Welcome to Targa's House 'O Thief Stuff! Here you will find all sorts of goodies for Thief 2: The Metal Age. Feel free to use these and/or distribute them with your Fan Missions.

Dromed only: An office desk!

Dromed only: Umm...an artifact of some sort. The top part rotates and the other part glows. Has a VHOT for particle attachments.

Dromed only: The true depths of Karras' depravity revealed! Cyborg found in ruined Mechanist cathedral!

Dromed/All: A new sword! Can be used as a quest item, loot, or even wielded! Player arm included.

Dromed only: While I'm at it, why not give you the mace that the Merc carries? This also can be used as decoration, loot, or even wielded! Player arm included.

Dromed only: Well, I told myself that I wasn't going to make anymore of these, but I couldn't pass up this gorgeous stained glass!

Dromed only: Another 4x6 stained glass window.

Feel free to drop me a line if you have any questions or comments, if you'd like to see something in particular made available to the Thief community, or just to let me know that someone's enjoying my stuff, ya taffer! ;o)

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