Author: GORT (Shaun M.D. Morin)

Title: "The Unknown Treasure"

Filename: Unknown_Treasure_F1.00.zip

Game: "Thief 2 The Metal Age"

Contact info: www.oonaglah@gmail.com

File Size: ~32.00 MB in it's zipped state / ~64.50 MB unzipped

Date of release: 12/05/2007

Mission Pack Version: Version 1.00 Final.

Missions in this Zip File: One (Miss21.mis)

Number of game sys files: One (FMGS.GAM)

EAX Effects: Yes

Custom Objects: Yes

Custom Textures: Yes (Hi-res)

Custom Sound Files: Yes

Custom AIs: Yes

Custom Maps: No (sorry…)

Language: English Only

Custom Scripts: Yes (custom.osm)

Custom Motions: Yes

The Storyline:

Garrett got some information from a man in a small house. He told Garrett about a rare gem crest from an unknown tribe that lived in the caves near the city. A man, named Greg, found something like it behind his house while making a small garden, but someone stole it. A couple days after, his house started to sink in from the backyard. So now, he is now somewhere in the city. There's a rumor that the treasure is still in the house, but no one knows where or if it’s just a myth.
Just then, the city watch broke in the small house to arrest Garrett (you can guess why...). Luckily, Garrett had a flash bomb in hand. He was able to escape, and head to the city that the man told him about.

Things You Should Know:

In this FM your sword can collide with the walls by blocking or attacking.

Some objectives activate events. Be on your toes and search some places the second time.

Also, the guards tend to get vengeful if they see an unconscious or a dead body. Make damn sure that the bodies are well hidden.







Undead Gamer


Dennis L.R. Morin


Douglas W. Morin


Shaun M.D. Morin (GORT)

Copyright Information:

These missions are © by Shaun M.D. Morin

Distribution of these levels are allowed in any way, shape, or manner you wish (don't forget the credit...). However, you must leave the mission intact and give me credit for it. The custom pictures and sounds effects that are in this mission should not be taken because I made them!

(If you want them SO badly, just ask me what you want and maybe I'll allow it.)

Have fun! :-)

If you need any tips to help you through this mission set or have any comments,

E-Mail me at www.oonaglah@gmail.com or PM me at ttlg.com.

These levels were not made and are not supported by Looking Glass Studios or Eidos Interactive (as if you didn't know already). Although they work fine for me, it may not work for others.

I'm pretty sure there's nothing wrong, but you'll never know. Sometimes, computers have their hissy fit about something. Anyway, it's up to you. Play this mission set at thy own risk. MUAH HA HA!!! >D