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I will use the Builder's Children as they were meant to be used - for conquest!

Amoral Dilemma

Walkthrough (Expert Difficulty)

You begin the mission in Garrett's apartment. Pick up the Basement key that Jeanette drops on the table, wait for the conversation to finish then pick up your sword from the floor and head down to the streets. Jump into the garbage bin and pick up a coin (+5) then walk to the corner, turn left and walk to the next corner. Peek around to the left and wait until the guard at the top of the stairs is facing away. Scoot up the stairs to get his arrow then BJ him if you like and get over onto the next set of stairs to the south. Wait for the guard to come of the door at the top then go back in. Follow him through the door into a small gaming establishment. Collect a silver coinstack from the table (+20 = 25) then go through the end door. Make sure you grab the purse the guard is wearing (+20 = 45) and open the chest to pick up a healing potion. Return to the street, turn left (S) then left again at the corner.

Avoid the lantern-toting guard patrolling this area, walk through the archway and over to the building with the statue above the front door. You can avoid the guard standing by the corner by rope arrowing up to the balcony on the corner. Check under the table and you'll find a coin (+20 = 65). Pocket it then rope arrow down behind the guard. Enter the pub on the opposite side of the street, get the Keeper's key from the Keeper standing in front of the bar and clean out the cash box behind the bar (+24 = 89). Head down to the basement and you'll discover a gold wine bottle sitting on the floor behind a barrel in the refrigerated storage room (+50 = 139).

Pick open the basement door, go through and up into the Market Square. Rope arrow up to the balcony on the west side but before you climb over the railing, jump to the rooftop to the north. Climb through the window into the Sheriff's apartment. Pick up the Sheriff's key which is lying on the desk, collect the wine (+50 = 189), the gold cup (+25 = 214) and the fire poker (+70 = 289) then go back out the window and shinny up the rope to Sir Sebastian's balcony. Pick his purse (+90 = 379), take his spectacles from the bedroom dresser (+30 = 409) and go into the bathroom to find a wine bottle (+26 = 435) and goblet (+13 = 448).

Exit through the south door and take note of the open window at the top of the stairs. You'll be coming back here shortly but for now, walk downstairs and pick up 2 coins (+10 = 458) from the table to the left of the far door.

Pick open the west door, go out and just after you step off the porch, look right and up. There's a shuttered window above a ledge. Use a vine arrow to climb up and open the shutters. You've just found Secret #1! Inside the attic you'll find more vine arrows and a bag of spice (+25 = 483). Return to the ledge and carefully drop down onto the porch roof. From there you can drop to the street unharmed.

Police Station

Turn right at the corner then turn right at the end of the street, take a couple of steps and turn left (N) through a small square and into the next bit of street (between the banner and the lamppost). On top of the wall to your right is a wooden structure. Wait until the way is clear then rope arrow up to the roof of the structure and drop down onto the walkway patrolled by an archer. Take care of the archer then rope arrow back up onto the roof.

Carefully walk along the spiked fence to the spot on the right where there's a generator enclosed by the fencing. Drop down onto the generator, walk across it and jump off the far side. Open the window in the wall and you've just found Secret #2! Inside is an explosive device.

Return to the walkway, go round to the left and enter the police station. The first room is a barracks where you'll find a coin stack in a chest (+25 = 508). The general office is off the first landing up the stairs. In here you'll find the Police Station key sitting on a desk.

Frob a book on the south bookshelves to open a panel in the wall, which is Secret #3. This nets you a fire arrow, a vine arrow, the Armoury key and 3 coinstacks (+49 = 557).

Climb the stairs to the top floor and enter the Sheriff's office. Use the Sheriff's key to unlock the safe. Objective complete! You'll find a necklace inside (+175 = 732) and there's a purse inside the chest (+35 = 767). Move down to the main floor, open the moneybox under the front counter (+55 = 882) then unlock the armoury door with the key you picked up earlier and clean off the shelves. You're much better equipped to tackle Blackfyre's place now!

Go back up the stairs to the general office again. Climb out the open window onto a pipe, carefully walk across to the ledge on the far side, turn left(N)and walk along to a window. Open it and climb into the Keeper's apartment. This is Secret #4. Unlock the chest with the Keeper's key and inside are 3 Keeper Medallions. (These can be very useful as they make you invisible for a short period of time, just like an invisibility potion does.) Pick up the purse from the table (+80 = 902) then exit through the same window. You may be able to get back into the Police Station but it's very difficult so it's simpler to just drop to the street, using the slowfall potion you have.

Blackfyre's Mansion

Now it's time to return to Sir Sebastian's so walk south and then turn east. Continue on until you enter the marketplace, rope arrow back up to his balcony and go out into the hallway where you noted the open window when you were here before. Crawl out onto the ledge and drop to the ground. If you still have the slowfall potion, you might want to use it as you take a point or two of damage. Another option, if you're blackjacking people, is to grab someone from inside the house and take them out onto the ledge with you. Hold them, jump then drop them just before you hit the ground and you shouldn't get hurt.

You're now in Blackfyre's garden. Pick a moss arrow out of a plant by the bench then walk over to the basement door, unlock it with the key Jeanette gave you and enter.

Walk down the stairs in the corner, along the corridor past a room where a servant is sleeping and through the door at the end which opens into a basement sewer room occupied by two archers. Stay to the right in the shadows and climb a ladder up through a hole in the ceiling. Frob the lever on the wall to open the secret panel at the top and you'll emerge into a cleaning closet on the main floor. Open the tool box to acquire a pair of dice (+ 50 = 952) then lurk in the shadows until you're sure the way is clear.

Main Floor

Walk north, through the guard's dining room and into the barracks. There's a note from the Head Butler in one of the chests that mentions that he found a key to the locked areas and has put it under his bed for safekeeping. How nice of him! One of the other chests holds a water arrow. Open the northeast door and peek out. When the archer patrolling the yard is headed in the opposite direction, sneak out, deal with him and take his arrow and the Garden Gate key that he's wearing on his belt. The key unlocks the gate to the street as well as the one opposite that leads into the other garden you "dropped into" earlier. The lever in the guardroom by the gate opens the main gate to the Market square but you won't be going that way at the moment so return to the house.

Walk back past the cleaning closet, through the doorway at the end of the hall and turn left. The door on the left at the bottom is the Head Butler's so let yourself in and pick up the key mentioned in the note you found before from under the bed. Collect the wine from the bottom shelf of the bookcase (+32 = 984).

Look at the ceiling closely and you'll see a small square right above the armoire that's a slightly different colour. Jump to frob it and a bag of spice will fall out (+22 = 1006).

Cross the hallway, go through the kitchen and out into the hallway at the far side. Unlock the metal doors on the left with the key you got from the butler's room and go down the stairs. Watch out because there's a bot in an alcove around the corner. This might be a good place to use one of the Keeper Medallions to get by him without causing a ruckus or getting blown up. Continue straight ahead and you'll get a new objective to find three pieces of evidence to show that Blackfyre is using forbidden Mechanist technology and put them on the head Hammer priest's desk.

Walk down a ramp and into a lab where the Mechanist priestess Vilnia is working. Go east through the lab into her bedroom, pick up the scroll that's hidden under the bed and read it. This is the first piece of evidence. Reach up on top of the armoire and take a purse (+35 = 1041) then go back out into the lab. Enter the room on the south side that has the alarm system for the display case and shut it off. Objective complete! Head back past the bot, up the stairs and west through the double doors into a hallway.

Pick up a pair of spectacles from a bench (+30 = 1071) then continue straight ahead and through another set of double doors. Collect 2 purple urns (+70 = 1141) then turn right and go out the door to the front porch.

Walk over to the building in the northwest corner, unlock the door with the key you found under the butler's bed and enter a chapel. There's a Mechanist Sermon book on the podium at the front which is your second piece of evidence. Frob a small panel in the left wall of the altar to find a statue and a gold coinstack (+105 = 1246).

Return to the main house, go into the foyer and turn right. Cross a hallway and enter the library where you can relieve Lord Blackfyre of his purse (+88 = 1334) as well as collect 3 decorative plates from the wall (+30 = 1364). Help yourself to a coinstack that's sitting on the desk (+60 = 1424) then pick open the box to find the Display Case key.

Return to the hallway, turn left and ride the elevator up to the second floor. There's a gold goblet on the floor under the small table at the far end of the dining room (+20 = 1444). The set of rooms off the east side of the balcony belong to Lady Blackfyre. Make sure you take her purse(+100 = 1544)and collect the decorative plates from the wall (+20 = 1564).

Now go into the closet. Frob a panel in the corner of the floor and underneath, you'll find a golden torc (+125 = 1689).

There's a ring on the counter in the bathroom (+100 = 1789). Once you have it, return to the hallway, turn left and walk around to the doorway in the SW corner which leads into Lord Blackfyre's suite of rooms.

Frob a tiny lever that's on the floor behind the left side of the bed headboard to find Secret #6. The big bookshelf will slide aside,revealing a wall safe. Pick it open and inside there's another copy of the key you found in the butler's room plus some loot (+260 = 2049). Objective complete! (Expert loot total)

Pick up the red book on the bedside table and read it. It turns out to be Lord Blackfyre's notes and is the third piece of evidence you need. Collect the purple goblet from the window ledge (+20 = 2069).

Leave his rooms, go through the east doorway onto the balcony above the east Display room and around to the right is the Weeping Widow statue, enclosed in a case. You've already turned off the alarm so use the Display case key to unlock the lockbox and remove the statue. Objective complete! Turn around and walk to the table beside the sofa. Move the plant and you'll see 3 coins that have been left behind (+15 = 2084).

Take the 2 silver statues, gold canopic jar and green LC vase from the display pedestals in the corners of the balcony (+125 = 2209) then go through the door in the northeast corner into the guest suite. Read the scroll on the bedside table then pick up the ring from the coffee table by the fireplace (+100 = 2309).

Go back across the balcony and down the marble staircase. Check the SE corner of the fountain for a coin (+20 = 2329) and pick up the mask from the pedestal (+30 = 2359). Now go into the east Display room and collect three statues from the plinths (+45 = 2404) then go into the storage room where you will find another statue on the floor(+15 = 2419).

Walk out of the front door and across the courtyard to the Market square. Now you need to get into the Hammer Cathedral to leave the evidence on the priest's desk.


Rope arrow back up onto Lord Sebastian's balcony, go down the stairs and out the side door. Follow the street as before but carry on past the banner and the lamppost. You'll eventually come to the front gate of the Hammer Cathedral. Sneak behind the guards, pick open the gate and enter the grounds.

Turn right and walk along the east side of the Cathedral. Check the recesses in the wall and you'll find a moss arrow on the ground in one of them. Let yourself in through the delivery door you come to and you'll end up in the kitchen.

Pilfer a purse from one of the servants (+55 = 2474), take a dish from the table (+10 = 2484) then go through the south door into a hallway. Walk west, past the first door on the right which leads into the dining room and through the second door on the right which takes you into a barracks room. Open the first locker on the left and frob behind a book to pick up a bag of spice (+40 = 2524).

Continue into the second barracks room where you'll find a silver statue in one of the lockers (+15 = 2439).

The double doors on the south side of the hallway open into the Cathedral where you can take 2 gold candlesticks from the altar (+70 = 2609).

Climb the stairs at the west end of the main hallway to the upper floor. The first room on the left is a small chapel and holds a gold candlestick (+25 = 2634). The second door on the left opens into the Head Priest's rooms. Drop the 3 pieces of evidence on his desk. Objective complete! There's a plate and a statue in his bedroom that you can add to your swag (+25 = 2659).

The last door on the left opens into the cathedral library. The priest in here is wearing a purse (+100 = 2759) and there's a gold goblet sitting on the table in the second room (+25 = 2784). Head back downstairs and outside. Before leaving the grounds, duck inside the big front doors and take a gold hammer from the stand on the left side of the front foyer opposite the confessionals (+45 = 2829).

Exit through the front gate, turn left and you'll enter a small courtyard. Walk east back to Garrett's apartment. When you enter there's no sign of Jeanette but there's a letter lying on the floor. Read it and you'll find out that Blackfyre has kidnapped her. You'll receive a new objective to sneak back into his place and rescue her. You know the way by now so return to his mansion, head into the locked basement area to Vilnia's lab and you'll find Jeanette locked in the room beside Vilnia's bedroom. Grab her and take her back to your apartment. Be careful on your way back. The Hammerites have found the evidence you left and are conducting a raid on Blackfyre. Drop Jeanette on the apartment floor and it's mission complete!

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