Spoof: The Daft Project

Benny Hill Tribute

Author: Yandros (Russ Robbins)

Release Date: March 2, 2004

Version: 1.1

Gaylesaver’s latest scripts are required: http://thiefmissions.com/scripts/UsrScriptT2_1x2BugFix.zip

About this mission

This is more of a demo, really… I will likely never finish my mission Spoof: The Daft Project,

which was to spoof well-known movies and TV shows. So I’m releasing the only part of it

which I’ve completed – a farce in the style of the old Benny Hill skits where everyone ran around

at high speed to the strains of “Yakety Sax”. The Trickster himself will run around and be silly

along with plenty of your other Thief favorites. Once it’s done, all the participants will fall down

dead, and you can then go explore. When you’re done, press the large button at the end of the

hall. There’s really nothing to this mission except a good laugh.

Known Issues

1. Don’t frob the victrola more than once. It will very quickly become unfrobbable, but if you’re

clicking like mad and manage to click it twice, you’ll break it so the AI’s don’t begin moving

and will have to restart (not that that’s a big deal in a mission like this, but just so you know…)

2. Once during testing, the game crashed to desktop just as the music ended and the AI’s were

all supposed to die. I have no idea why and can’t reproduce this, so if it happens, try replaying

(if you’re masochistic enough to sit through it again).

Thanks to:

BIG Thanks to sluggs for help in fixing the problems with the initial release!


Trickster – Rob Hicks and Schwaa

Burrick, Dwarf – Rob Hicks

Fireshadow – Daemonite

Textures: Dave Gurrea

Music: Yakety Sax

Copyright Information

This mission is ©2004 by Russ Robbins.

This level was not made by and is not supported by Looking Glass Studios or Eidos Interactive.