage lab and down the steps. Turn right, then right again and walk along to the elevator at the North end of the main corridor.

Level 2

Bring the elevator down and then ride it up to Level 2. The corpse on the floor here is wearing another copy of the Red Key. (There's a fire arrow in the furnace located in the Machinery room on the left, though it's not particularly easy to get.) Follow the rail track round to the blue flashing light. The Power Room is on the left here, and the door can be unlocked with the Gray Key. Fuse boxes and electrical panels? You may have to come back here later!

For now, continue on over the rubble between the open blast doors. When you reach the corner, look up. There is an exposed electrical cable here, and through holes in the roof you can see a combination lock button panel and blast doors.

;If you slash through the cable with your sword the blast doors will open.

Carry on through the rubble, and when you emerge follow the tracks along to the Level 2 sign. The central shaft is straight ahead, but you should turn right. Don't worry about the faulty watcher at the end of the passage.

Go left into the church and collect the Vault Access Instructions scroll from the floor between the pews on the left side. There are two gold candlesticks on the altar (+100 = 225). Leave the church and cross the corridor into the library.

The "Zoo"

Go to the doorway left of the corpse and inspect the right hand corner of the door frame under the drapes, where there is a hard-to-see tiny switch. Flip it and the door will open - Secret #2!

Go along the short passage and descend the ladder. Flip the lever to emerge on a gallery above some prison cells which are being used as animal cages. Head along to the left, eat the fruit and collect a Rusty Key from the corpse and a flare from the wall niche. There are a series of switches on the West wall. The righthand ones open the barred gates and the numbered switches open the cells. Operate them, then while you wait for peace to reign again down below collect the 2 broadhead arrows that are stuck into the wood to the right of the switches..

Walk around the gallery to the far side and unlock the gate with the Rusty Key. Go up the steps and collect a water arrow from the bucket. The door down the steps on the West side opens onto the walkway above the conveyer belt room, and the door on the North wall opens onto the central shaft. Go through, turn right and down the stairs to the bottom, walk past the toppled clock and collect six water arrows from the locked chest. You can also get three broadheads from the corpse lying on the floor to the South side of the central area and there's a bottle of holy water lying on the floor beside the explosive barrels to the left. Return up the stairs to the "zoo".

Climb down the ladder on the East side of the North gallery and follow the passage along to the double doors. (These can be unlocked with the Rusty Key and open onto a passage to the South side of the central shaft. The conveyor belt room is across the passage.) Go into the cell area, pick up the Iron Key from the corpse and collect three moss arrows and two frogbeast eggs from the cell floors.

Now make your way via the conveyor belt workshop to the "Beast" plaque. (The suggested route is to climb back up to the gallery, go through the gate that unlocks with the Rusty key and out onto the catwalk above the conveyor belt. From the catwalk enter the door in the East wall, turn left through the door onto the balcony above the Lab and go down the stairs. At the bottom, a right turn then a left takes you to the Beast gate.) Use the Iron Key to unlock the gate and take the elevator down. Collect 2 flash bombs, a healing potion and 2 gas arrows from the wall case, pull the lever to toggle the security gates and walk through to the green doors. Yikes - better not explore this area further! OK, now return to the library via the "Zoo" gallery and up to the secret door.

The Library

There are three gold candlesticks (+150 = 375) and another Rusty Key on the large table. You can pick up a map from the top of the bookcase North of the table. Objective complete!

Read the scroll on the floor beside the corpse then climb over the toppled bookcase and turn right (W) to pick up the wine bottle tucked away in the corner (+50 = 425). Now climb the stairs to Level 1. Pick open the door on the North side and collect the valuable book from the small table (+500 = 925). Walk round to the South door in the West wall and grab the wine bottle from the top of the bookcase on the right (+50 = 975).

Level 1

Go through the door, and note the vault door to the left. Walk along the corridor, open the double doors on the West side and go into the theatre. Pick up the rope arrow beside the Hammer archer's corpse then look around for a scroll. It might be on the stage, but it could be carried by a female zombie who is patrolling the auditorium or by the guard up on the balcony. If it's the latter, you can pick it up later. The scroll is called "Three Little Pigs"!

Pick up the pair of spectacles lying on one of the bench seats (+50 = 1025) and the purse on the floor higher up on the other side (+100 = 1125), then go back into the corridor and continue northwards. Read the metal plaque on the left - so that is what this place is - Objective complete!

Now read the notice, douse the fire on the fallen door and pluck the arrow from the door above the slumped corpse. Go into the room here (there is a globe next to the desk) and read the scroll by the corpse. Abacus' notes say that the word B.A.T.H. will get you into his secret hideout. That's intriguing!

On the table are two gold cups (+50 = 1175), two gold plates (+100 = 1275), a wine bottle (+50 = 1325) and a purple goblet (+50 = 1375). Open the centre door in the bottom row of the lockers to collect some holy water and a water arrow. Now go into the curtained-off area in the SE corner, check out the six observation ports then pick up the Copper Key from the desk and read the scroll. Hmmm - why all this talk about the statue?

Go back past the globe and through the door in the South wall. Climb the stairs to the balcony above the theatre and pick up the Silver Key. (If you didn't find the Three Little Pigs scroll earlier you can get it now.) Back downstairs, open the door next to the globe and go through. On the table are two gold cups (+50 = 1425), two gold plates (+100 = 1525), a wine bottle (+50 = 1575). There is a purple goblet on the shelf (+50 = 1625). Now take a look around this room: one of the books in the bookcase is frobbable; there is a red button at the top of the anchor and another under the telescope.

Book, Anchor, Telescope - B.A.T? There is also a Harp - B.A.T.H! OK, frob the items in that order. The bookcase slides aside revealing the secret entrance. to Abacus' hide-out.

Climb the stairs, collect the cash (+50 = 1675) and the statue (+15 = 1690) from the desk and then read Abacus' Diary. That's the evidence you need - Objective Complete!

Go back to the room with the globe and pick open the door in the North wall. Go through the control room and along the passage to the metal door. Open it quietly! When it's safe to do so turn left, raise the elevator and walk round the corner. There's a bottle of holy water in the hand of the dead Hammer guard on the left.

The second door on the right opens into the bunkroom where you can collect 2 broadheads stuck in the post, another broadhead from the dead archer, and from the footlockers 10 more broadheads and 2 flashbombs. The door in the East wall opens into the latrines where you can collect a water arrow from one of the toilet holes. Be careful when you open the door because the room is occupied!

Back in the corridor pick up the Gray Key from beside the dead scientist. When you attempt to operate the elevator you will get a new objective - find a way to power it up again.

Retrace your steps past the working elevator, turn left and pick open the door past the hole in the floor. Pick up the flash mine and a fine wine (+50 = 1740) from the bottom left cupboard and the electric fuse in the top right one.

Open the bottom right cupboard, crawl in along the passage and frob the panel at the end to emerge on a ledge above the church.

Turn to your left to pick up a moss arrow. The statue that everyone has been talking about is blocking your route along the ledge, so blow it to smithereens with a fire arrow or smash it with your sword or blackjack. Walk all the way round the ledge to collect a gemstone (+100 = 1840) from the NE corner. Open the secret door halfway along the East side - Secret #3! Walk through to the dining room, pick up the Rusty Key and all the loot, which comprises 4 gold plates (+200 = 1940) and 4 fine wines (+200 = 2240). Get the healing potion from the wall case, then go back round the ledge, and out through the cupboards.

Drop down through the hole in the floor outside the door and turn right along a hallway. Cross the elevator hole and proceed to the end of the corridor where you'll find 3 moss arrows lying on the ground. Turn around and walk south across the central walkway. Continue south through the portion that has been partially blocked by a rock fall and at the far end, turn right into the Power Control Room. It appears that a fuse has blown violently - this is probably the fuse for the jammed elevator. Replace it with the fuse you got from the cupboards - Objective Complete!

Now go back up to the vault area on Level 1 and open the gates with the Copper Key. Now, how to solve the combination? The Vault Access Instructions said to read the fairy tale and replace the wrong numbers with good ones. The code will vary depending which version of "Three Little Pigs" you collected.

For example, if you have the version below and replace the wrong numbers (in italics) with the correct ones the code will be 3272:

"Once upon a time there were four happy little pigs. Autumn was coming, so each one wanted to build a house. The first one built her shed from straw. It was a very poor house and not even a pig could live in it. The fifth one built her hut from sticks. Like every house, it had four walls and a roof. Unfortunately the roof was full of holes so the rain soaked her for nine days a week." The third one built her house like a fortress, using stones and clay to build walls. She used five strong oak doors, one for the front entrance and one for the back. Her house had four rooms, which is the same number of legs that a pig has. In your opinion, which pig's house praises the Builder the most? The first one, the second or the third?"

Be very careful when you enter because there is a pressure-pad-operated trap at the bottom of the ramp.

Go over to the elevator first, send it up and pick up the purse (+100 = 2340) that was under the platform -Secret #4!

Now to collect all the loot. On the lower level are 2 spice bags (+80 = 2420), 2 more purses (+200 = 2620), 3 gold coinstacks (+75 = 2695), a gold nugget (+100=2795), 2 gemstones (+200 = 2995), 2 large blue gems (+30 = 3025) and another nugget in a footlocker (+100=3125). On the upper level are a necklace in a footlocker (+200 = 3325), a tapestry (+150 = 3475), 2 jars (+40=3515), a gold statue in a chest (+75=3590), a torc (+700 = 4290), 3 green jars (+60=4350), 2 masks (+100=4450) and a sceptre (+400 = 4850). Objective complete!

Go back to the elevator that was jammed and ride it up. Pull the red lever to open the large concealed door and go through into a shed at ground level.

Ground Level

Rope up to the rafters to read a journal and eat a couple of carrots to help you see in the dark. Back down below, take a couple of boxes out into the courtyard and place them under the fissure in the top of the gated wall on the left. Stand on them and mantle up into the broken window opening in the North wall. Don't climb into the room as you might get stuck. Just reach in and pluck a fire arrow from the fire. Stack the boxes in the same place again but this time, climb up on the East wall, walk across (S) to the tower window and collect the purse from the left sill (+50 = 4900).

Now jump up and look through the right hand window. See that footlocker? Frob it while you are airborne to collect a slow-fall potion - Secret #5!

Drop down on the East side of the wall and quietly enter the warehouse on the left.

Head round to the left and rope up through the hole in the ceiling above the broken brickwork - Secret #6.

Read the scroll, then pick up the water arrows from the floor and take the holy water from the footlocker. Back down below, climb over the crates in the NE corner and pick up 2 broadheads, then make your way to the SE corner and go through the door into the greenhouse. Collect the purse (+95 = 4995) from the table then climb the ladder and go through onto the walkway . Head round to the right (N), pass the elevator shaft and enter the office. Pick up the Orange Key from the top of the bookshelf and the coins from the desk (+5 = 5000). Now go back to the boarded up window by the elevator shaft and hack the boards away with your sword. Climb onto the window ledge, drink the slow-fall potion, drop down to the street below and walk East.

Mission Complete!

Freddy Fox & Nightwalker - 5th August 2007